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It was hard not to 9000 percent and 280 days that’s just crazy, you know And even if we do like a Fibonacci just from the ground floor up here Look at that lo and behold We are literally writing that 236 right and I’ll tell you – 236 is statistically the best place for you to buy into with the future expectancy of making money The 236 is kind of like the ground floor for an up trend, right? I’ll tell you there’s three parts to any cycle break out break down flat line And that’s what we’re in right now. And this is a daily, but even if we do something like this Let’s see, where do we need to go? That looks pretty good, right? here I went from the That quick energy cycle. It don’t look like much but that energy cycle in itself It says negative forty three hundred percent that’s not possible Two thousand percent in 150 days that actually gave us all the rest of this Energy over here Right that little green circle gave us all of this energy Over here and we are just now Completing this phase see that see this line right here When I put it at that intersection Right there This white box Before to the four six means we are completing this cycle. What does that mean? That means That we should continue in the trend From which the energy started and you can see this line Is up and to the right? That is an uptrend where we go and make 2,000 percent in a hundred and fifty eight days. Most likely not but We know that This trend right here should be replicated Once we finish right? And again, this is the 236 but let’s jump in. That’s the best of macro I want to jump in right now Into the micro. So what I’ll do is I’ll just use this this 155 is kind of like our ground floor As we know that’s like our long-term macro What is it 2 3 6 7 8 6 7 8 citizens buy-in and But when we go down here Right, maybe we can even jump down on the 33 33 get kind of crazy but the biggest thing now look for on a 33 is three lines in agreement with each other 1 2 3 I’ll show you that that the early money is an agreement in addition to that the biggest intersection you want to have is the 77 above the 231 right and that’s also the case as well if we bump up to a 77 you see that this thing and this is what I used to do back in the day back in the day I used to Do this. It’s called the white ball test right and I think I made it up live on air and I was like, why don’t I call it the white ball case? Cuz I just made it up and that’s the color of this ball. Where’s little ball like? but a little ball I’m gonna have to make one. Oh well But if imagine We got a color in white because it’s the white ball test, but imagine if you had a white ball, right And for a second, let’s just turn off the 7 and the 77 and the only thing that exists in the world is this white ball? When you’re trying to find a reversal This white ball will need to stick and Sink into the chart. Does that make sense? Like it will need to bottom out so to speak And because a lot of times people get tricked out by the candles, like if you play the candles you gonna lose You know cuz the candles will take your money 9 out of 10 times prime example prime example right here right here Let’s zoom in. Let’s zoom in If that white ball was going down that hill whoop It would have took out all of them candles and guess what happened all that money disappeared Because it’s like Steve all that white ball. Just keep going Keep going got a little bit more steam, you know, some people bought into them candles. Nope, and now we arts flying down that hill see that see ones that flying flying flying BAM crash that white ball steel Has not stopped But once it gets up here right once it gets up here Now it’s running out of energy. Now, you can imagine it coming back down sink in right? This line even though – all that money disappeared that was the original breakout point we have confirmation at this point with the white ball test and now is When you want to look at it, man, the risk is gone. The long money has come back into it Birds is a buy At this point, right and this is at 185 Which is a few ticks over our long term Support at 155 right and This is when you want to look at by it if we turn the seven back on real quick just to get some Correlation confirmation urn the candles off This is what we’re looking at down here essentially what we had What we’re dealing with right now Not a we’re up top up here this is a lot of Resistance right in there. We’re that big fall off cave, you know, a lot of people lost a lot of money right there, right? So that’s gonna be a difficult position For birds to break through but that probably buy into it because what do we have? We have a floor Right there, right? So essentially you’re playing with the houses money at this point and the houses agree in which the house is saying buy it and they’re saying we’ll buy you out if It comes back down there because even if it falls I tell you the ceilings become the floors So this is where you will cut right and this is right here, right around 177 you buy at 185 double down at 177 if it falls once it breaks through This one Once it breaks through 192 Then you ride that thing all the way up to 215 like a boss And that’s all we’re doing We’re just playing at different levels in this thing and you can see that 215 actually becomes another barrier You know going back here and we’re literally stepping up the chart, right? This is how you use the market in your advantage to make you real deal money You know, somebody might say why will we buy it at 177 and sell it at 215? why don’t we just take it all the way up because you just made 20% profit and Took none of the risk and You took none at a time to get there? You see what I’m saying? If you wait you can wait How long it’ll be waiting you’ll be waiting another four months You know, it might hit 215 for two days drop back down to 192 and be there for the next three months, you know Just like it was right here 43 days 38 days 1 month Still that’s a long time to have to make no money Young saying Bill’s got to get paid rent doing the first you 838 days and make money You’ll be sleeping on but the Brits don’t do it You know exam so birds. Is it definite by at this point? We do have some psychological barriers. The market has to break through 192 being the big one right now but I say buy it at one buy it at 185 knowing that you have a floor at 177 and that the New Zealand is 214 but everybody Listening to these words right now. That is how you chart like all balls So I appreciate you joining me this morning we got eight old people some eight people what up Young then we take quality over quantity, baby You know Check out the resources. We got for you boss Bitcoin calm If you don’t know now, you know BK crypto traitor on the ones and twos making it do what it do, you know and if we go have some fun with it, man, you know, I’m Excited. I’m happy to be here. Thank you for joining me If you want to hear more it is this amazing glorious boy just hit that thumbs up button subscribe right now Turn your notifications on do all that good stuff, you know make sure you check out the number-one crypto trading playlist in the world boss chart like a boss how to turn like a boss and That will get you set up making money, you know, a lot of what I do is free but of people I believe now that this power and power can never be purchased and that That is why I really depend on you guys, you know to support the efforts through the website And the different products we have but I understand, you know I’m saying times as hard Bill’s got to get paid or instill to him first So that being said everybody is that time of day signing out Folks boy became no matter where you stay Brazil debate California all the way back out food jerk money. Good night. Good morning and good day. Thank you for joining me. Thanks for your time If that thumbs up button if you appreciate mine till we meet again. Stay cryptic y’all

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