Using Masternodes to Fund a New Cryptocurrency: Good or Bad?

hey guys I'm back on my mobile phone just chillin my co-teacher then a siave tranquil I'm not dead someone actually contact me today in the noise that hadn't been child and discord or you know posted many videos but I'm not dead I'm just taking a few days oh I was up a bunny today which is in the highlands and I was up at the door when a distillery unfortunately I could not actually drink whisky myself from it that the whiskey to him but what he gave me was a hello it looks like a urine sample but just a little sample a little taste a thing that I can try later on but unfortunately the cleped I recorded for you guys up there can't be used it was way too windy it's a nice day but just you know a lot about when does enough to make the audio unusable but wanted to talk about masternodes and that video will not cover in this video and really all my talk about the way that are being used now i've touched upon mass snores a few weeks ago because only after comments in the old master Moses comes I don't think that's true I don't think the old master Moses comes and I think it's how they replied no masternodes has been used by Lederman's like say in cash and many other coins as well but there are new coins which you could maybe call you could call them crap kochetkov scam coins whatever but there are new coins which are using masternodes forget you don't hear there are new coins which are using masternodes and they're using them as a way to fund the project right so we're seeing more regulation we're going to see more regulation Cullen next few years but people are always looking for ways around that and like going play with other was a donation fund we've got other companies out you know doing it with ICUs and it does seem that masternodes seems to be the next big way of funding a project no I am the first person to say that developers should be paid for the work a project should be funded but I don't like the fact that a project gets away money at the start without doing any work because what they're doing and what like coins are doing our coin developers are doing as a pin oh the risk on investors all the risk and what I'm talking about here as the fact that avoiding these new coins have got masternodes and a little bird flying around there allow these coins of masternodes and the selling them point to that coin or something like that to new probe at 1,400 1,500 dollars which for some people and money but for me I think it's a huge amount of money to commit masternode before anything is done what was seeing well firstly what we're seeing is all these coins I must using masternodes you know there should be I think at the very least there should be a few weeks of a proof-of-work maining period but some of these coins are launching a masterhood from the very first block and giving you know friends family whoever very a lot of alloyed awards to many rewards and now glory miners against good Manoj estar thank him my biggest cane the grape with all of us is the fact they're asking five or 10 people with the star they say it's Lama T cannot drive up demand but they're asking for C 1400 1500 dollars and they're doing it before the website is fully complete that doing it in the website stuff with spelling mistakes but doing that when the weight paper has been published or when the wallet stores lots of errors know these things are things that happen to apply a new coin you know some things away papers in the up in the first week fine I can love with that I don't have not happy with it back and love with that I can understand the some sections of the website no you know not completed but I don't agree with you know when I see a new project and I see the website and it's incomplete and a spelling mistakes and spelling mistakes and the wall I talked about last weekend Aquinas all the Kiara's you know really what I'm looking for from new coins from coin developers as a commitment if they can't commit to doing the fundamentals as far as the website in a wall and the white paper and all these other things they can't commit to that and at least put at least a couple of months working before they launch the project if they can't do that why the hell should I or anyone else and that invest in the project that doesn't matter as an IC o—- or a master know their thing their pen all the risk on us all the rest corners and I hope that you know LP off and her point to that coin will turn into put being a one Bitcoin or to that coin or whatever so I don't think Masson was scams I think that masternodes and prefers taken all these other you know solutions I think they can be worth well I think they can improve security and remaining hasn't always the answer to everything but I just don't like the way that coins are coming right out the bar d1 you know some of these coins have been surprise me if they threw together a website and another coin and launched after like three days honestly wouldn't surprise me and I don't like that because I think that we are seeing more quantity over quality and it's it's not it's not hard to find a new project to follow and to try and take a address code but it's getting harder to find a quality project and not you know as a concern but lady here what you guys think about this let me know what you think about masternodes but yes i'm not talking just about investment side the security side I'm talking more about investment side what do you think about my son was from an investment point of view do you think these projects should be offering masternodes before anything is really sorted my opinion fine if they want to do a master knows if they wanna do it as a way to fund the project my opinion is that it should be done a month or two or three months later and used as a way to fund like exchange you know a funds for exchanges and things that are asking for a d1 when the guys are you know the vapors aren't even hang around discord it doesn't fill me with the law conference so thanks for watching guys I'm going to leave you here I'm gonna go back to watching a football with a beer and Oh sweetie oh very soon cheers guys

7 thoughts on “Using Masternodes to Fund a New Cryptocurrency: Good or Bad?”

  1. Did you get a chance to create a masternode yet Kev? hopefully with the new reward system will be worth it.

    Also, what are your thoughts on Nexus?

  2. Great to secure the network. Bad to ask for so much $$$$ up front when they haven’t accomplished anything. The reality is that coins will moon when they actually start solving problems instead of being a speculative money printing press. Honestly I’m good with a small dev fee of like 5% into a multi sig wallet.

  3. i was just telling someone else the same thing earlier today. That is one of the reasons i like Veritaseum, Reggie Middleton. check him out.

  4. Fantastic, Fantastic video. Thank you. I'm very into masternodes and I also am mining. I sugest you have a look at Akroma, well everyone should have a look at Akroma. Great project, low difficulty at the moment and the masternodes are giving good profit. But more important, the Devs are very active and they are now planing on creating an exange on top of Akroma's network.

  5. Scam coins or not, all you have to do is look at how many have had significant drops in value to know how risky some are. You can see them with 400+% return that don’t even cover the hosting costs. You really want to have done your research and believe in the coin if investing in nodes.

  6. That place looks way more relaxing then the mining room ha ha. Hope the rigs behave while your out. I have see some shady stuff going down with master nodes recently and agree 100% with you. Why should the risk be 100% on the miner/ investors?

  7. Agree with you 100% … If you thinking to get a masternode you really need to check it up, just too many scams going around these days. That said, there are really good and promising masternodes to get out there 🙂

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