39 thoughts on “Using Coinbase Pro to Save Fees & Purchase Cardano”

  1. why would you buy in coinbase where the fees are 600% higher, instead of $5 on pro, you pay $29.68 ? makes no sense. it is better deposit cash into pro and buy there

  2. I just followed your instructions step-by-step and now I have ADA in my wallet THANK YOU crypto dad!! If anybody has not told you today or lately that you are the man? I’m telling you right now you are the man Thank you sir!! Also ?!!

  3. So I have eat the fee to buy bitcoin first on CoinBase first then transfer it onto CoinBase Pro? Or I can buy straight from CoinBase Pro with my bank account and usd?

  4. Dear Rex,
    Would be so kind to give an advice.
    You can simply know that and for me it will be a long time search going through a lot of rubbish information.
    I use coinbase pro but there are no many indication tools there (just ema 12 and 26)

    I need VWAP, EMA 9, 20 and SMA 50, 200 and maybe RSI.

    Is there any software I could connect to coinbase pro to have that technical indications?

    I would like to stay with Coinbase pro because they do not have taker fees and they are a FIAT crypto exchange.

  5. Also, regards coinbase pro. If it is separate account from coinbase and it is owned by coinbase and I can buy from it why would I even need a coinbase account now?

    Could I just have a coinbase pro with out having coinbase account?

  6. Hey Rex, I am new to crypto 30 days since my first buy of XRP on Uphold.

    1, About coinbase pro, does that mean coinbase and coinbase pro/Gdax are separate accounts/webpages that need to be linked together somehow?

    I have a coinbase account set up and verify with ID's but had problem with funding it through bank account. I put in the by error the wrong funding numbers they sent me and was stuck there. So had to delete that bank account. And will have to start over that process I am guessing. Hope to figure that out later.

    2, Also is it safe to hold XRP on uphold and not put it into a ledger nano s?

    I like your YouTube support. Good job, thank you.


  7. If you would have bought it on GDAX you would have had lower fees and you didnt need to even go to GDAX if you were buying from coinbase. You could have just transferred from Coinbase to Binance or to a wallet. Also, low fees for getting Fiat into crypto would be places like Etoro, GDAX (coinbasepro) or Kraken. Love the videos you do by the way!

  8. Ever thought to just deposit cash instantly from bank account to USD account.. Then transfer USD from Coinbase over to Coinbase Pro, then you can purchase BTC, LTC, etc.. No Fees
    Unlike you getting fee’d $4 on Coinbase Buying LTC 1st.

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't you want to purchase the LTC on Coinbase Pro instead of Coinbase to significantly shrink that LTC purchase fee?

  10. When I attempt to transfer an asset from Coinbase to Pro, I get an error message stating "You can't send a payment from an account to itself."

  11. Hi Crypto Dad how are you God Bless you i having problem with the Cardano Wallet i installed they run but stack said connection network i have other wallet no issue only with ADA Wallet i contact customer service by email but nothing they said to do couple step but they still doing the same thing to see if you cant help i have windows 10pro with inter i7

  12. Hello,
    İ cant coinbase Pro Verification
    ( But my coinbase account verified)

    Verification failed. Make sure your information is entered correctly. PO boxes and business addresses are not accepted.

    Has anyone succeeded in solving this problem?

  13. I understand buying ltc from coinbase is faster as oppose to other coins..but once u get it to the exchange u want, ex binance, u would need to sell ltc to either eth or btc…wouldn't u still have to pay for a fee for the new purchase? So although u avoid one fee, u still need to pay another fee to convert it to eth or btc? Am I wrong here? Just wanting to learn, not being a smarty pants…thank you for your time.

  14. Even though it seems easy to us, many others do not do Crypto because it is to difficult for them. Once an exchange like Binance does fiat parings more retail investors will jump in.

  15. It’s incredible to me how many people still transfer cash directly from Coinbase. This is a very important video for people. When I found this out it was huge. Great videos man I’ve watched many of them for information and always learn something.

  16. Great video thanks. I use Stellar (XLM), Ripple (XRP) and now EOS for all transfers . They all 3 are near instant (no confirmations) and almost no cost on most exchanges but not available COINBASE (no listings yet).

  17. Ugggh How many wallets do we have to have? I was hoping the nano ledger I just bought would hold them all, or most, including ADA

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