US Presidential Candidate Crypto Universal Basic Income initiative,

got my headphones up xrp baby YP shorty come on now let's get this party started I like to welcome everybody to XRP after dark you never know who's gonna show that's for sure let's get this party started guys u.s. presidential candidate crypto universal basic income mm-hmm sounds very interesting doesn't it it sure does oh he's got holders crypto Twitter pump u.s. presidential candidate let's talk about that tonight guys off so guys I read across a critic a pretty good article on crypto predictions will cover the article what the hell a campus on university cancer Kansas emphasizes ripple ripple God's ripple everywhere you turn God's ripple is working I got an article from the SEC also and I got another really good article on Amazon ripple connection let's get this party started rabbit hole Research 808 crypto insomniac veteran-owned Charlie gee mr. scrappy chappie mr. scrappy chappie I like that name mr. scrappy Chafee you just once said that over and over camo ammo camo and ammo less than two weeks to Texas baby can't wait to see you bro oh lordy crypto v banner has been shipped to Texas I'm trying to tell you guys it's gonna be one hell of a party out in Texas April 6 crypto communities unite thank you big time crypto V for making that banner for me I really appreciate that my Robo brother let me see a little picture let me see where is that picture right there it is there it is Oh guys I like to thank everybody for tuning in big-time Brunel hey ckj my man how you doing the night life's amazing man I'm trying to tell you I cannot be more honored and this journey is amazing guys in cryptocurrency Paul Torres this here crypto insomniac XRP millionaire Brian Matt writes are the one and only the man the myth the legend big timer what up Matt Tom Mullins the one and only what up Tom are you doing Paul I was writing like a stocking line for ckj going live I was waiting like a stocking lying for ckj going live thank you big time Paul I'm right on time guys I wanted to come in at 6:50 so we can do like 10 minutes of shout outs and everything and just start to news exactly a 7 but it um it's a lot more that goes together and putting the show together Amanda joy is here what up Amanda dinner with ckj I know that's the only thing I really like about 7:00 is just like the time everybody gets off work around 5:00 or 6:00 you know you're just getting out to shower people don't really start getting like settled in so like 8 9 so I don't know we'll see how this time works though we'll roll with it for now see how it what's going on Mario what up Mario mr. scrappy chappie a active crypto it's crypto cash had the 40 last night we was partying on my birthday guys thank you big time guys everybody came out and celebrated seek AJ's birthday last night we had the beer with ckj that was wild I had a lot of fun last night guys actually Charlie G Rd and crypto Hut's Austin Adams Peter : what up Peter Colin Peter Peter pumpkin eater XR peace le crypto Captain Morgan Karl Karl Matt right there 8th 8th XRP reggae can't stop me now the rude boy is here mark UK is in the building mark UK is in the building I thought that a mark UK article pulled up oh there is there's mark UK I got a mark UK article pulled up soo come on now yo Antwon camera happy birthday boss thank you big time I appreciate that Tony XRP reg a private stock whoa you drinking big over there he sounded like big Pat big Pat was drinking some Louis the 15th I'm like what's annoyed a 15th that's that sought after bottle Trevor Jamaal Tom Mullins first ball call mark UK Rd and Matt LaRoche a mister the ckj on the beats with my morning coffee get out of here Matt stop it stop it Matt why are you teasing us like that matt said he's on the beach right now damn I'm trying to tell you guys that's all I think about is the beach life going to the beach in the morning maybe having like a little exercise but I just live in Jacksonville I used to go to the beach in the morning and do push-ups in like the water the push-ups you can drive your car right to the water the jacked up Jacksonville Beach you can actually drive your car like you can put your two front tires in the water matter of fact I used to put my two front tires in the water and then sit in my seat and it's like you're in a boat but you're in your car because all you can see is like ocean well if you pull in so far but anyway Matt LaRoche you're livin large bro you're livin large what up Connie thank you so much Connie YP shorty if you're here thank you so much – bro today I really appreciate that guys Rd am 10 cents and 10 going to the beach this weekend oh man just tweet it Matt little matter of fact let me tweet this real quick guys anybody want to tweet we're live now is your opportunity you guys were amazing and he shot out to a Pat Green who actually tweeted my video on reddit anybody got any ready connections I will love you to help ckj out and tweet the video the prior video today let me see livestream time limes livestream let me see chillin the party join the party join the party crypto time BAM there we go there we go oh let me see man to joy what's your cooking for dinner I bet it's weird when you're like livestream and somebody calls your name out like that huh let me yeah man – what you cooking over there I can't work reddit yeah yeah right it's kind of like wild – when I first got into crypto they said basically you want to post your videos on reddit so I was like all right let me sign up for reddit I'll get it ready to count or whatever but then I guess write it it's like it's kind of almost like YouTube you have to like be there for a while to do certain things like when I tried to post all my videos they all got deleted and they said you got to have I forget what it's even called you got to have like some kind of like I don't know like power up you got to have like some power to post your videos what's the call where's my reddit people that oh she's having the feet fajitas uh-oh just sent you one of your mugs as a gift I just say I just sent for one of your mugs as a gift for my daughter who's an ex RP angel girl who is an ex RP girl if you're inclined could you please comment on X Y oh I'm learning so much from you thanks from eyes those X Y oh is that a crypto XY oh I can write that down my brother and uh I can do some research on it for you and let you know something by tomorrow night X Y o XY oh right yeah xyo and thank you big-time for this support Barry I really appreciate that that means a lot tomorrow I'm gonna be a xyo expert that's for sure Oh xyo is the crypto the Oracle well it says the Oracle it sounds pretty interesting XRP babe the truth is guys I've been so DP on the ripple rabbit-hole for like six seven eight months that I haven't really studied other Kryptos that much I've been going a little bit of studying lately on my like the ones I got on my hidden gem channel I've been checking those out and but you know I do want to do like a little bit more research to see what else is going on out there I read the other day that by Nance I guess mining has launched the ICO and they pretty much sold out in 14 minutes 14 minutes I'm not even sure what the token was and I'm not talking about the BitTorrent ICO it's after the BitTorrent I see oh I guess bond answer is gonna be launching I see OS and that's probably why they're under a lot of heat from the Malta and IMF because if they're moving forward with these ICO selling out in 15 minutes that could cause that could grab some attention from all the all the unwanted attention from the SEC now basically like I said guys now I got a really good article too about ripple partnerships on top of partnerships on top of partnerships and the price never moves I thought it was I felt that I shouldn't dress that I felt that I should address the elephant in the room because I do see a lot of people saying why in the price moving the price goes down with good news so we will talk about that also guys I got that article that's for sure if anyone needs xyo information hit me Oh e kale ekl hold on II kill and bury are you guys working together and I'm just joking I'm just joking don't mind me don't mind me that's for sure I'm just joking thank you big time Barry that's for sure I got no problem with that ek oh I'll check that out uh-oh big Pat Young is here what up big Pat the ckj coin mr. scrappy chappie that's what I'm talking about big news from ain't got my life some-something's homie oh lordy down pickle down on down down pickle well let me like this first article out right here because I can see the prices steady changing over here and this article like this will make the stream lag first thing first guys I like to welcome everybody to XRP after dark you never know who's going to show guys we do this show every single night at 7 p.m. we used to do it at 9 but we switch to 7 what the hell I'd like to thank everybody for tuning in guys if you missed my deep dive video I did today I think Carl is about to send the link up if you missed that deep dive I did today guys and I highly recommend you check it out see KJ he's going to go back to them deep dives I got to do it guys I'm really realized that you know there is some there is some good people out there in the community I do deep dives but I haven't been doing deep dodge lately so I'm gonna go I gotta get back to my base it's time to get back to the drawing board that's for sure come on now what up County XRP dudes here one of the best deep dives I've seen mark stop that mark you trying to make me feel like a million bucks bro cheap websites today is back where you've been at bro you've been making cheap websites there it is right there guys here's my deep dive I'm telling you it took me like three hours to put that one together so I hope you guys check it out and I hope you enjoy a kale you're gonna learn when you come in this channel bro I do jokes on the nighttime show we joke a lot we have a lot of fun on the nighttime show that's for sure Jared thank you big time for the birthday wishes bro I appreciate it a AKB from NC here North cackalacky in the building what's going on guys thanks big-time for tuning in smash some thumbs up what up XRP dude SEC steps up efforts to regulate virtual currency offerings and exchanges guys almost every single night we're pulling an article out of the woodwork on regulation if somebody got some article that says crypto is being banned or crypto is not gonna make it please linking it in description send it to me late now send it to me guys please but I'm trying to tell you I'm seeing complete I'm watching a complete different movie the movie I'm watching cryptocurrencies about to explode because they're creating regulation as we speak SEC steps up its efforts to regulate virtual currencies and we've talked about this guys you know this one just came out but I figured I touch on it real quick basically I believe may March May something SEC is gonna have a forum where they want feedback from the community from the people from the people x marks the spot chuck real is here phoenix star born oh that's what i'm glad to remind me phoenix actually guys were gonna give away 100 x RP tonight courtesy of phoenix he donated last night guys so we'll give that away tonight mark UK so anyway got se sake steps up efforts to regulate virtual currencies and offerings and exchanges guys i'm trying to tell you this new way to raise money is revolutionary but for companies to raise money through IPOs IPO is initial public offering now basically what i see owes initial coin offerings is a whole new way to raise money digital tokens is a whole new way to make money this is a whole new way to make money and i'm trying to tell you guys there's money to be made and I'm not a financial adviser and I'm not promising you riches and wealth and all that but crypto is my retirement plan Laurie let me stop arrangers here what about Ranger I got your uh cute so anyway that's the point of this article guys more and more bullish news every day Wyoming blockchain coalition's drafting regulation Colorado just passed the token act I mean Texas Wyoming matter of fact I need to really keep this list right here so I can pull the list out of everybody right here but I remember one time about a week ago or two we actually pulled up crypto Wolf's page and we went all the way down this page in just Wyoming Colorado Utah Denver Washington regulation regulation approved the prove the proof I'm trying to tell you I caught a big pad this is about to be wild one hell of a ride digital Nomad investor in that house are you gonna be lost him and every night digital no matter like once a week or wish your live stream schedule bro and that's one thing to about me I see another content creator i'ma show love love shout them out link them up the whole nine that's what it's all about guys I not only do I preach this mark UK Colorado born and raised on that on these slopes where I spent most of my days not only do I preach this but I live this Utah in the house without bed I'm trying to tell you guys that's what I'm all about supporting each other and loving each other and one thing I won't stand for is if anybody comes in here trying to bash another channel I'm not gonna go for that that's for sure we got to uphold the integrity of the community damn right come on now oh man our our birthday next year see KJ we'll be celebrating I believe happy birthday Oh Chuck bro it's Chuck reals birthday today happy birthday to you bro everybody please please show Chuck real some love what Chuck real happy birthday bro happy birthday happy birthday to oh man birthdays a day after mine bro huh huh YP here YP oh yeah YP shorty had my back big time that's for sure YP thank you bro that's amazing I really appreciate that look maybe we'll talk a little bit about that towards the end of the show that bearbie that's that beat right there SCC steps up efforts to regulate virtual currencies you're damn right they do and guess what guys crypto mom and I cannot wait to meet crypto mom May 13th through the 15th big Barry Silbert invited ckj to consensus and crypto mom is in my radar I gotta meet Hester Pierce that's for sure she's gonna be one of the first person I got to talk to hopefully and I'm telling you I cannot wait to put a video together for notorious I'm gonna put something together from consensus he's gonna edit something for me it's gonna be sweet guys I got goals I want to lock it I want to get an interview a Barry silver Christo crypto mom Hester Pierce Karlis Domingo a couple other people I gotta go through that list so SCC steps up efforts you damn right they do guys I pull this up right here because I was just going through some old pictures and stuff and this is a screenshot I'm not sure what the date was but if you look at some of these prices right here adn right here was a 17 cent 88 right now is it four cents just imagine guys just dream with me for one second oMG right here is it seven dollars and 32 cents and believe it or not these are these are low prices these are low prices to what it was before here's card I know there's a lot of Cardinal fans cardano's sitting at 17 cent right here though imagine this is four or five cents right now we know and guys I'm not psychic but I almost could guarantee you and I think everybody will agree with me we know Carr Daniels gonna go to ten cent right and beyond no the thing is cardano's at five cents when they it's ten cents that's double your money and I'm not a financial adviser guys I'm just dreaming a little bit here OMGs at a dollar fifty we know it's going to go to three dollars that's going to be double x RP right here sitting in 50 cent right now it's a 30-cent we know we're gonna see $1 $4 again iota sitting at $1 I owe to us right now a 30 cent you know you're gonna see 60 cent TNT dead it's dead dead and dead now hey lar T xlm 34 cent you know there's some excellent fans out there we'll save that for the morning show bitshares 21 cent I wish I could see ice Oh but anyway guys I just want to pull this up really really quick because this is a screen shot like don't get me wrong guys I've been buying all the way down just like the rest of you I've been buying in a bear market I've been getting my ducks in order and I'm trying to tell you we're gonna be sitting here we're gonna see these prices before you know it because guess what SEC is working on regulation come on now 47 XRP if 47:57 would still be huge a lot of people got in like when I first got an extra P I got in at 22 cent 28 cents something like that and so that's still double right there that's and say believe it or not I don't know what's going on with CNC Terra it's called Tyrion and basically Tyrion I can tie that to the digital currency group and but the thing is like when I look up a project I like to look on Twitter to see if they've had any movement like some projects don't have no tweets for like the last three months in two months and it's just like the project kind of like died dead in the water I'm not sure what's going on there but uh yeah so right now CNC sitting out of penny I think there's another one sitting out a penny that people are starting to talk about a lot ovett I was looking up vet a little bit last night know me I save this stuff for the daytime show diversification talk but I mean vet is sitting at a penny or like a penny and it's like whoa and then I googled it last night and the other is a relationship there's a partnership with BMW like I'm not 100% like I haven't did no research on vet in months but I just googled last night vet still partnered with BMW just to see if it was you know still a partnership there and yeah that's partnered with BMW on top of I don't know how many other partnerships the thing is guys were pioneers and digital currency movement yes regulation did slow the market up but guess what it only did one thing slow the market up crypto is here to stay no doubt about it tell them misty since no get your ducks in order you see what misty sends is saying Karl I'm gonna look up King Karl because you're always talking about some damn kin I got a check-in out Karl got to do it bro I'm gonna check out Ken bro that's for sure Oh meeting doing things okay Jarret that is that is good partnerships rollin in some use case already I hope so because I said last night I said hmm I said these projects are gonna go up ain't no tellin when no that's before I decided to go real real real heavy on vet I said let me make sure there's still that partnership with BMW so I schooled it I said okay they're still a partnership with BMW I said let me take my chance and I'm taking chance guys this is crypto it's the Wild West of crypto well let's just say ckj one heavy I went heavy that's for sure what can I say guys huh it won't be long now oh I got lots of it that's what I'm saying soon Empire money some projects you can get like a boatload for like you know a few hundred bucks you could probably have damn near a hundred thousand of them what and that's because really when I did the article on Bob way when it was like you know XRP was point zero zero six and you would get like twenty thousand at a time and like that's where the money is when you like when you catch that project when it's a penny and you catch it when it's like early even like what XRP three for a dollar that's still early this is all early it's all early if you think about it opportunity's knocking that's for sure Oh XRP do says ckj king coin is the future for the younger generation so what's Carl buying it for it in now I'm just joking yeah that pays V Thor – that's for sure all your vet you keeping your my Nance account keeps uh and that's why it's kind of beneficial sometimes guys it keeps crypto on by Nance because if you keep your v chain on there they give you V Thor every month to an airdrop if you keep BitTorrent on there they give you know if you keep trying to give you a BitTorrent did they still give you gas if you keep neo I'm not really sure about that that is money in the bank damn Phoenix I like the way that sounds bro he says vet is money in the bank it's been quiet making gains 30 percent in the last 30 days I know that's another reason I kind of like said hold on what's going on in here I see something going on and they're supposed to have some kind of release in the next two weeks are gonna dirt on something I'm gonna drop a video on vet I'm gonna drop one on I got two been said I got a 100k vet that's what I'm talking about Subin yeah that's what I'm talking about babe okay guys I'll pull this article up really quick what the hell price prediction is here and there Bitcoin a 28k like going to 650 XRP to $4 if to 2k crypto traders raising bold predictions crypto trader who calls himself science God nine four eight nine is back with a series of bullish predictions on the price of the four leading crypto currencies matter of fact before leading crypto currencies the traders Bitcoin prediction recently shot to the top of Reddit comparing bitcoins price door in the 2014-2015 bear market and the current state of affairs from 2018-2019 coin that's analyst Omar is on the same page concluding that if the past is prolonged a long term transition bull market may be on the horizon now what they're saying guys is I don't read charts I don't reach hearts I don't do all that stuff but I'm starting to hear a lot of rumor about the way the charts are starting to set up that it looks like we're in the midst of a bull run I mean guys it's springtime we've been waiting long enough I'm telling you something's bounded something's bounding and believe it or not a lot of tokens or don't get me wrong maybe I'll say that for the morning show but I'm telling you a lot of these different projects have had some gains like big-time huh so science guy isn't selling just for one prediction the trader has taken things a step farther over the last two weeks outlining for extremely bullish predictions on just how he believes btc-e XRP LTC are set to rise according to the analysts the results could bring Bitcoin the 28k whoo oh so no litecoin 650 x Arpita for just imagine guys XRP shooting up to four dollars again whoa big pat imagine XRP shooting up to four dollars again from 30 cent to four dollars from thirty cent to 60 cents double your money come on now damn right damn right so then we got the charts all lined up right there charts all lined up arrangers out what happened Ranger Ranger Ranger I got your mug pulled up bro thank you big time guys big shout-out to my XRP brother Ranger I sent him this mug right here guys and that's what I do I send stuff to people just for being you huh because that's what ckj loves to do I love to give back to the community you guys are always donating to me support me the love the positivity like it's the least I could do so I made them as I made them a mug that says Ranger sent that mug looks big as hell though is that a normal sized mug Ranger it looks kind of big wonder how many ounces is that mug no notification what Ranger stays out next our piece of not yeah a talent Paul Torres it's gonna be a tsunami bro no doubt about it well I don't see where Ranger said he was leaving but if you're out Ranger have a good night my brother see KJ's backyard wisdom and knowledge shall be stability of the times and strength of the salvation tell him ranger 175 right here guys this is a badass dude right here one of my sponsors for the Texas trip also and look at him looks like he's already in the mansion and he's already in the mansion mr. scrap okay mr. scrappy mr. scrappy chappy Oh community meet up when this moon's pole 4 locations mr. scrappy chappy thank you so much my crippled brother for donating to the channel I really really appreciate your support I'll just get the work to do Eve showed up in Bee Gees not even here what's this barrel got great show up Eve oh that mug is pretty as hell ain't it I sent Ranger a mug I sent uh Tom Mullins a monk I need to sing Carl a mug Carl I need to send you a monk bro Carl you've been mugged send me your address to the UK bro I got you send me that address Carl you need a mug from me I'm gonna make you a personalized mug you wanted to say Carl on it I got you guys I'd like to welcome everybody to XRP after dark we do this show every single night at 7 p.m. we're talking about crypto currencies guys please smash some thumbs up and I'm trying to tell you you might want to pay close attention because opportunity's knocking right now come on now now this is a kind of a good article guys he's got hot Euler's now you know I don't really like going political but from the last presidential election you never know we've seen upsets happen before we're not upsets maybe surprises surprises I mean guys I think anybody can almost become president not anybody but you know like for example this guy is using crypto as his like promotion thing and guys guess what quick there's a lot of crypto fans out there so this gains momentum you never know he's got holders bit coin and crypto president pump US presidential candidate Andrew yang no we talked about this before his BG 1-2-3 Bob way yeah I have no idea guys I have no idea that's what everybody's saying in the community I don't know our car got mugged again by walking those England streets yeah call he better be careful out there so I heard three dudes chased him all the way underneath this car and then he had to crawl into the car and then he lifted up his manhole and then he slid it over and hurt him jumped in the manhole like a ninja turtle and then he hurry up and closed the lid now I'm just joking call US presidential candidate Andrew yang recently crossed a critical threshold that allows him to participate in the u.s. presidential debate okay yang is on a rocket from near obscurity to YouTube and Twitter glory after his first appearance on Joe Rogan last month that's all it took right there the Joe Rogan appearance a fact maybe we should get on Joe Rogan where he discussed his universal basic income initiative I kind of like this idea guys the job crisis in the US and watch what he says young is a proponent of crypto currencies and blockchain technology Wow yeah this is what I'm saying sooo guys I think this this this should be the way it is I'm not saying from I don't know the details of his plan Josh said he wants to give everybody one ki mana look josh is on top of that he's ready to get his 1k my thing is this the way rent is the day if you got two people in one household it's you're barely making it you barely make it you can have two incomes in one house and you're still like almost living check to check like don't get me wrong you still can like buy nicer things even if you're one person in the house you're in trouble that's for sure you're trouble so this is my thing if they want to give everybody one that and they're talking about in crypto two crypto enthusiasts where's auntie well fat money has changed in my okay yang is a proponent of crypto currencies and blockchain technology he has accepted Bitcoin in the theorem and ERC 20 token donations for his campaign and has amassed a following on Twitter that speaks his language we're speaking your language bro about the future of payments money is changing and payment options are about free choice I'm trying to tell you guys there's a big-ass movement happening right now with transparency and cryptocurrency and the ledger I'm telling you guys there's a lot more going on than like then then okay yeah we're investing in crypto or we're gonna get rich and like there's a lot more going on guys we're changing history as we know it also yeah far as the the ledger like banks are like always laundering money they're not gonna be able to do that no more and that's why they've been fighting against the ledger that's big fat talking about you guys are nuts huh so basically so what it is is his proposal was a thousand a month for every adult from the age of 18 and 64 and you can get paid in yang bucks I guess cuz he's president yang or BTC but I'm pretty sure to go and probably pay you in anything anyway which could be held as an investment or spent in the real world well this is my thing I don't think nobody should get nothing for free but if you have a job and you're working you're thirty forty hours a week or whatever they should give you that thousand a month regardless no if you don't got a job I don't think they should just give you a thousand a month but if you're working and I'm not saying you know if you're on disability you know there's a lot I'm not trying to take shots of no body or whatever you could be disabled you still see get 2,000 a month if your own disability or something like that I mean but the thing is they just can't say oh I'm just gonna wait for the thousand bucks I'm office at home you know nobody wants you know everybody gots to do that you know put in that work big pat so I'm saying if you're working you got a regular job they should send you that thousand bucks a month and believe it or not if this is his plan and he's crypto friendly he can gain some real momentum behind this because guess what what he says is as a digital asset yang bucks could have distant advantage over the US dollar with respect to distribute it monthly nationwide blockchain technology we could use to verify people's identity and the digital currency could be sent to anyone eligible who holds a blockchain wallet but when he says is really true down here yang who found a venture of America an organization designed to support entrepreneurs which I'm telling you guys that's the problem with businesses when I when I had a small business I went to the Small Business Association the bank trying to get a small business loan guys they do not really support entrepreneurs like that I'm trying to tell you they don't uh nobody says is uh he says he wants people to prepare for the inevitable of automation of technology and advancements are wiping away jobs and that's the truth guys didn't I say that I said we are no longer Industrial Revolution society from the 50s and 60s now our technology society technology driven and you've seen I've seen on the computer the other day guys when I got them robots zipping through Amazon like filling the orders themself like you know how many you know how many jobs are gonna get replaced by other robots and Amazon factories that's insane so I'm trying to tell you guys he's saying what's real is technology is taking people's jobs away so he wants to teach people about cryptocurrency blockchain technology coding all that like guys listen if you don't listen anything else like really learn this computer learn blockchain learn some code and learn all about crypto I'm trying to tell you guys this is the opportunity of a lifetime tell them big pat young damn right guys please smash some thumbs up Ock J 2024 you never know I think the rock might run for president anyway they're making memes I'm moving everything so that's kind of interesting that's for sure no guess what if you guys are going to support me big Pat Paul Torres out there J XRP Matt writer scrappy chappie if you guys are going to support me anything is possible that's for sure anything is possible you never know who's going to show what up see KJ oh yeah you're right Mike you're right about that bro yeah yeah matter of fact guys it's not even really yeah yeah stay away from political stuff one thing I learned in life is stay away from politics and religion because they could always get sticky but what I'm saying is yeah yeah yeah you're right I was almost like promoting that guy kind of sorta but the thing is he's using cryptocurrency for his promotion which is kind of like interesting but I'm with you on that Mike socialism is great so the money runs out and it turns into okay I see what you're saying Mike because now we started that political stuff yeah that's not the that's not the attention Oh everybody saying presidents ekj guys please smash some thumbs up welcome to XRP after dark I really appreciate that guys I do two streams a day I do start your day with ckj at 11:30 a.m. est and we also do XRP after dark at 7:00 p.m. and I'm trying to tell you life's amazing and I did one hell of a deep dive earlier guys you want to check that out extra point coin gets adoption push develop ecosystem we kind of covered these ones right here guys Microsoft Outlook paid global it goes into this but this article goes with this one right here coin stagnates even after massive adoption news so I decided I'm gonna address this elephant in the room right here hey relax huh relax I'm gonna address this elephant in the room right here because I see a lot of people on what happened Tom what you want me notice Oh x marks the spot I'll be your vice president I'm with you on that I want my ticket off big BGC KJ oh you're talking about see KJ and Big B G running oh you would go for Sikh Oh misty since says she would vote for ckj do do the to to to to to to to to to to to thank you big song misty since I appreciate that Tom what you're talking about Tom what you want me to notice Oh I nominate Pat green for mod our back when you should have been a mod long time ago no doubt about that big pass that he'll donate 10 X or Pete's who he'll donate 10 X or Pete's in my campaign you're great man Pat coin stack oh now you got me feelin bad huh PAC we know I love you to death Pat Green that's for sure in believe it or not I said the same thing last month now you taking me down that rabbit all there's so many people in this stream right now that be mods and that's why I was thinking about rotating mods but these mods have my back for so long and I don't know we'll figure something out we'll figure son Larry Las Vegas is but I'm not gonna rotate miles guys you guys have my back for way too long and I really appreciate it but then I started feeling bad for all the people that should get a chance phoenix star born well I just seen a bunch of people drink XRP cool aids always here Missy's always here I mean Chris XRP Ford st. Augustine my brother looks just like me yeah he should be a mod God there's all kind of packed greens should be a mod no doubt about it mr. Matt Ike around he should be a mod there's so many good people in the Earth's it's crazy hey so anyway guys here's my belief this is my belief why the price hasn't really been moving that much because the thing is guys i sec is focused on crypto like crazy XRP has a lot of relationships and partnerships we're working with the Federal Reserve with the Faster Payments task force we're on the IMF high-level advisor board guys open to this point the cryptocurrency market has been manipulated like crazy it's been a lot of pumping and dumping going on and really the thing is guys if they know any coin not to try to pump and dump on right now it's XOR P because XOR P has real utility real partnerships and actually has real use case so that's the last token they want to try to fake pump right now the rest of them ones that are pumping guys and it's kind of like the enemy being manipulated a little bit I believe like some of these tokens coming out too would work pumping uh you know fifty percent and all this in like one day come on guys something's not right right there they're being manipulated that's for sure you damn right Paul to him they have this market under Mike not only do they have the market under a microscope right now because you guys you see the SCC's coming out articles all the time they're doing the thing next month where they want feedback crypto mom says this crypto dad's saying this guy's right now things are getting very serious and this is why the market has been stagnated because regulation is right around the corner no doubt about it but I'm trying to tell you guys when that regulation I'm not gonna say one regulation kicks off but I'm trying to tell you we're like we're on the verge of the market taking off there's no doubt about it it's gonna happen it's gonna happen a TAS getting a good pump get out of here are you serious I haven't seen a DEA move ever I'm just joking not a tea egg basically uh I mean it's been at four or five cent for a while I would even like to see it go like six cent that would be like some movement let me say I still sitting the five-cent right now right now 88 at 5:00 it just can't break that five-cent for some reason we'll see what happens though OMG OMG x' don't kind of good it was like a dollar 25 it's a dollar fifty but like that's like some tokens you don't really never hear about lately OMG it's not really under the radar I mean it's not under the radar you know like what X RPG enlisted on coinbase that's right under the radar X LM getting listed on coinbase that's kind of underneath the radar now the only thing I really see moving a lot is oh et cease fighting back come on TT see you can do it not me stop et Cie is fighting back though it's up 5% and it's at 477 it was all down it was all the way down like four dollars so that's kind of sweet loom loom has been pumping since I can't remember last a little one from four cent to seven cents which is really good when you're down in them low numbers and it's up 6% XRP is pumping extra Peas at 31 sitting right now it's up 3% so something might happen there CVC if you really think about it guys it's the same ones that's pumping that I've been telling you guys CVC loom CVC loom what else CVC womb let me see where's the RX is that not ZRX ain't done nothing but loom and cbc x are peas up and looks like bits aren't showing a little bit of life if some reason East has been pumping lately I've seen bit boys say something about oyster the other day I studied that project like a year ago I don't know what's up with him now xzt up 27% what the hell is that oMG is East baby OMG zeef baby hey guys I know you could spend oMG and McDonald's so that's my belief guys this is the title guys I see so much frustration I haven't seen in comments where people are like I'm tired of crypto and I'm done with crypto and guys I'm telling you're like folding at the fourth quarter or like the game is like basically the game is about to begin like I can't believe people would hold this long and then like oh man this is taking too long I guess people are like really impatient and I'm trying to tell you guys like we clearly see that this is about to take off no doubt about it need a catchphrase I'm with you uh Paul Torres you got one for me the third-largest cryptocurrency in XRP is moving sideways for almost two months without any price surge order oh yeah guys you want to know one more thing – from looking at the prices I was going through all my old screenshots and I'm trying to tell you I really think XRP is at the bottom because it was sitting in like 32 cent were like at different times where this was at this and this was at that I really think the markets at the bottom guys believe it or not I think bitcoin is at the bottom around what 4 G's XR piece at the bottom at 32 cent I don't think we're gonna go know much lower there's only up from here that's for sure only we can't fold tell them Empire the price of XRP is $0.32 market cap 13 billion 24 hour trading volume is 801 million and like I said guys my belief is that regulation is focused on crypto currencies right now so basically that's what's going on we're about to have some regulation which nobody supports regulation but at the same time it's like it's almost necessary because the markets been used and abused hike around Bitcoin max pump certain coins yeah they probably are I keep hearing about these other tokens that just you never heard of pumping like all of a sudden out of the blue to be like this is pumping it's up 100% I mean what the hell is that it's like these tokens that nobody's watching or pumping it's crazy please smash some thumb thumbs up guys a look at the trading right and that's what I'm saying – guys like people are like cryptos dying this and that god's digital currency group took in more money in 2018 than the previous years they got money from the harvard endowments from yale harvard all them there's so much different situations and people come in and crypto Nell I'm guessing I'm here and then see the elites are still trying to knock us off our XRP Missy you're right on the money with that one we need regulation because crypto is gonna change the world I'm telling you it's the older regime that's fighting against it and it's the newer regime that says hey this technology is necessary because we're tired of being taken advantage of by banks with the overdraft fees and when we send money to our family overseas we're tired of paying a hundred dollars to send five hundred dollars and like the outrageous fees there's a new way it's a new day and I'm trying to tell you we're gonna take over no doubt about it crypto is here to stay babe what'd you think about that cat drank XRP kool-aid Brad and David have an ace in their sleeve we will wake up one morning and to a green candle damn right drink xrp kool-aid XRP Spalding says I'm not selling regulation will and manipulation and we need that and that's the facts guys we do BZ comedy set bro I'm holding tighter than an ankle bracelet on a fat lady well I didn't read the Fat Lady's calf I read tighter than an ankle bracelet but anyway guys I noticed we were talking about pain Globo earlier and here's another situation guys peg low boo out there in the UK Carl's favorite company peg low will mark you Katie's on this article shout out to mark UK paid global and FSC regulated Emani agent based in the United Kingdom has added support for XRP let me read that line to you guys one more time Matt go to O'Shea Kim Dawson I research no room for fake fear tactics tell them Dawson you're the best Dawson guys pay global is an FC a regulated emoney agent that has added XRP guys they got approval from basically that Securities Exchange Commission which is the same thing in the UK to list xrp what's that mean Krypto is here to stay that's for sure well you heard of the FS you heard of the FCA and that's what I'm saying that's the most important and no mark UK's on here he says hi I guess they're having a problem with this company or whatever hi when filling out the KYC mobile site it doesn't confirm that you have uploaded the documents I have no idea if I've uploaded anything after trying three also the site doesn't automatically fit on my mobile screen unless the phone is the landscape so it looks like Mark UK's investigating this one though also the app isn't working asks for a pin and error message okay so we got mark UK on the case we're marking it mark is on the case that's for sure who is this guy this month this ain't the guy from Pei Global is it this was just Leslie this face looks very familiar holy moly stop playing Connie oh my god Connie you're amazing Connie Oh Connie you shutting out Connie you already do so much for me Connie seriously modern you know out in the community out there fighting wars and stuff for ckj Thank You Connie Connie you didn't have to do that Connie thank you so much XRP angel Connie the best you guys remember when bearable guys shot it out Connie also time that's probably why – giving you a hard time out there – because uh when bearable God gave you a shot out you know that's for sure Oh anyway see KJ this is for Barry gonna as she is okay hold on see KJ see KJ this is for Barry gonna as she is waiting to send you a donation bless her heart what do you mean oh this is I see KJ this is for Miss Barry Donna who is waiting to send you a donation waiting to send me a donation what do you mean mark UK is shredding the pay global he says that what it's not real is that what y'all are saying I even seen him on Twitter sharing the article if you go on pay global they have a Twitter and everything one thing what was she trying to send a donation that won't go through or something she sent to you on behalf of Barry but who was barriers that somebody with you or there's somebody in the stream yeah from at Barry Ghana but what they do send you the money and you send it to me or something he said Connie is the drew Barrymore of the ckj angles angels you got that right no he wants answers look like he likes but it looks like he got lots of bugs okay lots of bugs on the site well I'm not sure if this donation is okay I'm okay Barry tried to send me a donation you're sending on behalf of horrible leaf that's what I do believe yes in the stream she cannot figure out how to donate okay okay all right thank you big time Barry I really appreciate that but tonight you're gonna get that back from her economy because if you donate your money then anyway guys yeah the way the super chat works is there's like a little money sign down here like you click on that money sign and then the first time it will ask you likes your information or whatever but then after that you can donate freely so I really appreciate guys that support the channel and donate it's amazing shield waves huge shout out to you bro I seen that you uh he actually tagged BG yesterday it was like bearable guy can you show up down in the sea KJ's birthday party and bearable guy came through guys bearable guy put up a birthday cake last night on his Twitter page O'Connor you're amazing thank you so much Connie you're amazing Connie so anyway they're attacking paid global mark UK trying to get to the bottom of it don't say you got something in the UK mark UK needs to get to the bottom of that that's for sure she away that was crazy last night guys on campus this is from ripple insights guys if you ever want some of the best information on ripple that is facts check out ripple insights like this is where the best news is for like straight facts I'm trying to tell you you can go all the way back from to the beginning of ripple and check out like stuff you didn't even know existed Pat Greene much love to you thank you so much for the support on campus University of Kansas emphasizes inter interdisciplinary block singing study for budding entrepreneurs know what they're going to go in guys as ripple is out there trying to teach people about blockchain about digital currencies you know there with these colleges the additional campus provides us with a fascinating look on how University of Kansas blends academia and blockchain and many compelling and sometimes unexpected ways as part of ripples University blockchain research initiative I'm trying to tell you ripples out there guys working with the biggest brightest minds to create ecosystems that aren't even thought of yet for this technology I'm trying to tell you guys we're pioneers in this movement watching this whole thing unfold right before our eyes not to mention the opportunities I'm trying to tell you l 3-3-7 trance testing testing 1 2 3 thank you big-time trance I really appreciate your support in the channel my brother testing 1 2 3 thank you so much you guys are amazing I'll be lost without you guys mark look at mark over there flexing with his muscle shirt on go ahead mark huh love the content and the education mark thank you so much my brother for the support I really appreciate that big time mark I hope you all hang out bro we pretty much do a show every night at 7:00 and every morning at 11:30 a.m. free education telling Dawson I learned from you guys I'm trying to tell you Kansas here oh is that where you at Connie Connie is out in Kansas uh-oh I think Connie played Dorothy he's tough Kansas we're not in Kansas no more toto across multiple conversations with Professor Perry we're exploring the university's deployment of the X our people edger whoa cybersecurity related research in the blockchain with the NSA what the hell oh that was going on here hold on XRP baby with the NSA what's going on here hold up related research in the block team with the NSA National Security Agency okay and the unique enter to discipline project okay that's kind of interesting tomorrow's innovators what they're saying God is the same thing with the president article guys I'm trying to tell you opportunity is knocking for cryptocurrency blockchain anything anything crypto guys Texas XRP what's going on bro I finally caught the live show been missing out Texas RP I'm so glad you made it bro hey pickle we aren't in Kansas anymore tell him XRP kool-aid yeah that was unexpected for the NSA to jump out at me working with ripple and the college initiative and they got the NSA in there hold up something's not right now come on hold on now I know Dave shorts did used to work at the NSA so hold on something's weird is going on here Dave shorts used to work at the NSA and it looks like the NSA is still around did he ever leave nothing I say no let me stop I'm just joking oh no I'm just joking like I don't know what's going on there I'll do some more research on that that one jumped out at me anyway guys huge shout out to Ranger 175 my sponsor for the Texas trip I finally got my new banner all on one I don't got to go searching thank you so much Carl really appreciate it Carl I'll be lost without you guys April 6th Blanco Texas I hope all you if you guys around Texas please come out visit ckj big Pat's gonna be there scan the shop right there big Pat Canada in the house for everybody I'm saying big Pat was bearable guy and big Pat lived in blockchain island in Malta nope Pat lives in Canada wrong scanners shot big Pat ml painting crypto lamang that's one of my sponsors and crypto view and 175 and Tom Mullen is the hidden sponsor yup he's in the woodwork driving home from work what playboy what up crypto a ubs he said what up Playboy what up Playboy what up Playboy Trevor Jamal he said not good and then say it's probably the ones keeping the lid on the market and then say it's trying to steal my crypto yeah doesn't subscribe and like Omar Deen desire thank you so much for subscribing brah really appreciate that I hope to see you Maldini I hope to see you tomorrow night at 7:00 bro that's for sure I'm gonna be looking for you get my ticket to the Barry then Karl I'm working on that bro I got you I got you call mack daddy maybe the NSA was worried about China taking over using Bitcoin so they had David sorts make XRP uh-oh I think this is gonna spin off to something right here guys we fought NSA are the blockchain initiative I don't know what the hell they up to that's kind of interesting guys oh I can only imagine this this was this is going to turn into something I can see it kinda but who knows I feel safe knowing I'm part of the XRP army damn right XRP reggae you would us bro it doesn't matter who's involved with this of course everybody's getting involved guys everybody wants to try to contain this to put a lid on this before it takes off but at the end of the day whether it's NSA FBI NCA whatever guys it doesn't matter cryptocurrency is here to stay there's no doubt about that I mean we got box fidelity building exchanges Robin Hood the Kushner's coming in Trump executive order if you don't think the NSA is ending out the executive order it's like I don't know but I still we got the executive order with Trump though I'm trying to tell you guys we're just getting started crypto is here to stay Barry silver follow me back guys ckj is going to consensus 28 2019 I cannot believe it here's the cake right here happy birthday ckj I put red candles and green candles for the market guys I don't know if it's just me but everything is crypto to me guys as soon as as soon as uh Missy Cage they said what you wanted to kick happy birthday ckj I want red and green candles for the market I'm trying to tell you and if you guys didn't hear big BG threw up the happy birthday last night oh my god and on top of that the community rained love on me sound Mullins oh that's right I supposed to give away the 100x star PA that's right let's give that hundred xrp a real quick and never gonna get out of here oh you got your mug today I know I want some cake what up bro I understand wishing you a happy birthday is in order what up Chris Richard lamb where the hell you been bro good to see you pushing her on the ripple board now Kushner invested in Robin Hood his company cadre he got a company called kadriye they used to be a real estate company but now they call myself a fence tech company I wonder why because guys FinTech is where it's that FinTech is the new industrial revolution damn right yeah send them up guys XRP baby phoenix sent me 100 XRP last night for a giveaway let me find my trusty book right here this one right here ten ten ten ten first thing first guys and you'll smash them thumbs up ten tenten ckj dawn what ckj does making it rain next are people in the community non-stop I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it send that XRP baby up next door B baby come on now Empire semi dot Kim Dawson cam you're amazing all right let me see we're gonna go let's do 50/50 to make it kind of easy 5050 guys we're gonna send out 5050 just because I like sending it out on ball makes it better and the first winter we're gonna go 10 down from we're gonna go 10 down from the show and hide right there 10 down from show and hide right here why would it hide XRP baby that doesn't make sense but send down from him wins fit the XRP and I'm actually gonna take a screen shot so just in case anybody disputes it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 let me kind of one more time to make sure it's that crypto bug but I want to count it one more time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 congratulations crypto bug crypto bug you just won 50 x RP on x RP after dark can you imagine that crypto bug when you first tuned in you never imagined that she was going to be walking away the 50 x RP tonight and I got a screenshot know what I do with these giveaways now guys is I hope you got an x RP tip bot our twitter account soon as this video is over i'm going to put this video up and I'm going to put congratulations to the winner so you'll be crypto bug right on their 50x RP if you want to get paid extra fast put your QR tip bot right underneath that comment on Twitter if you don't have a Twitter account and it's hid but you can send me an email JC 3 0 6 9 5 4 at that's me ckj and if you want to get out me real fast message Carl alright this person's gonna walk with 50 x RP let's do this doo doo doo doo oh my boy Stewart's here what I'm still good to see you bro we're gonna go 10 down from the baby we're gonna go 10 down from the baby right here on macdaddy send down from Mac 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 slip slip slip slip it's just a slip slip xrp baby let me get a screenshot so just to verify it send down from the baby and it was slip slip congratulations bro I hope you two guys got a Twitter because I never heard of y'all so like I said guys the best way to get your ex RP is I'm going to retweet this video I'm going to tweet this video and I'm gonna put congratulations to the winners tonight gave out XRP again because guess what guys we're giving out X star P a couple of times a week I think big Pat says he was ready to do a giveaway too so we're working on another giveaway but anyway congratulations – we're now to write the first name did I even write the first thing I know right slip right here slip and crypto vlog slippin crypto bug that's why I'm glad took a screenshot now I can actually just recount down to ten and write the names down crypto bug and slip 50 XOR P each congratulations congratulations congratulations alright guys I gotta get up outta here I know my boy back up bad comms great come on any minute ah yeah it took a screenshot no XRP baby I can round so guys I like to thank everybody for tuning in tonight you guys are amazing I'll be lost without you guys YP shorty uh I think I will say I real quick before we go guys one thing is YP short he got upset earlier because it's one thing I've been preaching in the communities is about you know uplifting uplifting the cons you know like far as I'm not going really like for example if somebody comes to my stream talking bad about another channel that's one thing we don't stand here and I think that's to be like a universal like I seen Brad comms do it last night if somebody came in there talking noise about somebody else in his channel he says hey you know we don't do that in this channel and that's one thing I think all content creators should agree on is don't have a rest haven for people to come in there and like talk bad about a different content creator or bash them for like a half hour straight me personally I've seen it so much I started liking it a little bit cuz I thought it was like free promotion I'm like yeah they're talking about me everyday like wow that's like free promotion so but at the same time at the end of the day you know we need to still protect the integrity of the streams in the community that's all I'm saying positive vibes only tell them can David ant1 Alex Montego thank you so much bro really appreciate that all JR I'm sorry bro Leland thank you so much Carl Knight dalgo says it's Washington DC Flagg – the three stars on happy birthday BG message – red stripes first XR Pete's hit bought post it will get 20 XRP from me hold on dalgo says it's Washington DC flag – the three stars happy birthday BG message yeah Alex that was wild to register types first @xr Pete's hit by posted up will get 20 XRP from me what on Alex so guys thank you big time I also really appreciate that and like you said guys looks like he's throwing 20 XRP up for grabs other than that guys much love I will see you guys tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. own saying to meant day am a kind uh hasta manana I mean I see you tomorrow guys alright much love thank you guys so much for being here tonight Jarrett five eight nine society Texas XR Pete's X's X or P here to man bro Richard lamb I've been missing you bro I hope it all is well with you Alex thank you so much Balt Charlie's bags good night fam CEO tomorrow morning much love Mahalo Alex Montego joined the BG telegram is where doggo gets his info yeah I know dog was not in the BG telegram I think dog Oh gots his own group don't go started his own group much love maja

15 thoughts on “US Presidential Candidate Crypto Universal Basic Income initiative,”

  1. The Ripple company keeps investing the money they made from XRP.
    Why are they still pushing all this technology that's doesn't use XRP, after making so much money (BILLIONS) from the XRP in the 1st place. I remember in the pass when Brad Garlinghouse was saying/bragging how he was going to use XRP with the Ripple technology, and how the price was going to go up so high. What BS, they signed so many contracts that doesn't use XRP. How many billions that greedy Ripple Company needs to make before we make some chump change.
    The price is not going up, because the Ripple company keeps on selling technology that does not use XRP!!!!!!!

  2. Early is key not the price lol like Maker is technically cheap right now… BTC is cheap… its about market cap

  3. "The goal of socialism, is communism" -Jospeh Stalin

    Your I.Q. has to be sub 90 if you think a $1,000 universal basic income is a good idea. Handing out free checks to 80% of the population is just prepping you fools for the total dependency and government reliance of which the socialist ideologies is based on. If 40 hours a week doesn't pay the bills then you just have to man up and find a second job, and if that isn't enough, then you are just bad with money and finances in general. If anything we should be giving some extra bucks to people over the age of 64.

  4. Got me more XRP at DXexchange today 🙂 DX.Exchange is the first complete crypto community that allows institutions and individuals to purchase cryptocurrencies and digital Stocks with fiat, trade cryptocurrencies, and convert crypto back to fiat.

  5. Universal Basic Income. Hey, we are not your pets. Keep the treats. We want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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