welcome to this information inspiration video of you as a high tech my name is Rob you so this isn't not a corporate video this is a themed video and I'm definitely not your financial advisor this is not financial advice nor nor can I give you any promises or guarantees you have to make up your mind and make a decision from free will but to be honest I am now past being over the moon after I have heard that you si Tech is in compliance with the FTC with the Federal Trade Commission the United States of America Federal Trade Commission so I'm finally getting planted back on earth again with both feet planted on earth and I simply want to say in this video that it is ok at this moment as far as I can see as far as I heard the information from top leaders in the United States that have been very instrumental in helping horse jjigae which is the business end of United usi tech making sure that US I tech is in compliance with the FTC so I think that's green light and that is go-ahead for the United States so I do see other leaders signing up thousands and thousands of people in their team and it has as far as I'm concerned as far as I can see I should say never happened before that the trading world that the forex trading world has been made so accessible for the average Joe Blow so this is when you're really talking about making America great again I think you as I tag is a method is a tool in order to really look after Joe Blow and the average middle-class or low class to play the big Wall Street game when it comes to forex trading robots so all done for you Bitcoin and forex trading robots profit sharing and I should really emphasize it for the emphasis on the the word profit-sharing we are now able to share the profits of you toot you toot traders like Ralph gold that is putting his work his strategies his robots to work for us for us the people so amazing so the big news is the United States federal Commission sorry the Federal Trade Commission of the United States has regulations and you Zytek is in compliance with those regulations now to get a rumor out of the world I was informed that the Federal Trade Commission so the FDC does not issue licenses but he was i-tech is in compliance with the FTC rules and regulations with with with with the the high standards that the FTC sets in order to protect the consumers to protect the United States citizens now to give this little video a specific twist I just like to remind networkers MLM earners spamela MERS multi-level marketers Commission sellers work from home moms and deaths the the the the cashflow quadrant of Robert Kiyosaki and being that he is one of the economic leaders in the United States this is one of his quotes and he quotes the main reason why struggle financially is because apologies that should read the main reason why people struggle financially is because they have spent years in school but learned nothing about money the result is that people learn to work for money but never learned to have money work for them signed Robert Kiyosaki this is a quote of Robert Kiyosaki and he explains how there has four ways to make money in life you can have a job so you can be an employee basically that means there to exchange your time for money no leverets or you can be a self-employed people which basically needs which basically means that you own your own job so it's still time for money no leverage and trading time for money starting over every single day again and then on the other side of the cash flow quadrant he explains that there are business owners and they have a strategy or people working for them so people are money people is money this is leverage and then the fourth most clever way to use money is to let money work for you it is the fourth quadrant of his explanation how to make money and that is the investor so to become an investor then you have passive income because now you'll have money work for money and this is what you as i-tech is giving everyone right now is use itag is giving the opportunity to everyone right now to immediately skip the first three quarters of the Robert Kiyosaki cash flow quadrant and immediately be in the investors area to have money work for you and when you see the the threshold so the the absolutely you can start with the United you with you as I attack for free and immediately start earning money by inspiring people to come in your team you start making ten percent and as far as I was informed and please excuse me when I am wrong but in the United States the 3×3 matrix system has been taken away and it is a uni level so you are able to place unlimited people in your level one team to start earning ten percent right away even though you have not purchased your first Bitcoin packets so for all that technical in information I have specific videos but that's what I've heard is in the United States different than in Europe until now and the question is if they adjust the European launch matrix strategy to the state's model or the United States is separate I don't know but you are able to as a European register and inspire team members in the United States and vice versa because the moment people follow your link they have a choice in on in what which country they live and according to their choice they are being put in the right matrix that is according accordance to the Federal Reserve I should say in compliance with the FTC regulations so to make a long story short most people most network marketers or MLM Azure commission Commission earners Commission marketers they start their presentations by explaining the Robert Kiyosaki cashflow quadrant and you now immediately are able to bring people to the fourth area the investor area by inspiring them to come on board with us I attack so that was this video and you can explain it different ways this you can see in the in the screen different forms of of explanations how to explain the cashflow quadrant of Robert Kiyosaki but I would really recommend ya using it in a way that you that you that you make the difference between other multi-level marketing companies or product and service companies that do not immediately bring people to the fourth quadrant and there's nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with a business owner kind of situation so when you are a serial entrepreneur you are able to perhaps if you like it rent yourself out per hour and be in the third quadrant or work for somebody if you like to and you can also own a shop in where people work for a weights but you can also be an investor at the same time you can do it all for or make a choice but I'm just wondering I just want to say that United State you as I tagged an opportunity that you immediately bring people to the most clever ways of making money to let money work for you and let money make money in the fourth quadrant of the robert kiyosaki cashflow quadrant now the whole idea is that the software the robots the trading robots of Ralph gold which is one of the founders and owners of you as you as a tech is working for you with proven strategies which are called correlation strategy next to that he has arranged to take individual positions for every member so that we don't we are not noticed by the big by the big traders to to kill us so to speak so the correlation trading proven strategies of Ralph gold are now applied to Joe Blow for as little as 50 euros so we're able to share the profits of a trader robot that has been the in development for approximately eight years or more that now is also available for us very very unique ok this as far as I'm concerned has never been done before so all done for you trading robots it is literally working for you you do not have to sit behind screens or follow pips place take positions or are or watch the the tweets of the President of the United States or the level of unemployment or how the weather is bringing your hurricanes to Florida it is done for you in a very conservative way and the profits are proven which which means you si tech gives a certain profit not guarantee but they have a huge beautiful track record and more on that later I'm not going to extra explain you in this video what that is in detail you now are able to start for free and to bring wall street on your computer to immediately play the big game that's the big and in compliance with the FTC these are the founders of us I attack my kefir youths lovely networker Ralph gold trader rock stars jjigae business experts in bringing companies to the markets and he has literally worked his tail off to get everything in compliance to the FTC regulation so thank you horse horse thank you Ralph thank you Mike these gentlemen will do everything within their power to help us they're very transparent they show up on meetings on webinars seminars live streaming sessions there's a huge launch in London coming up there was one in the United States I'm organizing one in Europe right now in Holland and in different other countries so you can meet them in person and that makes sense so thank you gentlemen I'm just extremely curious if you want to know more about you as I attack please see the other videos on my youtube channel or click the links underneath this YouTube video when you see this on a page where you can leave your best email address plus mobile telephone number on the right probably do so I'll send you appropriate video information won't spam you get back to the person that invited you to this video he or she has a huge surprise for you you are able to register and lock in your position right now for free and start for as little as 50 bucks as an of 50 euros that is as the next option it's up to you it's all for you dumb trading robot trading in the forex market and in the Bitcoin and in crypto currency markets it's a YouTube shift so in one shot you're in three different industries that are extremely arising which is one the cryptocurrency industry – the Forex or the exchange in the street Wall Street markets and robots doing the work for you and three in the network marketing industry in such a unique way that you're able to earn residual income twelve levels deep and on that and on that for more details different videos so click links underneath this video leave your best email address plus mobile telephone number on the right here to get more video information get back to the person that invited you when you want to share this please share sharing is caring then click the little world word spelled share underneath this YouTube video it opens different social media buttons like you see in the screen when you click on them you can leave a little message for your followers on your social media platforms and then I'll see you and yours definitely on the most beautiful beaches of the world thank you so much

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