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money but for those of you guys who don’t know I think a lot of you guys
probably do know but some of you might not there have there been to us hearings
on crypto currency in the last 24 hours now this by no means are the first ones
but in the last 24 hours there were two more and a lot of people have been
talking about this and what this brought and the first one was fairly accurate it
was pretty good this one was looking this was at the house agricultural
committees crypto hearing they did actually have in life you guys want to
go back and watch these ones by all means go ahead sit down listen to them
see what you saw if you agree if you disagree see both sides of the argument
but then comes the next one and this was the problem that I had well this is the
future of money digital currency this was another hearing that they had and
this guy my man mr. Sherman has no idea at all about cryptocurrency and this is
why before I play what he said this is why I emphasize so much that I think in
order to get cryptocurrency adoption we’re going to need to spread education
on cryptocurrency we have to spread what cryptocurrency is what it is used for
what it is you know fighting against all that stuff I think is going to be
crucial because if people just hear what he’s
says they’re going to have a bad idea about this but guys stay with me till
the end there is so much information surrounding this guy and this hearing
that I want you guys to be fully informed but first let’s take a little
look at what he said so you guys can laugh along with me at the the craziness
at least in my opinion of what’s going on let’s take a look
these two tax evaders and criminals mr. pollak what is the this seems to be a
solution looking for a problem what can an honest citizen not do to store value
to effectuate a transaction I can be in the smallest hamlet in rural India and
use my Visa card I’ve never had a problem paying somebody don’t forget
don’t forget visa was actually down for a moment in time they have had that
issue before so keep that in mind so that that’s one instance where you might
not be able to pay for what you want let’s say didn’t have the money so it’s
a good we have pretty efficient mostly digital transfers of dollars every day
what’s the problem we’re trying to solve and now okay this is this gonna be a
last time I stopped it I swear but this is what gets to me so much so he said we
have pretty efficient right pretty efficient and that to him seems to be
okay to be like oh why are we looking for a solution if everything what we’re
doing right now works pretty well you know there’s no big issue well I don’t
understand how any human would think this way because if we look back before
the iPhone let’s just take some clear examples guys as an entrepreneur as
someone who likes business who takes it seriously researches a lot looks at a
lot of case studies I think that’s something incredibly dumb to say because
look at the iPhone before well we could we can communicate pretty well with this
right everything looks pretty okay you could type on it you can call you can do
a ton of stuff then came the iPhone are we arguing that we did not need the
iPhone you know let’s take a look at some other examples maybe
and B you know we had hotels everything was working pretty well you could get a
place to stay pretty well then Airbnb came along cut out the middlemen made
things significantly easier more affordable cheaper and you could kind of
customize your own way okay convenience level went up then came
Boober I think I don’t know if uber came before Airbnb but ooh ooh BRR
right you could in I’m in New York right now you could get a cab pretty easily in
New York before uber but uber increased convenience for
everyone around the world now guys this comes back to it who has ever been
contented when has a country ever been content with pretty good I don’t
understand why if this if this works better why we wouldn’t explore the
better option the more convenient option why we wouldn’t fully explore that to
make to continue to evolve in the world to continue to grow technology advanced
in technology baffles me how someone could say that what we’re doing pretty
good why would we care it’s crazy this is where it gets very very mind-blowing
watch this but if the solid Vantage of a particular gun is that it has a special
tape on it to prevent finger prints from adhering and you would say the honest
citizen who wants to hunt wants to make sure that the deer cannot identify the
finger prints of the hunter I would say the sole benefit of that particular tape
on that particular gun is to facilitate criminals what other than facilitating
criminals and allow people place bets on the value of some heavy so we’re gonna
stop that right there but like I said we need to spread cryptocurrency education
because watching things like that are painful comparing crypto currencies to a
gun with tape on it to hide fingerprints is crazy and the fact that he emphasizes
so much that the only people that benefit from cryptocurrency are people
who are evading taxes are criminals and our terrorists or drug dealers or
whatever it whatever they were discussing the fact that he emphasized
that that is those are the only people who benefit from that clearly indicates
that he has no idea how crypto currencies work now Bitcoin
you guys know is transparent there are other privacy coins out there but I
guarantee you he has no idea the difference between the two so I don’t
think that’s what he was trying to say at any point either I genuinely think he
had no idea what he was talking about now let’s take a look at who this guy is
Brad Sherman right here right Brad Sherman he let’s take a look at the top
contributors to his campaign actually that’s kind of the part that I found
most interesting that is I’ve seen several people point out especially on
Twitter so you guys can see right here there was a twitter thing which helped
out a ton helped a lot of people out this set of representative brad sherman
who just told the financial service committee that he wants to prohibit
americans from buying and or mining crypto has a credit card processing
company as the largest campaign donor and this is an issue with the whole you
know secret agenda that people have especially when it comes to people and
power people in these type of positions they take the accept donations we’ve
seen this in politics and i’m not gonna get into politics right now into
elections stuff like that but we’ve seen this happen a lot and this will sway
people’s opinions on what they say in a certain direction so the fact that it’s
Top Contributor something called a live wallet and if we take a look at allied
wallet oh what a surprise it is a credit card processing and merchant services so
smarter credit card processing and merchant services so first of all it’s a
smarter version so I still don’t understand what he meant by we’re doing
it pretty well so you know if we’re doing that pretty well do we really need
a smarter credit card processing it’s only a little smarter we don’t really
need that we’re doing pretty well but no so this would explain why he was so anti
cryptocurrency and why he wanted us to make crypto currencies illegal in the US
and make it illegal for people to buy crypto currencies but guy guys at this
point I want to know what you guys think let me know in the comments what you
guys think of what brad sherman says i don’t personally think cryptocurrency is
going to be illegal in the u.s. whatsoever but I still think people like
this should the band should be illegal for people
without the education to speak on the topic that to me is mind-blowing but
guys let’s fight this with crypto positivity and also crypto education
moving on let’s take a look at the market though really quick two hundred
ninety two billion dollars in market cap 43.9% Bitcoin Dallman so if you guys
look at the chart everything even though we see some green and we see some red
everything seems to be on a nice projection the last seven days now the
part that I thought it was fascinating was that I already got messages I
already saw comments talking about how well here we go with the book like the
short-run was nice but here we go everything is crashing again cuz there’s
going to be red right now I’m not saying that this is the final bull run I still
think Bitcoin ETFs are coming that’s going to propel the next bull run but
there’s going to be reds and there’s going to be greens in any in any form of
movement right even when there’s red days everyone so while we would have a
green day some cryptocurrencies would be in the green even when most are in the
red red and grids you’re never going to get only green so when things come up
you might see a bit of a correction that’s what we saw a little bit here we
saw some red but overall in the last seven days cannot complain with the
trends we are seeing now if we look at the 24 hour change for some Zen cash is
up 12.5% digibytes I know a lot of you guys like is 9.2
percent of 9 / 2% Bitcoin diamond looks like it had a huge pump-and-dump what
else is there Cardona was up 2% but it seems to be split pretty evenly I’d say
there might be a little more in the red than there are in the green but overall
I think a good mix of red and green sort of a sideways day sort of deciding which
direction we are going to go by the time this video goes live who knows maybe we
have already decided on a direction that’s a difficult part with making
videos about crypto currencies that things change so so fast that it’s
honestly so hard to be able to record a video and post a video on on a
particular topic before everything changes so taking a look at you know the
brighter side after dealing with that first bit of the video right dealing
with what that guy had to say let’s take a look at some good news so Bitcoin bull
market expected on ETF approval and the one thing I mainly want to emphasize
with this is that I think people are starting to the hyper Bitcoin starting
to come back the excitement for Bitcoin the optimism for Bitcoin is starting to
come back so we’re seeing the mix of the etf now when gold ETFs came out that was
what propelled the huge gold run actually wish I had the chance before
you comparing the Bitcoin and the gold runs so far you know both had the
initial run up and the big correction after that and it was at the moment that
gold ETFs happened that they went up 300 percent from their all-time high which
for Bitcoin would be roughly $60,000 that is where gold that’s where the
price of gold went after the gold DTS happened and we’re roughly at about that
point in cryptocurrency so very interesting to see if this is the
turnaround that everyone is looking for the next two pieces of news I have for
you guys again just showing Bitcoin price showing a really bullish sign this
was said by Barry Silbert already like him more than I like brad Sherman that
we saw right but in a panel discussion with CNBC Fast Money Berisha Barry
Silbert the founder and CEO of the digital currency group discuss the
Bitcoin price recovery of above 7000 dollars so guys the next article same
thing but a Bitcoin bull slowdown which honestly we can say numbed why like I
said nothing’s going to be green 100 percent of the time there’s going to be
green there’s going to be red the only thing is we need more green or bigger
agreein days than we have red days that’s all that matters after that it’s
just steady growth is the way to go we’re gonna have some green we’re gonna
have some red but experts believe price is only going higher so like I said the
optimism for bitcoins coming back the optimism for cryptocurrency is coming
back and I’m so excited to see what the next few months have in store I was
excited in January we had a rough few months now let’s hope we keep growing
and keep going up from here but guys that’s gonna be it for this video if you
guys did enjoy the video and you agree that we need to share some more
cryptocurrency as you and optimism out there make sure to hit
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you guys tomorrow for another video


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  2. no comment on Mr. Sherman, he is just delusional with assumptions! Not know what Crypto currency is meant to be used for. SMH

  3. Patrick at what price do you think hashflare will start paying again? Also that guy needs to be ousted

  4. It's pretty simple. This guy is a liberal. They don't like anything, particularly concerning OUR money, they can't control.

  5. Do not invest in bad coins! Choose only the perspective projects! Here is for example the ICO Telegram. This is the best variant

  6. Told you the panel they had for the financial services committee did a piss poor job of explaining the benefits and reasons for crypto. It's like they purposely took a group of clowns to ask questions to. Sherman is a dinosaur who has no clue and is in the pocket of big bank and finance. Only interested in himself I was screaming at the video watching it live.

  7. This reminded me of the keystone XL pipeline and why Obama didn't want too build it. Obama said it was because it would hurt the environment. Wrong, Warren Buffet was one of Obama's biggest Donner's, and Warren owns most of the railways that bring oil by train down from Canada. Dig a little and you will find the truth.

  8. Brad Sherman D-CA is an ignorant puppet for credit card processors. This is not the first time he has spouted his stupidity from the seat. They should make the contribution to him in bitcoin. Maybe then he will get a clue of the crypto value. They can make the donation to me –
    18tFo85KZ4v7XAN5QJyk8YarV9XKPb1M7W – I would make better use of it.
    Voice your opinion to him in a Telephone town hall:
    Tues August 7th 2018 7 pm PDT
    1-877-229-8493 pin 13402

  9. Lol if crypto becomes illegal. Then there would be a need of privacy coins… it literally doesn’t matter what the government says.
    For example drugs, most drugs are illegal, does that mean people won’t get them? Fuck no! If the person wants them and they know how to get it they will! Mr.Sherman is just retarded… they’ve already made it regulated so fuck them!

  10. People should be able to invest in anything they want period!
    All governments just want to keep the poor people poor.


  11. I absolutely agree with you about Mr Sherman, he has no clue at all what he is talking about and/or has his own agenda.
    He should get educated about it indeed or banned to talk about things he clearly doesn't understand.

  12. That man should be in a nursing home he is so far behind what is happening in the future he is full of self interest

  13. High powered investors and politicians, regardless of their party affiliation, have a hidden agenda. They speak out against crypto because they are scared that it will negatively affect their flow of funds.

  14. It's sad how people will bash Cryto to increase their agenda (Representative Sherman). I will bet if XRP would be donating to his campaign and he would understand the whole Crypto platform, he will feel different about Cryto. ETF to the mooooooon!!!!!!!

  15. And the average person who may have fallen on hard times can pay Visa 23% on every purchase and remain in debt for eternity. What's the problem! Visa is making money and poor people should stay poor. The American way!

  16. And the average person who may have fallen on hard times can pay Visa 23% on every purchase and remain in debt for eternity. What's the problem! Visa is making money and poor people should stay poor. The American way!

  17. Brad Sherman's arguments are flawed and childish. If he was going to argue against cryptocurrency, there are much better ways and comparisons he could've used. I do not think crypto will get banned, but this does show that there are groups who want that to happen in the USA.

  18. Supposedly this comment will make you rich!!! Make a point of 0x (ZRX) token! Buy it at least on 10 dollars!!! Or in case you are running low on funds , it is possible to getitfree of cost using the airdrop on

  19. Never trust a person in America with a (D) or (R) in parentheses next to their name.

    ‘Sherm the Worm’ needs to be better educated.

  20. He’s trying to protect his own interests like the logging company’s years ago with regards to hemp.

  21. Education is key like in any technology, 10 years ago smart phones were taboo. 15 years ago texting was number based. Basically times change , technology changes and the early adopters like us will eventually prosper.

  22. 1. Does he got stocks in visa??
    2. If the buttom is in the left cornor why change it to the richt cornor 😂😂… Some charges are good!!!

  23. Hey Patrick great work, Brad Sherman well here in Australia we call this pissing in the bosses pocket, I will say no more.

  24. This popped back up on my youtube feed and proceeded to blow my mind for a second time to how much Brad Sherman does not understand or simply is lying for his own financial gains at such a critical time for the crypto environment and newer investors confidence levels.

  25. Mr. Sherman is irrelevant, and is peddling his own biased agenda. He will eventually be exposed as a Deep State operative.

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