USA BitClub Network is closing its doors to new Bitcoin & Ethereum miners May 1st! | Ryan Conley

a hello everyone this is Ryan Connolly aka residual Bitcoin ante theory a miner coming to you today to give you guys an update about bit Club network is going to be closing its doors to us participants up new ones anyways come May first and people keep reaching out and they're like Orion is this a bad thing is this you know is this a bad thing and stuff and you know of course I wish that big club network would still be able to allow us to recruit people from the USA after May first but it's not the case so what you got to do is life you just keep rolling rolling rolling right so you know I'm not hung up on it I got so much stinking international business going on everywhere I mean South Africa is more on top of the than United States anyway so I'll focus on South Africa China you know the Greek people don't know what's up with them they seem a little lazy lately they're not too in a rush so I think take back the power from their banking system but you know at my point is is that there's plenty of people across the world that already make some change happen and I really could care less I'm actually gonna be using these next 30 days guy is to recruit like a beast I'm always recruiting like a beast like those that you guys know me but the point is is now all my teams have to go ahead and start recruiting like you can go into beast mode and get there and use this as a leverage because the United States is not going to be allowing new participants to come in after May 1st of 2016 so you guys this is great timing because there's a lot of people over at mmm global for example they haven't been getting paid for open was three plus weeks right now these people I I hope that thing lasts for a long-ass time but the thing about it is is there's a lot of great leadership we're there and the best way to lock the Bitcoin community is in a badass binary like big club network has so with him in the global for example to just pull in on the front lines and stuff like that but really to have a strong monetize network you need to have a binary that doesn't have an auto ship that is digital it deals with bitcoins stuff like that and that's bit Club Network so my heart is with bit Club Network you know I believe in diversification people need to go ahead people from one coin need to get positions that Club Network big Club network is the most well rounded crypto opportunity in the world right now okay so the reason why I say that is because we've got the merchants processing thing that we're working on right now guys and just a heads up just because this closes out in the United States for recruiting people into big Club Network it is not gonna have an effect I had on our merchants platform that we're launching it's gonna be a separate entity but ties together somehow legally wise to keep us like in really good hands because we don't want the alphabet soup gangsters you know and the stupid powers that the United States has to go ahead and shut us down we were creating thing with that and I truly believe that that right there could become a billion multi-billion dollar a project that we work on and you guys you have the chance to be a shareholder basically in that as we launch that so had a great call with rust Medellin this morning on skype so got some updates on that I wanted to check in with him make sure that everyone was safe you know in the United States and stuff and my feelings weren't hurt at all when I saw that the US was closing things down you know put it on lockdown but let's go ahead and not be a lazy asses let's go grab that USA dream team out there right now and start popping them in underneath you guys and of course these guys have communities outside the United States especially in crypto where the world is waking up a little bit more than these fiat enslaved rush hour traffic love and being away from your home to you know having someone else raise your children con type thing how they do the united states so as united states least of my concerns i don't roll like the typical american i'm anti-establishment int and I'm all for monetization of a Bitcoin network and that's what I'm doing over here that's what I welcome all you guys to do are there that's what you should be doing over here so if you're not in big club network get your ass involved right now subscribe to my youtube channel below and let's take the next 30 days guys we're just going into April right now we're to take these next 30 days and pop a whole bunch of leaders in two-bit Club network over here United States and don't forget about your buddies and South African and everything like that let's build some monsters teams there's only so many hours in a day that's what I'd be doing you guys bitcoin is the future and I love this opportunity I'm taking my kids to Disneyland in a few months it just took them but Maui all because of bit Club Network so there is money in this game if you work your ass off just a little bit so get the big picture get in let's close get the US all closed up here in the next 30 days and blasts off overseas what else I got to tell ya mmm you guys definitely get yourself some aetherium contracts over at bit Club Network we just sold our last two thousand shares of that there should be more to come but beyond the waiting list and you must be a founder to be able to get that right there so you guys I wish you all a blessed day again this is residual Bitcoin Ryan and E theory a minor Ryan Connolly signing off and I wish you all a very blessed day alright y'all take care bye bye

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  1. Ryan: Why does this happen? MAPs pulled out of USA too? I also notice that at certain platforms or certain services they will suddenly have a message come across my screen. "your ip address indicates you are in usa. we do not provide services to your usa"?

  2. They Got You In The News Man…

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