right what's up YouTube your boy crypto tone coming at you with another video so US congressman introduced bipartisan cryptocurrency bill so the politicians can't get along with on anything else look at this they can get along on cryptocurrency am I reading this correctly before we get into that BS we're at about 300 C me the new 666 six guys so I don't know what these whales are doing they just don't give a they want to mess with us and it's what they do guys you know we're just over here for the ride so there's the weekly guys we're down eighty three point six four percent are we gonna see a three thousand dollar what's that yep that's about three thousand bucks which wouldn't bring us down to you know I think it's like 85 or 86 percent whatever it is it's a good spot to have a bounce from so let's take a look at one of the only charts that actually looks like a chart we you know might like to look at because everything else looks like crap Tron e-tron hold it up strong at 389 that's right now weekly looking good the Tony buy on the the Tony am a scalper buy is not flashing right now guys and that's because it needs to hit 391 SATs and stay there until that bar closes if we get above that 390 once at level on that weekly bar we're gonna be looking good guys we're gonna have a buy signal on a long term buy signal on the Tron e-tron chart so that's pretty much it looking like we are going to test this range around here guys so a lot of resistance coming up for Tron anyway back to the news US congressman introduced bipartisan cryptocurrency bill as of yesterday congressman from Florida and North Carolina direct the CFTC to increase control over virtual assets to protect investors and business interest great you should have implemented this last year wouldn't it got jacked around on big connect hassles a bipartisan bill to prevent virtual currency price manipulation and position the United States to becoming either in the cryptocurrency industry was introduced by congressman Darren Soto Democrat from Florida and Ted Budd Republican from North Carolina the two pieces of legislation the virtual currency consumer protection act and the u.s. virtual currency market and regulation competitiveness act of 2018 direct the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC to explore price manipulation in virtual markets make recommendations for improving regulatory changes and conduct comparative studies of virtual currency regulation in other countries to apply them in the u.s. to spur technological competitiveness so I'm pretty sure the CFTC is already doing all this but hey we can get a Democrat and a Republican to hug it out and you know find a common bond in crypto currency that's pretty cool to me what do you think guys congressman laid out a new direction of Industry Development that will benefit the economy this way the US will take a leading role in a growing prospective spear you really need a democrat or republican politician to let us know that we got to do that we should have been on this years ago anyway in a joint statement the lawmakers said the following virtual currencies and the underlying blockchain technology has a profound potential to be a driver of economic growth obviously we all know that's gonna happen that's why we must ensure that the United States is at the forefront of protecting consumers and the financial well-being of virtual currency investors while also promoting an environment of innovation to maximize the potential of these technological advances this bill will provide data on how Congress can best mitigate these risks while propelling development benefits our economy both Democrat and Republican politicians both asked when boon because they want us to pump their bags while other general loose news tags with cryptocurrency there's no okay so that last sentence was was but wouldn't that be nice and then makes it I mean it's it it's obviously what they're doing this guy's like look see guys look if you watch my child you know I bring you the real deal info guys because the way the world works is money talks okay so basically here's what happened these guy Ted but right you know Ted but here and we got Darren Soto these guys both bullet Bitcoin at like 18 19 grand like I'm gonna be rich I'm not gonna have to be in frickin Congress and all this no more and then what happened the bed so what do they do they hold hands together and sing Kumbaya and they say look you know I like Hillary I like Trump let's just do ourselves a favor get along here we shake hands we jack the frickin price of Bitcoin up and then we can go to the moon come on guys come on guys this is the way the world works money talks it's not what you know it's who you know it's not what you know it's who you know guys this is all strategy strategic things are being played out so that we can moon this they know what's coming a lot of these guys know what's coming and hey some of made mistakes and bought at the tippy-top and hey maybe they did maybe they made a mistake too maybe they got a gambling problem I don't know and I say you know what I have power to go ahead and Jack this thing up and make a bill so that we can you know so we could figure this all out and get this price back up there and yeah you guys could say well they're gonna disclose what they own encrypt up listen you're gonna tell me you got to disclose a Exodus wallet when you use in a burner laptop what it's friggin VPN I don't think so guys I don't think so you're buying crypto over the counter with cash listen guys these politicians are so dirty they know so many ways around things they know how to frickin get you know they know how to how to just what do they call it they know how to wash the money for the most part they know how to get around things they're not gonna sit here and you know play cute with you guys they're gonna do things the way that they do it and this is how they do it and look I'm just this is all theoretical guys I'm I don't even know why I'm getting off topic here but you got to think about like this I mean we're talking about congressmen introducing a bipartisan crypto currency bill no one's talking about this I mean this is this right here this is big guys this really is big cuz again like I said Congress can't get it they can't get along with anything you know you're a Democrat you have to have these views no matter what if you're a Republican you have to have these yous no matter what or else if you're a Republican you got different views like a guy like John McCain you know he got his ass handed to him a lot of times God rest his soul but you know what hey listen that's what happens trump is he really even a republican he really even gives a the guy speaks the way he wants to speak he doesn't give a crap about nobody and it is what it is you know so guys political or not political well political you're gonna get into dirty work so that's obviously what they're doing here in my opinion I don't know what you guys think comment below let me know what you think if you agree what I'm saying are these politicians pumping their bags because they obviously bought too high or they want to make their family members rich who in turn could you know make their the next couple of generations of their families extremely wealthy I don't I mean I wouldn't do that you know I wouldn't want to do that for my family you know to the future generations that would just be crazy right come on guys use your noggin all right I'm done what that means ed like subscribe Darrin apples notification eyelids wood


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