100 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham Can’t Keep Royal Wedding Secrets”

  1. I'm sure the queen would be thrilled to marry Shaq. Can you imagine the honeymoon… the funeral right after😝

  2. Shaq is huge, and david beckham lose his wallet on purpose hes got too much money he doesn't care about wallets lol

  3. Victoria switches her expressions very quickly at all scenes where she is laughing after a second she makes her face so serious

  4. Victoria is proof that you can achieve your dreams if you worked hard enough at it. nobody would have thought she'd be successful at being a designer yet here she is ticking off every box

  5. It's funny because my girlfriend also bought me a wallet with a chain
    since i kept losing my stuff all the time..

    i literally lost the chain..

  6. I will never understand the hype of the "Royal" weddings. Why should they care if someone they dont know is getting married, i mean congratulations but some people are acting like their Son or Daughters are getting married.

  7. SHAQ is the type of Guy………
    If you go to Jail……..
    Meet my special friend
    His name is SHAQ and he has been looking forward to meeting you

  8. Anyone notice how Victoria would lean forwards each time she'd look into Shaq's direction, hesitating the first few times, then finally getting her chance with a quick glance down between Shaq's legs.

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