USA Government Shutdown Causing Spike of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market! 720p

it's been over 16 hours since the United States government has chosen to shut down due to a failed Senate bill and you could see that it has had an effect on the cryptocurrency market as you guys notice right when the government shutdown was announced at midnight Eastern Standard Time they cone took a huge rally up and you can see now we're at twelve thousand eight hundred dollars after the correction and were looks to be continuing onward after a few consolidation periods and you can see that obviously people are hedging their positions against the US dollar with this government shutdown news which causes you know a large strain on the United States economy and the United States dollar as a whole which is what bitcoin is you know measured against so it makes it makes sense that people are buying update coin like they do gold this is a very good sign for the cryptocurrency market it shows people believe in it it shows there's backing and it shows that it's been tested and it's been proving to a hold value in times of uncertainty and I believe this is a very good sign for the cryptocurrency marketplace obviously not a good sign for our United States government but you can see that uncertainty when uncertainty arrives in the marketplace cryptocurrency tends to go up just based off this one example so I want to make this clear to you guys what do you guys think the United States government shutdown is gonna have on a cryptocurrency on the long run obviously it's had a positive benefit but this has only been 16 hours I want to hear what you guys think in the comments below if you guys think this is a good thing or bad thing for cryptocurrency obviously not a good thing for the American people me being one of them but we'll see what happens when the United States government shutdown and that the days to come but I want to hear what you guys think in the comments below I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend stay tuned for more awesome videos and make sure to subscribe peace out guys

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