48 thoughts on “VeChain Millionaire next bullrun? How much Vechain do you need?”

  1. YOUR predictions are way too conservative don't you think .25-33 cents to a $1 in a bull run?? last yr ATH was $8.46 right..and this was with far fewer partners,, less exposure!!! And this upcoming bull run according to all will surpass last yrs bull run?

  2. I understand yall talkin about the next bull run but quite frankly thats an unnecessary thing to focus on because youre approaching this crypto in the frame of mind of someone trying to buy alot of crypto for cheap and then sell it all to make a quick buck because you all lack patience. Yall got to understand that big tech giants like Amazon and Fed Ex are going to store product information of things that I registered on the Internet of Things on this blockchain. This might take a few years to explode but when it explodes just 1 Vechain will be worth several thousand dollars minimum. So yall sit here and shit on Vechain if you want to, ill be on Binance buying them motherfuckers like they going out of stock.

  3. Ve gained the Deloitte partnership. Ve is also in talks with the Chinese government for incorporating their blockchain for China's use. There is absolutely no way Ve is going to fail. They've just gotten too big to fail. Becoming a millionaire off of a couple thousand dollars seems like a stretch, but it did happen with a few other cryptos. I think it's very possible. I see doubling your money with Ve as being the worst case scenario. The company is worth $350,000,000. More than 2/3rd's of the stock has already been purchased. From here, it's just a waiting game 🙂

  4. As TETHER/BITFINEX is UNRAVELING and Mt Gox PAYOUTS imminent, i feel there is a possbility these will drag us to our real bottom by end July.

    You have to see this TETHER EXPOSE ​@drag.

  5. Stay away from this manipulated market. The whole concept is made by Elites to suck every stinking cent from you as the whole charade will dissapear through the night

  6. what would the market cap of VET need to be at $1, like $55 billion? I'm a VET hodler, but seems a little unlikely unless total crypto market hits like 1 trillion

  7. If marketcap of crypto reach same as gold in 3/5 years. Vechain can reach 2/4 dollar for sure. 2dollar VET would be 200dollar VEN ( before token split) if you have 5000 VEN before the split you have now 500.000 VET if VET reach 2dollar you have 1mil dollar.

  8. saying that a VET can't go to 10 dollars or even higher is like saying that btc would never reach 16 K nobody can say how high a coin wil go. So if somebody saying it will never go up high like telling somebody we would never go to the moon (and we went there allready lol) nobody can say for real what a coin will do in this crouded crypto young market but one thing i will never say is that something will never go up high… look at some coins with no working cases people saying that 1 dollar is max better look again in the mirror this is crypto world brothers and sisters everything is possible!!! (no financial advise tho lol)

  9. Another factor to consider is the VTHO generation. I would assume VTHO will maintain a roughly 1:10 price ratio with VET. 1000000 VET in a 2 year bull market would generate 300000 VTHO. So if VET gets to $1, VTHO would be $0.10 and that would be a nice little extra $30k. Not to mention adoption would pick up in a bull market so that is a very conservative estimate.

  10. Vechain all time high is $9.45 almost I think $3 is pretty realistic that was the last time Bitcoin was at 20,000 but I understand right now it's at 5400

  11. How was ATH at $8 with this coin. ? No hopes on it reaching that like we foresee with other alt puns reaching ATH?

  12. NEM went from 0.0035 cent in January 2017 to 1.98 Dollar in January 2018. Is it possible for Vet to go above 1.98 Dollar during the next Bullrun, with all these Indicators, new Exchanges and new Wave of Institutional and Retail Investors? Absolutely !

  13. I'm looking at close to $5 within the next 3 to 8 years, I'm holding on for the long, it's not a short term project It is definitely being built for future use.

  14. 10-20,000 will be more then enough to become a millionaire if you manage to sell at the top.
    $500 in xvg could have made anybody a millionaire if they managed to sell at top of the bull but its not easy and unless your an insider or extremely luck you cant do it.
    Vechain is a sleeping giant and one of the very few companies who actually have use case and partnerships. $1-10 vet is like nothing.

  15. I'm happy with any profit :). I believe Vechain is built for long-term investment due to the incorporation of their tracking technology. However, I believe it will take two to three years for very positive gains. Very good coin to expand your portfolio.

  16. Why do you need this coin to do ANYTHING by "the end of the year"??? Freakin children, always lookin for a quick buck…never thinking LONG-TERM. :-/ Dude, we could've all broke out the calculators for this. Lol

  17. You are my men!!!
    Most realistic prediction!!!
    Good luck everybody!!!
    See you guys after the Bullrun!!!

  18. You know how many products out there would benefit from using VeChain's technology? alot, what about Gold Bars for example? wouldn't it be nice to know that you're not getting Tungsten wrapped in Gold Tin Foil? And how big is the Bullion market? Pretty big.

  19. I never hear people say why someone would anyone buy the coins from you once the bull run comes? Everyone continues to say if you buy this coins and that coin now and it goes up you would have a certain amount but how big is the community? How many buyers will be around? In order for any coins to reach maximum potential you must grow the community.

  20. It might go to a million in US dollars, but we have to still convert it into bitcoin in order to then exchange it to dollars

  21. Many people / predictors forget the coin was /100 so ath is not reachable. 1 dollar is already a lot, so go go go

  22. IOTA doing supply chain now, vastly superior to any other. It will be good to see boarder line pumped up fraudulent scams like Vechain drift down in the rankings where it belongs.

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