Very Quick Bitcoin (BTC) Update! Plus DogeCoin and SEC Crypto News

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe for a video on cryptocurrency everyday my name is Austin and in today's video we're talking about the SEC Finance the Big Kahuna Bitcoin and the price of Bitcoin and of course our top story of the day Doge Elon Musk joins the dogecoin bandwagon and after being selected as the CEO the new CEO of dogecoin Elon Musk has officially stepped down here is the initial tweet from dogecoin a few days ago tweeting out we have listened to your concerns we have decided that dogecoin does need a CEO somebody who can lead us into the future while maintaining the core values of what we are in a community driven vote Elon Musk without heavy competition including Charlie Lee and vitalic Guzman big day and obviously this was just an April Fool's Day joke it got tweeted out on April 1st haha but what was surprising to me is that Elon Musk himself joined in on the joke and on either April 1st or April 2nd he tweeted out a series of memes supporting dogecoin saying that dogecoin was his favorite cryptocurrency dogecoin rules he got in on the goof i like it because of this little joke though the price of dogecoin spiked along with the rest of the market obviously Bitcoin in the all coin spike – but dogecoin was one of the top gainers last night and into today up 16% if you don't know what dogecoin is dogecoin was created as sort of an April Fool's it was created at the end December of 2013 it was created as a goof though even the founder of dogecoin says that he just created as a joke it was never intended to be real but because that it was created in 2013 got in so early it has built a strong following and now this goof of a cryptocurrency and I say that is now the 22 most valuable cryptocurrency in existence beating out let's see what it beats out dogecoin is more valuable as a cryptocurrency than Z cash V chain basic attention toget some cryptocurrencies that have real utility dogecoin is still more valuable valued at almost half a million dollars Wow this got me thinking what are if because dogecoin by the founders you know what he says it was never meant to last this long but what are the core values of dogecoin why would dogecoin maybe win out in the end and i think the only thing that i can think of is because not even the founders wanted it it's it's more decentralized than a lot of other cryptocurrencies out there it doesn't have a CEO which I like the only other person that doesn't have a CEO is maybe Bitcoin grin token either way let me know down below if you are seriously invested in dogecoin as more than a joke why why are you invested in dogecoin is it just because you think it's gonna be a top gainer because you're right today either way at the end of this video let's all check out the comments together and check it out moving on the price of Bitcoin right now is at five thousand so it's above five thousand let's uh let's check out right here let's refresh Bitcoin spiked up to I believe was five thousand well let's just let's go back to the Bitcoin spiked up to above five thousand seeming to stay there at least for now and a lot of people are asking what are the next steps for Bitcoin well ever since this huge spike up we were expecting 4,200 we got 5,000 the next resistance levels for Bitcoin you could argue that five thousand five thousand five hundred I would say is a big resistance I will I'd say more of a resistance level is this 200-day moving average from these last two three weeks or if sorry to three months this is the day chart this two hundred week this 200-day moving average has continued to sink lower and lower it is right at about 5,300 right now I think this is going to be heavy resistance for Bitcoin a lot of people are saying that pullback is expected this is my perspective as long as we can maintain above 4,200 4,200 what was our resistance now becomes their strongest support even if we pull back for the next several weeks if we can stay above 4,200 that would be an incredibly bullish sign for me let me know what you think moving on the cz has officially announced that the by Nance decentralized exchanged main net will launch later this April so they knew that the main that was coming out test net has been out since February we now that by the now node by the end of this month the decentralized exchange probably gearing up to be one of the most popular decentralized exchanges will be officially out in less than three weeks cz has revealed the company will launch its decentralized trading platform later this month the development was reported by coin Telegraph correspondent at the economy conference in Seoul yes we made that announcement another I mean what's there to say other than then I mean we've covered this before it's not truly going to be decentralized there's 11 nodes total which is nothing incredibly small and Finance owns a big piece of those nodes but either way it's technically decentralized another announcement that's easy made is referring to the launch of by Nance Singapore so they're not will now be a Fiat to crypto currency trading pairs in there finance Singapore branch CZs data that Fiats to crypto exchange services in the countries is also set to launch in April to me this one is I think more long-term significant because we're gonna have a lot of decentralized exchanges in the next 5-10 years but we're still struggling to find Fiat to crypto places to exchange or crypto to fiat there's you know you can do that by coinbase right now you can do that a very few select places sees these at another which I think does think brings a lot of value to their platform and just to wrap it up before we get to the sec along with their decentralized exchange and this might be what's significant to you is that finances trust wallet will also be integrated with the exchange along with the ledger nan-oh a setting this is what's gonna be significant to you and more compatible wallets might also be added after the launch so they're making it very easy for finance to be your number one exchange anyway moving on what's there to say moving on to the bigger story the sec this happened yesterday the sec issues their first no action letter clearing an IC o—- to sell tokens in the US so this is just one singular case but this is this is sort of a big deal because the sec gave the go-ahead to one IC o—- essentially saying that not all icos at one point it was thought that all IC o—- hey they're all securities it's all going to be illegal we have just learned ones okay opening up the door for others to possibly be ok as well the u.s. the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC has issued a no action letter to turn key jet Inc agreeing that tokens used by the business travel startup are not securities the regulatory stamp of approval is contingent on the company using its tokens under certain conditions so this is a positive step forward but there are many people arguing a day later that it really falls Schwartz of any clear and actionable guidance anything that that businesses can sink their teeth into known that it's going to be okay it's it's murky still this one's okay what were the details those conditions that I mentioned include token generator funds cannot be used to develop the company's platform technology such as its app so one of the big rules is that if you have this token you cannot transfer it onto another exchange this I guess says you can't even use it in its app but but what I'm saying is that the cryptocurrency for turnkey jet Inc you'll never see it on Finance at least not right now you won't see on the exchanges because turnkey jet will not represent the tokens as having profit potential in this case very stringent rules if you could sell it on an exchange would you not be trying to make a profit they've really clamped down on the regulation all their conditions are the tkj tokens will remain at a fixed price of one u.s. dollar they're forcing and now I'm not sure if this was already the case before but either way I mean I'm assuming it is but either way they're saying that it has to remain a stable coin has to be fixed the US dollar neat and the tokens will be immediately in utility anyway my takeaway it is a positive step forward but it really to me gives no clarity for the future we'll see it as new developments come out I will keep you updated and this is a big deal we you know this was something that we thought maybe never was a possibility turns out it is a possibility in some cases that I SEOs might be okay there remains there remains a number of unanswered questions including how the broad definition of active participants might impact the project so they gave all these regulations on you know all this legal mumbo-jumbo and they really didn't define in what what would be active participants how startups based overseas are impacted and when and how a token might no longer be a security can they ever get out of being a security what happens on overseas markets all questions we still have I'll keep you updated I want to end today's video with a little piece of bullish news not quite as of a big deal is the SEC but Anthony pomp Liana tweeted this out today yesterday various recently met with a large university chief investment officer yesterday he told her that 100 percent of her portfolio will be digital assets in the future meaning not just crypto meaning stocks bonds currencies and commodities it's all gonna be digitalized she didn't blink she knew it was true this is inevitable it's just a matter of time I like that this isn't the SEC this is just AC i/o of a large University but steps are being taken let me know what you think in the comments sort of a light news day today every single day we will always drop e the video for you keeping you updated on this emerging market that we're all invested in it that we're all invested in anyways my name is Austin about to go get a cup of coffee and I'll be talking to you guys in the comments I'll see you tomorrow

48 thoughts on “Very Quick Bitcoin (BTC) Update! Plus DogeCoin and SEC Crypto News”

  1. It’s dog coin not doce , it’s a dog on it,

    You don’t call a puppy doce , lol
    So dog e , correct prononcent is doggy coin
    DOG or dawg

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  4. Thanks for the info, I really love your channel. I hope you hit one million subscribers before the end of the year.

  5. I have zero Doge. ?
    And remember when I said I was going to ride the wave for this Bitcoin rise. And how that it will drop and correct. ?? well I believe it'll drop a bit more..then come back to around 5,200 to 5,400 to test once more. Im hopeing for it to sustain at 5,000 however I'm just making a guess. But great video my friend. Keep us posted. ✌️?

  6. Hello guys , i want to trade in Crypto . Can you guys help me out? How do i get coins. No matter how small, i will appreciate. Even if its just about $30 worth of coins.

  7. Dogecoin is no more joke coin. Remember last time I sold doge last btc fall now this btc rise again.
    Dogecoin is the good "wild card" for transfer coins between trading sites in less fee.
    Transfer btc require 20000-50000+ satoshi fee which is too high. I'd rather throw 2.0 doges fee for this.

    And I made it right to hoard doge lots from faucethub networks & I can sell them out at this point.

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  9. Great video… i hope BTC to stay above 4600… and I have some feeling will be around 5500 by end of April..
    I wrnt to the bank in my country and ask them to transfer money to different country they ask for fee of 1.5% from the total amount I f… hate banks …
    That is a one of the big reasons I love CRYPTO….
    Your subscribers are going up….every day.. well deserved …
    When was your first video?

  10. Those wealthy whales with their bots would be making an absolute fortune riding this wave since April fools day.

  11. For people interested in trading Dogecoin, I recommend trading it on Robinhood, even though you're not really owning it, the zero transaction fee will be worth it. You do need be mindful of ask and bid price on Robinhood, they are wide.

  12. Really I only bought Doge because it was convenient on my Robinhood app, but also because i spent 4 bucks and got over 1k coins….just an experiment that I am thinking about throwing a few more dollars in JUST in case. Great vid!

  13. thanks for bob L…can't remember name right now but that helped me tremendously!!I always watch u.others sporadic but now its you and Bob????????

  14. the 200 MA is between 4600-4700 in most of the exchanges why is +5000 in coinbase if the also have more than 200 days of data in very similar prices??

  15. Thanks again for your video. I'm still irrtated by the BCHABC pump. Why is it always in lockstep when BTC pumps and dumps? Always gains on BTC when it pumps and loses on BTC when it dumps. That's concerning to me, because if let say BTC pumps 50x (in terms of marketcap), BCH could do a hell of a lot more in terms of marketcap and possibly surpass it? Maybe Roger Ver is involved in this?

  16. BTC going down , going down move bitch get out the way get out the way!! Ahaha just as you were all hoping ?bull run my ass!

  17. I had some but not too much i wish I had more dogecoin, l sold them all yesterday, I want to thank Elon Musk for this great pump. if drops, l will buy more, its actually, Dodge coin has very fast transaction time.

  18. I don't think BTC will hold 5k. I'm thinking the market as a whole will slow fade most of the last few days gains over the next few weeks, but I tend to think we have a decent chance of holding 4.2k. I'm pretty sure we will test 4.2k though. Oh well, the last few days were exciting at any rate.

    Thanks again for the updates.

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