Venezuela and the Cryptocurrency Revolution – Interview with Dash Lead in Venezuela Eugenia Alcalá

but here from – digital cache Brazil I am in Caracas Venezuela and one of the most excite my life here for a whole week to be a host at Virginia's conference here in Venezuela and I experienced what is to spend an entire week paying everything in – from my plane ticket to breakfast lunch and dinner plus tons of other goodies but I'm here first of all welcome how are you I am very very happy that you are here you go very thank you very much this is our last day as you noticed I even have the Venezuelan flag here on my mic in the cube but let's start first of all with your proposal that you presented about nine months ago and you branded as a – conference but you went way beyond that and what I've experienced here it's something that it's extraordinary we need to let the community know what's happening down here Venezuela which I made a list I'm at an entire list of things so let's go for it so you actually you created a business structure you employ 24 full monthly salary employees you have a business accepting – you have services accepting – interviews about a business accepting – you started creating those for the program a list of places that accept – a hundred-twenty staff that are employed during the day of the event during the day of the conference and – sitting I have a marketing business structure a community leader a business development leader a communication manager a social media manager a logistic director production manager an event manager a cyber security specialists for all the data and the checking process that you have for the day of the event a database coordinator a financial coordinator a printshop coordinator for all the paper material the swags they give it away during the events and for the merchants the adoption package that you give to every single business that accept – here our staff has – uniforms everybody that works on Europe under your proposal happy uniforms with – shirts which is really cool you went actually how I would explain how – whence beyond ditched occasion became a program for social inclusion feeling people and education programs about money at the moment you're partnered with over 12 social projects and economy projects by accepting donations and – directly cutting off the middleman which normally when we have a crisis situation or some sort of nonprofit organization they accept millions of dollars half or more than half it stays for bonuses for corporations for meetings for Entrepreneurship and and programs that never really reaches the person that needs the most and doing so accepting – as donation to those institution the people are accepting – straight into their hands the exactly amount that you donate from anywhere in the world so this is something brand new as well it's changing how the donation services will take place in the world you created a website to convert believer to – numbers so any merchant can know can know right away how much they need to charge in – you have been very careful with the verbage about crypto in order to relay low and not get attention from the government because there's a way if you say that you're dealing sets this might be a trouble for the community and for you personally – Venezuela became a social events it during meetups and and the merchant adoption programs and meetings you have a community original community managers you have over 22 community managers in Venezuela which ran out the business adoption is out of control because not all business that accept – are on the list now those community managers already actually engage with business and those business engages with other business which we don't know how many bees are accepting – business engagement per region you partner with the City Business Association and the chambers of commerce for constant meetups and lectures explainable – you have a four layer program for communities entrepreneurs proposal training for anybody who wants to present a proposal and an incubator and business owners training for how to control the cash flow and of course how to actually have the ledger there books organized so you give all these to the merchants you have weekly demos lectures and giveaway – to teach people the first experience on those minutes for those merchants and the business at the Chamber business chamber of business which right away once they receive $1.00 every single one of them you tell them to donate to those social programs so they experience how to use – right away genius youth your staff attend weekly startup meaning in order to engage with opportunities so if there's any type of business that they have a programs in Venezuela your staff just show up and say hey by the way do you know what is – digital cash so something really cool I was present in one of those in the coffee shop for all the the food truck which is actually a there's a business that exploding here Venezuela let me see here I'm actually I'm lost here I have so much boyacky busines back a partner with the City Business Association share before layers will attack oh yeah weekly demo your staff Lee opportunities audio ends video technician coordinator during the events you develop a cool trend academic integration partnership with the city you have two lawyers as a consultant for all the verbage that you use for every single documents and paperwork which by the way I was invited to speak in five different contracts Johanna was the first one and the only one so far who sent me a contract as a speaker which was really cool I'm copying that for myself for future spec a conference as well part you partner with a group of university professors to bring – inside universities and of course they talk about blockchain you have a market coordinator you have a press meeting before each events with the local newspaper and magazines to tell them hey we have our a – conference and – city coming up so invite everybody you got a medical clinic that does blood work – except – three exchange in Venezuela – except – over 20 original communities I think I already said that already – score for business or – course for business owners so any business owner who wants to accept that you give them all the course the materials everything is ready so all they have to do is show up to the course take the package and start accepting – you have proposed a guideline in class or you're proposing Q beta form or people started presenting proposal which you have – merchants – help each other one forgetting – malachi as well so three other proposals which by the way if you want to know anything about any other – proposal they normally go through your Jenna so contact her she can vouch her for the proposals if it's legit or not or she can investigate and give you the proper information so you also give every single participant during the the conference one to two dollars incentives once they register at the event they unload the wallets during the checking and then they get they get to spend this money at the – city which is a open market right after the conference with about a hundred vendors that you can buy everything everything you want with – and I'm talking about lots of food lots of food but belt appliances clothes programs for arts and crafts there was cups and it clearly there's so many cool stuff motorcycles you can buy a motorcycle with – in Venezuela so – is City is something phenomenal it was great for me to experience you have a fiscal office location you have a full-time secretary for the office not for yourself for everybody in the community you have community managers a meeting before every single event production manager meeting technical meeting staff meeting for over 120 staff venue manager and vendors meeting before the events the day before you have a food and snack coordinator because during the event there's 150 people that you have to feed breakfast lunch and dinner I was there for 12 hours doing the entire event I know how it is registration process for every single member has four layers to get information to target audience and I'm talking about so every time someone comes to your event they come and they say okay I'm either a vendor I'm a just a normal user I want to do trading I wanna invest and you separate into groups and you have tired targets focus groups and meanings after to bring these people to the community you convince all the vendors to organize your event to accept – so the entire process is paying – you have a post event meaning brainstormed with all day staff for best practice Venezuela became number one website access – dorg and wallets downloads and vendor adoption which – first News reported that Venezuela has more business accepting – 10 United States which is partially true because United States has 330 million citizens Venezuela has 30 so when as Wella has ten times more business accepting – the United States so this is how powerful this is happening here and you did all this in less than one year and I think you fail to communicate this to the masternode community because people were thinking organize just a conference because you label your first proposed a conference and you just kept doing the same thing on the proposal but there was much more and being here for this week I experienced something fantastic I have more on my list everybody so stay tuned because speaking another language sometimes people has problem communicate so that's one of the main reasons I came here to show you what's happening in Venezuela which is the cryptocurrency revolution we already started and so right now any other person or cryptocurrency that wants to actually implement – nationwide just have to take your program and bring to a different country and tweak a few things and there will sook SIG's I think first of all you deserve the maximum respect from the entire network community and the masternode community because what you done here we haven't seen anywhere in the world when as well as going through a crisis which gives you the perfect storm for the perfect program and your last proposal did not get approve we managed to start a crowdfunding a fifth of what we were looking for you managed to put an event there was half the size which the one that I came in was half the size that normally is and what I've seen it was already fantastic with no money and you mentioned to me you not leaving you're staying you're not quitting so tell us first of all congratulations what you done it's fantastic tell us what's the plan now thank you thank you very much for you the plan is staying and not quitting we have we have a commitment to – to Venezuela and to all the communities and to all the masternode owners who have supported us in the past and still support us to keep going because we really really think that this is a win-win situation for Venezuela and – when the when massive adoption of – is real in Venezuela who has already started that is going to bring a lot of value to – and to the community and that is why we are working our well all all hours and all days because we really really believe in this project we want to – thank you because with your visit we have learned about how we are not communicating enough of work what we are doing we are so focused on the work that we are not focusing on communicating it to the community and they really need to know because if we want their support they need to know what's going on here so that is why I am really really grateful to you for having come to our country and registering all of this that you have seen and record with your with your equipment with your marvelous equipment well I think I think your propose is one of the most legit proposal and and one of the well spent fund from the community because of what you're getting compared to other proposals and of course the economy here is low so a dollars worth a lot of money but employing people creating a mass adoption nationwide for the amount of money it's it's more more than fair and broke my heart to see that your proposal approved but again in your site as well I think you have to change the name of your proposal it's not a – conference it's not a 12-hour conference it's a – implementation in a nationwide and entire country you name it this way and you have to list all the things you've been doing so I came here to do your views as most of you guys know it's it's big purpose of my count my crew my channels create content what I'm actually putting together a documentary a seven-day experience using – 24 hours in Venezuela so right now tell us a little bit about other projects that was created based on your first proposal – Caracas which became now – man as well and other proposal that came after that are very successful it took me as well to take a look – Caracas was the first – community in Venezuela we grew so fast that they we have to create other programs name – Venezuela in order to support not only our work in our city but the work of other leaders in all a large amount of cities in Venezuela we are now over 22 community leaders in Venezuela who are inspired but what – Caracas otha chief they are starting their work and we want to help them because we believe that these leaders who live in their in their locality that they are going to be able to do this work better we believe in the centralization and alliance we believe that working in collaboration is better for all of us so we can achieve our our goals deaf faster so we want to support of all of these community leaders we want to support other projects in our proposal program we give information to people who want to understand how they – Treasury works and if they need more more help more counseling they came they come to us and they asked for it and we give it to them that was the case of – hope that was the case of – Meraki and if you don't want our our counseling that's okay we are we still want you to succeed but because we want a massive adoption of – in Venezuela that was the case of agora conative a javier from our cognitive he came to one of our conference and he so one worship with it one training course we did to help people to submit proposal he took the course and he with that information he was able to do it to do it while by himself so we want to help anyone who wants to help in boosting massive adoption of – in Venezuela so right now Venezuela is going through a huge crisis the middle class is struggling the upper class is the upper class maybe they just won't travel abroad this year but the problem is the lower class and the poverty that has increased drastically in Venezuela which makes me sad to say that I'm used to this because I grew up in a situation exactly the same as this in the eighties in Brazil with the valuation of money we change the name of money in Brazil seven times in 15 years we cut 1-1 when we cut three zeros we change the bills it's a huge manipulation and this is happening right now which gives Venezuela a devaluation of the money outside which made about 5 million people leave Venezuela and go work to another country and we're talking about a future proposal and ideas as well for the remittances business where we got to create you got to create a proposal where we got a target audiences outside Venezuela that are actually working to send money to their fans that was a little bit about this and what's the plan yes that is one of my dreams that Venezuela's around the world are able to help their families and friends more easily because right now they want to send money to their families and friends and it is very difficult because in Venezuela we have control the camera and exchange control and we cannot receive money from other countries so – is the way that is going to solve this day this is the way people can receive money from their families and friends who are abroad easily fast and with low Commission so this is a real a real solution and now with all of these merchants adoption of that people who receive – have the option of change it into believers or spend it directly in these merchants in these in these products and services that they can buy with – and this is a this is a real big solution also I want to to help to get the most Venezuela's to be able to earn their wages and in – directly as freelancers maybe in a platform where they can publish their their resume and get hired and get paid in – for for a lot of services they can give well – Malakai actually it's a new straw area where they're trying to implement a heavy load of Industry to start accepting – so there'll be something very interesting as well for the community to pay attention but just to let you know after seven days here in Venezuela there is talk about petrol no petrol there is talk about Bitcoin there's talk about – and that's it there's no other cryptocurrencies that came here yet or is this popular as – – is more popular than the petrol and Bitcoin – community here actually managed to put – light-years I had any other cryptocurrencies in the world of on the mouth-to-mouth in people talking the word – so this is actually something very I'm gonna try to edit this interview and put this one as the first one but stay tuned everybody I'm putting together a documentary or short documentary if you want to call of the 7 days that I spent here in Venezuela spending every single money every single business that I visit which I ate a lot by the way a breakfast lunch and dinner in the experience and I pay everything with – it was yeah my tea there from the taxi even if you want to buy a motorcycle here as well I made a video about for Twitter of me with a stack of money that's worth about 25 cents 50 cents or on a gas station so the situation here is giving cryptocurrencies specially – digital cash the opportunity to be implementation wide without any restriction I think you've done nothing but a fantastic job of Hannya you have to keep present your proposals engage with the masternode community they must know exactly every single detail what you're doing here because it's not a conference it's – implementation nationwide even as well so if you want to tell them now a message tell us what's what soon what's in your head yes well first of all thank you for their support in the past and in the present and please keep supporting us because we are working really hard and we are getting results and we plan to do it either way and also I want to say that we want to do it in a collaborative ecosystem we want to collaborate with all proposal owners such as Rodrigo such as core team such as – for such as that all of the other community leaders in around Venezuela and we want to create this big force of allies who are going to make Venezuela the first – nation well they actually ended up funding the proposal through a few donations I was happy to actually help as well my proposal is not of expensive proposal by I was happy to donate as well one and a half – to help pay for this this conference this this meetup this – City and this entire program that's something that shows as well a lot of masternodes donated which was probably a fifth of the then the amount of money you need it so the David Moscone have but you will keep doing this and this is just fantastic so everybody stay tuned for the future there's also tones of interviews that Johanna did it among their peers in Venezuela in Spanish in English I have a few interviews as well it's gonna take me probably three weeks to edit all this but I'll put it together in the end and Ivania I think you deserve nothing but a huge thank you to what you've done here you've became an example of leadership of budget management because what you've done here compared to other proposals it's extremely cheap to other propose that I've seen that they took money and they absolutely waste and did not deliver and and you became a reference for – and you will become a reference for other cryptocurrency in other places because it's just what that's congratulations and I'll definitely come back here to Venezuela because my experience was fantastic and the once again rudder here from Caracas Venezuela reporting for everybody in our – community I was later – digital you

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  1. 10:40 rodrigo 🙂 challenge that the VZ model isn't reproduceable in other countries like that! That high inflation is required so consumers have a burning desire for a new currency product 🙂

  2. Y por qué no el crypto Nano? Es muy bueno que Dash haya salido en Venezuela para ayudar a la comunidad pero los fees de Dash no es ideal? Entiendo que el fee para transacciones de volumen alto es $0.01? La inflación de Venezuela no de está mejorando. La gente de Venezuela debe usar un crypto que pueda have transacciones instantáneamente y, los más importante, GRATIS.

  3. Its not enough that meduro is ficking them over now they going to get fucked by cryptos….best of luck venezuela

  4. Keep up the great, I hope you can get the funding together in these bearmarket times. Props to both for sticking with Dash.
    It's also an eye opener that you do so much more for the proposals price

  5. It is fantastic!
    It's the most optimistic video about Dash Community that I've have seen.
    It is so great that we have people like Eugenia and Rodrigo in our community!

  6. Congratulations to Rodrigo for living and listing the efforts done by the Dash Venezuela team! Amazing summary of the many activities taking place! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Muito bom! Parabéns! Esse projeto merece o respeito de toda a comuninade cripto. (Awesome! This project deserves the respect from all of crypto comunity)

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