what is going on folks it is DT crypto as you know we got into the crypto space for one of two reasons one is to find financial freedom the other is to be a part of something revolutionary where all the powers back to the people and we are changing our lives right now as you move forward understanding humans we have to find a way to manipulate and to pretty much run down anything that becomes a force to be reckoned with the government federal government is one of the many Titans or tyrants that gets into the way of the cryptocurrency revolution USC or the US SEC chairman Clayton has pretty much kept the rhetoric going of what the US SEC is set out to do in the crypto space and that's clean it up or in many case in many of other people's cases to pretty much stop the bag so I'm pulling a source from an article in coin Telegraph titled US SEC chairman Clayton keeps quiet on ICO ETF regulation updates so from what it sounds like there was an interview on CNBC and in other words some people like to call the criminals needing Bitcoin and reason for that I had to discuss in another video but the chairman of the SEC finds himself repeating the same rhetoric about what is a security initial coin offering and how they any Kitchel coin offering must be registered with the SEC for it to be legal in the US now this is a this is a this is a a very crucial and sticky subject in the crypto space because a lot of the groundwork from 2017 and 16 has already been laid for a lot of the tokens and coins that are out already and a lot of people that are holding them so let me get into the article here first of all and this article was written by William su Berg the article starts off the chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC J Clayton reiterated the regulator's strict stance on initial coin offering compliance and fresh comments to CNBC November 26 just yesterday speaking in an interview with CNBC during which presenters mentioned the recent enforcement deals with icos Paragon and arefox clean underline the need to conduct public token sales with US consumers in line with SEC guidelines we've had no i ciose registered with the SEC he told reporters adding no I cos have been registered with the SEC yet he's claiming that a lot of these icos are likely securities and are not compliant with SEC guidelines that's a lot of cleaning up to do so let's get into the video here of the interview i'ma play this for you and let's go he says and if I cos are going to or companies are going to use ICO in order to crowd sale for a project or for anything they may they may do that in a in a private placement or or they must just simply register with the SEC and from his comments I'm not gonna play this whole video is seven minutes long but you'll find it here on the article I'll leave a link in the description to it here but he mentions that we've had no I cos register with the SEC so based on the scope of what is in the lines stated here by the chairman of the SEC based on what's in the scope the majority of icos well let's say this if I cos are not private placements meaning if they're not offshore done outside of US jurisdiction then they're likely not compliant so because none have registered and play a little bit more here so his rhetoric is very what he's stating is very straightforward simple no negotiation no no no in between so offshore or private placement if they're not or if they're not registered then that's it you know they're not compliant so this becomes a situation here and I'm gonna read a little bit further I'm not gonna finish the rest of the video it's it's here for you guys so it says both the SEC and fellow regulator the Commodity Futures Trading Commission have adopted the perspective that while bitcoin is not considered a security various ICO tokens are subject to individual scrutiny so if you guys take a look at this video right I'll leave a link he does go on to say that bitcoin is not considered a security right so bitcoin is cool mostly everything else that we see listed or anywhere else he is stating that likely it is a security that has not been registered so that's a lot that's that's a very very vague broad that's a broad brush to paint on all crypto currencies so um this is very interesting a lot of people are holding tokens coins that have went through crowd sale has went through a lot of things in the past a year almost 18 to 24 months so there's just some ways that the SEC is gonna figure out have to figure out how to clean it up the way they want and for what it sounds like Bitcoin is getting a pass bitcoin is getting a huge pass as well so this is very interesting folks now going on into the end of the article that says Paragon and arefox which are two crypto currencies are tokens that have been regulated by the SEC pretty much they've raised around twenty-seven million dollars from their icos but they must now repay millions of dollars to investors in addition to fines after regulators found them guilty of selling unregistered securities now likely Paragon and arefox have conducted their crowd sale on us you know within the US jurisdiction without registering so this from based on what the Chairman is saying that's what made them follow to the scope so going forward you know the SEC seems like they are definitely looking to stop companies projects from developing from crowd sales or either that or they wanted to be registered and who knows what type of compliance has to be done for a company to be able to go through with a crowd sale you know it's who knows it may be a lot a lot of approvals KY sees all types of things even they mentioned I think quarterly earnings with the company so it's a lot so it looks like it seems to me that the SEC is no more than the working arm of the IRS because they want to know financials and if they're seeing money come in and if they're seeing in exchange for any type of asset that appreciates you know they don't want a lot of people walking around with a lot of money in such a quick amount of time such as will be seen last year which has you know in turn brings power back to the people through the blockchain and changing a lot of people's lives for the better so a question you want to ask yourself I guess if now if you're if you're hearing about this for the first time or you already known is the crypto currencies are the tokens you're holding are they is it a part of a project or anything that's registered offshore has conducted it anything offshore or in a private placement if not you know it's likely in the scope of the SEC and not being compliant so this is what I'm gathering here from this article and I'll leave a link in the description for that so again folks the crypto revolution is happening now and the US government is finding ways to slow it down here in the states to to shed any type of tremendous monetary growth for a lot of people so tell me what you guys think about this in the comments and ask yourself do the tokens or anything that you hold if they're not registered or put in private placement then you know that's what it is so with that being said guys that's pretty much all I got for today let the cryptocurrency revolution be televised it is DT don't forget to subscribe and like as well this is DT crypto good night


  1. Yo waz up brother, the aristocrats in fear brother, us plebs, making gains is it not good for the hierarchy, keep working hard and grind brother we will climb HIGH, ONE ARB LUV 🖤💛🖤

  2. Hopfully btc will go under 2k and stay there one year and all scams can disappear or slowly die and crypto will become healthier

  3. The way I see it is that as Crypto Currencies become more widely adapted, we will see ICO'S going down the road of registering with the SEC. I think a big solution is for companies to simply operate offshore…..simple. Great video.

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