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full of information we’ll be talking about aetherium and Virg as well as some
cryptocurrency technical analysis showing when I think the Bulls are going
to be here at what point will I be confident that the Bulls are here so
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without further ado let’s jump right into this if you’re asking what browser
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let’s jump right into the news I don’t want to talk too much about news
articles since we do have so much other things to talk about but basically um as
a summary of the end of q1 and the start of q2 the cryptocurrency market sees
around 50% loss across the board at the end of the first quarter so a lot of
coins um they mainly talk about ripple here
being down a lot more now 78% but coins like aetherium I think is down like 48
and so on so on yeah the theory of here is down 48 percent
and this is from January first price not from the all-time high
some January first price they’re comparing ripple to the two dollars and
30 cents it was January first and not the three dollars in something otherwise
that the decrease would be so much more than 78 percent ripple is seen a beating
and I’m gonna talk about that more probably in tomorrow’s video I don’t
want to put too many things in one video so probably gonna talk more about that
in tomorrow’s video now let’s take a look at the overall cryptocurrency
markets I’m gonna give this page a refresh did you guys see how fast this
loaded yeah that’s because of the brows that’s what I want
to show you guys a load so much faster for those of you guys who are new
usually we have to wait a good 5 10 seconds for this to load Bitcoin
dominance is at forty five point two percent market cap is that two hundred
and seventy six billion so we’re seeing a little bit of an increase right let’s
just look across the board a lot of things still in the red for the week
except for average which we’re gonna be talking about here in just a bit
steam is actually doing pretty good on the weak but overall everything
basically is green in the last 24 hours the week again like I said it was a
pretty rough one we’re starting to see some recovery which we’re gonna look at
in a technical analysis again but things today
can’t complain right I posted in the Facebook group to which I’ll leave a
link to down below if you guys want to join its again a free Facebook group for
cryptocurrency and I posted in there and also if we add another green day today
back-to-back not something we see all the time especially not recently and
back-to-back pretty decent days were up five plus percent on Bitcoin so I don’t
know if it’s gonna last till the end of the day it’s still very early by the
time you guys see this video even I don’t know what the market situation is
gonna be like it things change so fast it only takes one news article to kind
of mess this up but I want to talk about verge simply because of the huge
increase in price that it’s had its seen again some of the biggest gains is
currently ranked 21st on coin market cap with a little under a billion dollar
market cap but you guys see I had a huge run-up in the last just a few days from
April 2nd today by April 3rd so right there I say April 3rd
today is April 3rd yes so from April 2nd to April 30 had a huge run of it’s up
39% basically and that’s because of a new partnership announcement now this
partnership announcement was a little weird the way they did it it’s they
initially needed to raise money and they mentioned that this was because of the
partnership so they wanted to raise money because of the partnership to
prove to the part to the potential partners that they the impact that they
have in the community that they have so they needed to race around about 3
million dollars which is 75 million xvg and then there was a few issues with
that because then they delayed the announcement of who the partner was when
they you know who the partner was they it was
very iffy so again the price shot up because of all the news
but the price is looking like it’s correcting due to all the you know
uncertainty that’s coming and verge is not shy at this type of uncertainty
we’ve seen it happen so much they’ve delayed so many things they’ve just
haven’t kept up with their roadmap very well and they haven’t been able to keep
up with what they’ve been promising which is I think what’s holding this
currency of this what’s holding verge back so much is the fact that they’re
the true the community continuously keeps losing trust in them because they
don’t manage to deliver on what they’re promising and that’s a big issue when it
comes to cryptocurrency now cerium is the second biggest cryptocurrency you
guys know it’s ranked number two it’s at thirty-nine almost forty billion dollar
market cap so you’re probably wondering Patrick why are you talking about this
now I’m usually we talk about you know lower value to all coins but the reason
I want to talk to you about is about this and I’m going to kind of find the
perfect place in the chart is that I think aetherium hit a point where I
don’t see it going much further below this line so again if we do enter a bull
run I think aetherium could be one of those crypto currencies that does do
very nicely I think Bitcoin will do very nicely in a bull run I think aetherium
will do very nicely in a bull run I think Neal will do very nicely in a bull
run I think all of these established points are safer right they’re safer
investments they might not do the two hundred of the two hundred percent or
the three hundred percent of four hundred percent in a single day but they
will be more guaranteed gains if them if the market is bullish you will see
guaranteed gains with these crypto currencies with like the likes of a
theory and Bitcoin neo and stuff like that
I don’t you’re not gonna see aetherium or Bitcoin falling when the market is
going up basis that’s kind of what I’m trying to say and again I think this
might be one of the lowest periods so if any of you guys were waiting to jump
into some a theory I met these low prices of $400 when the all-time high
was almost 1,400 wouldn’t be a bad time to hop in and pick up some aetherium
right now now don’t forget guys I’m not a financial adviser and this is not
financial advice this is just my opinion on the cryptocurrency markets make sure
to do your research before you guys put your money
in anything I’m just running through all all of my thought my thought process and
what I think of each cryptocurrency so again
Syrians had its share of bad news as well which just caused again a massive
sell-off and a huge decrease in price but I think Duda with the team they have
and that’s why it’s important to have an all-star team
if theorem has an all-star team right if they’re iums founders are very very very
big and very famous and very credible in the cryptocurrency space so when you
have people like that you can say okay they had some issues but they’re going
to fix it they’re going to fix it work confident they’re going to fix it and
we’re confident they’re gonna remain as the second-ranked for at least the
coming period of time now do I am I personally bullish on neo passing
etherium 100% I think neo being backed by China is huge and I think it’s going
to help them you know pass aetherium neo being the Chinese aetherium I think
the Chinese are going to back Chinese aetherium and China being China I think
we can definitely see Neil overtake the area but that’s not happening right now
for now speaking solely on aetherium I think aetherium is a pretty decent buy
price right now given the current situation given the price job given the
price it’s at right now I think I think it’s pretty solid now the last piece
we’re gonna talk about obviously the technical analysis you guys know we do
this every video and I’m not gonna say we’re in a bullish trend yet and I’m
gonna tell you guys why so this is the 20-day moving average right here we have
that actually opened up in the previous video now I will be comfortable saying
we’re looking bullish again not that we’re entering a bull run but I’m more
comfortable to say that we are looking bullish and say that if you’re in for a
short long term positions kind of makes sense if you want to make some money get
in and get out my long-term positions mean get in and hold but if you’re
looking to get in get out I would definitely wait to cross the 20-day
moving average to see some gains and then hopefully come up and test this
resistance point right here at the 12,000 now so this price will roughly be
around seven thousand eight hundred dollars I think seven thousand eight
hundred dollars is key for Bitcoin to break in order again to see some
nice gain so if you’re looking for that short short slash long sigh don’t know
how long it’s gonna take for it to get to 12,000 but if you’re looking for that
type investment where you buy in and you cash out then I would definitely wait to
move above the 20-day moving average for us to you know see able see some nice
gains otherwise right now you might get in and we might turn back tomorrow and
have a red day it’s very possible but one thing I want to say we actually
pointed this out to two days ago when we were on this candlestick is if we ended
in the green with the with a very long wick we this would be considered a
potential reversal right it’s kind of a reversal something we look for in a
reversal and although we didn’t end in the green this was a very very long a
very long wick and the next day ended in the green so definitely a little bit of
a potential thing that you should we should have kept our eyes out should I
kept their eyes on while this was happening and be like alright so I I
know I personally was waiting to see what that would happen and when it
closed like this I was pretty confident that the next day was going to be a
green day now that I think we were gonna green and then green upwards no because
there was a lot of uncertainty in the market and there currently is
everything’s kind of in the air right now a lot of different things could
happen at this moment that’s why I’m personally just taking this opportunity
to just buy every time I can people keep asking me when’s the right time to buy I
when you ask me know that I probably bought some on that day and that’s just
kind of what I’m doing to dollar-cost average if it goes down I will keep
buying if it goes up I’ll keep buying because I’m looking at the at the
long-term game I’m looking at reaching this point again right and if you’re a
believer in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency this should be your goal to this this is
the resistance we’re looking at breaking right sure there’s some smaller
resistance along the way but I want to break this resistance this is the
resistance I’m looking for so when I’m investing here I’m looking at this price
as like as a price and I’m comfortable that right and I might be taking some
profits now again I’m not selling everything at this price don’t get me
wrong but this would be where I’m looking to maybe secure some profits if
I need to so that’s kind of how I’m treating the markets right now again
things are very uncertain but I would definitely open up the 20 day moving
average in your technical and now Charts and keep an eye on that and see
how close we get to it and if we can break past and now again breaking past
it does not mean having you know one day or like one bit of the candle above the
the line it means finishing above the line and then the next day going higher
again and finishing above the line that would signify that we broke the 20-day
moving average so something to keep in mind because I know a lot of people get
confused about this sometimes but guys hopefully you guys enjoyed this video
little bit of updates on verge and aetherium as well as some awesome
technical analysis things are looking better I’m not gonna say good but
they’re looking better and that’s honestly all we can ask for take things
day by day let me know what coins you guys are investing in down below also
let me know what you guys think of the brave browser if you guys are using it I
know a lot of you guys are let me know what you guys think it is so far I’m
honestly loving how fast everything’s working so very very pleased with that
and as always guys if you did enjoy the video give it a thumbs up and share this
video around with everyone that you know that likes cryptocurrency let’s grow
this awesome community we’re already have fourteen thousand seven hundred and
seven subscribers at a time I’m making this video
things are going crazy so share this video around guys thank you so much for
watching subscribe if you guys have not done so already I’ll see you guys
tomorrow for another video


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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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