Vechain BIG Investor News-ADP Planning To Use Ripple? XRP

Krypto Mike here with the Mic Check 1 2 1 2 is this thing on how're you guys doing so let's go let's dive into it I'm trying to make my videos a little more condensed and straight to the point so for that reason I just made a little list of links and other things alright so first of all the one that I'm actually really excited about well I'm excited about all these news items here but the one the one that I'm really paid one I'm really like paying attention to right now is interesting and I want to thank I think it was coin collector someone in the telegram I think he was corning collector so I want to thank you for bringing this to our attention this is really cool and it makes me think maybe I should buy back in to be Vijay I mean I know I should I know I know I know I should I just look it's hard to sell coins that are down and most of my coins haven't flown yet you know what I mean so I'm just waiting I'm just waiting and then or I can just use my next paycheck for it so there's that option you know but yeah yeah feat chain is looking pretty awesome it always has I'll be honest you guys my name to ition tells me and I'm gonna have told you guys this plenty of times you know but be chain is probably in my eyes V chain is probably the most interesting use case for blockchain I'm not saying it's the most valuable however I you know it's a very very very great great use of blockchain and you know I've been affected directly by counterfeit products before and so I know why this is a great use for blockchain Oh also just in the news the other day you know people are gett dying from counterfeit alcohol you know cat people are counterfeiting alcohol they're putting other substances in alcohol and selling it and it's a lot cheaper to produce when they put these chemicals in it and it still gets people messed up but the thing is people are dying and they're putting that on the news it was just on Fox and Fox News the other day and the and the funny thing is they mentioned counterfeit purses and then they went into the story of the counterfeit alcohol and people dying and I can't I was I was I've managed to catch I managed to catch most on video but I didn't catch the part where they were talking about counterfeit purses and so when they when they the moment they said counterfeit purses I thought of eating and I started filming it and I was hoping they would talk about the purses again but they didn't but still it made me think well this would be the perfect way to usher in a V chain right and to get companies to make companies aware of it or maybe you know there's already already back end deals maybe there's already deals and partnerships I'm sure there's a ton of partnerships already that they haven't announced yet okay so anyways I will go into this article here now this is this was written by someone on reddit okay Jim Breyer investing in V chain is an absolutely massive signal here's why there have been some hints as to why this is such a big deal recently I will attempt to summarize the massive implications hold on of Jim Breyers investment envy chain nobody knows more about investing in China than Jim Brier nobody so you know what I'm gonna do let's just wait now I've seen his face plenty of times I'm sure he's briar capital okay so he's an American venture capitalist founder and CEO of briar capital an investment in venture philanthropy philanthropy firm I want to be only getting in a philanthropy to and a partner at accel partners a venture capital firm briar has invested in over 40 companies that have gone public or completed a merger with some of these investments including Facebook interesting earning over a hundred times cost in many others over 25 times cost on the Forbes list 2016 of the world's billionaires he was ranked number 7 to 2 with a net worth of 2.4 billion dollars so let's go to awards and achievements 10 smartest people in technology smartest investor in technology Forbes ranked him number one on Forbes Midas list of Tech's top investors breyer received the Silicon Valley forums visionary award okay he was also named the Vanity Fair new establishment Hall of Fame in 2012 he was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by venture capital journal a lobbying group aimed at loving for immigration reform was launched with Jim Breyer listed as one of the founders okay so he's he's a well-known venture capitalist I really just want to know what where he made a lot of money in professional associations and memberships our case he was from heart he graduated from Harvard Business Harvard Business School however any founded Harvard Universal University global Advisory Council he's a member of various World Economic Forum committees a member of the lead director Network an organization of directors dedicated to improving the warrants of their corporations and earning the trust of their shareholders okay okay okay okay okay okay he's currently on the boards of Etsy legendary entertainment circle foot circle financial 21st Century Fox interesting okay so to me already that sounds good oh okay listen in the past Breyer has served as on a number of public and private boards including Facebook Walmart Marvel Entertainment Walt Disney Wow oh no no no okay so he part Marvel until their acquisition by Walt Disney this is already looking good I mean I like he I like how we left when Walt doesn't even bottom especially because it's gonna be coming out more that you know Disney was involved in very very illegal activities Disney's not gonna be looking good in the next few years guys just so you know Dell Inc okay all right so that's already enough that's just that's already enough okay now let's go back to the article okay so while you've seen photos of him speaking at a conference with Communist Party members and they're talking about China you know it really doesn't begin to capture his significance the problem is that reddit only focuses on Western media reports this is a Chinese news report okay I clicked on the link now I clicked on the link and it took me a little while so to load so I just downloaded the photo that they're talking about where is it right here okay who is that right in the middle right next to the president that's Briard now look over here look at who's that right there in the middle Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg who's that I forgot to say his name but he's the CEO of Microsoft so you notice all these really pop famous popular people are even further away from the president then the guy we're talking about Jim Brier who's invested in V chain that's a big deal that is a big deal let's go back to the article okay notice the first photo notice who's standing next to president G she in the middle there's a reason for this China observes protocol more than any other country and Jim's importance is reflected here notice the position of Tim Oh Tim Cook's in there too let's check it out let's see Tim Cook's in there the guy with the glasses all right Tim Cook Tim Cook where the heck is he doesn't he have glasses he's got gray hair he's somewhere in there I I forgot I don't I can't see him but he's in there oh there he is all right so Tim Cook is further away from the president than the guy we're talking about Tim Cook Zuckerberg Sat ie or whatever the guy from CEO or the CEO of Microsoft okay and Jack Maas in there too yeah notice position of Tim Cook Mark Zuckerberg Jack Ma Jim Breyers simply royalty in China Jim briar is chairman of the Advisory Board of Cheng hua university school of economics and management I cannot overstate this this is a Harvard Business School China ooh look at who sits on the board as members noisy Blanc team chairman and CEO the Goldman Sachs Group Tim Cook CEO of Apple Michael Dell chairman and CEO Dell technologies Satya Nadella that's the guy I'm talking about satalia Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft Jack Ma executive chairman Alibaba many many others musk Zuckerberg Jamie Dimon just click the link below okay I'm not gonna do that it's gonna take too long I have a lot of stuff to go over in this live stream know that Jim briar is the chair nobody out there is more well respected in this area and better position to understand the landscape of investment in China as others have pointed out Jim's wife is Angela chow she's an absolute powerhouse in her own right and she's intimidated with the banking industry in China as well as the shipping industry she is currently the deputy chairman of foremost group and international shipping company she is also independent director of the bank a China her sister is Elaine Chao the US Secretary of Transportation so what's my point this power couple knows way more about B chain than anyone on reddit moreover I would argue they are VIP they were more well-positioned than anyone in the world to understand the implications of the chains business model this is very exciting to me because when I first heard about B chain guys I knew it was something great if a couple with these resources and connections have invested early envy chain there's simply nothing else to say in my humble opinion to get it in on V chain at the same stage as Jim briar is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I would thumbs it up but I'm they won't let me so Wow you guys this is an excellent little article ok written by you Eclipse gum I should probably like follow him or something so yeah this is this is very exciting to me guys this is very exciting Vijay man Vijay is very underrated I think I think he gets a bad rap you know among traders because of its inability to reflect its value in its price especially when they had the the split you know this it was basically like a stock split but they they produced like ten or a hundred times more of the token itself and that therefore the price dramatically decreased however the value of it didn't go away you know it was the same thing it was the same value you know it was like a reverse stock split basically so anyways I think he gets a bad rap because people are like oh it's like you know it's 99 percent down from its all-time high well obviously yeah you know when you fact when you if you don't factor in the stock the reverse stock split yeah okay but most of the coin market cap has factored in it and by now they hadn't for months and it made me chain look like a great value buy like a great like you could make a lot of money on it but that it wasn't going anywhere so I I'm definitely gonna buy I'm definitely now I'm rethinking my position on beach aid I still have a little bit not much and I sold it for XRP I sold it for extra P now as soon as x RP flies V change one of the probably the top one I will buy for sure and along with card ah no I'll buy more card on oh I'll buy more FX e flex a coin yeah more stellar xlm I'll get in on those tech on the web 3.0 ones now iota ontology Neil Oh I'll buy the key as well I think the key is very very undervalued and I think the key can make a lot of people were very very rich let's move on Oh actually I'm gonna read this quote here by Jim Brier quote on beat last I checked V chain has a strong team and has already established some compelling partnerships with organizations like PwC ideally and eventually V chain will implement their technology and help diminish numerous supply chain and inefficiencies if V chain can't execute they could be a leader in item validation and capture a meaningful portion of the growing cross-border e-commerce market the Chinese blockchain industry from small companies with tokens to major enterprises is flourishing and should not be ignored I took a bold bet on China over a decade ago and remain as convicted as ever that Chinese innovation will resume at a rapid and competitive pace if there ever was a hint this quote would be it okay guys let's move on by the way I will just say hi to you guys and thank you for the donation guac girl thank you girl see good to see you guys : collector thank you for bringing that to my attention I think you brought it to my attention that that article in the wonderful I cannot state this anymore the wonderful amazing telegram group that that we have put together here a lot of great people here you guys sirs like I I know I say this a lot but you guys are amazing simply amazing and I know I'm not in there I don't post too much in there I honestly you guys post so much good stuff it's hard to find you know I don't know what to post you know I it's hard to find time to like read it all cuz there's a lot of great stuff in there alright guys so I'm gonna move on to the next subject by the way give a good bit big thumbs up for coin collector heaven beatbox Lord money senpai and code Zenobia I'll bring up there's something you you brought up in the telegram I'm gonna bring up peanuts great great stuff in here also so Louis thanks for joining if you uh if you're new to the channel I know you're new to the to the telegram and you can bring in really cool stuff I love it alright guys so give a thumbs up for the telegram members they are amazing now we're gonna go on to the ATP article now this one is not even an article really it's kind of like a rumor seems like I haven't really checked it out too much but this is involving a ripple okay I guess SB ivc's going live the 31st we'll see I don't know I don't like to make promises that's for sure I'm not making any more promises okay now let's check it out this US payroll software company ATP plans to use ripple now I kind of went on the website and went on the website and I honestly I don't know where to find it I couldn't find anything resources would serve but that is really I mean it makes a lot of sense you know now let me read the rest of this then we'll go to a little video of Brad Garland house explaining why payroll systems take so long you miss a patent filed in 2017 and still pending approval check out page ten of the pattern for yourselves now this is from Marcus Garvey I don't know where he I think he posted in the investment perspectives of the Telegraph group okay Pat just be mindful that there isn't a time frame of when if they might implement credit to community member Michael McDonald for finding the patent let's see how long before this one gets back to Brad G and he has asked about it in a future interview oh speaking of Brad G give this video a listen okay so I did actually go to this video we will check it out I know that's loves to me it's not loud but to you guys is Mike I think United States given my own personal point of view this isn't really a ripple point of view but the diversity of constituents I don't think we're gonna get away from a cashless society time soon I do think its extent we could reduce friction in payments you know we already some would say well between your credit card and what-have-you venmo you know we're getting there but there's that long tail of five or 10% citizens that I think it's gonna be hard to to achieve that but for the people who are participating to extent we can reduce the friction measured by speed time and dramatically improve you know how friction how the money is moving the Internet of value I think I'll just give you one quick example my guess is that you like almost ever in the audience gets paid every two weeks in Europe it's every week exceeds every month in Asia it kind of depends if you thought about why you wanted to paid once every two weeks I have not actually it's because of the friction of payroll processing you know decades ago it was a a chore to go process payroll said well we're all gonna do this every so often now think about if you the second and tertiary effects if you got paid everyday or even kind of in a weird way what do you get paid every hour I don't want you to get fed every hour but it's got paid every day your credit card bill your mortgage statement they've been built around the system of getting paid every two weeks but now if you get paid every day how does that change the nature of even the credit card industry or the mortgage industry so my point means when we talk about an internet value I mean it does get kind of sci-fi Blade Runner ish where you have connected devices that become economic actors that you know people talk about you know hey your refrigerator is gonna order your groceries well how's it going to pay for them you know how is that gonna float usually embed a credit card into your into your refrigerator that via that would work if the average payment size is you know large enough but do we not think they're gonna be micro payments or people are spending a penny or a dime right so I would also imagine to where you have legacy banking systems in place and companies built around it issue addressed before that's a big barge to turn around a for sure yeah I know I mean one of things that has made Ripple I think both successful and arguably controversial is I don't think about it so much as how do we turn the barge around as much as how do we help the barge be more successful you know I I don't think anybody here will be surprised that you know many many in the crypto industry have evangelized things like overthrowing governments and down with banks and you know from the earliest days a triple I and we have taken the point of view that governments aren't going away sounds like a crazy ok I'll stop right there because I totally agree you know while it's a really nice and an awesome idea that the banks will go away and we will be our own banks and done with the government's it's just not gonna happen overnight no if it does happen it's it's gonna happen in a very very slow process it's gonna happen in a very slow process that are gonna have to be lots of events in between between now and not having gangs being our own bangs okay that's why Bitcoin maximalist they think XRP people live in a fantasy world well if you think banks are just gonna go away it's not gonna happen like that okay they might revamp the system they might change it up a little okay now on that note I want to go to this video here this is a very nice little clip that I like and it makes a lot of sense questions and learn how easy it is to roll your IRA into cryptocurrencies call today and learn how you can move your IRA old 401 okay into a Bitcoin litecoin reviews well it looks like it is all happening it looks like Trump the Patriots they are ready to redo the entire world economic trade system Trump has announced today that's their next move we also understand that the audit the Fed bill now has many co-signers looks like did you hear that now that's exciting the audit the Fed bill has many co-signers Trump just was yesterday he just announced they're ready to revamp the system no listen plan is coming to get ever but the deep state the central bankers they still are pushing their agenda and I just wanted to touch upon Facebook and Libra and Libra is really not a cryptocurrency it is centralized first of all and it is based off current currencies right now and it is controlled it is controlled by Facebook and the whole purpose of Libre is to wreck the entire system it they're going to use it against the current economic system that is the whole purpose their strategy is to have people move from the Federal Reserve debt note into their new system their new system will then take over because Facebook has millions and millions of people absolute billions and you can use Lieber to pay for pretty much everything and remember the central bankers the deep state mainstream media they've been pounding it into us that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies well they're used for money laundering terrorists and crimes and things like that and that's because of their anonymity feature and guess what Libre doesn't have this Libre there's no privacy you will know who's doing what and this is exactly what the deep state the central banks want they want to know who is doing what and just like every bill the deep state tries to push in Congress you know the Affordable Care Act the Patriot Act it always means the opposite and the name Libre is an ironic choice it is the Latin word for scales and suggests a fair balance like the scales of justice are meant to do but this fo cryptocurrency will unbalance the American economy again it is always the opposite of what they're trying to push and trumpet the Patriots they have a different economy already do now think about what is happening here they're trying to push Libra and trying to start a flow that would make a lot of sense right I mean that would make a ton of sense trumps against Libra Libra means balancing the scales of course it's but it's coming out from Facebook liars that's who it's coming from Facebook equals Liars deceptiveness evil they're just plain evil Facebook is freaky and evil I deleted my facebook account like three years ago and I you know I noticed what happened was happening in if I said f that I know I used Instagram but barely I barely used Instagram instagrams not as bad as Facebook but still and Twitter's bad too but I get a lot of information from there I think Facebook is one of the most evil corporations that are and I think it was mostly started by deep save money you know so anyways let's move on a little let's just a few more seconds here he has some more important things to say brand new economic system because there's billions of people on Facebook Facebook Ben will tell these billions of people use Leibert you can pay for your groceries you can pay for your bills you can pay for everything at the same time the Patriots they're preparing a brand new economic system away from the Federal Reserve away from the central a level playing field Libre does not equate to a level playing field not at all now what does rippln a banks system and what do you think the deep state is trying to do right now they're trying to move everyone off of the system that we have currently today onto their system and this way no one will move to the patriot system they're trying all these different types of tricks but it will not work now currently Trump at the Patriots they need okay so it's not gonna work I mean they're not gonna you know it's if it even comes out it probably will be a few years before they are abiding by all the regulations I mean you know and I still think he was a crypto sacrifice like mr. B xrp said I mean it makes total sense to me all right um all right 85 people here please give it thumbs up all right so let's go out let's move on here now now with that with that with that video being said there was also this link this article on medium that I saw now I haven't read it yet but I'm just gonna go over it real quick so explosive growth Facebook coin could triple crypto users okay according to investment firm blockchain capital the Facebook coin could cause a worldwide explosion of the crypto sector this could double or even triple the number of users worldwide so what they did when they announced their coin and and they released the white paper they put a big spotlight on cryptocurrency okay now the whole world starting to talk about it I mean I could it was like I unbelievable seeing that they're talking about cryptocurrency on the news on mainstream media not even just on one of the hidden sectors of the news but on the main part of the daily news so they're actually talking about it they're getting the word out cryptocurrency also I wanna I want to I can't emphasize enough that they are drawing a fine line between the word cryptocurrency and digital assets just wait just wait you'll see you'll see the line become more defined as time goes on in the news minuchin trumped they're all gonna start they're gonna divide that they're gonna be dividing it now cryptocurrency they're talking about Libre they're talking about Bitcoin and everything in between but except for XRP they can't use the word XRP not they don't want to use it yet they cannot do it it's honestly it's they just don't it's not it's a nondisclosure agreement type thing all right they're not ready to roll out the big but you guys trust me trust me when I say that is probably from a year from now that's all you're gonna be hearing about in the mainstream media Ripple xrp and in my opinion maybe a year maybe two years we're gonna hear about stellar lumen as well okay with World wire IBM IBM has big big connections to big big banks and they have for decades we can't discount that fact okay so I just noticed this is an old article so I'm not gonna read it okay so uh another another interesting thing here I saw this reddit article has anyone else watched the great hack on Netflix it really shows the use case for blockchain over Big Data and how it can give people ownership of their own dad okay so it is the number one it's like the featured movie on Netflix right now I just noticed that I wasn't even looking for it I just I just came on to look for this one show that I that I like that they don't have on there and the great hack was first in center I don't know how long it is I look it seems like it's a full-length feature length film and this is brand new so I'm gonna have to watch it I'm gonna have to watch it hopefully it's not pushing some political agenda because I'm so sick and tired of that I hope it's unbiased but we'll see anyways um so yeah I will actually read that article real quick so has anyone else noticed the great hack on Netflix it really shows the case for blockchain over Big Data and how it can give people ownership of their own data okay in the great hack Britney Kaiser explains that data has surpassed oil as the world's most valuable asset is true shouldn't people own their own data and be rewarded if it's sold or used yeah that's what basic attention tokens for it right blockchain projects like basic attention token and how do and brave that are all giving you back control by the way have you seen that basic attention token has been doing really well it might be a good time to buy or you know the next dip you know I think basically tenshun token is gonna do extremely well in fact I don't know why I keep like pushing it to the side in my in my mind when it seriously it's in the news a lot that this will be on the mainstream media because of the Google look I can't emphasize enough the importance and I'm talking to myself here too I can't emphasize enough the importance of Google being sued by multiple entities over data over over First Amendment First Amendment breaches and not letting us speak our own mind conservative bias right conservative bias suppression basically suppressing anyone with any kind of conservative views which is totally in my mind that's totally illegal I mean that's totally illegal so they're getting sued for it now Google's gonna get a bad rap over the next few years unless they really just change their ways and I don't really I don't know I don't see it happening so for that reason brave browser will be used more and more hopefully they you know hopefully they they they make their inner their user interface hopefully they update it often hopefully they keep us you know they keep it up updated you know what I mean and and therefore people will actually want to use it you know so you know and and and I they really need to make these things as simple to use as possible that was Google's whole model Google is very very simple and they started off with a single search bar and they didn't have any news on their website on the front page they didn't have any of that it was easy to go use Google and plus it was colorful it was attractive he was eye candy it's just something that it was new technology but it was so simple to use everyone started using it plus they they had a great database of but now however nowadays when you type in something they always spend they give you a political spin on it they give you a left sided agenda answer and it's ridiculous it's Google is Rickon ridiculous and I hate to say but I use it every freaking day I hate to say that but does that make you know I mean does that make you think you know like brave that with all the negative attention coming out for on Google and Facebook and like browsers like brave are gonna be more popular and that's just the fact that you own you you get paid for your attention and your data okay you get paid for it at least at least you get paid for it other people don't get paid for it you do that's the that's the greatness of the brave rouser all right so let's go move on a little to something else here something else that I liked all right so the big question on people's minds are well is a noble you had a great statement here about taxes okay as we approach the cashing out possibilities I'm thinking of more about taxes and who wants to think about that no one I certainly don't I don't know I don't want to think about taxes and here comes the Kryptos but it's something we just have to there's only two things that are certain in this world death and taxes okay it's just part of life got to deal with it okay if you don't want the IRS coming after you and you don't want them coming after you trust me considering there are no real laws of regulations on crypto and taxes other than capital gains I would believe that if you hold your crypto and not cash out but you spend your crypto through crap crypto cards are apps like Spedding using flex uh that this could be an alternative thought all right the other thing is for those of us who follow often and move or trade coins on multiple exchanges I'd imagine at the st. at the time of tax reporting that we move all the coins into one coin and into one exchange before cashing out into fiat so it'll be easier to report instead of importing every single solitary move makes sense to me assuming capital gains and not losses that is I would care I could care less for losses really it's already at risk I'm willing to take we've been used to that or that we've been conditioned to accept losses over the last two years and I'm rather I'd rather not report anything for losses if I don't have to lastly if we wanted to shall it be possible to for crypto to a hardwa wallet and then to an exit ramp in tax List nation and then cash out every idea here is the intent of legal matter but if there's no clarity at regulation then that's something we need to figure out and find the most efficient and legal keyword legal way to maximize our games so that does bring into a question you know reflect us so I'm not gonna go too much into that but that is very good good good insights right there and good questions you asked so if anyone has any ideas on that or what they're planning to do leave it in the comment section go ahead you know leave us something leave us your opinion on that okay another thing I'd like you to leave an opinion on is alright a lot a lot of new people are coming into the space so people are asking okay we had some su-mei Valletta he asked in a telegram group hey guys I'm trying to put a top list of crypto to him to ask for the next one to two years could you please help so he put out on his list and then there's a lot of good stuff on it but regardless just we need to be invested in what is gonna be good in the next two years now finding those hidden gems is a big a big deal because when we find those hidden gems that's when we make the most money okay now I'm not discounting xrp I'm not discounting envy chain the ones that have already gotten lots of lots of attention and lots of money poured into them because they're they involve something that involves a worldwide system that that people are using already and there's already a lot of money in now v chain helps to V chain helps to solve a big money issue for most companies okay supply chain management they lose a lot of money trying to keep track of all this stuff and not and and having to throw away you know they have to liquidate a lot of their you know their product you know it's not validated there it wasn't validated they you know it gets lost on the way something happens he goes bad the temperature of the refrigerator truck suddenly went up and all the product was uh you know all the product on the refrigerator truck went bad you know through during the delivery whatever there's a lot of stuff that Vijay works on and helps with and that's why that Walmart you know partnered with them and is using the V chain blockchain so V chains gonna be very valuable but look and ripple XRP of course you know I mean they're solving a worldwide problem of remittances and and and cross-border payments and of course they're gonna help banks and institutions save a ton of money like sixty percent with X rapid 30 percent with X current right that's a lot of money when it when it comes to big money we're talking trillions of dollars that comes out to a lot of money alright so yeah they're gonna be big I wouldn't discount them I wouldn't but there are a lot of hidden gems out there and I mean a lot of hidden gems out there that most big investors have not had their eye on yet and but they probably will so you know it doesn't hurt to kind of talk and talk with your friends with crypto people and kind of come up with a popular consensus you know of what might be the big next big coin in my opinion flex an FX C is gonna be humongous as far as long as flex it gets does everything the right way and so far they are they are doing everything the right way no one knows about it yet anyways I'm not here to promote flexicord but it's just something I believe in I think he's gonna make me a big humungous return on investment just like XRP and I am you know I'm gonna get into V chain I know I sold it for XRP hopefully XRP blows soon but I'm not gonna make any promises because I have no idea when it'll go apparently SBI PCs going live on July 31st I can only take that with a grain of kosher salt okay I I want to believe it I I don't know right there's so much flying around I honestly don't have time to keep up there's a lot of rumors flying around all the time about X or P constantly I don't have time to keep up with it I really don't I don't have that time or energy to keep up with the rumors I want concrete solid evidence that my X or P is gonna rise in price so honestly I don't keep up with the rumors I just hold my x RP knowing that it's gonna rise in price I don't know when but I know it will so if you have your if you have a top 10 list if you have your thoughts on what which crypto currencies or digital assets are gonna be a be your ticket to the moon in the next few years feel free to lay list them or do the do your top 5 you know you might want to make it more simple do your top 5 put it in the comment section let us know I want to know I personally want to know what my viewers are interested in what coins you hold and which ones you think are gonna be amazing alright so for this list here I do I do I do think tormal is gonna be big I think Fanta what is it Fantasmic or whatever Fanta soul I've heard a lot about it but I don't know anything about it I think Halloween is gonna be huge and and based solely on the fact that it's using a hash graph ok Halloween's gonna be huge and it's very very cheap the chain is gonna be huge I think chain lanes gonna be huge because they keep listing partnerships every freaking single day for that reason alone it's getting their big partnerships I mean next I believe Microsoft to a list they'll they'll probably announce something and Microsoft is huge guys they just reached a trillion dollar market cap there they have a bigger market Captain Apple at the moment and it's not gonna it's not gonna they're not gonna die down Microsoft is the leading tech company in the world I also believe undercover behind the scenes it makes a lot of sense that they have a big partnership with ripple – I totally believe that okay now phantom he has a phantom he has a palo on there too i do you think Paul is going to be a huge private security it's very undervalued so there's a huge community huge Apollo community I mean 40,000 members in the Apollo community I mean every time I look at it there's like a couple thousand posts that I missed and that's like every day or so so it's a huge community and they're very excited about their Apollo so you know for that reason I will all end up buying back I sold most of mine I do own some in full disclosure this is my list x RP over 51% yup xlm stellar is next chain link is next card on o's next flex the coin is next digit bite I love did you buy I think it's a sleeping giant like they say it's a sleeping giant like wine I yeah I wish honestly I did send I sent like coins on my spread an app and I can't get it off so that's something they're gonna have to hopefully fix you can send crypto to your spread in app and you can use it you can buy things that stores with it however you can't send it off the off the application so for that reason I you know I'm hoping to find a store that I can use my litecoin net however I think I'm just gonna hold it on the spread nap for a year you know probably a year and might let litecoin do its thing and probably go to a thousand or something like that so maybe more hopefully alright Z cash I think is e cash is gonna be pretty big as far as privacy coins the tech is there it's on coinbase almost anything on coin base is gonna do well okay guys so that's full transparency there for ya all right guys um wow there's a lot of people here thank you for being here thanks for listening thanks for you know being interested in these things but I would I would like to kindly ask you please hit the thumbs up there's a hundred and five people in the chat hit the thumbs up there's only 36 thumbs up I think I think it's very easy and it's very easy contribution to make all right to a chat that you find value in to just simply hit the thumbs up it really really does make my day much better makes me feel a little more appreciated but a little more than that is that it just gets my channel out there on YouTube more because there's more activity it that's all I really really care about I just want to be heard a little more by by people who might otherwise not hear the things I have to say or you might not know anything about crypto you know it but it pushes this out to someone who might have put a search out about crypto like a month ago and it just it catches the algorithm and it it might just push this to them it might get someone interested in crypto again it just it further advances our knowledge the world's knowledge of cryptocurrency okay because people are flooding to YouTube to find out about crypto alright guys so thank you very much now I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna leave the video at that so you guys I appreciate you guys being here thanks for your input I love you guys okay you guys have a great day and you telegram members I'll see you in the telegram mic check out

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