US Congressman Calls Blockchain & Crypto Tech ‘Revolutionary

I like to welcome everybody to ckj crypto news good morning I hope all is well on this beautiful Sunday this is part of my five minute X rapid quick significant crypto news u.s. congressman calls bit coin and crypto tech revolutionary God's reason I'm excited about this article way here is because I mean even just yesterday crypto victory Colorado exempts crypto currencies from security laws but pretty much every day we're receiving more more bullish news on regulators who are excited about this technology pretty much creating regulation on-ramps for this technology crypto currency guys is truly definitely here to stay also guys shout out to the daily huddle this is where I got this article from they always got some really good articles definitely check them out but on this one right here is from a big endorsement from US congressman representative Tom Emmer our Minnesota says he stands in support of Bitcoin and blockchain and crypto currencies look I was like I said most important is Bitcoin is the poster child for digital currencies so they referenced Bitcoin as reference of crypto currencies but pretty much me know I've showed this over and over where the article says Bitcoin but it clearly means Kryptos crypto currencies and is working to help this sector expand the u.s. lawmaker co-chair is the Congressional blockchain caucus speaking at this year's DC blockchain summit while with someone to that a couple days ago everybody was there by a Garlin house crypto mom crypto dad now we're getting information about tom emmer a representative congressman there pretty much this whole event was pretty much the saying hey crypto currency is here to stay Emer highlights bitcoin as revolutionary technology wait until he hears about XRP many included in this many including those in this town would like to focus only on blockchain ignored or criticized crypto currencies they will tell us that bitcoin is used by criminals and blockchain is a real is the real innovation it's true there are lists of transactions but that should not be the reason to totally dismiss crypto currency Emer says bitcoin is the first use case of public network that allows participants to transfer and exchange value and data without a middleman this is revolutionary aspect of this technology the idea that we can develop an open network in which we control our own data while freely interacting with each other and without having the trust of gatekeepers that idea could be one major breakthrough of our lifetime Wow breakthrough of our lifetime guys revolutionary opportunity knocking I mean come on guys this is amazing so X we got way here guys I'm gonna go to the riddle Ripple one big data analysts in Forbes contributor Thomas Hill Jarno we've covered Thomas Hill jar he's pretty much huge XRP fan he also is a contributor to Forbes he wrote the fourteen misconceptions of ripple XRP very well written article you've seen him post pictures with Lisa Wynn on Twitter big data analyst Forbes contributor Thomas Sousa has released an overview designed to set the record straight on ripple and XRP from the digital assets volatility to utility compared to stable coins the report outlines 14 misconceptions he says people often make about the San francisco-based company and the leading digital asset wow that's amazing guys right there I thought this was kind of interesting for free people that don't know Roger Vere was one of the voting board members at ripple labs when at the birth of it when ripple labs call it the big fine back in 15 or so is because they were sending XRP to Roger ver like he used to work a triple he's a ripple fan behind the scenes Bitcoin cast you know Bitcoin cash he moved to Tokyo Tokyo Bitcoin cash is huge in Tokyo in Japan for nightclubs in Tokyo including mezzo or now reported accepting Bitcoin cash like I said guys I'm not really a Bitcoin cash family personally I don't have any Bitcoin cash I'm actually like very very little bit not enough to say I do Tron CEO justice son also gods you think about it Tron justice son worked a triple also same boy remember a ripple started just a son I'm trying to tell you guys this one reoccurring theme I'll always have here on the show is really the ripple labs led to the birth of almost everything digital currency Tron CEO justice sons early tests with BitTorrent are running smoothly the token is being integrated with the file sharing platform BitTorrent and an effort called Project Atlas BTT will be used to reward users who share content on their platform so guys I got one thing that really excited me about this article right here about the US congressman Tom Emmer Minnesota stands behind support of crypto currencies and blockchain technology and that's riding high off the news from yesterday that crypto victory Colorado exempts crypto currencies from security laws so guys I hope everybody enjoys your Sunday today but the thing is guys we clearly see that regulation is being worked on there's a lot of people that's excited about this technology and I truly do believe just like congressman that this is the opportunity of a lifetime the ckj coin will come down right now smash that corner subscribe to the channel I really appreciate your time thank you so much much love Mahalo

15 thoughts on “US Congressman Calls Blockchain & Crypto Tech ‘Revolutionary”

  1. I'm so tired of Forbes printing FUD on XRP. Look this crap. They print crap like this. They just called Kylie Jenner the best self made billionaire of the decade. Will someone please tell me how "self made" Jenner made her own business plan, SWOT Analysis, Business Matrix, Cost Analysis and ROI calculations. I want to hear the media interview her and ask these questions (without her knowing what the questions are before hand) If takes one of your parents to have a freaky weird o operation to become rich then I'd rather be poor and wipe my ass with a Sears Catalog in a tin roof outside toilet while eating government peanut butter everyday.

  2. CKJ, I saw on the news today that China and the USA came to an agreement that they would not devalue their respective currencies to gain an unfair trade advantage. I wonder if XRP is lurking somewhere in the background on this matter?

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