USA Interferes with Zimbabwe Judiciary/Citizen Talks Mthuli Ncube & Mugabe

[Applause] president Emerson Nong godless government should drop charges against former finance minister and opposition leader 10 DB T to prove that the Harare administration is serious about taking the country in a new more positive direction this was said by the United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Matthew Arrington Thursday in a statement to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Beatty who tried to seek political asylum in Zambia in the deadly aftermath of the July 30th elections is facing charges of inviting the violence as well as illegally announcing the results of the hotly disputed vote the MDC deputy national chairperson denies the charges in his statement Thursday Harrington said the Harare government should immediately and the harassment of members of the political opposition if government should drop charges against former finance minister and prominent opposition figure 10 diabetes and all those who have been arbitrarily detained for exercising their human rights and fundamental freedoms he said since taking over power through a military queued at the post veteran leader Robert Mugabe last November President nayug WA has sought to engage the West after years of frayed relations under his predecessor the shift in approach has been noted in Washington since taking power last year and since his election President nagua has regularly stated his commitment to pursuing political and economic reforms as well as a better relationship with us we welcome the change in rhetoric from the Mugabe years said Harrington since the July 30th election we have seen some promising signs from the government including appointment of a new more technocratic cabinet announcement of an economic plan acknowledging the need for significant monetary and fiscal reform and a budget which if implemented would make important strides in that direction more however still needs to be done so far however the pace and scale of reforms has been too gradual and not nearly ambitious enough Harrington added a Zimbabwe that is more capable of providing for the needs of its own citizens and respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms will be a more responsible member of the international community to reach that end Zimbabwe will require implementation of fundamental reforms not merely a commitment to do so that is a message we have shared consistently with Zimbabwean interlocutors including president nagawa and senior members of his government we want Sambhav way to succeed and would welcome a better bilateral relationship but the ball is squarely in the government's court to demonstrate it is irrevocably on a different trajectory president non-ag wants the US or other Western countries to drop sanctions his ruling Zanu PF party blames for zimbabwe decades-long economic crisis the sanctions were imposed in reaction to deeply flawed elections serious human rights challenges catastrophic economic mismanagement and widespread corruption under Mugabe join ball away yo 24 online community the big event that happened the most disappointing event of the day professor moon chilling movie held an exclusive interview with Starr FM I posted it on my page if you didn't watch it try and watch it he had an exclusive interview I don't I don't know what happens I think when you maybe sometimes when you join a political party you know Bob Bishop from what dark way way way way step aside open barren and open group what does a not be able to take apart from what the exam ok Bob Baker which operate our minds no clue what does that appeal because I don't I don't get anything he said in this interview professor chilling movie did you guys watch the interview did you what do you get anybody get a watch it professor I'm tearing movie had an interview and I thought it's an opportunity for him to walk on charming public opinion so that the public can rally behind what is doing I thought the minister is getting in this interview and he has a job to convey simplicity in the program is pushing so that the country can rally behind it that's not what it did that's not what I did at all professor to the movie got into this interview when you have Linda who is the host of Tyra same saying more intelligent things than you and you're a Minister of Finance you've got a problem there a real problem the minister said some very arrogant statements that honestly I'm worried I'm going to look for the minister before this week is over I will have spoken to the minister to understand what's going he said some very arrogant things that don't inspire confidence in fact they annoy and irritate the public number one the minister said one is to one don't you get it number two the minister said courage Kwanza one on my us a looting of motor truck I got my yuzu but there are Duty what the minister said his responsibility to raise and make money for government but he didn't say anything about helping you so right now every business is having a hard time people are spending time in twos looking for fuel so they can go to work and work hard so they can give you more taxes Minister and you don't really have anything to help them with so as the Minister of Finance is your job to help or is it to hurt does anybody feel helped by the minute of Finance or do you feel hurt do you say my business is receiving help or do you say my business is hurting I was hoping the minitor would take this opportunity to massage the pain that we that businesses are feeling but the minister say everything is under control the craziest thing that the minister said is he said government in the last 12 months created 800,000 jobs the minister said government of Zimbabwe not another government this this this government which made no profit in any of its businesses which is over Lee in debt which is now selling of its assets which is firing ministers or rather which fired ministers and as a train of Ministers when caught for corruption created 800,000 jobs number of 800,000 Bondi jobs what do you mean 800 minutes until it just came in so this is why I keep saying I don't believe minute I'm telling you by rote that budget the guy just came in and he went to national broadcast and said government created 800,000 jobs wait which company which company has 800,000 new employees in this country what do you see why I am I don't feel too good today but I feel sick in my stomach I literally feel sick because if the Minister of Finance is we created it do you understand if we created 800,000 jobs we will be the fastest growing economy on the African continent if we created 800,000 jobs Minister me to remove a water Lulla Lulla Minister what the Lulla Lulla are you saying that this government of Zimbabwe that is going to if you created 800,000 jobs you don't need to have austerity measures when you say you're having austerity measures you are saying you are too big to feed you don't have enough money circulating in the economy you don't have 800,000 jobs and not have money moving in the economy because 800,000 jobs is 800,000 new productive people who are producing something that is generating more money it means the economy is growing Oh Minister then the Minister went on to talk about how his budget is the cut we ran a program yesterday if you didn't watch it go and watch it he didn't cut the budget on the military you increased it maintaining president emerson moon ungawa he's 60 million dollars more expensive than maintaining Robert Mugabe guys do you understand how expensive it was to maintain Robert Mugabe Robert Mugabe had such a huge appetite that we not only had to worry about robot Mugabe way to worry about Grace Mugabe then 'wait worry about resolute gaudy and resumed kaboom when young saeng warranty resumed I mean oh I'm the Baba Jonas he can read about Ezra so Mugabe then we had to spend on T no Maccabi only Chattanooga b1 wherever a noir goon but by Jing Boran Gabi when our premier amino acid residues again anyway way to look after all of those bastards and then we're to look after when Bob squared it's our I mean we were finding that hokushin go daily and then you tell me that you've cut the budget you've even cut the president's salary by five percent and yet you have spent sixteen million dollars more you know what I'm to the same I'm not blaming President Emerson mangog way here i'm not get me right I'm not in fact I don't even know if the president knows that this is what's really going on I think mid I president Robottom grab a used to drive an s-class not even in s55 it was like an S so the custom-made s500 in a presidential car do you know what car is in Amazon manga would rights she does know what car the president was bought by your money Maybach mercedes-benz Maybach and not one think about that the car costs it's the most expensive may say these bends in the world borrowing the SLR McLaren and minutes until he said no cause have been bought and I his watch I don't understand I'm so confused who you mean so they were booed by White's by a bond minister another minister wasn't every government minister right now is getting new car what do you mean you're not buying you cuz it's one thing doing a bad job I think it's one thing when we mismanaged the funds of a country I think when we lie so blatantly about it it is very unfair I think there is a level of disregard and heartlessness that comes with telling such lies I have in neuro a big underneath and I want to be Jan good indeed aerobic it is not about a video or a big but as a number a big role mainly as a number a big the public fund and that open you always check any record and such a number better public funds no better demos on the item you know better but with a material mainly naurangi Mario you mean enormous Anna Maria Chema Cara Maria yay eh okano Sagara marry pooja married chicks hey Sylvie Domino's no boys aware at the animals were gonna run on up enough in this again I mean anyway so I was very depressed watching into the nubes interview I maintain that because I've met the kind of spoken in great detail he's a very smart man very capable and able man but as a parent you know but they're gonna opt for Maurizio might Ohio Florida the 6.4 billion that the minister is talking about is his budget symbolic I don't even know what currency that is when the minister says my budget is six point four billion six one four billion watts what USA Randhir ponder don't hear six point four billion watts when you say you're going to compensate white farmers some job evaluated transferred move over to attack invasion robbery Yama us i'ma user aburame 18,000 in red red I don't know I just think the voice we need to be hearing right now is not the voice of the witnesses in the Commission we don't need to hear the voices of the opposition we don't need to hear the voices of the people again I think we need to hear the voice of the president I want to hear what is the president thinking do you know I campaigned for president Emma sermon on Garbo but even I don't hear his voice the country right now needs to hear the voice of the president whoever is out there I know CIO be watching military intelligence is watching saw his president's office and I know a monument a speed you can't wait to go into quarantine bitanga atanga tell the president he needs to speak to the people more we don't need to hear from the spokesperson right now it's like a family UT ba ba bazinga basa Emory root Umbra Korea Korea crew Kawada kuku Shia muñeca when a father of the family tells you it's okay I've got it under control if you like a woman you feel pacified you feel better but Bobby Nicola cotton is okay for I am working on it you feel better not when you still this crazy conflicting statements and reports I think people think they're helping the president but I think they're hurting the president the president needs to speak every day if he must oh yeah it's going to take that to make business more comfortable I was in a meeting this afternoon I chaired the National Business Council of Zimbabwe I was in the meeting this afternoon with a couple of businesses and they were saying oh you know chairman Takenaka Statehouse could Danang a delayed zero and a president but after that I don't remember talking about three days it's not matter anymore why cells because we didn't know what we felt when we left we had no idea we didn't know what we happy over we said we just didn't know what we felt interrogating Doberman in Philly Airport Karuna has became a so far aluminum there a lot changer in the orange room rip Rosen a grab this whoa Wow the very very first ATP so I'm concerned I wish I had good news to tell you I don't [Applause]

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