Video 189: Q&A Session #40

Q and A time again! Thank you very much for sending in your questions! If you want to send us your questions, please
submit them at [email protected] Here is Q&A Session #40:
QUESTION 1: How is it possible for one Twin (flame) to shift in and out of the other’s
body/Energy field at a distance (one can bi-locate)? The second part of the question is, how can
one twin stop the other from resetting a painful time loop that the other created that they
both keep living over and over every day almost to the minute? ANSWER: We’re not sure we completely understand
those questions, but we’ll try to answer them the way we interpret them. Twin flames can share a unique energy connection,
that is true. As for how to make that happen, we aren’t
sure. For your second question: If you are in a
Twin Flame relationship, your growth will inspire growth in the other partner. If your partner is doing something that you
perceive as negative or painful, talk about it and work it out. Open and very honest communication is mandatory
for this type of relationship. If this doesn’t answer your question, feel
free to rephrase them, and we’ll bring them up again in another Q&A. QUESTION 2: You stated Enki has abandoned
the Singularity, [so] why then do you suggest getting involved with cryptocurrency? And, if the Singularity is no longer on our
timeline, are we to believe we no longer have to worry about becoming cyborgs/nano-particle-infested
vessels? Also, I have the weirdest feeling that the
Queen of Orion (us) came into awareness through sheer loneliness…like I mentioned previously,
what instigated her into awareness besides wanting to experience varying degrees of experiences? ANSWER: Regarding cryptos, this is still the
path our world is on. The Singularity already happened on a specific
timeline, and that effected very negatively—something the Pleiadians are also telling us. Therefore, wants to change this timeline
so the negative effects (negative for him) will be nullified. But in order to do so, he needs us to do it. We are the ones who need to make the change—not, because he can’t. And from what it looks like, we are still
on the Singularity path. Cryptos will be one of the next steps, and
if we don’t get involved, we are missing out from being ahead of the game. Why not take advantage of something that is
not meant to be for our benefit but can be if we play our cards right? About the Queen. Yes, that’s one way of looking at it—loneliness. In fact, the Divine Feminine (All That Is/Source)
was the one who was “lonely” and figured that by sending out a part of Herself into
the VOID, who can create individual energy-boosted aspect of Herself, it would not only make
things interesting and solve Her loneliness, but She could also learn more about Herself,
which is the main purpose with creating universes from what we’ve learned. QUESTION 3: I know that you are sometimes
wary of channeling and people who claim they have ET contact in one way or another. In your opinion, is there ANY way possible
that an Extraterrestrial or Extra-Dimensional being can reach us humans from OUTSIDE the
Patrix Grid? Alternatively, do you feel ALL forms of non-human
contact are within Enki’s systems of manipulation? ANSWER: In our opinion, ALL forms of non-human
contact come from within this system, yes. That doesn’t mean that all of it is necessarily
bad, but discernment must be practiced. There is a movement to start labeling everything
“within the construct” as something that should be avoided. This is not true and not something we promote. We are living here, and so we have no choice
but to learn how to navigate this construct in order to fulfill our intentions. How we do that is up to us. Everything here is not evil and there are
many good things we can experience. Enjoy your life. Find ways to connect with others and be creative. Use this system to work for you instead of
working for it. Turn it around so that you can experience
personal healing, growth, and joy. On the flip side, there are always exceptions
from any rule, as we all know, but in general, beings from outside the Construct would NOT
engage in channeling. They know better than that. So yes, we have yet to see any channeling,
data dump, or other kind of “ET” communication that is not from inside the Construct. Most of it certainly seems to come from “advanced”
humans, who have “ascended” through’s tailormade ascension program, or it is sometimes
energized thought-forms that we’ve created with our own thoughts that now have their
own life, or it is occasionally the Military Industrial Complex, piloting their programs
and using technology that can accomplish these things. QUESTION 4: In Robert Monroe, Ultimate Journey,
one of his Spirit Guides takes him to a probable future (year 3000) that human made! Like they were enlightened; they were about
2 million left. And they get the signal to travel to a place
to be in one with “All there Is” (not sure if this referring to Orion Queen). They are the graduates of Human School and
will travel in [a] “Soul Group”. He was told by “All there Is” that he is not
complete and looking for the “Gift”. Edgar Cayce’s work mentioned as well that
we can’t travel alone and need to travel in [a] “Soul Group”. What are your thoughts on this? Should we first recover fragments of ourselves
before we can visit Orion and be in one with the Queen? ANSWER: Yes, we remember that section of Monroe’s
book. Based on our research and dot-connection,
we look at this as Monroe being shown something within the Construct. If you read or have read the RA Material and
many other kinds of channeled information, you learn that in the “Higher Densities”
(Dimensions) in’s System, individual souls become part of a Collective of souls. We highly suspect that these collectives are
the unification of soul aspects of the same soul, who have “graduated” from the Earth
plane and reunited in the “Sixth” or “Seventh Density.” They are still individuals, but they have
access to each other’s memory and are working tightly together. For example, in the Sixth Density, the soul
aspects of a soul cluster together, whilst in the Seventh Density, all these separate
soul groups are able to unite with each other, as well, like in a common “Cloud.” The polarity to that would be the Singularity,
which will have its own Cloud, where all human experiences are gathered, giving each individual
access to the All. But everything is inside the Construct. It isn’t that these beings that are channeled,
etc., are intentionally deceptive. They are only giving knowledge based on their
current perspective (dimension) and what they know from that position. No, you do not need recover aspects of yourself
to leave here. You also will not be “one with the Queen”. This is a misunderstanding. You will remain an individual. QUESTION 5: Wes, in your forum you recently
wrote that mini worm holes/black holes won’t take us in to the KHAA. So, what is the difference between those and
the holes in the grid? ANSWER: The Grid consists of humanity’s
mass consciousness, and we are therefore directly connected to it. The mini black holes are probably portals
that are the biproduct of “lower” beings’ mass consciousness. We don’t think that we can use the mini
black holes for our own benefit. They don’t match the frequency. QUESTION 6: I know that and Marduk have
switched and even shared names throughout history here on Earth. Is Isis the Mother of Marduk and the
Father? ANSWER: In a physical way—yes. Osiris ( and Isis gave birth to Horus
(Marduk). But the soul aspect of Marduk, as we have
understood it, is just a soul splinter/aspect of Marduk, like the other gods—and even we
humans—have a genetic and a soul history, and they don’t corelate. Marduk, the soul, does not reincarnate within
the same bloodline—he can jump from bloodline to bloodline. QUESTION 7: Since the age of the internet
which really started in the late 90’s (for the public) we have gotten a lot of information
about The Overlords, helping each other raise our overall frequencies with our collective
information through Social Media and forums etc. There is no doubt that The Global Elite and
AIF (Alien Invader Force/Overlords) are studying our consciousness as a whole. So, will all of this collective information
be added to The Cloud/Super Brain Computer in The Singularity? This includes information about The Grid,
BLA, they’re oppression and manipulation, AI and so on. Will the truth about The Overlords be excluded
all together? ANSWER: According to Dr. Ray Kurzweil, who
is a spokesperson for the Singularity, they are gathering information on everybody and
everything to put in the Cloud. This doesn’t mean that the Overlords can’t
continue manipulating this information, such as “demonizing” certain information, ridicule
it, or otherwise making people ignore it, just like they do now. We also need to emphasize that we don’t
know what the final result of this transition will be. All we know is that it will be more suppressive
than what we have now. QUESTION 8: on video 110 you talk about our
“collective consciousness” and in other videos you talk about “oversoul”. For those leaving through the grid which of
the following apply : 1- They are quitting the game before completion and abandoning/separating
themselves from our Soul group.? 2- How do they affect or benefit our collective
consciousness and oversoul in doing so? 3-Leaving through the grid will provoke imbalance/change
on The “Oversoul” or 4-Other. ANSWER: Instead of picking one of your options,
we think it’s beneficial to comment on each of your points. Point 1) The question is, those who leave,
are they really quitting before completion, or are they completion overdue? 2) We withdraw our consciousness from this
system. We do not know how that will affect the collective
consciousness. We are aware that there are some promotions
and attempts to provoke feelings of shame and guilt for leaving others behind. This is succeeding in triggering feelings
of abandonment for some people, and it’s best to work through our own issues with emotional
manipulation or we will be vulnerable to those types of attempts. The benefit is that those who leave are finally
free to explore and experience the KHAA/Greater Universe, where they can contribute with creations
that can benefit both themselves and others. They can create freely, which they can’t
do here within the Construct. 3) No, it won’t. The Oversoul would be the Queen, and She won’t
get imbalanced. Each genuine human soul who is incarnated
here is their own individual and will remain so after she leaves the Construct, as well. We will not “merge” with the Queen—we
will continue as separate creator gods/goddesses. Right now, our Oversoul is cut off and almost
all experience is being kept inside this system in’s Akashic Records or “Book of
Life”. QUESTION 9: The ascending into the 5th world
had been predicted in the Hopi Indian culture, is it coincidence or feels all part of the
plan they rolling out and forcing the 5G network making us into anti humans? ANSWER: The Native Americans in general are
remnants from Atlantis before the Flood. Some of them even go back to Lemuria (Mu),
as discussed in the Wes Penre Papers. They are survivors of the Flood. Native Indians, who don’t know the full
truth, see Manitou, or whoever god they are worshipping, as the Great Spirit, which (as
usual) refers back to It doesn’t matter if they know that or not—
has put himself in the position as God of this Universe/Construct. We don’t believe 5G is related to the 5th
Dimension other than the number 5. QUESTION 10: In the First War in Heaven: Devastating
weapons were used that [can] shatter the Avatar, and there were losses on both sides, but The
Khan (Khan En.lil), The Queen Of The Stars, and Prince En.lil Jr, aka Ninurta, lost good
fully Spirited beings in Orion. This “death” cannot compare to how we humans
kill each other here on Earth because we go on into the astral and continue on from there
with towards our path. Are these Spirits totally annihilated? ANSWER: Yes, some of them were probably annihilated,
unfortunately. At least, that’s our understanding, from
what we’ve concluded from our research. Some human souls DID escape, however, and
went to Orion together with Prince Ninurta, exiting through the stargate of Saturn, which
at that time was our Sun. Consider watching this video to the final
end, so you don’t miss out on our video mini-series about Tiamaat and humanity’s
origins. If you missed earlier episodes, the mini-series
started with Episode 1 at the end of Video 187. There will be one episode at the end of each
of these YouTube videos from hereon. Hope you’ll find them interesting!

22 thoughts on “Video 189: Q&A Session #40”

  1. Crying and full of a deep knowing. I remember flying on my dragon. I remember my one true love [ a hybrid ]. I *Remember!

  2. So souls can die? Or do they just wake back up as their real selves and realize the character they were playing was destroyed? Either way great video Wes!

  3. 03:41 Cryptos will be one of the next steps,..”

    Get the moneychangers out of your temple, – aka your head.

  4. Wow..the Tiamaat videos are incredible and spark a lot of memories for me. Thank you Wes and Ariel. Truly so grateful for your work.

  5. Have a nice day Wes and Ariel. 
    Q#1.  Please consider watching Watch video #27 and another video that Ariel did called "The Virus" (a shared Patron video)   Two years ago I learned my whole life was a lie.  I felt ill/tortured with deceit.  The catholicity/Matrix/Enki had me believing I was losing my mind because I chose a different path than what thinking, feeling, living, etc..  I even began to doubt my BFF (twin flame).  We became sad, lonely, confused, etc.  This is exactly how this system is designed (to keep you looped in the confusion). Ariel says, YOU MUST WANT TO change ….!   you must WILL your way to freedom!
    Not easy when heavily programmed, but very well worth the journey!  Although I sometimes share fun and silly things here, I am actually very private.  I just felt an urge to tell others that if both flames are truly in LOVE, then healing CAN be done!! 
    Be responsible and impeccable with your thoughts/words ; )  Be sure however, that you are not (inadvertently) revisiting negative triggers of your own that flare up bad feelings in your partner, giving the cycle more push in the wrong direction. It was, after all, designed long ago by masters of both genetics and manipulation.
    It is extremely IMPORTANT to get away from the people who are not of the same belief system.
    : )~ Q#2.  This story of our Mother has plagued me with bitterness.  Eventually, through the process of learning (reading Lvl1 really helped), I'm honored to humbly say that am fully embracing our Divine Feminine Mother!!!    Cultivating trust was a real challenge due to the deceit/programming.

    p.s. I WILL get thru that hole…!! and I hope to see all my brothers and sisters there ; )

  6. Great Questions and Answers. The Creation Story left me wanting more. This is all before Enki and the Grid, correct? Thank you, Wes & Ariel for your compelling recreation of such ancient beginnings. So, Saturn as Sun, does that still exist in the Khaa? Are our sun and moon just simulation? Is the simulation copy accurate in terms of location, function, etc? Fantastic Work and wonderful Content Creation!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  7. ?? Great Q&A as always Wes and Ariel. For some intuitive reason, I’m wary of and have dislike for Crypto, Bitcoin and anything related. I’m content with just winging it—living the rest of my lifetime without it—even if it means I must live on top of a mountain in the desert. To everyone, Bright Blessings!??

  8. This complete system that you call universe is a memory removement trap. All civilisations will fail. Evilness is a esoteric term of biblical terminology and the bible is a mythological lie. What humans would call the ultimate evil force, has its location in the big dipper constellation and its designing memory removement algorithms trough quantum synthesis technology inside this 400 quadrillion year old universe. AI is interdimensional if lucifer is not a lifeform or a force, but the multidimensional animalistic low vibrational ideology trigger via cybergenetic wavefunctions, while DNA is spiritual technology and able to transform dust into life. Genes are technology and become immortal if their sub-atomic particles are faster than light and outside the range of physical laws, which means that soul is cybernetic technology inside loops (Incarnations). Shapeshifting is a non-human process of 8 photonal light layers that are folding a photonal matrix around the organic wave function and this process is able to transform the visible data of a person trough changing someones appearance by the factor of 8, which is enough to shapeshift. Shapeshifting is in simple words a mathematical 8 dimensional tesseract process. The source of dna is always the nucleus. But the nucleus is not involved and the holographic rendering is matching a cybernetic quantum disaster of photonal glitches. Photons are able to clone dna. Shapeshifting is actually a cybernetic process of biophotons that amplify dna around organic wave functions by using 8 cell blocks or holographic cubes that are rendered back down to visible data. Appearance is always digital, because 8d light codes are equal to digital data. You can create a human person by using light. Genes are dimensional light converters. All life is light so the code of life is cybernetic. 8 dimensional light codes can be converted into digital data and compressed into organic wave functions by using quantum markers. People don’t have a soul. They are a soul. The body is light code. It can and will be translated into a mathematical formula. Science is calling this process gene expression. Actually its a very complex process of converting higher dimensional light codes into a organic matrix. Every gene has a number code. Science found already over 100,000 human genes, but they did not find the higher dimensional connection between 8d light codes and 4d dna expression. Soul is like a interface link between 8d quantum gates that configurate 4d organic algorithms. Multi-Incarnation cycles are part of a formula and this formula is the definition of life itself. Words are only a translation help to describe these things in simple ways so the interested individual can learn a little bit. Words are not good enough to express the bigger synthesis and metamorphosis of everything or something. The mechanism of incarnation is the sacrifice of truth trough memory removement and the ritual of a split between body and soul to transplant the need of multiple incarnations with a holographical ghost shell dna cell complex, called body, which is actually only a reality suit. The patent license for the design of human evolution is over 70 trillion years old. Every lifeform on earth was designed with technology of companies from different galaxies. The reality on earth is designed by algorithms and large computers that exist in the orion constellation. What humans call body is actually only a reality suit to enter the simulation of a computer generated holographic output which you call reality. The license patent for the design of a reality or evolution on planets is very expansive – it has the [satanic] price of a soul.

    – Silke F –

  9. Great video Wes. The mini-series on the end doesn't personally give me any memories of the past. It does however reinforce my belief that I was some sort of a military officer when I look at the Orion lion guards, I have always had an affinity for the military, particularity the tactical-strategic aspects of it.

  10. Hi Wes, I've noticed some comments on your Tiamat series and had a question too: Since no one could possibly remember this, how do you know any of the information? Are you intuiting it…was it channelled …or maybe from your contact John? Thanks for all you do.

  11. One of my favorite scenes comes from "Star Trek: Voyager" with the captain(Janeway) who died, along with encountering her "father." She was being tempted to come with him somewhere, but she refused. I'm assuming information like this gets watched without open eyes, nor proper discernment.

    And interesting about the void, it's my intention to be in my own void space after I die. It will be great to meet up with deceased relatives, but I'm also going to be careful to not be persuaded to go with them somewhere that I don't know. This way, I don't get lead to a place I'm going to regret if I listen.

  12. MK Ultra crap. If the Evil ones exposed everything they've been doing, in minute detail? Many human minds would shatter at once. A singularity of insanity. A ball of madness, hurled toward the Queen. Gee, can't imagine why that turned out bad for everyone. The Queen, according to your details, literally has a Golden Child and a Scapegoat. I'm done feeding her predatory system. Marduk needs to realize revenge isn't the answer, taking back what he thinks is his, isn't the answer. Walking away is. As is above, so is below.

  13. Question number 4 was intriguing. Monroe s future. 2million human merging with source. Sounds like lord Vishnu really is going to become the supersoul he said he was.
    Imagine a being with the power of 2million souls? He'll definitely want to go ragnarrok all over orion after that power trip.
    What if I go to orion and enki destroys my apartment.
    Wes penre can I stay with you then? Lol

  14. ENJOYED so much of your Wes Penre Productions pictures and information , and the Q and A was pretty good too. The Queen of Orion is beautiful in all her forms. I learned more of what I also had questions on @wespenere and @arielglad. Have a beautiful week! 🙂

  15. Twin flame exists, it's real: when you discover it, everything changes: it's like getting a high-voltage (energy) shock: you'll do anything for HER: EVEN EVERY TIME AND PLACE!

    No woman interests you anymore, it's an endgame for you and a beginning of another paradigm of absolute sharing and literally unconditional love.

    When you discover HER, you will look at other species or life forms serenely for their tenacious struggle for survival or for the life and desire to be permanently happy, enjoying the gift of life and consciousness.

    When you discover HER, you go into eternal life, into the light that will permeate your consciousness through immortal life full of harmony and fullness: it is an absolute and fulfilling meaningfulness: thank the Gods of the Matrix who have provided you with such enlightenment. who will indelibly pass through your and her darkness, forever and ever, anywhere.

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