Use Blockfolio To Track Crypto Trends | EP#115

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we’re going to be talking about Blockfolio which is a
very very helpful application to have if you are invested in cryptocurrency or
you’re interested in at least keeping up with various crypto coins and you know
there are different values and and not just only watching the market but seeing
exactly how much your cryptocurrency investments and assets are worth and I’m
actually gonna show you on my phone on the screen in front of me so let me just
change this yeah so so basically with this you’ve got all the different coins
that you’ve set up and you know you can add all the different transactions as
you go you know say you decide to sell all of your b80 and bye-bye Nance coin
with it you can make that transaction like it’s a little tedious adding every
transaction that you make but it’s so so worth it to be able to have a perfect
overview of your entire portfolio just in a nice snapshot and you can also go
and you know you can look at how it’s been trending and this looks a little
mismatched because that’s when I originally set it up I’ve been using it
for a while but um as I said in the last video I lost my phone but yeah this
gives you a really good idea of how the market is and unfortunately there was a
little bit of a dip lately but yeah it gives you a really good idea of of just
how your assets are doing and honestly I haven’t seen
I’m sure there’s there’s other applications like this and I mean if you
know of some please share with me and everyone else in the comments but yeah I
mean this has been by far the best application I’ve seen
for what I wanted and you know you can get all the latest news of various
things that might be affecting all the different coins and just it’s really
really helpful you can see the regular market as you would like if you were
gonna use coin market cap you could just use this saves you some time there’s a
lot of just little interesting useful tidbits in here and another really
really useful thing that you can do is you can set notification alerts for when
a price of or when a value of any coin goes to a certain amount you can get a
notification so then you you know say something goes up a hundred percent
whether it’s a pump or whether it’s just a huge boom you’re gonna want to know
that so you set an alert and it tells you right away and then you can go on
get your stuff sold and traded and do we need to do and you could also set
obviously you said alerts for if it goes down a lot so that you can buy more
there’s a lot of different things that you can do but this is really just for
watching your your assets and just managing your portfolio again I haven’t
seen anything else that is this useful and this is my go-to
crypto management tool or resource and yeah I mean short video today but I
think it’s a really really useful resource if you’re doing anything in the
crypto world and you want to better track your assets and yeah so let me
know if you know of anything similar if you use this what do you recommend what
do you prefer how do you track alerts do you just you know use something native
to a certain exchange whatever it might be
let us all know in the comments below I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing off

3 thoughts on “Use Blockfolio To Track Crypto Trends | EP#115”

  1. How do you manage your crypto portfolio? Do you use something similar to Blockfolio? Do you use Blockfolio already or plan to now? Let me know in the comments!

  2. Tabtrader is pretty cool for keeping all your exchanges in one place. I use alerts on that and have it hooked up to my kraken, bittrex, KuCoin, Binance, Gemini, poloniex and huobi accounts

  3. So I downloaded blockfolio and it's basically the same as tab trader. But with a way nicer ui. The only thing I don't like is you can't connect as many exchanges as tabtrader. My final opinion I like blockfolio s UI alot and the fact you can sync coinbase but I like tabtrader cause I use KuCoin and other exchanges quite a bit. I'll have to stick with tabtrader for now

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