what's up everyone this is King crypto and today I got some juicy news I'm about to roast this congressman and I want you guys to stick around for the whole process because it's gonna be a lot of fun got some dirt on them too this is what happens when you attack crypto anyway it's a litecoin giveaway I'm giving it away to Adam Lynn gives me a pretty good answer and I know my like point giveaway is a pretty sporadic but just as a tip if you message you see my video immediately message and leave your like when you have a much better chance of winning because not a lot of people did that and the only way to do that is by subscribing because then you get my notifications see what I did there anyway I'm gonna give him the light point for today we're gonna get right into it so there's been some drama today US Congressmen his name is brad sherman he is a congressman in California and he made some pretty insane statements today well you're watching this probably the next day so yesterday he made some pretty insane statements saying that we should prohibit US persons from buying or mining crypto currencies I don't even know what to say to that he he said we should just do a blanket ban on crypto currency buying who is this guy who has the balls to just say we should ban all Krypt does he know what he's talking about look at that face does that look like someone that knows what they're talking about how did he get in office looks he looks like someone I would never trust I'm not a politician so I can say this stuff I don't care but but the point is it's like what is he talking about and he said beyond cryptocurrencies being potentially used as a form of money in the future it can be currently used by tax evaders and rogue states seeking to bypass US sanctions yeah like the US dollar can't do that too I love the people that always say stuff like this about Bitcoin Oh Bitcoin is for money laundering Bitcoin is for the dark web you know what else is for all that the dollar what what about the multi-billion heroin industry people are buying that in the streets with the dollar people are money laundering with the dollar that is such a cop-out for just really just saying I don't understand this technology therefore I'm going to bash it and there is some pretty good dirt on this man thanks to the lovely crypto community I would suggest to follow crypto dog he's got he's got some good info on this guy brad Sherman was so concerned about crypto users using crypto currency for deceptive and illegal finance activity and his top campaign donation came from a company I had a four foot thirteen point three million dollars to the US government for facilitating illegal gambling here we go his top contributor is allied wallet $12,500 and their provider of e-commerce merchant services and online payment processing services all right but it gets juicy once we see that this is uh you can find this on Wikipedia but there are some sites our citations that you can read up on if you don't believe the information but yeah they had to give it up thirteen point three million dollars illegal gambling at offshore websites now if we're gonna talk politics which I don't do I will just say I I'm a libertarian so I personally don't I don't actually have a negative view on most things that people do as long as it's a victimless crime I think a lot I'm sure a lot of people and that are in this space probably feel similar but I'm not gonna talk about it the point is is it's it's hypocrisy right he is essentially saying that people that buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are using it for illegal purposes yet his top contributor has lost thirteen point three million dollars to the FBI for using the US dollar for illegal reasons it doesn't make any sense so it just it's like dude you're so dumb like it hurts my soul it hurts my soul haha and then the crypto dog this dude literally said stop brad sherman said stop like that's gonna do anything and yeah you can just see you can just see the memes I love it man I like this one a lot to go to the shame corner so stupid man and it doesn't just end there apparently this guy is horrible to work for the story goes he has a long time well he had a long time aid and California Assemblyman Matt de Bona who was accused of sexual harassment but the workplace was so toxic and negative that nobody reported it because he was not very understanding he was very mean and I believe one part of the article said he had the highest air right here high staff turnover rates in Congress over the previous decade paper noted that congressman went through Moore's chiefs of staff seven that any other lawmaker during the time period now I have a I have a theory about these kind of things usually it is if maybe one or two people don't like you just from meeting you it might not be your fault but you ever meet those people and it's like they say something like I don't know why no one likes me first thing I do is I avoid them because this kind of stuff it's like why why would seven chief of staff's walk out and or whatever the case is he's either highly disagreeable or he's a complete dick and I'm assuming it's the latter so there was sexual harassment sexual assault and nobody felt comfortable to talk about it so this is the man that thinks wish just do a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies he's a hypocrite and he needs to be voted out when the time comes hopefully it's this year so if you live in California please get him out and it goes beyond politics it's really just closed mindedness you see this on both party sides people tend to have a negative viewpoint on something if they don't understand it it's as simple as that and that the people that have the most negative viewpoints tend to not try to look at the other side and this guy is clearly one of these old people that has been brainwashed into thinking one way is the only way now I do want to say there is some positive feedback though during this during this session there were a lot of congressional congressman whatever that did say a lot of good things about Bitcoin and there they're trying to avoid the reactionary regulations for a blockchain technology which is a very good sign and essentially just saying they want to support it becoming a global infrastructure like the United States did with the internet the Internet is not exactly this lovey dovey place you could you could literally type in Google you know blowing off someone's head and you'll see Isis cutting someone's head off in a matter of one minute and you can also look at koko the gorilla talking to somebody the next minute you know what I'm saying so it's like thank God the US did not interfere with that I get it it's a little bizarre and it's scary but it's freedom it's true freedom that we did not tamper with the Internet and it is why we're in the position we are about we're still one of the richest countries in the world because we don't stifle innovation and a lot of people in this congressional hearing understood that so this guy is just a whack job and I would avoid I would like to avoid speaking his name ever again but we have to be aware of people like this exist and criticize them until they give up anyway if you're my subscribers stay tuned I'm gonna be talking about a new ICO coming out and I kind of like it I like the idea so stick around for that and I want you to also tell me what you thought about the ICO and leave your like Quinn address below and you can win next alright guys now it's time to talk about physical this is an ICO related to location data full disclosure this is a sponsored review however I will still keep my integrity and tell you how I truly feel about it I have looked over at quite a bit and I have to say I really really like this one so just because it is a sponsored review please don't just shut off give it a chance and let me know what you think about it after I talk about it a little bit data location that is a new one I haven't really paid attention to this sector but once I saw the case studies I realized that this is actually pretty useful technology and it's important to note that physical actually has 15 billion points of data from 10 million devices every single month so they've been in the business for it feels like years I don't know when they actually came to be but fact that they already are this ahead of the game is a pretty important sign and it shows a lot of credibility on their part we can see guess if we're gonna stick to the politics video the women's March when Washington had three times the attendance of Trump's inauguration and this is all from their data just based on the mobile devices and I mean I think we we would be lying if we said that most people have a smartphone so it's it's relatively maybe 90% accurate and this is really valuable information which is why they created this ICO the physical tokens allow you to buy data off of somebody else or you can sell it you know the data that you've created data that you create you get incentivized to from their company so it's a very useful mechanism and the core team looks really solid they're all I mean they look pretty ambitious I mean that's not really a good it's not exactly just by looking at them the best thing to do but you can also see they have experience they are kind of young I'll give you that but there are some older people as well ten years experience in big data we can see CEO at physical labs seven years of experience and they all graduated from school thank God because I'd be kind of awkward and their advisers it's even stronger they have Amazon Yahoo Nokia great role and all these people are in at least one of these companies so it's pretty impressive they have a really strong backing and they work with these people anyway doing data research for them for some of the companies that is they are located in Singapore so I'm assuming that is because they don't want to deal with all the legal ramifications of creating an ICO in America but the fact that most of them are in America means that they understand how ICO is work in American all the legal hassle I have a friend who's trying to create the coin rating ICO which is a a crate he he has to spent a lot of money on lawyers to make sure that it's legitimate so they understand the inner workings of that I believe as well at least that's I'm just making an assumption but I would think if they already got this far they've they've had to deal with how did you know okay sorry they dealt with it there we go that's the right word I said it anyway so here's some more use cases artificial intelligence predictive model forecast the health of the economy smart cities and you know as we go on with the Internet of Things as things start becoming more interconnected we're going to need more privacy and more security and that's where physical really comes in hand so another really amazing thing I'm not gonna read the whole way I'm not even gonna read it but I read it I've read the white paper however I just don't want to do this right now cuz I don't want to keep you guys from losing interest however it's really solid if you're interested in what I'm saying I highly suggest to just check it out everything that you could possibly question they've said it and it didn't they didn't say it and drone out no run-on sentences no grammatically incorrect phrases everything is really solid and that is something you you don't even understand how annoying that is to me when people that are trying to get your money can't write a sentence right it's absolutely infuriating so that's a really big plus to me and they're one-pager pretty much summarizes what they're doing in an easy digestible manner physical is the first and only code complete 100% functional decentralized location data market it's functional we saw it with the case studies we can see that they sell fifteen billion data points every month and that is growing that is growing we saw the team what problems does physical solve today critical decisions are made by analyzing data on how humans move through the physical world we already talked about the ways that that could happen typically the status purchased from centralized data exchanges that are expensive inefficient electron's perón see so physical wants to flip the paradigm by making things cheaper efficient and transparent as possible all of which the blockchain can accomplish and we can see that how does it work data suppliers contribute data to physical where they benefit from transparency of data ownership and control over its use data buyers purchase data from physical okay I think you get the point we can see that some of the people that they are backed by and as I said they can be used to assess or access human movement data on the decentralized physical data marketplace and it's also reward utility they'll be used for incentives to grow maintain high quality data from data suppliers and here's another nice thing about this data it's high quality in part because it filters bad data if you think about it if you're using aetherium you have to pay a network transaction fee every time you submit anything which means the people that want to spam fraudulent data they'd have to have a lot of money and it's a waste for them to be doing something like that so that does help with their case all in all I have to really say I know this was a sponsored review however the information I read to you and I've researched myself I feel is very sound and I think you guys really should give them a chance and check out their socials I'll leave it in the link below in the description and you let me know what you think about it do you think it's a you think it's worthwhile to get involved if so if not let me know best response get some like point I'll see you on the next one guys this is King crypto let's get cryptical

33 thoughts on “US CONGRESSMAN WANTS BITCOIN ILLEGAL… Fystical ICO Review.”

  1. inerrogated on why do i like crypto? i did not expect a sort of spanish inquisition, no one expects the spanish inquisition our weapons are suprise, fear, ruthless efficiency, and an almost fanatical devotion to the pope

  2. Thank you for your video. What do you think about perspective ico projects? I think the best ico of this year is

  3. Dont trust a politicans, ever….. Nothing is stopping Crytpo, facts. Not a bad ICO in theory and privacy is key, Thanks, another white paper I need to read. Lol…. What exchanges are they on? I'll definitely check it out and do my homework. Thanks for the info, King Crypto….

  4. "Tax evaders"? What about standing up for our rights that the government keeps abusing and extorting. ? He does look like a doophous. If he did Jordan Peterson's personality Test, he would fall very low in Agreableness.

  5. Thanks King Crypto for that update. As a CA resident, I would love to vote against this a$$clown. He has such high office turnovers and just bleeds money in congress causing pointless debates. Technically, it would require an explusion from the house of retardicans. Wiki says in the entire history of the US, only 20 members have been expelled. 17/20 expulsions were during the confederacy. Doesn't seem that likely this piece of crap can be removed, but karma hopefully works it's magic. The fact that our hard earned tax dollars are contributing to this dude's salary makes me mad. He has a history of stirring the pot and causing senseless chaos within congress. This creepy looking freak needs to stop taking our tax dollars and we need to stop allowing it. Please someone shove a mini-sub up Sherman's bum so he can call someone names instead of trashing crypto.

    And for a change of subject…WOW! Love coinrating! Look at bitcoin diamond yesterday. 70%! What a spike!

    Lastly, the fysical ICO seems interesting, but I honestly don't think I personally would ever invest in it. I guess i'm just not fysically attracted to it. There are so many ICOs that have promise but have trouble getting traction for years and the recent studies showed 80% of 2017 ICOs were scams. So even though fysical seems solid (not a scam), I just feel that data protocols are just not something the masses understand, and therefore in my opinion it has a lower chance of high adoption than say TRX or ZIL.


  6. King Crypto, thanks for the review of this ICO. Fysical is the decentralized infrastructure for the next generation of big data where transparency and efficiency shine. By analyzing the data collected, critical decisions could be made.

    A win-win situation for data suppliers and data buyers. What a great idea! This ICO is definitely worthwhile to get involved with and should not be missed out!

  7. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are also against it. It seems like the rich want no one else to get rich as they seek to control every source of wealth. Californian leaders are batshit crazy anyways as they support sanctuary cities yet over look all the homeless, drug users and feces on their streets. Liberals are cognitively dissonant. These idiots always make the exception the rule while overlooking the giant elephant in the room.

    LTC: LSKmtifu3ZmNmRLSZXBb2fDDkZ1UmzomC1

  8. This guy is corrupt asshole, unfortunately Congress is full and he is not the only one-it is time to drain the SWAMP!

  9. There is always going to be people like him, he is not going to stop what is going to happen eventually
    LTC: MBFsyre4zFvnCnAVENReCQsc5fVfuJd6N5

  10. Hey King Crypto, i really enjoy watching your videos! Can you please do one video about Digibyte coin, your thoughts and expectations? Thanks a lot!
    😀 And if am lucky enough here is my LTC address LKdahKMPUJnNfiMHDPWySxE2utKdt7ES7K

  11. Corporate America already has our data. We should invest and I am interested. Can citizens of US purchase the ICO? Great information to today and the government is mining Bitcoin. LTC LXTQBq1uDGowD5uJxZTNbFLV73Ydf9US4J

  12. That Sherman dude looks like he was created in a lab out of the DNA of 2 senators. He has got to be 50% Bernie Sanders and 50% Chuck Schumer. He has the look, the lunacy, the ignorance, and the ass-battery to prove it. What a schmuck!


  13. ZILLIQA is a very perspective project) I believe that this token will shoot in 2018) By the way those who does not want to buy, you can receive coins free of charge using their distribution I received 20 0000 tokens) Not very much, but it is pleasant too!

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