welcome back everyone crypto Patrick here today I'm going to talk about some favorable news with the US government there's actually was a meeting earlier today where someone very important in the government said that they want to do a no harm approach to crypto currency meaning that they they know it's like a new technology and everyone's interested in it now way more than stocks a lot of a younger generation and they want to make sure that they regulate it in the right way where they're actually just not hurting like they're not hurting like crypto currency innovation or they're not hurting any of these like coins coming out but they want to make sure people don't get hurt by a like ICO scams like bit connect that where didn't have any product or any utility involved which is actually some pretty cool news and um before we get into this video guys make sure you guys hit that like button if you enjoy my videos I'm gonna do a giveaway video at the end of this video and um I do live streams all the time I do giveaway I'm gonna give away some XRP on some of my last video so make sure you do it every Friday but I'm gonna do it on this one make sure you guys hit that like subscribe button if you enjoy getting cryptocurrency news videos all the time and I do live stream showing you how to make money with bitcoin mining a lot of people join these mining programs that aren't actually mining a lot of Bitcoin they're just buying hash power you know I actually show you a program where you get to join one and it's at a facility where you can go visit and it gets hooked up into your name and you can mine for life so more about that a little bit but let's get into the news guys and what's going on with the market so looking at it right now yeah yesterday it was at two hundred and seventy billion to hundred and seventy six billion dollars guys in the last 24 hours it is up now to three hundred and sixty two it was at 270 like about you know ten minutes ago but that's still about a hundred billion dollar increase guys in the last 24 hours which is great for crypto currency that means that we are having a little bit of a rebound if you come to the global market right here you can kind of see 279 right here 279 billion and then we had this huge up uproar went to 350 then it did a little drop off to 330 about 330 then it went to 366 and now it kind of climbed up to 372 and dropped off found stability around like this 362 mark I don't think it's done yet guys I think we're still gonna see a little bit of Correction the Chinese Lunar New Year has been happening attack you know I think I think we're gonna see about you know maybe we'll get back to that historic levels did you look on the three months where it was about 500-600 billion I think it'll step slowly creep up there around March and then about April time I'm hoping that we'll get back up to this eight hundred and thirty billion dollar mark right here and once that happens all these coins that kind of go up and down with Bitcoin like if you look right here just these top ones like aetherium we have an all-time high of 1400 Ripple had an all-time high a 380 you know ripple yesterday guys was about 60 cents I thought it was gonna go to 40 that might be the buy time but right now it's 75 cents Bitcoin cash is uh slowly creeping back to a thousand I mean litecoin is you know our neo was under was under a hundred it was like 90-something not even 24 hours ago now it's a hundred a lot of these coins right when the market cap Rises you know bit they come along for the ride with Bitcoin you know and Bitcoin was a six thousand you guys earlier if you look at it yesterday we were in the six thousand mark let me just show you real quick where we've been where we've been at okay so this is in the last 24 hours guys so Bitcoin hit this this down of six thousand dollars and now it's risen all the way back to seven thousand six hundred and seventy-five I mean we've seen a huge explosion right here huge so I mean that's really good guys that hundred billion dollar jump in hours it basically says it shows that people you know people might right now be selling off for some profits that's why we're seeing a little bit of a downturn right here and they might realize that bitcoins up right now they want they're probably thinking that oh I want to make money while the correction while before this correction is done it might not be done so they're probably thinking that they can you know make some money right now but I would hold long term you know the long term holders are gonna make the most money in this market you know coins that we see rise with these little small market cap jumps up here I think that we're gonna see them basically go along for the ride with bit Wein you know we're gonna see I think that 270,000 that $276,000 our billion dollar mark is gonna be the level of support where we're gonna see Bitcoin kind of hover and stay you can kind of see it right here 270 280 that's gonna be gonna be like the that's gonna be the market cap we're like the whole market probably have finds a little line of support right there I think that we'll see the market bounce back you know mid March April around April well I'm hoping it'll get back up to the 800 billion mark because we'll see tax being incorporated again we'll see more money be infused and people won't be celebrating they're the Chinese Lunar New Year even though that China has trying to ban crypto currencies I think it's very hard to do because it's so decentralized and people can just use a VPN switchers and there's even coins coming out like substratum which you can decentralized assent relies the internet okay so getting into what happened guys what is this favorable news all about well let me show you real quick right here on reddit so the chair there basically there was like a chair the chairman of or they'll show you right here the chairman of the trading commission let me show you chairman reddit cftc cryptocurrency can probably pull it up right here alright so here it is right here he's basically the chairman of the trading and Futures Commission and what happened today guys that they summed it up on this reddit post is his kids he basically says his kids were not interested in crypto currencies and the government has to respect that they're gonna try to crack down on frauds like bit connect they also want they also said when asked is there intrinsic value into relation to Bitcoin it's basically they related to Bitcoin in the cost of mining it which is basically why I promote mining companies always print your own money guys so you can invest in this and get paid daily you know the mining is the value price the Bitcoin and the price of Bitcoin is just one is is just one publicly traded company like McDonald's in comparison to the global money supply of seven point six trillion and since bitcoin has been compared to digital gold the value of gold is a trillion so they're thinking that like you know Bitcoin has a lot of value it's you know you can compare it to gold and this guy also said hold meeting hold on for dear life when the market crashes you should hold so that that's good that he actually acknowledged that they basically said they got a they got a crackdown on those who abuse young enthusiasm for Bitcoin like I cos people you know about 60 to 70 percent of the people guys they don't research things they just kind of jump right in and then they lose money by some guy yelling bit connect you know like we've all seen the bit connect screaming guy you know you got to look to make sure it is the company you know like if you look at a mining company does that do they mine you ears what you would do if you were you know a new is if you want to be smart research you would do they have a facility and do they have a facility where you can go and see them actually mining is there a legit product and service you know are people making money just off that product and service that's what you have to do before anything when you see bit connect with like a lending program where they're promising 1% daily and there's no product and service and the coin does nothing then you know that houston we have a problem okay and so all that they basically mentioned North Korea a couple times North Korea actually just was in the news they think that it pulled off one of the biggest heist on a Japan on Japan's coin desk for like five hundred and thirteen billion dollars you know whether that's true or not that's kind of interesting to you know what why people might say they might regulate it and there's been a lot of other news coming out to basically saying that uh with Singapore saying they're not gonna ban cryptocurrency if you guys look right here I'll just type it in for you I was I was reading about some of these articles earlier I want to share with you so Cigna poor not banning crypto you can just type that into Google if you want to see it and it's kind of this is kind of like favorable news right here guys Singapore for currents that will not ban crypto currency has no risk to investors they basically saying they have no laws for it which means that there's no risk regarding crypto currencies so basically people are doing at their own risk and if you guys want to know more about like what happened with that chairman let me show you real quick right here we pull up something so basically CFTC Chairman if you want to like read this yourself this is the most interesting news of the day CFD chairman shows support for cryptocurrency here's an article I didn't I don't think I just had that reticle that reddit one up earlier but you want to see more legit one you know it's all these ads wouldn't pop up you know there's cryptocurrencies that actually unlimited ads – which is pretty cool so today February 5th 2018 and written testimony was written before the Senate Banking Commission Christopher guy Carlo chairman of kumkum Commodity Futures Trading Commission she's acid do no harm approach to cryptocurrency and distributed ledger cryptocurrency companies and startups virtual currency marks a paradigm shift and how we think about payments and traditional finance processes is what he said and engaging in economic activity ignoring developments will not make them go away so cryptocurrencies not going away nor is it a responsible regulatory nor is it a responsible regulatory response which basically he became positive and supported of distributed technology and made comparison made comparisons to the dot-com boom in the blockchain movement have currently happening being similar and they're basically saying that they want to do this no harm approach they want to stop the overarching approach that's gonna harm the Bitcoin mean all these like banks that are trying not to let you use cryptocurrency and they're trying to just basically make you hostage to them and he basically did a written report saying a lot of good things about it he said his kids use it if you think the majority of these laws and acts were invented in the 1560s and 70s in some cases long before the computers powered the internet so he's saying that we need to be up-to-date involved I've been very happy and supportive and positive that this is shown the US regulatory while simultaneous to uh to cryptocurrency while swiftly dealing with scam and fraudsters because a lot of people from big connect that got scam are crying to the government right now you know because they didn't do the research and they didn't know it was a scam and so they're trying to help these uneducated investors basically not get scammed that's really this is really big guys right now we're seeing the whole market it's down you know 50 60 actually about 60 70 percent you know all these coins you can get right now for a good deal a lot of people learned a lot of hard lessons you know I think the market will pull back we always see it kind of go read at night but I mean looking all the green right now guys it's still good look at the markets down against back at 303 hundred and seventy or did I not refresh it let's see right here three hundred and sixty-eight guys it's you know it's going up and down I think it's I think it's a good rise right now which is really nice you know I bet a lot of people are kind of a breathing a sign of relief you know doing some Zen and some yoga out there maybe meditating thinking that you know their life savings aren't ruined I hope you guys didn't put your life savings on this and that brings me to my next point if you guys are interested in cryptocurrency you should mind Bitcoin and you know like why would you mind Bitcoin right now it's because with a company like bit Club that I promote you can join in for one of these pools you pay five hundred dollars in Bitcoin cash you know is you don't have Bitcoin cash and you only have Bitcoin download the exodus wallet go to your exchange and you can shape-shift into Bitcoin cash with your Bitcoin or whatever one you want to use on here that they support and you need a hundred dollars in Bitcoin and five hundred dollars for the first pool it's a six hundred dollar investment but you can basically and you mind for a thousand days and they hook up a machine in your name and you join one of the biggest mining pools in the world guys which is like why I always plug this at every video I think it's a lot less risky tend to it's your investment in all these coins you should be getting paid in Bitcoin so if you go to the house rate distribution for Bitcoin on the blockchain technology website and you know this basically is a legit website guys you can see that bit club network is at 1.3 percent of all the Bitcoin mine you don't see Genesis you don't see how Flair but this is for the biggest mining pools in the world they are consistently every week it changes they are consistently 1.3 two-hour 1% to 1 R to 4% and just so you guys can see here's when I took from the other day let's pull it up for you guys you can see that big Club Network right here at 3.4% I've seen about 4% a couple weeks ago and what's good about this is when you mine you can actually purchase into these other pools right here so basically opt-out of off that original mining share that you did which is then why it's not showing over here let's go back guys give me one second here you have way too many tabs up in so basically off this original share right here guys you can either take all your Commission's out or you can do 1 1 through 100 repurchasing meaning that if you start doing a hundred percent repurchasing or if you just do that 50 percent you're going to be getting more days of mining another thousand a mining and you'll eventually work your way into this boundary position the founder positions where you want to be because it unlocks a lot more mining potential and how much guys will I just we did some calculations with some owners of big club and people after 5 years if you have two founder positions then you can mine about 10 Bitcoin which is a lot of Bitcoin off an original investment so it is very profitable guys if you get yourselves up to founder but you do that by compounding your earnings and you can get into this founder pool you can also mining Theory um or z cash but I definitely support this company you can actually look it up and see their facility people visited all the time in Iceland it's one of the biggest in the world and they've been around for like three years guys there's like 300 thousand members bit Club is the one of the best in the world you can see all the videos of people going to the facility you can see we know that they mined Bitcoin we know that's why I always plug it right here these people up people that are members because you become a member with that hundred other membership when you join look at they go and visit them all the time people go visit this facility and that we know that people you know my friends made about almost 25 Bitcoin off this and he's got two founders positions and yeah it says one of the best ones to join the product is mining Bitcoin that is the product guys besides that I want to give away some Bitcoin for my videos over here because we're not some Bitcoin I'm gonna give away some Ripple just because I'd like to do that for all my videos guys and while the market is coming back up why not celebrate I should I was gonna do this over the weekend but I really get a chance to so what I'm gonna do right now is pull up some of my youtube videos and show you how I do giveaways and usually sometimes I use that random youtube comment picker but a lot of people just put their address on there and they're not actually writing like a thoughtful comment and what's the point of that so let's go on this one right here guys this ripple proof abuse video and a large Spanish bank is using ripple so I'm gonna go on here there's 54 comments and there was a comment I picked already that I liked I'm gonna read down here I've read them already I've already responded to all these people but I'm gonna actually choose one market is going up can't wait for the updates thank you so much okay I already chose Prince Gerald Garcia is gonna get some ripple because I liked his comment I read about it earlier so I'm gonna give him some right now and what I'm gonna do this guy's is on my bit tricks and I'm gonna do that tag use his tag so I'm gonna come over here and while I'm doing this I'll put on some music you guys can kind of listen to good so come over here we got I got 20 rippln here I'm gonna give him yeah got good vibrations over here you guys are all having good vibrations nothing all right so you are the winner for this triple permit now i'm gonna confirm it over here alright now let's try again from giveaway last week I think you set mine to someone else right you know what well then I'm gonna give flip some whip is getting some ripple right now right cliff you're gonna win right now buddy I gotta put my thing into some duck my foot my computer is about to die let's give away some more Ripple get away from right there [Applause] but I've done need comment any comment so waiting for the best moment to buy ripple video I want to win some ripple alright Francisco you're gonna win today this goes winning today give my portable for ripple address make sure we got it here you guys always have a chance to win there's always something to do this all the time valid well I don't know what's going on with your with that you know there's something wrong with you guys this thing over here and I'll try to get you know you're gonna win on time you know I can't help you if you type it in all right for it right okay that should be good then honey withdrawals [Laughter] okay we'll see if that work guys that's it for this video thank you for watching um yeah I hope you guys win some Ripple you know I think it went away I'm not really sure what happened right there I think it's uh we're still pending maybe takes a minute to get out of the accountant bit tricks I'm not lecture [Laughter] right so I have a little bit left so I'm gonna do one more I just had to go confirm these emails on here like sometimes when you get these you have like I have to go on each one of these individually to confirm when I do the giveaways so we got 10 more right here so what I'm gonna do is go to one more video of mine or maybe just scroll down on the comments see here I still believe in x RP x RP is a scam you're obviously not gonna get any um dun-dun-dun see here make $10,000 a month so let me choose another video here guys I'm gonna choose another one on the strong one I choose them randomly – so don't there's no there's no order to it here I just go on here whatever comment I like I actually just give them away let's scroll down to the bottom see there's any good ones down here there's a massive jump right now discounts for ripple ripple circulating Tron won't be at an all-time March for sure let's do one I'm out of my new videos I'm gonna do one on a video there just posted um ripple to 40 cents get on this one okay so alright interesting your great project market is going up and down alright here's this I'm gonna try I'm gonna try francisc Fritz's again already in Princes once so give him him I'm gonna go – thanks Patrick for continued nuts regardless a potential crash I'm still holding rip all let's see here when it comes to crypto currencies and block chains overall the update practical use ripple gaming technology um let's see here awesome content you deserve more views see what's going on here I believe it's happening right now considerable number investors worldwide gain has a long comment I believe in cryptocurrency let's see here another someone I wanted to give to you when it comes to cryptocurrencies block channel updates like this to show more trust in building toys and frankly speaking ripple is now gonna be under to watch more and more people while hardcore ripple investors stay away from XR peeves do you involvement thanks to being the purpose okay I like I like this guys comment he's getting the rest of them alright so you are gonna get the rest and we're gonna give away yeah I'm gonna get way nine rebel nine ripple is the address go to my video do the tag and so you guys always have a chance to win any of these videos alright go back we're gonna put in nine invalid link why does everyone have something valid links I don't understand it didn't understand okay alright you demand chairs very helpful thanks for having regardless okay Maggie I'm gonna give something Maggie Maggie you're gonna get some today alright see what's going down here get some music on for you guys you don't get bored concentrate right hopefully this one's on it invalid tag but we'll see invalid Oh all right so you guys can tell I'm not doing this you know for anyone could win Francisco I really want to give yours but you keep uh you know I think it was an invalid tag try my newest video I don't usually do it like this guys but I'm gonna do it like this right now if you saw me about litecoin it's not over I hold everything I'm reading from find anymore market will skyrocket look at the last four years all right I'm gonna try yours one more time Francisco if not then you're gonna have to try to win another time and get a new tag okay there's a number right down here it's um there must be some kind of wallet or something people are using there just aren't good there's a bit trick usually it's fine I'm a hole though okay HSS since the since we just read about h OD l with the Redakai then i am going to do a little module giveaway for this guy so make sure your guys's things work before you send over that tag because it's not working right there it is guys okay that's it peace out until the next video


  1. Hey Patrick
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    So in the case of the last winner of the giveaway on this video (neogeojr), he too had the same XRP address and even when you didn't enter any tag on it, the transaction got confirmed. Not sure how though and not sure where that XRP went. Something that "neogeojr" can confirm. 

    Anyhow, was happy to see you picking my comment as a winner though even if I didn't actually get it 🙂
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