VeChain Update for 2019 (+ Free VET Giveaway!)

is Vechain the most underrated coin of
2019 as we head into 2020? well one thing’s for sure a lot of projects have
been floundering but Vechain has been making big moves and big partnerships
and we’re gonna get into all that updates on this project we’re gonna look
at where Vechain is now and where it is heading to so also we’re gonna be doing
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about B chain in 2018 it was really popular to attack v chain and you know
what it was a lot of it was popular to attack a lot of coins because obviously
the prices were dropping and we really haven’t seen all coins return to the
prominence that they were in 2017 or even any close resemblance to that
however there have been a lot of projects that have been doing work so Vechain is one of those projects there’s been a lot of big stuff they’ve had
going on we’re going to look at now why were people calling Vechain a scam in
2018 it’s basically based on circumstantial evidence of marketing
tactics that is what Chieko crypto and several other prominent youtubers were
saying about Vechain at the time is that basically because of some marketing
strategies that they were using the way they had some of their company
structured that it was a scam I hate when people take all things that are a
scam like guess what fortune 500 companies do guerrilla marketing I don’t
know if you know that it’s very common so this is not just in crypto but in
crypto what a company does it we call scam on it everybody says something’s a
scam be chain has nothing about it in my opinion that I’ve ever said ever read or
ever believed that made me think the Vechain was any kind of scam I’ve never
said anything like that I don’t jump on bandwagons when everybody’s like oh you
know they get their pitchforks out in their herd mentality and they’re like
let’s go destroy this coin I don’t get into all that I just know what I know I
read what I read man I’ve always thought the Vechain had a lot of good promise in
2019 he’s really shown a lot of that promise start coming to the
front so let’s start by checking out Vechain on coin gecko so here we are it’s
coming in ranked 33rd so pretty good in the 30s and as you can see the price has
not been doing great this is the 90-day chart here for Vechain the price has
gone down it looks like maybe you know we have an area here that looks like
maybe we’ve bottomed out with D chain I don’t know I’m not saying for sure but
we do see it start to move up a little bit here but we’re not gonna be talking
too much about the price today this video is not for you to go buy Vechain
this just really to give an update I did in a review on Vechain talking about B
chain a good bit in 2018 the beginning of 2018 specifically so this is kind of
just updating I’m not gonna be going over you know the consensus protocol or
the team I’m not going over anything like that I’m just talking about updates
to the project so guys here we go let’s go to the Vechain website so Vechain
enables Walmart trying to block chain let’s go back to that guys Walmart
enables Walmart China block chain traceability platform now this is
something that is really big with Vechain supply chain tracking what does
that mean that means basically following a product or good or a food anything
pharmaceuticals all the way from where they started to where they end up for
retail sale or wholesale whatever it might be so Walmart China takes on food
safety with Vechain Thor blockchain technology now obviously Vechain is Vechain Thor it had a emerge at some point but I just call it Vechain a lot of
people still just call it B chain but the Vechain Thor is the actual block
chain that is being used so this is something that people I think in the
future are gonna look back and they’re gonna say man how did they get by
without knowing where their food was from right so imagine the scenario you
go to a nice fancy restaurant you sit down and instead of a paper menu you get
an iPad type device now not an iPad those are too expensive I’m sure a
cheaper version of an iPad basically that has the entire menu and
every day the blockchain works with that iPad to not only tell you how much the
food is and how much it cost but also tell you where all the ingredients came
from like in your salad where did the lettuce come from the way that kind of
you can go to websites right now and you can look at the nutrition information
for every food that’s on a menu well in the future I think we’ll be able to do
that with where your food came from now why is that important why are they
talking about food safety with the Vechain Thor block chain well the reason
is if you think about the big lettuce outbreak there was a couple years ago
where everyone who ate lettuce not me that’s right I don’t eat lettuce it
sucks we’re getting sick and nobody could tell where it was coming from
eventually they kind of narrowed it down to a few different places that they
thought that could have the lettuce that was making people sick but wouldn’t you
like to have confidence to know that if you eat something you get sick that
someone can actually tell you where that came from the fact that we’ve been doing
that and obviously we haven’t had the technology to do it in the in the in the
present or in the past we haven’t had that technology but in the future that
technology is gonna be available so it’s gonna be really cool to be able to make
sure that there’s accountability with food now food is not the only thing um
that can also be tracked there’s plenty of other things if you go to their
medium the medium 4v chain is a lot about events they go to by the way if
you want to check that out here is Sonny Luke the founder of the chain reaching
business consensus a tough yet important task just a talk that he gave is
somewhere so that’s basically a lot of updates they provide there but I did
find this on there talking about meat which is more about the same thing that
we were talking about in terms of food but also with wine with wine v chain
tapping into 3.9 billion dollar industry is not what you think
the industry is wine spoiler alert this was on diploid crypto calm earlier this
year two months ago and basically the longer this short of it is that now a
Vechain is working with its wine traceability program it’s called
something specifically open Vechains wine traceability platform
not program it’s a platform basically uses Vechain NFC tags to track wine now
if you didn’t know the counterfeit wine industry is absolutely insane because
the bottles can be so expensive so having these tags in the bottles to
track them from their source to where they get sold to is really really cool
is really important but that’s not that’s not the only use cases for Vechain also luxury goods so let’s think Gucci bags we all know there’s some
places you can go in San Francisco or LA or New York City probably all kinds of
places around the world and you can go there and you can buy a Gucci bag that’s
not authentic you know it’s not authentic we used to do it with uh
oakley sunglasses we call them folk Lee’s right you go to
the flea market and you get your folk Lee’s for like 20 bucks set up paying
160 no because nobody knows the difference really right and so you is a
kid we would like trade stuff right I mean that’s what teenagers do they’re
like I tell you what I’ll give you the sweet shirt I got to be give me those
glasses and you’re a kid so you’re like oh yeah that’d be cool I love that shirt
so you put it on and you lose your glasses well what that kid didn’t know
is you actually had a pair of folk Lee’s you didn’t have a pair of oakley’s so
you really just scammed him right there even though I don’t know a shirt that
would be worth but you know we’re paying 160 dollars back then but the point here
is is that luxury goods can also be tracked with these NFC tags they can be
sewn into the colors of shirts and you don’t even know they’re there but you
can make sure that these things are authentic and these are some of the
things that Vechain is doing so one of the cool things about the Vechain
website when you go to it is I’ve talked about food right I’ve talked about the
lettuce I’ve talked about I didn’t really talk about this story here but Vechain Thor blockchain empowers the lifecycle management of premium beef
produced in Australia I do love beef much better than lettuce
and so that they’re tracking even beef from farms and things like that
but there’s so many other use cases for this V Jane traceability technology so
if you go here and you click solutions like man look how much stuff there is
here digital carbon ecosystem consumer confidence index automobile retail
logistics liquefied natural gas solution digital content distribution doc
management agriculture you can click all of this I mean obviously when you think
about supply chain hopefully you kind of think like yeah logistics supply chain
they work hand in hand but like even with automobile they’re working they
have several different partnerships or whatever but here is the solution ever
you can have the v– chain ID that goes into your car that basically is gonna be
able to follow that car for the life of it it’s gonna know when if it’s like
Carfax on steroids okay it’s like there’s no way once that chip is in your
car and some people might think it’s not great if you want to roll back your
odometer or something but this is gonna be able to communicate
digitally with other vehicles with other service providers with dealerships so
that the whole process of selling the car or getting your car serviced is a
very smooth transition and that’s just one of them of the main or that’s just
one of the many solutions that V chain offers so as you can see there’s plenty
of good stuff to like about V chain in my opinion now this is what I really
like about V chain okay if you think of other block chains that are trying to
work with enterprise solutions right maybe not specifically supply chain like
aetherium or like iota or like any of the other ones
Ambrose’s if you’re reaching community you probably get that but you know a lot
of these companies basically that have been working in the enduring the bear
market they have not developed out these solutions in my opinion nearly as well
as Vechain has you have a lot of projects that are kind of trying to be
all things to all people okay they’re like oh we can help anyone
with anything but what V chain has done a really good job of I feel like in this
bear market he’s really narrowed down exactly what they want to be they want
to be supply chain tracking they they want to trace wine they want to trace
vehicles they want to offer solutions to enterprises that make sense I don’t own
any of these kinds of businesses I don’t own a digital carbon ecosystem I don’t
own a Consumer Confidence Index I don’t own an automobile I don’t own a retail
look excuse me Luke location I don’t own a logistics company I don’t
own a liquefied natural gas solution company digital content distribution
okay I probably could could do some of that with BitLocker go comm document
management company don’t have that agriculture company don’t have any of
that yet whenever I click on any of these I look and I understand this use
case I understand where blockchain fits into this and if you listen to someone
like Tim Draper a very renowned Bitcoin investor knows a lot about business
he believes in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency because of the use case
of blockchain and yes there is a little bit more to why he believes into it
financially but at its basis he knows the blockchain technology is gonna
change the world and for all these projects if I said to you hey how is
iota gonna change the world and I’m not trying to Dog iota I’m just picking it
out of the air because it’s very tangled up or if I were to say to you you know
like maybe aetherium you can have a little better better of an answer but
I’m I started going through the top 50 and saying how is this gonna change the
world how is this gonna change the world how is this gonna change the world not a
lot of those projects are actually going to be able to have a good answer like
litecoin for instance how is it gonna change the world well it’s gonna be the
silver to bitcoins cold okay is that really gonna change the world I know a
lot of you guys believe in like why not trying to dog it okay the XRP people
they know how they think their projects gonna change the world outside of XRP
aetherium like stellar how is still are gonna change the world tell me I would
love to hear about it Tron how is trunk gonna change the world
I would love to hear about it I like Tron I think I know as a person that’s
very well-versed in that how I think it can change the world but your average
person probably doesn’t understand the role that adapt ecosystem is gonna play
in changing the world however with V chain it’s very
easy to look at all of these and understand these are real-world
functional use cases of blockchain this is the future the Tim Draper talks about
when he says this is why bitcoins gonna go to $250,000
because blockchain technology is gonna take off and I believe the chain is
going to be one of the projects that is gonna play a huge role in that and when
the Moore V chain becomes a solution-oriented project the more
confident I am that even if we have an atomic meltdown of crypto projects that
V chains gonna be one of the ones that have provided the use case that is going
to make it stick around and eventually more companies more companies in the
spaces in which they operate are gonna come to find that value as well you guys
let me know this was not a sponsored video by the way at all I’m doing a
series now called where are they now and V chain is the first one I had some
people to ask what I thought about V chain um one other thing I did want to
mention actually before I end here is that you know another story we covered
on bit boy crypto comm V chain welcomed hack into its blockchain so hack in the
white hat hacker blockchain that previously was on aetherium I believe
that basically helps to add security to not just crypto projects but really the
the web in general it has migrated over to the V chain blockchain so we’re
seeing some projects start moving over to be chained to the B chain Thor
blockchain which i think is very interesting as well but I do think this
is gonna be a project that don’t sleep on this one I don’t think by the end of
2020 that it’s going to be in the 30s I do think it will be higher how much
higher I don’t really know I kind of project it kind of look into the teens I
think somewhere in the teens is where it might be
is it a top 10 project probably not does it have the capacity to get up there I
believe that it does but I definitely think somewhere in the 12 to 18 range
could definitely be somewhere I could see V chain by the end of next year now
we have a massive bull run and everything shoots up who knows or
anything will be but I kind of based on just what I think where I think this
project is going I think that’s pretty realistic for me so can’t put a number
on the price obviously because that’s silly who does
that so guys thank you so much for watching this video don’t forget to Like
comment and subscribe you got to be a subscriber to win and comment down below
on why you believe that V chain is a good project why you like it or what do
you think it sucks tell me why you hate it tell me why you think it’s a scam I’d
love to hear your thoughts on it that’s all we got for today
to play out

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