VeChain +40% on Wal-Mart and BMW partnerships [VLOG#93]

CryptoSlo with more crypto gains
what’s going on guys hey big news this morning we had the big big big big V
chain announcement that they are gonna partner well that actually Walmart is
partnering with V chain for supply chain and tracking this is massive news and we
saw that nice huge bump on V chain hopefully you guys out there have a bag
of the hose because I think a penny really for it to hit a penny it’s a big
deal you know for it to get there and then who knows where it can go from
there but that was one partnership and then also BMW partnering with some
odometer checking an app or BMWs I’m not sure about the details of that it was
just kind of just released but yeah B chain man wow what a blast off huge huge
green candle and these are type these like chain type block chains this is
what we are talking about the whole time this brings legitimacy to these projects
you know because like Walmart I mean it doesn’t really
get much bigger than Walmart you know what they transfer their value into the
blockchain it’s gonna make it even it’s gonna make it more valuable so we saw
Iona EOS and a couple others take off you know course Bitcoin hitting all-time
high this morning of about eleven four so that’s truck and light read along but
you know old season has not completely officially started yet you know we’re
seeing some Inklings of things you know like today today it was meeting you know
tomorrow who knows what it could be hot is on the radar as well and a couple
others but yeah Congrats to those that had a bag of e chain and enjoy those
gains also last night we had Justin son live and he was talking about a Tron
burn I think the details are gonna be rolling out on that it’s a day as my
other video talked about these deflationary tokens are just blowing up
there’s several more on each that have just popped up and we also we had
claimed our there was another one but they wanted to
way too much social information so I didn’t participate in it and then there
was another one last night where there’s only gonna be a fused token there’s only
gonna be a thousand tokens which I’m not really sure what they’re trying to
accomplish there but keep an eye on these deflationary tokens right now it
seems like Boyd is winning the game they’re priceless averaging about two
TRX per void frag I know I talked to some people that got point eight five so
I had some orders up on frag but I’ll probably hold it for a little bit
they’re supposed to be coming out with some dabs and you’ll be able to use your
deflationary tokens on those gaps now on the front of the play shanira tokens we
have had some Inklings from bankroll Network talking about the new banker
token so we’re gonna see how that’s going to be integrated into the bankroll
platform I know keypad it’s about whether or not all
will take value eight credits program no actually not the whole idea is is to
bring more people into the bankroll network as the bull run starts you know
it’s only it’s good because you’re making it divs for haughtily so and then
one CR x equals one credit so you know you don’t have to worry about that
deflationary standpoint but for sure banker will be an interesting project so
stay tuned for updates on that that’s about it for this morning this is
crypto slo if your not talking gains then were not talking!

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