Uważaj na kryptowaluty (parodia)

NBP presents #beware of cryptocurrency And then I tell him, keep calm, it’s not a coin toss Oh my, you’re so funny 5 PLN! Hello, money brothers, what’s up in the big world? Get lost, weirdo, you’re not a money, so you’re not our brother Oh, I am but I hide with it a little bit, I’m shy So go and bury yourself where they dug you Guys, you know it’s not true. I’m giving you a guarantee We already have a guarantee of Bank Guarantee Fund Not like you, you outcast, emotionally unstable Sorry but friendship with you is too risky. Is it true that you finance te**orists? I’m not… emotionally… unstable! Hey, his bubble’s gonna pop soon! *growls* Aaaaarghhhh! Argh! Arghh! Beware… of… cryptocurrency… Written and animated by Jacek Makarewicz Patrons Guys, what happened? As coins Music Copyright. Polish Sausage

100 thoughts on “Uważaj na kryptowaluty (parodia)”

  1. Hello Polish Sausage. I do voice actings on my channel. Soon I am going to publish an English Voice acting of your video. My channel doesn't monetize and won't monetize in the future even if eligibile. I always quote who the original creator is in my videos. Just wanted to tell it to you to be fair.

    Love your works 😀

  2. A co lepsze waluty, ktore maja tylko sugerowana wartosc krach i pach. Roznica jest żadna. Tylko taka ze waluty sa sterowane przez wladców tego bagna.

  3. najpierw promujesz koparke kryptowalut a potem uwaga na krypto waluty pomysl jesli cos robisz bym bardzo dzienkował

  4. Jacek to sprzedawczyk najpierw reklamuje bitcoina z NBP bo mu płacą a potem gemer hash do kopania kryptowalut

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