what's up everyone this is Tony wood journey to 100k and today I have a huge crypto news video if you guys some massive things happening in the crypt of space it seems to be happening more and more frequently now which is a great sign headed towards mass adoption especially with the price of Bitcoin starting to recover so before we get started on my crypto merch store jr. and wide app store I'm now accepting cryptocurrency as payment so you could pay for your entire order in a Polock currency APL Bitcoin ethereum Tron or litecoin and for the next week I extended this coupon you could get 10% off of your entire order with the coupon code Apollo not all caps so Apollo currency is gonna post this as a partner soon as well lots of Apollo gear in the store as well as journey to 100k stuff and a lot of Bitcoin stuff and outer space type clothing as well I just added a lot of shirts to the outer space section for summer so lots of cool outer space type clothing as well so check out the store I let me know what you think about it for this week only you can use the code Apollo not at checkout for 10% off and you could pay with cryptocurrency so I just posted this article on journey 200k org Samsung invests 2.9 million in Ledger's giant digital cryptoporticus am some major technology company taking interest in cryptocurrency they invested in a small percentage of ledger so I'll link this article in the video description this articles on my website if you want to check it out I'm posting daily articles now as well so smart point on bit Mart they're leading in the vote at forty four thousand five hundred votes so make sure to get in your votes you can vote once per hour and you can boat with BMX tokens as well so if you guys have been following me since I started my channel about a year ago now you you'll know that I most my early videos are on ripple and xrp it was my largest bag at first now Apollo currencies so I posted this yesterday I have been slowly selling off my X RP just because it's been the lowest return on investment that I've been holding I also just recently saw an article saying that ripple has cashed out around 900 million dollars of x RP through exchanges so guaranteed x RP price would probably be around $1 more if ripple didn't cash out any other x RP through exchanges so I am temporarily selling X RP in the meantime just because they're cashing out so much holding the price down I will invest in a future time when I do see it as a better opportunity but I posted this saying I just traded 10k Arc's x RP for 2 million Apollo considering the difference in market cap and total supply I had to do it so X RP has a total supply of 99 billion while Apollo currency has a total supply of around 21 billion Apollo having a market cap around 25 million while x RP being 12 to 13 billion if palo guy anywhere close to a billion or more the percentage gains on that would just be insane so right now with everything apollo has coming out i'm holding as much apollo as possible they have the wall at 3.0 design coming they have decentralized exchange built into the wallet atomic swaps they have some other features as well sharding making their transactions even faster they're working to get countries using apollo as their national currency they're just doing as much as possible right now and a lot of that is going to be live and working within the next month or two so I'm very bullish on Apollo with its market cap only being around 25 million I definitely think it's competing with pop ten coins with the business they're doing Apollo has great branding and marketing as well so I do think the price will have a huge increase within the next couple months keep in mind I'm not a financial advisor this is just what I'm doing personally but 10k XRP for 2 million Apollo that's just insane especially since X are peas total supply is over four times what Apollo's is so I will be buying back into XRP eventually if I see it as a good investment but for right now Apollo and some other projects do seem to be the better investment I've been holding X RP for about two years and the return on investment is only a few percent so I posted another article on my website on brave browser I've been posting about brave and basic attention token for the last year as well I have been investing in that I've had huge return on investment on basic attention token and I will be using 100% of that on ads to promote my channel and projects that I am invested in so if you want to learn more about brave you could check out this article it goes over what it is brave basically just launched their ads on their browser so you can now earn basic attention token by using the brave browser it also blocks all ads and trackers and it saves you time and battery life on your phone so I do recommend downloading this on both your phone and desktop computers please use the link to download brave it contributes a few basic attention token to my channel which I can use for ads to further promote my channel and Apollo and other projects I'm invested in so I do greatly appreciate that I'll post this article link in the video description as well so some very interesting news in the crypto space today just announced spend bitcoin on Amazon thanks to moon and the Lightning Network so you can now spend your Bitcoin on giant Amazon thanks to ingenious lighting network solution moon moon is a crypto payment processing startup that works by allowing lightning network-enabled wallets to be used through moon's browser extension the extension allows shoppers to connect their cryptocurrency wallet to for example a coin based wallet and use it at checkout to pay for goods with Bitcoin or one of three crip crypto currencies like coin etherium or Bitcoin cash and then it says let's let's be clear it's not a native Amazon payment option yet so I do recommend trying this out making a purchase through this extension on Amazon to show Amazon that cryptocurrency payments are necessary and if they see enough volume through this Amazon might add the cryptocurrency option as payment themselves which would be massive for the cryptocurrency space nevertheless this is huge for cryptocurrency being able to use crypto on Amazon now even though it is through an extension it's a very good sign and moving towards mass adoption so another big article fun strats Tom Lee predicts new all-time high for crypto by 2020 Tom Lee has predicted that crypto currency prices will hit new historic highs by 2020 bitcoin has not completed its upward movement and will likely reach new all-time highs around 2020 based on eleven signs that historically only take place in a bull market Lee explained that three of the eleven signs blockchain technical indicators and trading volumes indicate that the crypto winter has seen its end so the crypto winter is over by the way if you guys saw Game of Thrones yesterday that episode was insane and was basically the end of winter in Game of Thrones so mike Novogratz from galaxy digital crypto fajn lost 272 million in 2018 mic Novogratz is a billionaire that's highly invested in cryptocurrency he's made millions of dollars to Bitcoin in etherium and other all coins he's one of my favorite people in the crypt of space one of his videos is what convinced me to invest further into cryptocurrency in 2017 so it says for all of 2018 its full year of operation the company lost two hundred and seventy two million dollars the majority of the red ink in 2018 100 million came from selling digital assets at a loss galaxy also recorded 75 million in paper losses on crypto it held that declined in price 8.5 million in unrealized losses on investments in companies and 88 million in operating expenses which is insane I really don't think they're going to go out of business though or close down like no Novogratz is a billionaire and as soon as the crypto space recovers all these losses are going to be recovered and even have huge profits on top of the so definitely check out Mike Novogratz if you want to hear some good speeches about crypto currency so some more news headed towards mass adoption Nike reserve the patent crypto kicks so it does look like Nike is planning to launch a series of cryptocurrency shoes so crypto kicks what we know about Nikes potential gateway into crypto Nike the united states footwear and clothing behemoth has recently joined the ranks of mainstream corporations that are considering entering the field of cryptocurrencies a document filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office surfaced online earlier this week revealing Nikes intention to launch crypto kicks very interesting news a lot of big companies are starting to get into crypto currency at least reserving their patents and domains to launch cryptocurrency related stuff when the time is right lots of these companies are going to be launching within the next year or two especially with the crypto space recovering with back infidelity going live offering a safe method for the masses to invest in cryptocurrency it's just gonna take off there's over three billion dollars in stable coins also just sitting there waiting for signs of recovery in the crypto market before they put that three billion dollars back into cryptocurrencies so that three billion alone can make crypto currency markets skyrocket very quickly I do think the next bull run is going to be much bigger than the last one especially for all coins so in New York Stock Exchange linked Bitcoin exchange backed just in failed a major acquisition that is one of the major institutional companies that is soon to launch that will offer the masses a very safe method of investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which is greatly needed the problem with the last bull Rend the masses got in they started hearing about all the hacks the slow Bitcoin speed the expensive fees to send Bitcoin and they sold out so with a safe method of getting into cryptocurrency I think the next bull and is going to not only be the biggest yet but will keep climbing for months and I do think it'll be the biggest bull run of the cryptocurrency era so back to the cryptocurrency startup launched by New York Stock Exchange owner IntercontinentalExchange just yank the lid off the full range of its blockchain ambitions the firmament announced today that it has acquired digital asset custody Company D ACC as part of its efforts to gain regulatory approval for its crypto products backed has had to delay twice now because of delays in getting a regulatory approval so they are working hard to get that as soon as possible fact is less concerned with merely building a Bitcoin exchange than they are with offering institutional custody and payment platform services which is very smart that's what is what is needed most there's thousands of exchanges offering Bitcoin and other Kryptonian what we need is institutional custody and safe investment options for the masses so that's it for today's crypto news video I'm doing daily videos during the week so Monday to Friday daily videos on Krypton news in general and updates on the projects that I'm invested in also I just hit 10k on Twitter thank you guys so much for following also the Krypto contest I'm doing has around $10,000 in prizes that has about two weeks left if you want to enter that there's some really good prizes for top 100 as well as two random winners getting a few hundred dollars of crypto and some other merch as well also if you're interested in buying some crypto merch I really appreciate that I'm using a hundred percent of profits to further fund my channel and advertising and further develop I'm trying to get in cryptocurrency app mate as well that I want to launch by the end of 2019 so if you do want to purchase you can use the coupon code Apollo not for 10% off edge jr. and why not store I'll extend that to next weekend so you have a chance to purchase now accepting Apollo a Bitcoin etherion trollin and litecoin as payment you can also use pay PayPal or credit card through PayPal so that's it for today's video I think you guys so much for watching and I'll see you tomorrow you

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