what’s going on guys welcome back to a
brand new video on this channel today I want to talk to you guys about verge so
there’s a lot of stuff that’s been going on with verge unfortunately I wasn’t
able to make a video cuz if you saw last year I posted I was on a beach ahead
know if I won no Wi-Fi whatsoever I wasn’t able to upload anything so I’m so
sorry about that but we are back right now in the city with all the updates for
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a new video so those of you guys who don’t know what happened most of you
guys probably do know there was an account Ella there was a post on Reddit
a thread on reddit that said that the developing team had stopped working on
the rape protocol and on verge that the developers quit and a lot of those
things a lot of negative comments on verge and it turns out a lot of that was
incorrect there was apparently this guy who worked on a developing team a
marketing team and he wrote that turns out he’s actually a nobody in the
company and he was fired he wasn’t that’s not like he quit he was fired so
that’s basically the rundown of everything that happened now the result
however if we take a look over here at the coin market cap the result is that
Virg is currently set number twenty at thirteen point two cents so you know
there’s a big dip from what it used to be but it is an incredible increase from
what it was before that too so just to look at the one month infer has been
absolutely ridiculous you know just in this one month Virg has gone from zero
point zero zero six dollars all the way up to a high of like zero point two
eight three dollars and now it’s went all the way back down again to point
eleven point twelve and then now then again like went back up now it’s kind of
leveled off at thirteen cents roughly fluctuates between like thirteen and
fifteen cents now what this is and what happened is somebody trying to
manipulate the price of Virg by talking negatively upon it right so
they try to create similarly to how cryptocurrency and there’s a lot of hype
if there’s a lot of hype on a cryptocurrency it will go up similarly
the same thing happens if you can convince everyone that this coin is a
lie and that is what these guys are doing they created fear they created you
no doubt they created all that type stuff and people then who sold their
verge they didn’t know what to do so they sold their birds there’s a lot of
investors here who you know they they they’re weak investors they sell their
verge if you saw them not saying you’re weak I’m saying like a lot of people are
emotional investors and when they saw those bad news they kind of sole it now
is this something that I’m worried about not at all um honestly this is such a
short-term thing this all happened in one month died less than a month you can
see it was literally like two weeks this all happened in two weeks if you’re in
this for the long run don’t even load the charts that often you know stay
updated you don’t want to leave things and not look at it but you also don’t
want to keep constantly looking at it because you’re giving yourself a reason
to fall for these little tricks and guys after a high of 28 cents which was so
cool you know we talked about it here when it was like four cents right this
is like four cents it was right in the beginning it was somewhere over here was
they weren’t shot up I thought long-term it was still a great
invest but if you did get it at like four cents you are still you know
tripled your money so congratulations if you sold it when it was at 28 cents I
don’t even want to do the math of how much that is because that’s too much
math for me but the point is now the good thing the good things that after
was proven to be incorrect and all this you know wrong news cause the price to
drop we’re starting to see a little more resistance build a little more support
build and we are going to hopefully start climbing our way back up I’m in
this for the long run like I said I believe in Virg I like Virg so I’m going
to you know hold my Virg and just kind of leave it there and see what happens
now another big thing another reason this went down people saying the Wraiths
protocol was a complete myth it’s a complete lie it’s never gonna come out
so the Virg Twitter actually said this year we had one too many countdowns
we are not launching those ever get they had the Wraiths protocol countdowns it
didn’t work it didn’t launch some the times that they said they were gonna
launch it so that gets completed didn’t work so whatever you find out there is a
fake like this one so this one if we were to just click on the links to see
what it is yes I can’t be recently got taken down probably got you know someone
took it down so that’s good but so there’s not gonna be any more countdown
so you see any countdown out there do not do not believe it it’s complete lies
and another tweet on 26th of December this is already a while ago guys I know
I’m late to the party with these knit with these with this update this news
but starting today we are gonna get back on track thankfully I’m at a place with
good Wi-Fi again I’m gonna be able to upload every single day for you guys but
this this tweet said there are rumors being spread on the internet that Justin
Vendetta so son rock I don’t know how you pronounce his name
it hasn’t been communicating for for a long time okay English there and that
rate protocol is it real this is utter nonsense and pure fun it attempts to
create pregnant panic and bring down verge price and reputation things are on
track hashtag xvg so guys it’s like this
pretty much they’re saying it is a complete lie this is the official virgin
count also in case you guys are wondering 114 thousand followers that’s
a lot of followers but if what he tried to do what they were trying to do worked
you know the price crashed but if we look here the price crashed down to like
12 cents 11 cents and we’re starting to pick up again and we currently shot up
again 17 cents and kind of leveling off at 13 cents we are down 9% for the day
with a market cap of 1.9 a billion US dollars so you know there’s a lot of
news that’s been going on with various over it it’s gonna be extremely volatile
right now it’s not like cryptocurrency isn’t volatile already right it’s
already something that shoots up 20 30 % just on a given day
so Virg having all this news you know the news that brought it up originally
with all the cool launches and the hype and the Wraiths protocol all that and
that when people are starting to say it was a lie and people started to believe
that it came crashing down so we’ve seen too much volatility right now you know
hopefully now that that was proven incorrect we’re gonna start seeing more
support and kind of start building an upward trend again starting now
I do believe verge has a lot of great stuff I’m excited for the reins protocol
I’m excited for everything that they have the coin itself is a coin that I’m
going to keep holding because I am a big fan of it also guys if you are
interested in buying some Virg I have a link in the description I was actually
gonna open my description here but I have a link in the description of this
video to buy Nance you guys can sign up for free chance for over some Bitcoin
and use that to purchase your Virg super-easy that’s how most of people I
know do it so now that we’ve kind of you know debunked found out what’s the truth
we found out that they were just trying to create lies now it’s the moment in
time where you guys if Virg is something you are interested if you purchase
something you actually believe in you weren’t just trying to make some quick
cash you believe in the Virg currency then you guys you know this should be no
worries it’s just a lot of volatility because of news this always happens you
know it was just a rumor it was a rumor that caused the price to go down so you
know buy the rumor I guess is they saying that some people have so now that
had job down so low it was also great because we know we went up so much that
it kind of corrected itself back down make sense we were gonna have a
correction eventually like here we had a correction here we had a correction and
here we had a correction so it was we were expecting a correction this was a
large correction simply because of the news and it was started the scratches
started because of the news but hopefully like I was saying we’re gonna
start creating an upward trend a steady trend a good trend of you know Virg
enthusiasts people who believe in verge of people who want to hold Virg for the
long term that’s the type of people we should be interested in in buying Virg
not just people who are trying to make a quick buck but people who think oh this
coin could actually get to like a dollar two dollars and so on now another big
thing you guys probably know is that John McAfee’s Twitter was
apparent or instagrams are fake he only has a certain amount he was hacked and
basically the picture where it says he said it could get to $15 is actually
incorrect it’s a lie he said it himself it is a lie it did seem a little you
know unrealistic to me do I still think it is impossible for it to get to $15 by
no means I still stand by what I said I think if the coin is as good as we
believe it can be or if the coin is better than we believe it could be and
the whole market cap of cryptocurrency increases by SiC it’s gonna have to
increase by a significant amount though right that’s the contingency is total
market caps gonna have to increase and if Virg is one of the leaders in 2018
there’s no reason why it’s not gonna have a high price now you know that’s
basically what I’m looking at the whole cryptocurrency market cap currently sits
at 558 billion dollars with a 1 with basically two billion dollars in market
cap for Virg now like I was saying if we could get this to like I don’t know a
hundred billion dollars then you’re gonna see that price now right now it’s
unrealistic for us to say it’s gonna you know 50 times its market cap however is
it impossible no in the long term if this increases by a significant amount
right if we have a 5 trillion dollar market cap there’s no reason why the
verge market cap you know if you take the if you take the ratio it would be at
like 20 billion dollars which would already make the price over $1 so that’s
kind of the way I’m looking at it do I think it’s impossible I really don’t
think it’s impossible I think it really depends on how urged the how the people
ever is developing team the marketing team kind of keep Virge going keep the
hype around it keep the positivity around it do not worry about the
incorrect news if this news was real then that’d be something we should worry
about but it really was complete lies and so it’s not something we should take
into consideration it’s gone now it was proven wrong make sure you do your
research when you are when you’re you know gonna sell your coin don’t just
sell because markets are dipping a little bit be the smarter investor what
I love do in these situations I love to just
hold it and as soon as these bad news comes to album comes in and the price
gets you know ripped apart from twenty-eight cents down to eleven cents
what I like to do is I like to buy me some more Virg because if I believe it’s
gonna keep going up I just got a huge discount on Burch simply because
someone’s trying to provide the price down now why were they try to drive the
price down maybe they just are completely against Virg their man you
know if they got fired there’s a good chance they’re a little salty and
they’re trying to bring the price down but another thing that happens you see a
lot in something so new like cryptocurrency is people are afraid that
they missed out you know there’s the FOMO the fear of missing out and they
don’t want to pay the elite price that it’s now at like the twenty eight cents
you don’t want to pay that because that’s that’s a lot of money you want it
back and when it was at eleven cents or one set so what are you gonna do you’re
gonna try and talk down the coin so that you know you try and drag the price down
as far down as you can that way you can buy it when it’s all the way down so
that’s kind of something that we have to watch out cryptocurrency that is
volatility and crypto crises ridiculous simply because there’s a lot of there’s
it’s not too hard to manipulate the price if you have a lot of money and if
you can create you know they create a lot of hype so if you’re someone who has
a lot of power a lot of influence like John McAfee you can manipulate the price
so something you have to really be careful about now
I do believe everything’s settled with his Twitter as well so if you go on his
Twitter you should be fine you go he does state that he only has a few a few
social medias I believe in his Facebook it is Twitter and there’s one other I
only follow him really on Twitter though but yeah he does have his account back
and yeah face to Twitter Facebook and YouTube see me on Instagram or anywhere
else it is fake on Twitter look for the check mark and ignore screenshots that
is actually something we do have to get better at as a community to ignore
screenshot screenshots are so easy to manipulate really it’s the easiest thing
to photoshop screenshots it’s something we should not if the screenshots are
true then they’re going to be actual comment like live things where we can
see it – and if you see a you know with his page saying something
it’s a lot more believable than if you just see a picture with John McAfee’s
page saying something now guys I know this video went on for a little bit I’m
so happy to be back though thank you all of you stuck til the end and I’m so
sorry for not being able to upload the last couple of days I’m gonna try and
double upload today those who stay tuned later today we’re gonna have another
video guys hopefully you learned about Virg don’t forget if you want to go and
buy birds click the link in the description if you are new to the
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hit that Bell icon right next to it so you guys notified every time releases a
new video let me know if you guys are going to you know buy more version of
your Birds Eye meal if you sold let me know the stories that you guys have
involving version if you think the Wraiths protocol is gonna come out also
by the time this video’s release actually managed to get more information
so I don’t have this as a 100% you know proof or a 100% credible source but I
have heard from people that the Wraiths protocol was to be released between the
5th of December and the 31st of December meeting we have two days for it to
possibly be released I’m super excited so guys if by time you’re watching this
video maybe it’s already released who knows but I want to make sure I updated
you guys those are the days that I’m looking at right now hopefully we get it
before the New Year’s that would be a great New Year present without further
adieu guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for
another video


  1. Finally, someone speaking sense. The whole thing is a scam. I sold at a loss as soon as he posted that he was leaving the country at end of year and he was selling his mining and computer equipment . No regrets that I'm out. Don't even feel sorry for the people who are still in it. You deserve to be hurt.

  2. eu estou apostando na verge tbm, soh tive dinheiro para comprar 5 mil moedas mas se ela um dia chegar a 100 reais ja fico feliz. vamos torcer…

  3. John CrackAfee pumped and dumped verge….if wraith doesn't drop in the next 36 hours it's dead, but if it does then verge has the urge to surge

  4. I had an epiphany: verge $33, doge: $40, trx: $23

    Why? All the people who simply think they understand crypto's but who actually do not know anything about it are stepping in. If they do understand the tech they understand it from a false viewpoint: they think that with blockchain you can build the impossible; while this is true for a very small part of applications (mainly money/contract transfer) it is basically an unusable tech for anything else. And as people are; they want to be right all the time; being proven wrong isn't something they want. So why does this arrogance increase the price so much?

    Because it happened in the past: stocks started to hype and the females with fast amounts of knowledge on baking a pie and how to bend over are starting to think and that is when it takes off.

    They will make the false assumption that they have the knowledge it takes to invest and get rich quick so they will invest their savings, or a large part of it, into, this time, crypto. And at this age it's only worse as feminism is hot and the amount of persons in the pie baking and bending over specialists group are much larger then before: all the millenials, hipsters, feminists.. basically everyone at the left of the politics can be accounted for in that category.

    So they will get on the market; buy anything that is currently low (<$0.50) without looking into what it is, who build it, what it can and more important what it cannot do. So they will definitly buy Doge and because of it the price will surge in 2018.

    Beware: as a life time investor I live by one important rule: get out way before the price drops. You can monitor a price increase traction, when the traction slows down it is time to get out. This basically allows me to take the aforementioned categories money and then laugh at them. I did it 3 times before, made me over 3 million each time, going to do it again ?

  5. You have a great way of explaining things, thanks for the video! I held my verge, but I love the fact that you don't slam the people that did sell. keep up the great videos mate.

  6. Holding 100.000 xvg at around 0,0007$. Every 1 cent difference is 1500$ up or down. Quite an emotional ride these past few days

  7. Have bought from 11c to 14c so hodling and adding. Want it to drop back to 15c though. Have a payout from Steemit coming tonight at 6:30 so I hope to add at a decent price but I doubt it will happen lol.

  8. I bought 10k at .007, sold at .22, bought 5k back at .15. If the Wraith Protocol doesn't happen as reported (again), I expect it to languish in the .10 to .15 zone for a while.

  9. WRAITH IS COMPLETED. See official.source

  10. Anyone send me atlist 10 verge so I can laugh on them when it get to this channel .I subcribe.happy newyear


  11. one of their team is starting an ICO, namely Michael Stollaire i wanna participate in it, but its kinda sketchy, if verge turns out a scam, then his ico is pretty much like it, i'll probably wait for confirmation

  12. Wealth for osx is released and working!

  13. Verge is just a rebranded DogeCoin Dark ( it's marketing of a doggy coin , look it up it's all hype and Marketing )

  14. I think Funfair FUN could be a real money maker. Also look into Enjin Coin EJN they have some big things coming for the gaming world! Both are available on Binance so I forked my handsome verge profits into them hoping to find gold!

  15. I'm totally open to the scam idea but unfortunately I cannot find an ounce of proof that it is a confirmed scam. People see bad news they sell. Just like the 2016 elections. Fake news no research.

  16. Truth is men are men , if verge hires PR and doesn't promise dates , they'd be on point . I sold at 19 and rebought at 14 today

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