USA Prepares Show (AUDIO Commercial Free) Monday 11/20/17: Bitcoin Mining Crypto Currencies

missed an episode of your favorite podcast choose from over a decade of content in our archives not just the latest episode all free at GC and this is your call to action get prepared America disasters this is USA cares calm educational radio interact by emailing instructor at USA prepares calm or text at four three four three nine zero seven nine five three class please take your seats now your instructor Vincent Fanelli everyone all set cocked locked here we go your dial is set to USA prepares calm kyle's engineering the broadcast in Minnesota if you'd like to call us eight six six five eight to ninety nine thirty three eight six six five eight to ninety nine thirty three when ahthe Isaac's is with us welcome Glennis I am well Sun is shiny it's dark where you are right yeah two a.m. in the morning yep yeah well thanks for bringing us and I'd yeah well thank you for us spending this time with us today yeah crypto currencies I'm gonna be talking about that now you've been mining crypto currencies and so we're it's gonna be a do-it-yourself kind of class and we'll be teaching the mechanics of mining your own crypto currencies where would you like to start today okay now the crypto currency that I'm learning at the moment is Bitcoin now I think I'll actually gone into how Bitcoin actually operates on your show before but I'll I'll just quickly review that there's a lot there's a game out there it's a children's computer game called minecraft and mathematically how Bitcoin mining more or less operates if you could imagine that you're playing Minecraft which is the game where you know your your guy has to break open blocks and every so many blocks then you might get an emerald or a lump of coal or a diamond or something or other and you know in in this cam you can also build stuff that does beside the point every let's say that in the game you can an area rich in emeralds let's say in Minecraft then you might have an emerald in the game every hundred blocks then you've got to break open a hundred blocks to get an emerald okay that's more or less how mathematically Bitcoin mining operates that you've got to go through a set of equations and every so many sequences of the equation there is a block of Bitcoin and there it varies how many good quarter actually in the book it could be up to five it could be one or two or three just depending on the equation and so you have to have generally quite a fast computer these days in order to do the equations quickly enough because you know in the beginning you my you know had a Bitcoin every few equations all Padrino just you're in here these days it could be one in every you know several million equations these days and so if you're running your own computer at home waiting for Bitcoin and if you've just got one one computer running one piece of mining software you could be waiting a month or two for it to hit one Bitcoin so usually these days that's why there are still are people out there who run their own computers mining mining Bitcoin but more frequently these days you've got special Bitcoin mining farms which means that you might have several hundred or several thousand computers running in parallel looking to solve the equation okay and in that case normally instead of it being a full desktop computer or even a laptop computer of course you can put the mining software on a full desktop computer or you can put the mining software on a laptop computer but more common than either of those these days is a computer as a type of computer called a Raspberry Pi and the difference to the Raspberry Pi is instead of it having a really good graphics card or really good sound card and such like it will have a really really really good central processing unit and you might be able to access the computers via a green screen and it'll have some way to plug in a keyboard and it will have some USB ports and it doesn't really have that much health other than that its main function in life is to solve equations and so very frequently these days for a lot of technical purposes people are using raspberry PI's and this includes you know for Bitcoin mining and you could buy a raspberry pi type computer online for maybe between 500 and 800 dollars that would do the job of Bitcoin mining but like I say most people who have their own Bitcoin lines don't just have one or two they have dozens or they have hundreds of them and the people who do this sort of money they generally accumulate their their computers okay so that that we use the proceeds from their Bitcoin that they they have mined to then go out and buy more computers and yeah that's that's more or less how people these days are building their Bitcoin lines yes so they're looking at how it operates I'm looking at a Raspberry Pi model 3 and it says you can get a complete kit for a via boot VI ABO ot Raspberry Pi spelled P I followed by the number three complete kit with a premium clear case it's like a clear box at this circuit board is n it's got a couple USB ports as you said it's got a heatsink it's got a processor a little tiny wall type plug in power supply $59.99 but you know yes yep right that's exactly right and there's a little bit more to choose this as I understand that someone who wants to mine bitcoins needs to have a rock-solid power supply rock-solid meaning if you live in that area well you did the last time if you live in an area where the power is a little flaky you have brownouts meaning the lights go dim or the lights flicker you're gonna need something substantial to make sure that doesn't happen like an uninterruptible power supply and let me share with the class what that is an uninterruptible power supply is a box that has a battery it also has an inverter it also has a charger and also has some circuitry to look at the the power grid meaning your wall outlet and it looks at it says we have power do we have power do we have power do we have power and he keeps looking and if it says don't have any power it immediately switches the inverter to the inverter so that the power is not interrupted to the outlet on the back of this uninterruptible power supply and how long will it last well until the batteries is drained on the uninterruptible power supply typically 20 minutes now with this little Raspberry Pi I don't know the power consumption I I haven't read that but you can get large medium and small sized uninterruptible power supplies and what I did in the studio several years ago I wanted to make sure that we were uninterrupted should the power fail here in our neck of the woods in Missouri so I bought a used American power conversion ups uninterrupted power supply that had a dead battery and the guy said he was selling it because it needed a new battery so it was a 24 volt system well I simply hook that up with large monster type cables almost look like battery jumper cables no actually they were heavy gauge copper cables to this uninterruptible power supply and I made my own long lasting long running uninterruptible power supply my plan was to get all of the computers that I'm running for the broadcast to be powered up should we have a complete blackout and and I achieved that and I used two large marine type batteries that I got at the Chinese factory outlet Walmart and that was really good until the batteries exploded literally in the studio I happen to not be in a studio but literally they the cases exploded acid went all over I'm not talking about a couple drops of acid I'm talking about vaporizing the liquid acid in the uninterruptible power so yeah don't do that anymore it happened twice I'll do that let slow learner I did it twice so I don't do that anymore but the pot the bottom line is you do not want the power to fail with a Bitcoin mining computer that's the point okay we'll be right back we'll be talking more about the mechanics with Linux with Isaac's she's live in Australia I'm Vincent Fanelli Gweneth Isaac's with us and we're talking about mining bitcoins so when if I went to the search engine during the commercials and I'm looking at this guy's room and he has a stack of 12 Bitcoin computers all stacked up in it in a vertical array and next to that he has three more so we've got 48 computers hooked up to a huge uninterruptible power supply and that's what he's mining his bitcoins with so it's quite quite a quite an array of these and so if you want to do this class you you can and I see some others that just a rat's nest of wires I mean hundreds and hundreds of wires all over the floor hooked up to electrical devices computers power supplies switches and so forth and it looks like you know you can make your own so what if have you considered making your own building your own computer to do this ah we're off the grid and the electricity goes off every single night here so I can't do my Bitcoin mining onside okay so what do you do okay I operate my Bitcoin mine through a company and one way that people a lot of other people do it as well is they either buy or lease computers run by a third party and basically that they you know that they have a contract to use these computers for however many days the links for the contract there is but in my case it's a thousand days and that I actually the computers the company that you know that runs the computers for me can ship them to me at the end of the thousand days okay so once the contract is over and the computers are removed from their network from their Bitcoin farm then they can actually put them in a packet and actually mail them to me okay for you know for the cost of a postage basically and so that company is called FitClub which is which has the advantage number one it's very very very cold there number two it's a first world country so you've got a high level of technical expertise number three they don't like banksters very much in that country and number four the electrical supply is geothermal and so the electricity there is both very very cheap and super stable which is all makes it very very good for Bitcoin mining but like I say unfortunately they cannot offer services to anyone who is in the United States but if you're in another country you can go to program okay and so you can sign up under me and that means that I would receive a small portion of the Bitcoin that you mine so that I can actually operate that it don't fit their system instead of them doing advertising they operate on the direct marketing model in order to sell their services okay and the affiliate he brought me into the program was the dollar vigilante chef Eric thoroughly checked out by him and he's a really really good guy if you ever want to have him on this show I don't know him personally unfortunately I wish I'd do it so what if I'm looking at these images of these Bitcoin mining server computer farms and they go from they got from my god well yeah they start we have one or two or five or ten – I found one that has 405 computers that was nothing I kept looking and I am seeing like warehouse rooms really spotless warehouse rooms with shelving and with thousands thousands of these yeah Bitcoin mining computers you know some of these some of these operations are just rats nests some are kind of like do-it-yourselfers where they've taken guerilla type shelving it's a brand of shelving that used to be available really heavy-duty for the home really good quality shelving and you can put a lot of computers on there and when I built a a server farm for a county school system that's what I did and was inexpensive and it worked great well I see some of those type of images on on the search engine image page it's wow I mean this is this is phenomenal I mean classification injury a huge huge some of these server I'm sorry keep saying server some of these Bitcoin mining operations are very very elaborate really sophisticated beyond belief but anyway I just wanted to mention it and by the way miles has been with us advocating that we do our own homework and research Bitcoin and crypto currencies as have you Gwyneth and both of you been on the forefront of this here on us at USA prepares and Miles mentioned and as you have you know get Bitcoin at the time he said it it was $750 each which I thought gosh you know for a concept that's a lot a lot of money to bet on a concept well today today nice eight thousand to forty seven thousand this morning right it's eight thousand two hundred eight hundred gosh 8240 $7.25 now the class let me put this in perspective when when this was recommended to us ago that it was $700 yes it's an 11-time okay eleven times it has gone up eleven times what it was about a year ago no kidding no kidding and now we have we have our detractors who say this is a concept and it's going to just blow up in our faces and it might and it might this is this is a something that you could consider risky because there is absolutely nothing backing it except the belief that it can be the currency to replace the fraud the Federal Reserve accounting unit dollar fr d would you agree with that Quintus I absolutely would agree with it the Federal Reserve notes which back pretty well every major currency in the world inherently fraudulent okay based on the you know the the goodwill of the US government basically the faith in goodwill of the US government and the whole US government Donald Trump is doing the best that he can to show up a rickety termite Asian fungus and festered structure that is just about ready to fall over in the next big breeze which is the United States government and when when it collapses I think that it's a little bit less likely to collapse now than it would have been if the hard like which Hillary had gotten in but it's still there's there's still a lot of corruption in there and even the whole structure itself is inherently corrupt the difference with Bitcoin is okay what makes gold valuable physical gold and physical silver valuable is that they are rare and you actually have to work to get them okay and if you see if you go up to the Yukon or here in Bendigo which is about 80 kilometres from where we live there's one of the biggest mines in the world one of the deepest mines in the world which is essential Deborah gold mine and it's miles and miles and miles and miles deep and you've got that at a tower above central Deborah mine which is over a hundred years old and is huge famous locally and somebody had to build that tower to operate the lift system over a hundred years ago so that the sinful devil mind could run which is a gold mine and you know it was made famous by Stan day oh because Edward Teller once offered to give Stan day an office at the bottom of the central Deborah mind which would not have gone last and I understand very well very wisely decided to flee across the nullable from Edward Teller Edward Teller was in charge of the Manhattan Project by the way and I remember hearing him saying that and you know realizing that I actually knew this place but that's what makes both valuable and the fact that you have to actually put capital into Bitcoin and that you actually have to run software to get the code which is a Bitcoin and that you have to use electricity and that you have to have skills to actually get it makes it valuable okay that so you can't just go into your Federal Reserve computer and type human extra zeros onto the end of you know whatever figure that you've pulled up where you can't go to a bank computer you know a central mainframe and just create Bitcoin out of thin air that's what that's what actually gives it its value and the Federal Reserve Note is going to collapse it has lost in the ballpark of 99 percent of its value which I think we've gone into the calculations of that before since it first created and if it's going away but it won't go away overnight it would be sensible though to use whatever fiat currency you have to buy some mining software and some mining hardware whether you run at home yourself or whether you subcontract somebody else to run it for you and get some Bitcoin mining happening because actually in my humble opinion and this is not financial advice I'm not a financial adviser but my own opinion is that bitcoin is not going anywhere and there's also other cryptocurrencies as well at the top of a list I will put etherium which operates a kind of digital contract system and it's going to become it is now becoming increasingly the way that digital contracts operate over the internet and that's another type of cryptocurrency mining and etherium is now where bitcoin was maybe five years ago so I think that one either coined now costs around about between two and three hundred dollars so yeah it would be it's it's just beginning it's curved but the difference with ether is this there will only ever be a certain number of Bitcoin generated that atha are generated constantly and they are also used up constantly so there is not a circulation of currency like there would be with Federal Reserve notes with either coins they have actually have a lifespan but on the other hand there are generated constantly as well because they have a different type of mining program but once again you get a you get a Raspberry Pi or some such similar computer and in that case instead of having a regular CPU you put a graphics card into the CPU slot and that makes the type of mining computer ported GPU which is a graphics processing unit but instead of using a graphics processor for processing graphics you use it for operating a more high-speed equation right for instance running a Bitcoin mine or an Ethernet line or some other mining software other crypto currencies and the advantage of that is that GPUs are more stable than central processing units and they have along the lifespan and they operate at a higher that they operate more quickly they can do more equations in a fixed amount of time than a CPU can and for all of those reasons a lot of people who operate mining software actually changing out the central processing units for graphics cards graphics processing units and that's probably going to be mine my next step in my cryptocurrency mining adventures is to get one of these GPUs lines happening for myself I was talking to one of our instructors on the phone last night and that's what he's doing we come back I'll tell you the price of one ether coin so class if if you bought one etherium and let me spell out for you e th e ar e um if you bought one of them on January 1st 2017 this year it would have been $8 seven cents now if you thought the Bitcoin numbers were staggering hang on so one of them on January 1st 2017 $8 seven cents today three right now 362 dollars sixty seven cents 45 times 45 times staggering so the next thing I did was I looked went to the search engine again I looked at images now this is these images that I'm seeing on the search engine for ethereum mining I don't see anywhere near the scale of investment for these mines as I've seen for Bitcoin and what I'm seeing is more something like what I would build a gorilla rack some really fast video cards Radeon and Vidia that kind of thing and it's more doable for the individual it seems to me and I'm not looking at thousands and thousands and thousands of computers all around from mining bitcoins and I'm sorry for aetherium as I did with Bitcoin so there are people who have me 1 2 3 4 you know 12 12 computers all running together 12 graphics cards that kind of thing so I would suggest that you look this up class now the big deal the big deal in all of this is the electricity the electrical cost so if you live in New York City where electricity is expensive it's not as advantageous to someone who lives let's say in Missouri where you pay about 10 cents per kilowatt and that's certainly not as advantageous as having your own solar array as long as the sun shining so if you use a solar array you need to have some kind of a backup to make sure that your system doesn't run out of power on those cloudy days so there are a lot of things to consider but I am really interested in pursuing this gwyneth I really am yeah yeah I think that like I said if we had you know as a stable power supply here I would certainly been doing it at home but like I say you you can there's reputable companies out there that will you've got to do your own research but there are reputable companies out there that you can subcontract the mining to and they will run your mining computers for you and of course you pay them a small portion of whatever cryptocurrencies are produced and that's how they are and their crust but of course the majority of the coin goes to you and it is unfortunate that mostly for you know government red tape type reasons that bit Club is not operating in the United States but you know it's you you might if you got an address for instance in Canada like rented a place in Canada if you were living in the United States and that might be a way that you could possibly you know do that and stay for some of the time in Canada and but like if they make your own inquiries as to the legal side of that because I have no idea what the laws are and I certainly wouldn't want to advise somebody to do something that they shouldn't be doing that I know that often you know when people need to do business interests outside of the United States they often do you know for instance rent an officer just north or just there of the border we come back and see what I've found we come back I'll tell you what I found about aetherium mining interesting I'm talking about the hardware this is a fascinating subject to me – then I'll be right back class this is preparedness I think you oughta do your own research everyone all set cocked locked here we go our number two of the USA prepares Weymouth Isaac's is with us and you know Glenn if I took some time during the commercial break at the top of the hour in the news break to look at theum computers and heck it looks like you can buy a ready-to-go computer on ebay for five hundred ninety five dollars plus you know about twenty five dollars shipping and what are these these aren't very much different from the computers that I used to build back in the 1990s and the 2000s what I'm talking about a standard motherboard standard memory but the big difference is a really fast video court that's what these computers have so standard case that would look like a you know nothing special tower type computer motherboard a couple cooling fans and you know a video monitor that kind of thing that's what that's what these computers are and if you want you can go to the Internet you can buy a Dell computer and it's a it's called a ETH aetherium mining computer it's del T 3600 and for four hundred ninety five dollars you know was free shipping these are computers that that people have put together that they're using for mining so I'm interested in this I really am I've got a bunch of old computers here that are you know Pentium class and I think that I might just be able to put a fast video card in and experiment with them just see what happens that's my thought yep we've got a couple of Dells here I'm a marvelous thing about Dells we have Dell laptops the marvelous thing about them is that I just seemed to keep going and going and going and going I'm very very impressed with him as a computer manufacturer because one of the delft goes we bought it or I bought it shortly after I came here and that was five years ago and you know it was about five years old then it was a second hand computer service particular know and that's dell eve 55 double zero ok 5500 and you know it's about ten years old and it's still going strong and it's running Windows 7 like I say the only thing about this is very very hungry on the power supply and you can't roll out for about 6 p.m. at night sucks the battery dry and so my boys are constantly saying ma'am that please don't plug it down then after about 6 p.m. last night oh because it's such a good computer and you can do just about anything that you need to do with it but like I say it is it runs most of the modern software and so I'm not surprised to hear that Dell is making aetherium mining hardware and if they're still making the same quality of computers that they were 10 years ago I would say that there's probably going to be a good one to buy but once again do your own research yes I I'm looking at five Dell monitors in front of me and what I did was when I was building the studio I went to ebay and i found some used computers and used monitors and keyboards and mice and i brought a bunch of systems and then i i installed software that would let me run this broadcast from those used computers so i have a feeling that a lot of the computers i've had for about five years here or almost five years in the studio and i have a feeling they're probably five years old when i bought them so i did something very similar to what you did it but instead of being laptops and notebook computers they are small tower computers and all i do is blow them out with compressed air and they pretty much keep running I've only had a you know a limited amount of failures but nothing nothing nothing significant because the computers were so inexpensive I probably only paid $50 for each computer you know when I bought that many I think I bought seven at one time mmm-hmm so great great way to go now I'm not maybe I maybe I misspoke on what I found on eBay as far as etherium computers I don't know if Dell is making them but it's being sold as a Dell ethereum it's called ETH aetherium mining gaming computer Dell Precision T 3600 so it may be that someone just took this computer and made it into a mining computer I'm looking at that right now I I don't know I don't know if it's a mining computer or whether someone just put a really fast video card in this video card is is generates so much heat it has three separate cooling fans on the video card seriously yep apparently that's normal I have teenage children who are fond of their video gaming and apparently that's quite normal for a gaming computer to have a sophisticated cooling system if you're running it as a desktop but you'll find even laptops with things like there are people who actually do go out there and they buy laptops and they just have two laptops lined up and they do their cryptocurrency mining on their laptops but they will have you know a couple of dozen laptops lined up sitting on desks at home in a particular room all hooked up into a network in parallel mining their cryptocurrency and you know it's theirs that's another way of doing it but the you know there's there's kind of advantages to that and that you know laptops tend to be a bit less expensive and they use a bit less electricity but if you're going to do it that way you might as well just go with the Raspberry Pi method which uses probably as much electricity or even less electricity than a modern laptop and takes up a lot less space and is actually designed to run as a server whereas a laptop is not really designed to run as a server and you might run into problems are trying to run it as such but you would know more about that you're more of the computer network systems expert than I am but I'm just anticipating there might be problems there well you're right on the money and you know laptops it typically cost more because they're smaller and they have less cooling capability they they're not designed to run 24 hours a day the cooling is is a big issue on laptops that the memory cooling the CPU cooling the video cooling and even even the motherboard cooling but I'm looking at something really interesting here is on eBay and this guy built a etherium mining rig our IG and what he's saying is that it looks like it's everything you need except keyboard and monitor he's got uninterruptible power with it it's uh it's got an aluminum frame it's got a Zeus motherboards with memory it's got a hard drive it's got 8rx 580 GPUs and graphics cards and this thing is complete it uses about 10 amps of electricity and he shows a kilowatt meter measuring exactly how much power it uses so it's using 1243 watts of electricity that's not something to add yeah but 24 hours a day 24 hours of Dan so in in my neck of the woods so have that safe electrical cost yeah that'd be about 12 and a half cents worth of electricity per hour it doesn't sound like much but it still is 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year and if this thing does come with an uninterruptible power supply which is pretty big and it looks like a great way to go how much is it forty four hundred fifty dollars forty four hundred fifty dollars yeah that's um about the same price there's a really really really good high-end desktop yeah which is around about four or five thousand dollars I'm Matt and I'm really interesting that it sounds like what he's done there okay because he assists motherboards that the assists actually is a laptop so it sounds like that he's he's pulled apart eight assists laptops and a susur's another absolutely fantastic little laptop okay especially the AE PC because I'll tell you a story when we were getting chased by the W a police and the pedophile you know who were basically working for the pedophile cartel in Western Australia we had to dump our packs on a mountainside outside of Eldon in Victoria and in one of my packs was an Isuzu laptop and eee pc ok and that laptop sat on a mountainside for 18 months in all weathers before the pack was finally recovered and the contents returned to me and the aapc was still in the we're still in the pack and we plugged we've got a got the charger for it and we plugged it in and we turned it on and the screen was in a decayed state but the screen was still operating and that computer continued to function for about another two years being used on a daily basis as this is us right top-of-the-line Taiwanese computer mouse on pulled the motherboards out of silver fish laptop and made them into an Assyrian mining Greek we're talking about computer hardware manufacturer Zeus national name is Zeus Tek a s us Tek computer incorporated it's a Taiwanese multi national computer and phone hardware an electronics company and they make desktops laptops mobile phones never equipment monitors motherboards graphics cards optical storage servers workstations tablets they are a literally top-of-the-line manufacturer when if I've never mentioned this on the radio before but when we they started out in 1989 not 28 years ago and we were one of the early customers we bought their motherboards when we were manufacturing computers in Virginia why because we wanted a top-of-the-line computer motherboard and that's what they made very very few failures there's a great company to work with yep and so that's a Zeus and what what I believe that we're talking about with this particular hardware platform is that they took an ax Zeus main board or motherboard and they put lots of graphics cards now they configured lots of graphics cards with it and that's what that's what they're doing they've got a great power supply and yeah the really important thing is that you got plenty of cooling and you've got a rock-solid stable power supply and you've got rock-solid computer hardware and even the cables that interconnect these circuit boards cards motherboards main ports hard drive power supply they've got to be top of the line very well-constructed good connectors because the last thing you want to do is almost get there and have your computer fail because of some lousy cable or someone stable power from the grid or whatever power source you're using so I would keep that in mind connection when when the oldest truth the one that was in the backpack finally did fail if a computer fails around our place my sons do an autopsy on it [Laughter] belt they'll take it about they'll pull it apart they'll be bits of computer from one end of the room to the other including screen keyboards and such like when they did the autopsy on the older food the one that was in the backpack when it finally did fail they found that the hard drive was actually soldered in okay they thought that they would be able to get the hard drive out and put it into another computer but they found out that when it had been made in the first place that the hard drive had actually been folded into place so what was really made to not fire wasn't it I've never seen that and in all and all the computers that I built and yes maybe close to 10,000 literally I've never seen you sorry in travel yep that the AAPC was made and advertised as a computer that you could put in your backpack and take a well country well that'd be why then you know I've got a tip for our class in the studio here in my experience with computers one of the things that caused them to fail as dust and dust there's a lot of air that moves through a computer because there's a fan that pulls in air from let's say the front of the computer and and pushes it out the back and that air runs through the computer and cools down the the electronics well there's so much air that goes through the computer that no matter how clean your house is or office these computers get clogged with dust and what I found is that if you raise them off the floor and there will be less dust so what I do is I have in the studio I have the computer sitting on a raised surface they look about two feet off the floor and they are in an area of the studio that not a low traffic area as a matter of fact they're in what you might call it cubby and it's a built into the wall and it's like a little tiny room within the wall and that's where the computers are so the air goes in from the main room of the studio and it gets exhausted out above the computers and I recycle that heat in the winter time in the summertime I close it off and I exhaust that heat with a with another cooling fan that cools off that little room if you will and exhaust it to another part of the house actually the garage and it works great so you want to keep your computers clean especially if you're gonna be mining and keep rolling and cool absolutely we'll be right back quit I'd like to talk a little bit about the quality the equipment no just for a little bit more I made it I made a piece of test equipment for a friend of ours he's also an instructor at USA prepares and they have a farmhouse and the wiring is is about three or four generations of wiring in this particular farmhouse and different people have worked on it and he was trying to figure out what's what it's really complicated it really is I've seen it and so they brought in a master electrician and he walked away he said he wants nothing to do with it so I made a piece of dick I made a piece of test gear to test each one of these circuits and it's very simple it consists of a long long piece maybe 40 feet long of wire and I soldered alligator clips insulated alligator clips on each one and I decided to look at some of the pre manufactured test alligator strips that I had in the automotive shop they came from China many many years ago at RadioShack and what they did was they just stripped the Chinese factory stripped the wire folded it over and crimped an alligator clip end on it what I'm saying is it's a lousy connection the ones that I made were soldered so the point of all this is the cables cables are not all created equally there are unshielded cables which have just wires inside a jacket plastic jacket then there are oil shielded which is better to keep out electromagnetic radiation that these computers make so it's just a a thin strip of foil folded around the internal wires that are all it's lady from each other and it may have a drain wire that you would ground then better than that would be a braided shield around the wires any meta net is foil and braid and a drain wire so what I'm saying is and then of course you'd want them soldered if you can have them soldered that's the that's the way of looking at cables and what am I talking about and talk about video cables I'm talking about USB cables I'm talking about power supply cables all the cables that are within the computer if possible you would like them to be a older the shielded yeah and and soldered now there's something that's called sealing current SCAL ing current and what that means is the telephone company gnosis and we used to have land lines all over and there are fewer and fewer landlines now but the telephone companies knew that if they provided current 24 hours a day to the telephone telephone sets attached at your house if they provide a current it would seal the connection and if the currents stopped the connection would corrode so they applied sealing current to minimize the repairs and it worked great so what I'm saying is that applies to all kinds of electronics sealing right so keep that in mind and that's why when you have computers and other devices that keep running late they last and if you shut them down for a couple months sometimes they don't come back because the connections have corroded why because the ceiling current was absent just a thought so when if I really loved this idea of mining I'm all for it and I want to get into it and I'm going to and we'll keep the class posted as to what we find out as we continue our journey about mining aetherium bitcoin litecoin and and the other cryptocurrency but I like the most what I found so far is I like mining that coins other than Bitcoin because the equipment necessary is a little less sophisticated a little less expensive and the barrier to entry to get involved is lower yeah but I see and you'll find you'll find that with most other crypto currencies you can use the same computer to mine a variety of different crypto currencies okay so you could have the you know the mining software for maybe two or three or four different crypto currencies on hand and you could load them onto your computer as you needed them because it's the same hardware it's only the software that varies so that's that's another handy tip as well the dogs are going off over there because the neighbors have just come home in case anyone's wondering you know why the pack has decided to act up but that's good it means we never taken unawares but the other thing that I was going to mention oh gosh what was it if it's just with my mind for a moment I'll remember in a second well I'm class with you if you want to see the kind of things we're talking about just go to your favorite search engine and what I typed in let's see they go back to the top here I typed in aetherium computer e th ER e um space computer and what I'm seeing is a bunch of video cards connected with cables or connected to what looks like a standard motherboard and a power supply and some wires you know here's a guy that that took piece plywood and he he made an end cap out of some two by or 1 by 4 pieces of wood and he took some shelving strips and he's hanging his video cards with the shelving strips I mean this is truly homemade he's got a power supply on one end a power supply on the other end looks like he even may have a fan just sitting on the on a piece of plywood blowing across the computer I mean these are homemade homemade set ups and of course you know with a little bit of ingenuity that I know our class has you can come up with an even better way of doing what these guys have done so take a look yeah at the images and you'll find examples that you can do a better job from yep yep and I'll tell you how chef Eric puts it you should get him on your show the doll vigilante okay he's a really really good guy like I said I don't know him personally but I love his stuff and he has been his information has been a great deal of benefit to me and he's he's a millionaire but a millionaire of the type of oh gosh you know he's he's he calls himself an anarcho-capitalist which means that he doesn't he can see that the whole government system is basically a gigantic extortionate – which I have except amen and that's how he structures his affairs and he does podcast to show other people as well hell they can be anarcho-capitalist – which is very handy but what how he puts it is this enables you to become your own central banker and I think that says it in a nutshell and when he said that I've been thinking along the same lines regarding cryptocurrencies myself and when he said that it really put it into a nutshell you know what I mean it really is using you to be your own central banker here's the problem and I and I don't disagree with a single thing that you've said but here's the problem we have been since birth conned convinced persuaded lied to by the system by our school system even our parents didn't understand that that we really don't need a bank we could do business without a bank we could do business without the government yeah but we've been convinced that no we've got to have currency in order to buy things and it's not true it's not true not only is that not true I can tell you that I've been able to buy things at less than the price that's been asked at chain stores and I'm gonna give an example a couple days ago I had an alternator fail and I made some test equipment to figure out exactly where the problem was my battery kept going dead in my old Mercedes kept going dead 1996 Mercedes and I thought let me test this I'll tell you what i did very quickly class i shut off the engine shut off all the devices and i hooked a an amp meter between the negative battery cable i inserted an ammeter there and and i was drawing about a half an ampere of current with everything off key out of the ignition and was draining my battery so then what I did was I tested each circuit where there was a fuse and I put the amp meter across digital amp meter across every fuse that I pulled out to see which one of these fuses was powering the circuit that was stealing electricity this phantom current that was being lost and I couldn't find it it was nowhere to be found the only thing left was the alternator which is not fused so I disconnected the after Nader and the phantom load went away so I went to buy an alternator and it was a hundred and forty dollars roughly and I said can you match an online internet price and they did I walked out with an alternator for ninety-two dollars so not only can you buy things without currency you can negotiate prices at stores I just wanted to share that with our with our class but all you have to do is ask yeah that price for us can you do better support you have to take your local little guy if you can support your local little guy yes I can yes a guy if you if you still have the guy who operates his dusty hardware store in a little country town okay Jeremy go and buy things off him go and support him instead of going and you know spending the money on fuel to go to your big chain store in the big town if you still have a little guy with a little hardware store in a little town go and buy the stuff off him and you get home sooner maybe you pay a few dollars more you know but you were spent the money on fuel anyway or you work out a deal with them and say you know what I'd like to shop here often and buy all the items that that I need that you sell from you okay that's right that's what I do right back when if Isaac's is with us and but if I really want to thank you for bringing to light the crypto currencies and the do-it-yourself component even if you hire out the actual hardware or you hire out the location of that hardware to do your mining for you so I went to the etherium community forum it's called amaze about e th ER e um community forum on the internet and the question is can I turn my current PC into a mining rig and I'm sure a lot of our class had that question today can I use my computer as a mining rig and I would suggest that you use a tower type computer or desktop computer rather than a notebook based on what I've learned so far so here's the answer to that question can I turn my current PC into a mining ring this guy says I have a desktop PC which isn't getting much use lately so I've been thinking of making it into a mining rig he talks about the CPU he has and he talks about the video card that he has and he says or am I better off getting selling it and getting something better keep in mind the power costs are not an issue many meaning they can be neglected and that's not my thought I think power should be a concern but this guy doesn't seem to be concerned about it and the answer is sure pick the coin of your choice and get a coin address either with a wallet or on an exchange add some mining software and your mining and have some extra hard drive space on the on the rig and he says what he's done and I'm looking at a picture let me describe it he's got an older tower computer and then he built a little rack for six more what looks like one two three four five six seven more devices he's just hanging them on this wooden rack and so he's got his tower computer they wasn't using and he has this wooden rack he's got some cables on the floor he's got a cooling fan that sometimes they're called box and zis is round and it's something that you might get dollar store for $20 he's blowing air to keep the this homemade wooden rack with the video cards any cool and he's got another computer with the case open just using it as a rack so he's got two computer cases one that's actually running his computer homemade rack and a cannibalized old computer using it as a rack and a fan that's it that's it that's his entire rig I don't see uninterruptible power I'd like to add that but what I'm saying is this can be homemade it to get started mm-hmm and heck yep it's crazy not to do this yep thank you couldn't get started if you if you had it from a Raspberry Pi and just stopped you know it took your chances on your own power supply if you if you wanted to buy a UPS I guess that would cost between two and three hundred dollars right I'm definitely one sure yep and then let's say $60 for a Raspberry Pi well you could get started on your cryptocurrency mining adventure for under $400 at an absolutely basic level but from there fairly quickly I'm looking at a UPS made by American power conversion a PC and when I was in the in the banking industry I called the engineers at a PC when they first started their company and I talked and I really liked them and I believe that they've got some of the finest uninterruptible power equipment on the market and here's a 1500 volt amp UPS brand-new shipped $319 47 cents that's the size of the one that I bought used on eBay I paid probably around $50 here it is parrot is the one I bought $49 plus shipping no batteries so you can Patrol batteries in it but heck be real careful with those lead acid batteries I know for a fact they can explode I know that for a fact it's really dangerous oh yeah yeah and I think I have a feeling that we've generated some interest I know I'm gonna get involved but that's really thanks so much for being with us today

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