V is for values – Katherine Ledger

– Hi everyone. My name is Katherine Ledger. I’m a Brand Storyteller and I’m bringing you an A to Z of storytelling and
content marketing tips. And today’s letter is
the letter V for values. There’s no doubt about it that your guiding principles and core beliefs, brand values, play an enormous part in helping you attract
the right customers. If you put them in your content marketing, you’re likely to be attracting clients who share the same values. So whether that’s web content, social media profiles and posts, case studies, your propositions, articles, blogs, whatever it is that you’re using to get your message out, then, if you show what
you most care about, and who you want to help, you’re likely to attract those clients to want to work with you. So my core brand values are all to do with kindness, warmth, empathy, professional integrity, imagination, and a little bit of fun as well. My ideal customer would be warm, and have empathy and want to do good for the world. Qualities that are really important when telling their story. But if those qualities are absent it’s that much harder to tell a company’s story. So I tend not to work with those clients. I did at the very beginning but I don’t anymore. So put your guiding principles and core brand values very central in your content marketing and you’ll attract like-minded
and like-hearted clients who share the same values, with whom and for whom
you can do your best work and clients who will want to stay with you for a very long time. So that’s my tip for today. Put your values very central and high up in your content marketing strategy and you can’t go wrong. And I must say that the
customers I work with now bring me a lot of joy and
I really appreciate you. So next week’s letter is the letter W. I’m Katherine Ledger from Copy that Sells. If you have any questions at all or if you have any stories to share about how you’ve used your core values to attract the right customers, I’d love to hear about that. And in the meantime, I’ll look forward to talking
to you again next week. Thanks for watching, and bye for now.

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