US Congress introduces 2 crypto Bills, Pakistan introduces Crypto Regualtions, March's Best Gainers

we are on now a couple of things to actually discuss today definitely a couple things to discuss today including the best Gators for March Pakistan introducing cryptocurrency while introducing cryptocurrency regulations you on Pakistan introducing cryptocurrency regulations and Congress is introducing two bills but I don't know if either of these are tokin taxonomy we will take a look at it so we will actually see what is actually going on for clarification on the coin based thing I'm not actually sure it's ex rapid I don't actually think it is right now they might do it in the future it might be it sort of sounds like it's like the quasi thing there they are they're promoting this the use of X RP and USD C but they say coin based fees still apply so I'm get it's like the same thing it's kind of like the same thing they've been doing for I've been doing with coin base for like you know a long time sending XRP from for free from like wallet – wallet hey guys so I don't really understand why people I don't really understand their announcement I'm not really even sure where they've how people found that page because it seems like it wasn't on the main page and I couldn't really find any links to it from the main page but they're basically saying that they are basically saying that you can they're basically saying that you can send x RP from wallet – wallet for free but we kind of already knew that right so I don't want to really understand why I don't know what their actual announcement is this might be a prelude to actually them actually using ex rapid in the future but this basically says that here let me bring up the webpage only find it from this news channel you thought you can send money across borders virtually instantly with x RP or USD see no fees to send our receive x RP or USD see from another coin based account but that's true for everything every calling that coinbase actually has and it's globally supported it's in about a hundred countries so as long as your friend has a coin based account in another country you can send them any of these crypto currencies for free including x RP or USD C but if you actually look like the further down the page and you ask them can I send other Kryptos crypto currencies abroad like Bitcoin yes you can in fact you can send any cryptocurrency supported by a coin base to another coin base user to an account outside of coin base or to an account outside of coinbase XRP and USD see may be better suited for smaller international money transfers either fast processing and lower transaction fees USD see also has the added advantage of being interred exchangeable for one US dollar rather than being volatile and price like the other crypto currencies so the coin base fees when you actually purchase your XRP to transfer actually still apply so this isn't really any different from will being able to do for like the last year or so with any coin base currency um I think there just check kind of like it's not really a new sir it's not really even a new service it's just kind of something they're doing for advertising I can't actually find a link from their main page so but someone somewhere actually dug this up and it's not actually I don't think it's on the product page yet maybe Commerce I don't know I yeah maybe this thing except yeah see like it's the same thing as this page that they actually have on their actual site except litecoin Bitcoin whatever would pretty much instantly within minutes I don't know I have to actually show me something else before you actually get excited about this coinbase crypto international transfers thing there wasn't any news wire by coinbase I think they just set up like a test page and people are going crazy over it we don't have we don't have a date on the XRP app yet they're having another meeting sooner or later and they're going to beta test it now I haven't seen the YouTube video by ripple but there was a news there wasn't a news wire by coinbase as far as I know I hopefully there is a consolidation the 6k soon I wouldn't be so sure about that have I seen a don't yeah I know dogecoin got pumped by like 20% I'm not exactly sure why maybe people thought the saw the April Fool's news and thought it was actually real um it seems to be by some Bitcoin inflows but if people follow it in because of the April Fool's news then they're gonna be sorry like tomorrow but let's actually look at the US Congress is two new cryptocurrency bills so there's two bills bills H it's HR 922 handling price manipulation and bill HR 923 increasing competitiveness so they're exploring new blockchain regulations they introduced new to crypto currency bills aimed to address price manipulation and boost the country's competitive edge in the new industry I don't think this is the token taxonomy act that we're waiting for so the first one is called HR 922 it's aimed at tackling the issue of price manipulation according to the document the chairman of the kamati CTF C will be required to submit a report which details the potential for virtual currency price manipulation including methods success table classes effects and harm to investors and so forth so this is kind of like clamping down on that more ever the document also puts a definition on the term virtual currency as a digital representation of value that does not have legal tits or not legal money status does not have legal tender status that functions as a medium of exchange a unit account or a store of value so based on this definition Verte that actually might have it not be a security I'm not actually sure because if it has these functions as a medium of exchange then it technically can't be a security or can it I'm not completely sure I'm not sure if this is like basically I'm not really sure if this is basically breaking the token taxonomy Act into two parts it doesn't really seem like it and bill HR at 9:23 is increasing increasing competitiveness I mean it's called the virtual u.s. virtual currency and regulatory competitive Act of 2019 if passed it would require another report for the chairman of the CTF C in consultation with the SEC heads as well as other relevant federal agencies deemed necessary detailing the means to the country's competitive in the field the report would include comparative studies on existing US and international legislation evaluation of the benefits of virtual currency as well as blockchain technology to the US commodities market legislative proposals recommendations and so forth HR 923 also requires the regulators to propose a new regulatory structure for crypto currency exchanges which would include consumer protections federal licensure and market supervision so if 9:23 actually passes it would actually make regulators regulators like the CTF C and the sec to propose a new regulatory structure for crypto currency exchanges that gets us further along to actually classifying crypto currencies it's worth noting that the two bills come after the introduction of the token taxonomy Act but that was introduced last year I don't know if it's been reintroduced yet as Bitcoin is reported but this one was I think this was last year right yeah this is December 22nd this is last year so it hasn't been released yet the bill proposes that cryptocurrency should be exempt from classified being classified as securities that's talking about the Act that was introduced last year and was adjourned on and the first one that of today's bills bill 922 is a definition for virtual currencies that closely follows that proposed in the token taxonomy Act which would indicate a potential attempt on behalf of Congress determined a true definition for the term future regulations so while it's not very solid for determining future regulations if this bill is passed that means we could be getting closer to defining crypto currencies as not securities so 922 is actually really good for us it doesn't really determine the classification yet but it would get us a bit closer so Congress is making some headway in this I'm not really sure if these bills are going to get passed they're probably going to get sent back to committee and hopefully they'll get passed later this year but they could do like a clear pass through not exactly sure what the chances for that are this should be somewhat bipartisan and there shouldn't be a lot of bickering over this but they might want a lot of revisions before these things are actually passed a lot of legal experts said this stuff will it take at least a few months if not a few years to pass so I'll be following this closely and be reporting on any improvements that come along the way but at least we've got the ball rolling now no the bills don't say there are no taxes on credit would you guys stop trying to like run away from taxes that's not a good thing you yeah these reports are going to take forever so we go if you know if these things pass like it's gonna take probably another year or so for this stuff to for this stuff to actually come to light but it is actually mentioned with considerations I mean if you want to buy a Bitcoin right now it's still not too late it's only like 40 150 I mean it's not like you it's like it's not like it was when it wasn't like 30 120 but still I think it's still pretty low did the dogecoin news for the Education Network I'm almost I'm almost a hundred percent sure that's fake it's April Fool's news I'm pretty sure the Education Network did not actually change their name to the dogecoin Education Network that makes no sense okay so the way that crypto taxes work is you do actually you the IRS can classify them as property so you do actually have to pay taxes on every either pay taxes or deduct taxes on every single transaction you've made so for me since I'd a trade a lot basically my n amount minus my beginning amounts basically going to be my profit or loss so I kind of use that as a guideline and then I do go back and check the transactions so besides the United States Pakistan has introduced crypto currency regulations after the eff ATF intervention so they're moving ahead Pakistan you know is not completely friendly with the United States so they probably want to do this just to get around sanctions if possible so many prominent crypto figures and crypto users have been pushing hard for wider adoption of crypto currencies Pakistan which is a country crippled with financial problems is implementing new cryptocurrency regulations with a view of improving this record on fighting financial crime I think this is not an April Fool's joke I mean it's you have to be careful for today it doesn't say it's an April Fool's joke at the end which means I don't think it is it's hard to determine which news is and which news is on April Fool's Day so the country has been but this isn't really surprising because it's a Middle Eastern country that's not completely friendly with the United States so they might do this just to get around regulations I mean sanctions later the country has been taking measures to reduce perceived levels of crimes including money laundering and terrorist financing and law and now could be introducing a licensing scheme for electronic money institutions dunya news a news portal in Pakistan covering the crypto sphere was banned in on April in April last year the Express Tribune quoted unnamed sources about the news even though the specifics of the decision are vague a ceremony is going to be held relating to the introduction of regulations at the office of Pakistan's Central Bank State Bank of Pakistan on Monday the ceremony will be attended by Federal Minister for finance Asad Umar and the bank's governor Tariq Bajwa the move comes after demands by the international monitoring body the finance Action Task Force which is regularly voiced concerns about crypto currencies roles in terrorist financing so the fat tip in February note noted that Pakistan had made inadequate progress with its plan to combat the problem so it's not really going forward in crypto currencies it's more I think this is more of like cracking down on crypto so they don't finance terrorism Pakistan of course is not completely anti terrorism their government I don't think it actually is based on the stuff I've seen but it looks like they're gonna do it looks like their SEC is going ahead with some regulations so they're going to know appease the international community fight some terrorism probably and get some regulations down this might help cryptocurrency in that area of the world so that's the news on Pakistan well I mean Isis knows who they are so I mean they're not going to do anything about that and then let's actually look at which cryptocurrencies have the most gains if March and which were the worst crypto performers so March has been a generally positive month for cryptocurrency on the whole the 31 period 30 day one period stock cryptocurrencies range from one hundred and forty six point three nine billion market cap to one hundred and twenty nine point zero nine billion market cap but a majority of the crypto assets performed extremely well and so we have the best and worst performing so the best performing it one of them is tezo's x TZ it's the native token of the t's o–'s blockchain closed on march at march out a dollar and three cents and it was up 152 from the month's open at the same time the project attracted almost 472 worth of investments to its overall valuation from both crypto and fiat markets and xtz surged as much as 120 percent against the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin in March so it was up a hundred and fifty two percent I'm not really sure if they're gonna mention engine because it's kind of small but tezo surged up 152 percent in March so they consider that like I guess among the big crypto currencies the most the one that rose the most they also mentioned Raven coin that serves more than two hundred and forty percent in March despite moderate fundamentals they didn't mention like engine or theta or some of the other smaller crypto currencies but tezo's was an award-winning performer in March some of the worst performing Bitcoin sv yes other currencies perform worse than sv but a majority of them were underdogs with lower market capitalization and lower daily volume we tried to assess the worst cryptocurrency which didn't perform well despite its inherited fruitfulness which means high market capitalization significant market presence and Bitcoin sv as you can see although it's had its ups and downs has definitely continue to go downward in March so bitcoin s fees losses a little bit as little as 1.86 in March 1.86 percent in March with respect to the dollar but it's a losses against Bitcoin were higher nearly nine percent at the montz close which isn't horrible but since most of the other coins went up SP definitely went down so Craig riot has obviously rage quitted Twitter and threatened lawsuits against people who didn't accept him as a Bitcoin creator I'm not really sure if you can sue people just because they don't believe your bitcoins creator because then you have to kind of prove that your bitcoins creator he even went a step further and claimed that he could destroy privacy coins like Mon narrow and Z cash he added he would help the feds cracking down on privacy coin users just at the end of march the bitcoin sv mining community reported that hey men they mined 128 megabytes block and they the BSD market noticed a hiccup like spike right around that time which will can settle down intraday levels but realistically if you look at the Bitcoin ratio it has dogged out fiat has da is pretty much the same as it was but I guess Craig right just basically quit like rage quitted Twitter and he's making random threats again so tezo's winner a Bitcoin SV loser for March there's other winners obviously like I mentioned engine and a bunch of others including crypto calm but those are the two higher crypto market cap coins that performed very very well in March well yeah but to sue someone for that don't doesn't he have to prove that he is actually Satoshi though so the Shelly launched um Charles Hoskinson said it would be the last time he had actually another AMA this weekend so you might want to watch that but the last one was actually the last time I heard about he said Shelley was going to be like either end of March or early April so it should be coming along the next few days bgg beta testing is scheduled to start this week I think it was supposed to start today but it kind of got lost in the news because there is too much there were too many there's too many articles that today that are reporting that Justin son got nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics which isn't true obviously so some stuff about the Tesla controversy which he actually resolved by giving away the Tesla but the B TT me TT I think is supposed to start like this week he said it would actually start the first week of April which is this week so I'm actually just gonna wait for it I know it's gonna happen like early April so I'm not really that worried about it well Duke got really lucky in the last two games so kind of just karma just hit him this time I bought about a hundred and seventy thousand BTT as well and I'm going to continue buying some BTT because I actually believe that it is going to spike before June and I will sell when it actually spikes that's my whole plan for BTT I'm not actually planning to hold on to it for the long term there's obviously other trip dough's that I want to hold long term but right now I have a decent amount in BTT you no but I mean if but if you're if you're gonna sue someone saying that you are Craig right don't you have to prove that you're actually Craig right because otherwise the legal system just really messed up the long-term hold coins are still going to be the same like aetherium XRP xlm card on o V chain iota you know those probably should hold a little bit of Bitcoin as well if you're really into the market I mean a lot of people say like you should index a lot in Bitcoin I don't agree with that but you should probably hold a little bit as well I don't know if that I mean they've kind of revealed their hand with BitTorrent in terms of what they're gonna do they're opening up a streaming service on bit they're actually opening up a streaming service on BitTorrent they've said that much you see that they've actually I mean BitTorrent has um I have heard of substratum people I've actually asked me to look at it um I don't know too much about it though I don't think you're going to get the once at BTT entry let me actually take another look at nulls I mean if you're look if you're asking these things you have to like you have to really look at what news it actually has you can't if it's just up a lot then you shouldn't try to chase a pump or anything I mean it's gone up a lot sure it's pretty reminiscent of a lot of other though got up about 20-30 percent lately in the last month which isn't really that surprising there's a workshop in San Jose that's not really helpful to me so see what they have in media mm-hmm they have a report for the second half of 2008 which is last month what is nulls it's enterprise blockchain solutions but we've already discussed this what I mean Knowles is looking at to solve problems faced by blockchains by creating one that features modularity and sub sub chain operability the two-part design of functional modules and microkernels will provide both an underlying network mechanism and a compartmentalize features for block chain essentially this should provide scalability and security of the block chain while at hurting to the programming practices of low coupling and high cohesion because the block chain designed by it to be modular it becomes hot pluggable so multiple chains the mission economic model you know token swap business corporation there's going to be sub chains in exchange but I mean if your enterprise solutions you still have to you still have to have like a lot of partnerships or like people using your chain so I mean I'm asking this for all these enterprise block chains like what projects are on your chain how are your partner is actually using these I haven't really heard of any of these well I mean besides the exchanges which basically are the things that listen all's like I don't know of anyone that's actually using this platform all that much I mean I'm not really good with Chinese companies so I wouldn't know any of these but if they have any big projects on Knolls then it's got like a bright future if there none of these guys have a big project on nulls then it's still kind of fishing right now you oh yeah I mean oh you can actually you can always hard fork a block change for with new technology and I think like established block chains actually do have an advantage because they have a user base already I mean getting a good user base is much harder than making a new block chain anyone can make a new block chain and eg P is an exchange-traded product it's not exactly the same thing as an exchange-traded fund partially it's backed by actually like assets hundreds of Tesla's lined up in China for their registrations I mean those hundreds of cars lined up for registrations no matter what kind of car it is in China there's a lot of people that want new cars especially like shiny cars like Tesla's I mean most I mean like there are plenty of rich people in China but that I mean most people are that rich yeah but I mean yes even if no started out 25 bucks it's not surprising that they're only 80 cents during a bear and a lot of big a lot of coins I actually lost a lot of money during the fall but it's a Swiss ETP I don't think it'll really help prices that much Bitcoin I mean they launched a Bitcoin EGP I think last year or was it earlier this year I forget the exact date didn't really help it didn't really help the price so I wouldn't expect a pump from this but it is I mean it is kind of good news that they're making more financial products they are making more financial products out of XRP but otherwise I wouldn't really consider it that significant next major beat I mean Bitcoin can dump a hundred or two hundred points at any time just because a market sentiment or something that you know something that really triggers the market I wouldn't be surprised they started going down like tomorrow with like a hundred or two hundred points but I don't see any like massive dumps unless we get like another major thing like a hash war which I'm pretty sure we're not so I think Craig writes like basically ragequitting everything right now so I wouldn't expect like a massive massive dump but you know a movement down of like one or two hundred points as possible at any given time that wouldn't be surprising by nads coin is stuck continue to go super strong stellar is going pretty strong now everything is just up today so that makes me pretty happy dogecoin is up a lot probably because of the april fools think as people thought it was real but people should really read carefully into april fools and realize that it's not real so yeah so most everything is up I'm I mean if there will be I don't know when they'll be a retrace we've been actually moving up pretty slowly it's not like a sudden up of like several hundred points so I don't see anything like out of the ordinary the last few days yeah volume is definitely volume has definitely picking up been definitely picking up for the last several months so I actually do think I mean the overall markets the overall markets are definitely the overall markets are definitely like spring back to life yeah but you know sure I'm you can say that it's similar to the 6k dump but you have to realize that the 66k dump basically happened for one reason I mean unless someone starts another war I don't see another dump you no I don't think I'm actually going to change my channel name now after so long a lot of people just use their their own name for their Channel Oh I mean that's because like an instant move up is usually accompany by an instant move downward people I mean when you move up by several hundred points at a time a lot of people automatically sell and take profits that's why AT&T user so there's actually you yeah but I don't want to sell this account so no I mean yeah DMV is not a bad long-term investment so you could just leave money in it I mean I when I see like a massive jump all of a sudden and price I almost always sell out sometimes I mean most of the times it's right sometimes it's wrong but yeah I I don't really hold on to coins if I see a massive jump all of us on because like I said massive jumps are usually accompanied by massive dumps hey Joe Patterson I just moved my ADH a ledger via your ROI oh that's pretty cool I mean yeah there are the stories of selling a coin for 20% gains and then watching it 400x but the thing is there's a lot more stories of like not selling a coin for like 50% and then watching it drop to zero so I mean you have to take the risk both ways but I wouldn't you know I wouldn't be if you have like more money I wouldn't be like against holding a small part of your portfolio in in some coins because they do have a chance to blow up they also have a chance to basically drop to nothing but they do have a chance to blow up what do I think of hollow gee I like hollow chain but hollow chains more of a long-term thing it's at least for another year because that's when their main that's actually going to launch yeah I actually agree with coin linked like the next that the next bull run can can end well before we reach 20k on Bitcoin so I would actually take profits along the way if you really and besides like this time we have futures markets we have more regulation we have more eyes on Bitcoin so it'd be much harder for something like tether if it was the if it was actually the reason for the last pump if that is unlikely to happen again because of the regulation stuff that's actually coming on board tether at a goodbye why would see like I wouldn't buy tether because it's a stable coin I unless I'm trading stable coins against USD and working off the instability and working off the minor minor differences there I actually wouldn't buy stable coin so they're not really investments I I honestly just don't buy stuff outside the top 100 very often unless I'm just taking a real swing at it but I mean you can try to bank on things like electro neum which is 94 or you know you know or a buy box coin even I mean I've liked this coin for quite a while and I've been right about it for quite some time it's gone down a little bit in the last few days but I still think it is pretty much undervalued compared to like by Nance coin and other things so I do believe that VIX has a lot of potential to rise up probably into like the top 50 at least you you yeah I mean I wouldn't I honestly would not short a OS right now it's lost a lot during the Borah doing the bear market and it seems to have a lot of positive sentiments right now as much as for their platform like they're actually not I mean like they actually do have a lot of decentralized applications on it and they do and more importantly they do have a lot of volume so in the next bull run I do expect a OS to actually go up so I definitely wouldn't short it there's a there's like four billion dollars behind the u.s. so they're not going anywhere well Bix is a little different from B&B in that you actually they actually you do get trading fees by of the exchange by holding VIX which would automatically make it a security here but I don't think they're dealing with that quite yet Ceyda i think is a good long-term investment I don't know if I would swing it right now though I mean I like theta just because of that partnership with twitch if they get a partnership with YouTube even better but as you can see they pumped a lot and now that are dumping back down so I'm not really sure if they're finished with their dump yet I think engines sometime has to dump as well but well it's already dumping from there hi you can see it's coming down I don't know if it'll come down like you know to 7 cents or something but it's definitely coming starting to come down now you the two bills are HR 922 and HR 923 and one is tackling price manipulation but that one has the interesting thing of trying to identify what a cryptocurrency actually is which I think would be really beneficial to us if it passed the other one is focused on increasing competitiveness and that's HR 923 hopefully these actually get passed but I'm not really sure if they will the first time around well yeah engine like went up like a hundred percent and what it was going to retrace regardless you weekly chart on bitcoin is a picture perfect on trading view I mean if you look at you you or does oh this that's Apple um I mean yeah it does kind of if you look at this this does actually look really promising because I I do think I mean I do see Bitcoin stepping up but we still haven't passed like forty to forty three hundred yet there seems to be a really big resistance at that point I personally don't think it's going to go straight up like this I personally think it's gonna be a much slower climb but I don't care what slower climbs on honestly I'm okay with much slower to climb as long as it keeps climbing I don't really care you iota is picking up some steam but I order hardly ever gets any press which is one of the problems to iota they definitely need to market themselves more because they have a really nice coin I don't know like I'm not really sure I don't use coin coin square myself but there are I know there's certain exchanges that don't aren't available in the US i OS t having any good news I haven't heard of any news from iOS t I myself have not heard of there is a there's a they've gained support from like a 200 million dollar blockchain fund and that's definitely good news that's more funding for them so the reason they're soaring and the network is leading the charge for daily growth the latest rise follows a major investment from a new Chinese blockchain fund which will provide assistance as well as funding for the enterprise oriented blockchain so they have a block group with a reported 200 million dollars under management announced its investment and I OST earlier today they said they've been impressed with the project's overall performance commenting that it provides users with security and scalability and the funds second investment this is the fun second investment in mid-march they also block group announced an investment in nulls which is probably why they actually went up in price to since mid-march so we see kind of like the same thing with iOS T I'm not really sure if it'll keep pumping or not but they got they they could act somewhat similar to what nulls did earlier in March yeah but there's a are thorough there's a lot of blockchains that are actually a part of this right or whatever in in that bah there's quite a few blockchains that are part of this isn't there what the hell or they don't have dot-com there's quite a few blockchains that are actually part of this right International Association for trusted blockchain applications so there's a ton of there's actually a ton of companies like card on Oh is obviously ahead of this uh in this as well so I don't I'm not really sure like how much how much credit I give to a blockchain becoming a part of this it's cool I mean iBM is definitely a part of it iota is so is ripple ledger there's a ton of our 3s obviously part of this Swift is a part of this as well so yeah I don't know like I mean it's good but I don't think it's one of those things that really like it's big or moves price I don't think I've ever used the troll box on coin market cab you it is I mean it is getting there and it is rising lately there's been yeah it's like it's still way behind us and litecoin and the issue and aetherium the issue is like all of these all of these volumes have been rising lately I mean Stellar's Stellar's volume has risen a lot lately I don't know if we can I don't know if it's teller can actually maintain this though but it looks like instead like the end of 2017 beginning 2018 volume increase if you look at Stellar's volume increase from September last year it's been a slow but steady increase and it's increased like basically threefold since since six months ago so that's definitely good that's definitely good so there's a I mean most the most of the volume for almost every coin has risen significantly in the last couple of months no XRP is like outperform the market in terms of volume or not though I mean if you look at Bitcoin itself now we were talking about volumes and the three billions during its low and you can definitely see that it's how to slow increase as well so market attention and market interest is slowly returning well I said before what I'm most worried about xrp is that it's volume comparative to its market cap is a lot lower than the other top five so that's actually one thing I'm worried about because that could indicate that it's actually still overpriced hopefully not but that could indicate it there has been a spike of ex rapid volume but it's not really significant when you take into account the overall volume you uh yeah it probably is there's a there's way to me April Fool's jokes and a lot of them don't actually mention that they're April Fool's jokes at the end of the article which they should always do I'm you know like we've been overdue for a recession for a long time they can't just keep cutting me interest rates so I'm sure there's not going to be a recession in the next two years I don't think it'll be catastrophic or anything but it's coming we've been in a we've been in like a kind of a bull market for the stock market for like the last what like eight years it can't continue forever so it's going to come I personally am not touching privacy coins but Zee cash doesn't isn't completely dependent on the privacy option I'm not gonna be investing in Zee cash itself I'd be more afraid of Montanaro than Zee cash though you I think crypto could pump during a recession I don't really see it pumping that much though because most people when they invest in a crypto they're just kind of investing with their left over money in the crypto currency and if the market if the economy overall has a downturn if you really think about it people just have less money overall to invest so I can't really see a recession being awesomely great for crypto I mean I guess you could hope for a full blown-out depression and then like crypto takes over as fiat but that depends on a lot of things going right and that could go horribly wrong in many ways did you buy Pro so did you buy pros it's got a really strong community they have been getting a few more partners in the last few months cons I still don't see like that big signature partnership for did you bite I mean I do a lot of other stuff especially when the weather gets better I do a lot of cycling outside so I don't really get bored of crypto you know if people are like struggling to feed their families and stuff and everything including crypto will dump during a recession you I mean it could if people run out of Life money they can't pay their mortgage or bills they're going to sell their crypto to do that I mean they're not going to hold on to the crypto most people aren't gonna hold on to the crypto currencies in the death you got to remember that most people are encrypt or to make money they're not here for some fundamental idealistic thing um you can wait what I don't know what ME W is I haven't bought anything you is did you know did you buy Oh was never into listed on by an ass they've been having a beef with cz for a long time because I think they I mean they basically don't want to pay by Nancy's listing fee and they're not getting listed on buying ads I think crypto like in terms of like cryptocurrency it's basically another investment product so the reason why I don't think a recession would actually help it is because it is the best because it's an investment product can you give dating advice for a guy so they don't get married and played eh ah well then I mean don't get people don't get girls pregnant that's really the advice that I have to give you I mean don't screw around that's that's basically it if you don't do that don't have to pay child support cuz you don't have kids I don't know if the Swift's I don't know if the Swiss actually use am on arrow for criminal activity though I mean there's actually not that much like volume in Montero right now okay like expensive art and collectibles expensive art really isn't that I don't think expensive arts actually that affected by recession because expensive art is generally only bought by really rich people and really rich people are still really rich in a recession it's so like it's kind of like the medium type luxury products like you know cars or cars are going to suffer during the recession like especially kind of like you know maybe cars like the upper end like Avalon cars like Toyota Avalon so like those kind of like semi upper end cars because people will just opt to buy the cheaper car in a recession stuff like ramen noodles actually increases during a recession because people will buy more of them I I personally think it'll be a market crash of 20 or 30 percent I don't think it'll be like a full blown-out depression if there's a full-blown depression there's a lot of things that could actually happen yeah there there's generally a lot of things that can happen if like there's a full-blown depression like 29 I you know I don't see crypto being unaffected by that and I personally think the best thing for crypto is if the economy kind of just rolls on as it is right now yeah I mean there's I think a lot of the markets would fall fall through in a full-blown depression people will be holding like well people would be trying to hoard like gold and other precious metals I doubt they would really run to crypto currencies because if you think about it there's really nothing back in crypto either wait it's at the end of a descending triangle no I mean it but it Stewart but it depends on which chart you're looking at if it's if you're looking at the BTC if you're looking at XR PUSD then yeah it is at the end of an ascending triangle but if you're looking at XRP BTC which is I think is the more important chart it's not yeah the interest rate yield curve did actually turn negative just recently and I that is a major bearish factor I do think like that before the end of 2020 we will see a recession but I don't think it's going to be a full-blown out depression I think yeah in times of recession people would like to invest in things that are a little more stable but outside of investing in things that are a little more stable they also want to just like be able to make it through day by day yes the salad market actually doesn't have that much to do with the economy but everyone uses an indicator so people tend to panic when it starts falling through plus like the unemployment rates like really low right now I mean a lot of people are underemployed but they don't actually count those see I don't I I think you think people I think you think that people's belief in crypto is a lot stronger because you hang out a lot you hang out with a lot of cryptocurrency crowd that's actually not the overall thought like in greater in general society in general society like people there's not that many people that actually believe in crypto it's just like us here basically unemployment has been low for like the last five or six years but people are underemployed they don't count underemployment as unemployment that's actually not what a recession is I'm a high cost of living does not indicate a recession higher cost of living indicates that people are making more money so they can actually spend more money and gas prices don't really have much to do with the recession honestly there I mean it basically just has to do with how much in oil we're importing yeah our country debt isn't like our country's debt isn't really indicated of a recession like all governments and countries um all governments and countries actually work off of debt funding at this point and as long as you can actually pay the interest on that debt you're generally okay – is more of a supply and demand thing you yeah but the value of the dollar honestly doesn't have anything to do with the recession I mean the value of the dolt the dollar goes down because they print more of it that's been happening for like the last hundred years whether we're in a recession or not you I mean HR PUSD I don't really but see like when I look at the chart I I don't really see that though is the problem I mean if you look at XR PUSD for the last three months it's just it's going I mean how is it at the end of a descending triangle it's going straight down yes the volume has increased but it's just going straight down I mean I can kind of see it maybe but you'd have to squint really hard I mean a recession is where I mean a recession is just generally where unemployment unemployment is generally high during a recession because employers aren't hiring as much that's one of the major signals recession you you can also look at you can actually also look at like average salary in purchasing power I think the median u.s. salary is actually stayed pretty stable for like the last thirty years or so in terms of purchasing power minima if you're looking at minimum wage you know that that's definitely been decreasing but most people aren't on minimum wage first of all and if you actually look at the average u.s. salary it's actually been in terms of purchasing power I think it's actually been pretty stable for a long time no no I didn't say uh no I didn't say XR P's been up against USD for the last three months it's been down but it's going it's basically going straight down in a line I mean yeah I mean you could say it's a linear view or whatever but if you look at the three-month view it's basically a straight sloping line down there's I don't I mean you can make triangles but I don't really see why it would be at the end of a descending triangle I can see it just keep going that I can see it going down for like another month or so you really look at it if you look at the orange line if you look at the Green Line sure yeah we're at the end of a I mean we're at the end of whatever the hell this is but if you look at the orange line then we're still going down I I think the slope is getting less and that's what they could be talking about but no it's been going down to the last three months but if you actually look at it from a yearly view Stuart it's actually not I mean it's only been going down since January like you have to remember we had with respect to BT see it went up a lot from basically from October November for no reason at all so for me when I when I look at this we're just retracing those gains because if you go up for no reason at all then you're going to go down sooner or later you I don't really know why Doge is up so much today that is kind of beyond me right now it depends what industry you're in I mean it really depends on it really depends what industry you're in organic food like not I mean like all of my all my friends are most my friends are in some kind of engineering job and they've had the same job for like you know six seven years it's pretty stable if you're in some kind of service job then yeah you're you're probably out of luck but if you actually are in one of the no medical engineering and jobs that are actually in demand jobs that are actually in demand that's actually that's actually the the they're actually pretty stable but if you're in like a restaurant waiter job then sure maybe not role nope roll its the judge I mean like it's in today you have to have jobs that actually have a demand in the market you can't just like you know like the the jobs that don't require some kind of like special skill the jobs that don't require some kind of special skill or specific knowledge are or experience they don't really mean much these days because I mean anyone can do them so you're in competition with a lot of other people yeah you're in competition with a lot of other people when you're talking about those specific jobs but in the more techie fields jobs are pretty consistent and they pay extremely well you're looking at the wrong areas you yeah you're totally you're totally looking at the wrong areas if you're looking for those kind of things I'm actually gonna stop going to these like coin Fawcett places because they have too many damn pop-ups another blocker or whatever all right I 155 coins cool cool now our tech industry is really stable especially when you cut wood especially when you come look at especially when you look at computer jobs they are not going anywhere fast they're actually extremely stable yeah but they get paid a lot also I have a lot of friends in the tech industry they're actually programmers you like most of the engineering fields are most of the engineering fields are very stable do they all work full-time I don't know where you're getting your data but they all work full-time but all my friends that work on tech jobs they all work full-time they get paid like a hundred thousand a year it's not like it's not as bad as you make it out to be man I mean like the situation right now is not nearly as bad as you make it out to be if you have like one of the if you have one of the degrees that are actually in demand in the United States yeah sure so oh yeah I mean like the the the economy honestly isn't as bad as people make it out to be there's a lot of industry that are still in demand and they get like really really they actually pay pretty well I mean but in terms of crypto regulations they've actually moved into the spotlight and another way you can tell that the crypto market is generally trending up is that bitcoins dominance is starting to fall again you look at if you look at Bitcoin dominance it's actually beginning to fall again so you know that the rest of the all coin markets actually outpacing the Bitcoin market for the most part you that's actually not true many of my many of my friends actually have houses I mean look they make over like couples makeover like 150k a year man they can afford pretty nice stuff don't assume you can't assume all of that you can look at the average salary for the industries they're pretty high I mean things aren't nearly as bad as you make them out to be man you just like you're kind of like living in this fantasy pretend world where everything is set up for like a major drop but it actually isn't really that way in reality you now but the overall crypto the overall crypto news for the last like week or two has actually been really good they're finally they're finally introducing new cryptocurrency bills this one is obviously completely fake I actually covered it in my in my last video that the SEC drops the bomb and approves Bitcoin ETFs and the markets skyrocket that actually didn't happen I'm surprised Jake Layton actually like was a part of this I'm surprised that Jake Layton was actually a part of this and he actually said happy April Fool's Day this is not something I would expect the Commissioner of the SEC to actually do because some people might actually believe in this crap and actually in invest in it but it is April 1st so I guess he's just having some fun hey we'll get more uh there's not too much going on right now um the overall the overall sentiment in the market has been really positive the overall sentiment in the markets been really positive and unless some kind of impeding disaster comes along I do expect us to keep slowly edging up I don't think there'll be like a giant explosion at any time but I can see like a you know I can see actually like a slow step up there's uh there's some iota news from last week about retail expansion it looks like I don't know if they're going to well I mean there's the zukes app integration of like a bunch of other cryptos and Yoda was one of them into the retail sector but I don't think iota mu de are really targeting the retail sector they're more of like supply chain cars and stuff like that but there's a huge market for them as well I personally mean I personally think the US will write their ship on crypto sometime and they're being very slow but the US are generally very slow on regulations altogether yeah you're not going to work two hours that we can earn 100k here you have to work like 40 50 hours a week to get 100k a year yeah but a Bitcoin isn't having this may I mean like Bitcoin isn't actually having this man it's having next May it's May of 2020 that Bitcoin is having the litecoin having is August of this year man would you get off your all pre-planned and scripted stuff oh yeah they actually can't replace it all with one fell swoop for the reserve currency they actually can't replace it with anything right now um they're not going to replace it with crypt any any of the crypto currencies and there's no other currency that can actually replace the u.s. USD right now some people always said the Chinese UN but I've said several times that that's impossible because you can't free trade the Chinese rent so you can't use it as the reserve currency what the having what the having actually does is it it cuts the reward in half for mining I think most people who are getting like 100k are working like 45 or 50 hours a week most of them are salaried which means they don't do which means they don't get paid for overtime you know a lot of us people a lot of the people who have actually investigated Apollo say they say they don't actually have any of the features they claim to have so we will see what Apollo does but I'm personally not touching it right now I can see that you know I could see China and Russia working on their own Swift system just to get around in the United States but they have to be able to work with other countries as well any thoughts on a da for this week you know like Shelly is supposed to be launched on their test net this week I'm not sure if that's gonna happen because Hodgkinson has actually delayed it before I will watch that ama i will actually watch that ama later today and do a synopsis on it hey for chard well Swift doesn't really do the same thing as ex rapid Swift actually doesn't have a token for money transfer they're just a messaging system like Swift can become the same thing as ex current but they can't really duplicate ex rapid no organic way that's total nonsense my parents got a home loan no problem a couple of years ago and so did most of their friends your theories are all basically already debunked by reality you dude it's really not that bad it's probably more like probably like 40% of the population it's not 90% of the population do you think's taking eth coins is a good idea right now you can't stake them but wouldn't you can yeah it's probably not a bad idea what the hell is coin market cow you mean coin market cap like people have been talking about corn market Calot what the hell is quite market cow they don't hide inflation it's been it's announced on every single report we inflate by about two percent each year that's widely known like none of like if you actually look at your statements none of them are real um yeah that's actually true about homes so for homes like the ones below like 350,000 are very easy to sell the ones above 350,000 are like impossible to sell at this point there's about I would say there's about 30 to 50% of people that actually invest in traditional stock markets right now more if you count the retirement accounts oh the the crypto event well a lot of times they do get those wrong the thing about like I'm talking about Shelley on the test net not so much Shelley on the main net Shelley on the main net could actually come during their conference which would actually be April 20th but Shelley on the test net should be this week or next week and these so that's what Hodgkin said a couple of days ago I'm not really sure how good that actually is you how do i monetize your feet i mean you can't monetize my feed you have to have your own feeds I mean if you want to donate you can always use the super chat or use the QR code to donate to me if you want but well yeah but that's Los Angeles and Los Angeles crap is like super expensive yeah you have to have at least 32 aetherium to stake which I personally don't you next best invest gold besides goal is palladium I would you know like the thing is I think in the long term silver and platinum are probably going to be better investments than gold palladium is gonna be pretty good too there's generally like there's no there's only four there's only four metals that can actually be used as a medium of exchange and those are the fourth I just mentioned silver gold platinum and palladium the rest of the elements are either like radioactive toxic they blow up or something else how much is 32 etherium worth 32 aetherium is worth roughly right now I think like $5,000 something like that pretty close to 5,000 hey man thanks for shard Ronnie they could be but I mean like I mean they could be the best investments could be digital assets but the thing is I wouldn't put all my money in digital assets there's still too volatile and they could go down at any time so I only I would only put a bit of my investments in digital assets I could see BICS going up to a dollar I definitely could see BICS going up to a dollar in the next three months that wouldn't be like so far-fetched it's already been at like over 50 cents people in major cities you know people have been moving out of major cities for like the last generation or so everyone like there's most people live out in the suburbs they don't live in the cities anymore how did you do that for short see this dollar sign here that's how you do that oh yeah I mean Silver's been timid silvers been manipulated in silver has actually been manipulated for a long long time no I haven't been to Vietnam I've been to southern China like the you not like 39 in like the other areas but I haven't been to Vietnam a da I can see a breaking $0.10 but I don't know if it'll go much higher without the overall market going higher it's been on a very nice pump recently though hey thanks gloom guy monkey yeah whoo by-and-by box I think those tokens are actually really really good for the future I'm generally I mean I'm generally pretty confident investing in the top 20 digital assets except for like the Bitcoin cash coins I don't invest in them I actually haven't been to many countries in Asia I've been to Japan for a very very short time period and I've been to China a lot most of my travels are in within North America like I've been to Mexico for a little while I've been to Canada a lot I've been all throughout the States I've been to Haiti and I actually want to travel like North America more than like the other and Europe more than the other countries because it's much easier for me to drive everywhere like I have to like actually like borrow cars or I have to like get a chauffeur to drive me around in China you know I actually disagree with this being better than text and whole if you're a really good poker player I would definitely play like Texas Hold'em because you can like if you're a good poker player you can consistently beat bad ones you um what's up with Doge I do believe that Doge is pumping and it will probably dump soon I personally like it looks like there's some Bitcoin flowing into dogecoin but I personally think that people just read the April Fool's news and thought it was real cuz dogecoin out of all the news doge coins news was like probably the most believable that an education network now supports them like the whole thing with Justin Sun and getting a Nobel Prize is not believable at all so I personally think the dogecoin news that actually got believed by people I'm not really sure if you know I I don't know if SBI like releasing their exchange will push it up to a dollar I don't think it I don't think they can hey for shard and thanks for shard that is not true for Airbnb I've been to err being I've used Airbnb many many times and I've never had trouble with Airbnb yes there is a greater risk than if you just booked a hotel somewhere but I've never had trouble with Airbnb well yeah that's because people like quit out of the tech field because it's stressful not because like there's no jobs or they can't or there's no jobs available we do need actual adoption and we need we not only need actual adoption we actually need people to use XRP we actually need people to use XRP it's not only the adoption we actually need people to use XRP you look at tip bot oh and people actually do give me tips do tip bot and Anthony Jackson thank you and send sandy GE go night thank you but we're going to tip we twin now again because this is like the automatic tip thing to get you know to get some kind of payment flowing let's uh I actually have to go to stats cuz that's the only way this can refresh so tip I see this is going up faster now then this is actually going up much faster now than before so this is actually like a really good thing with all the like I think with all the Gmail stuff coming out this is gonna go off a lot faster and I want to see this reach over a million by the end of 2019 because 167,000 in a year and three months that's not really gonna move price or have liquidity or anything but if we can get this up to like several million a day then it might actually have effect on the price so you like this is how we build the quiddity besides you know ripple trying to get into the doors banks we need we need to build a healthy ecosystem you yes I mean using coil is another way to get people in in the problem with using coil is you have to get like so many people to actually use coil same thing with brave browser like I do make some money from both of them I I do make some from both of them each month but it's very little it's I got a couple of bucks a month and that really isn't really going to do anything it might be because of Gmail or because of Microsoft Outlook but I mean it's still not that much per day if I look at it between yesterday and today it's only like a couple of hundred XRP per day and that's that's basically like you know 80 bucks a day or something or 90 bucks a day I mean I encourage people to sub all the time but it doesn't I don't know people actually sob um I haven't actually I mean it's based on chrome so it's pretty familiar I haven't actually used it all that much I think I missed you too used to chrome I will use I'll start using a dope to do like the the rolls yeah I think Omo just about every xrp youtuber is actually monetized so I mean that's the same thing without every other ecosystem like Bitcoin is actually accepted at a variety of places it's just that no one uses Bitcoin if people were really up up if really people actually use like Bitcoin cards and all that stuff Bitcoin would go up in no time uh I don't think it's I don't I mean it's a tip it's not like meant to be like you know it's not meant to be like you know five hundred dollars at once I mean think about tips at dinner it's like a small portion of the meal it's not it's not supposed to be like a gigantic portion of the meal well I like 20% or whatever right see I don't really know if people would be willing to accept xrp for actual like certain things for their business because they still have to cash it and there is still volatility so I think I mean for most businesses it's it still just works better if they accept cash see you for shard yes III don't think it's gonna happen within the next five years but I think in the future robots are eventually going to replace drivers especially when they get what they need right now they can't because like the communication signals between the cars aren't fast enough and that's where 5g actually comes in if they ever get that technology developed iota you know like the the the interesting thing is iota is actually kind of on that project well I don't think we'll ever have like one-world currency but like it it has to be one of the major currencies I always actually working Iowa is actually really working on that project of autonomous drivers they actually have fleets of autonomous vehicles on a like a test track that they're actually seeing like if the communication and stopping is is actually good enough if you see like a lot of the autonomous driving projects right now they're just not fast enough in communications and they they can't process the signals fast enough so they need better computers and they need better communications and IO does in that market which is going to be pretty huge yeah you need to keep like you need to get like you get you probably get around 1xrp per person with coil yeah that's one of the cool things about ripple like they work with banks and they're not trying to like demolish them because if you're trying to replace banks you're not gonna be successful I mean banks are not going away anytime soon people kind of need to ram that through their head like they're not going away if you want to get rid of them that's not happening I mean people most people don't use banks for money transfers most people actually use basis doesn't store their money you Bridge currents I mean like the thing is like bridge currencies are honestly right now bridge currencies are only useful in the minor corridors in the major corridors there's way too much liquidity for them to actually be useful if you look at mercury macat markets the corridors that it's telling ripple to open up they're all like small corners like you know Great Britain pounds and Mexican pesos or Great Britain pounds and Filipino pesos or like Great Britain pounds versus you know countries in Southeast Asia they're the corridors that are small but they're very illiquid which means that you can use a bridge currency to save a lot of costs if you're really talking about like they don't really demand like a GBP euro or a gbp/usd corridor because that you can transact very very cheaply with fiat in those corridors so there's no real reason to try to bridge those corridors because there's so many market makers and major corridors that really like further the banks it doesn't really cost much for them to do that in the first place but if you're doing that if you're doing like you know business with like Vietnam Cambodia Thailand now those corridors aren't as liquid so having a bridge currency actually makes a lot of sense and that's why xlm and XRP are targeting those countries in the first place because they know those countries are much easier than the major countries to actually target yeah I was doing a lot of like really interesting things they parted with Nova about a month ago to actually try to do some startups based on like their tango or whatever so they're doing like a lot of investment in newer companies as well and their data their data marketplace is something that really interests me because that's actually going to use their token hey thanks Daniel Mendez I think the next Bull Run might take us to like three or four trillion market cap I don't know if it'll take us too much more I don't expect like a 20x run like last time that was kind of crazy and last time we didn't have any regulations or anything well no my chats actually find the one you see on the screen is way behind because there's like a couple of seconds of lag dude I look I already told you how they donate that it's this dollar sign down here they just click the dollar sign obviously I can't support myself because I can't donate to myself obviously that's dumb but you clicked uh you click the thing down here yeah the kiosks are already replacing cashiers at McDonald's yeah three three trillion is quite a bit and actually if you look at three trillion for more where we are at now it's actually about 20x from where we are about from about where we are now it's about twenty x so three trillion is yeah if you're gonna make if they're gonna make an argument for any crypto like deep detaching from Bitcoin it would have to be B&B three trillions about 20x right now so if we went up to three trillion market cap everything would go up so much what are you talking about I can get loans all the time I can get loan any time I just got one for my car a couple of years ago so a lot of people are bullish on a OS so you OS has a four billion dollar war chest behind it and they do actually have like a really good foothold in the dis decentralized applications industry I myself and more bullish on if you're a mint Ron but EOS may not be a bad investment they do have a large war chest and there are projects developing on iOS oh there are people that think everything's a scam but I mean that doesn't mean that it is it coined to reach i think bitcoin can i mean bitcoin can definitely reach over a trillion by itself I don't think Bitcoin will dominate like fifty percent in the market though once like you have like several trillion dollars in market cap yeah I mean the the people that are actually behind us are really loyal to it and we both we strating x' and the chinese ratings keep giving them number one so they must have some kind of good fundamentals what's the next coin to go on coinbase I'm not really sure I know that there's this one coin that pumped a lot just because they got listed on coin based custody I don't think a DA's gonna get added until May at least because they have to decentralize their settlement layer first you know I don't really get that much news from gos not the same amount I get from aetherium or Tron so I'm not quite as bullish on a OS as much as a Tron or if you're him I still think it's pretty good I don't really know what Larimer is planning to do with it I know there was a big announcement in June and if I knew what that announcement was I might be a lot more bullish on it I mean xrp hasn't even been around for ten years so we can't really say over 10 years Bitcoin as Bitcoin is the only coin that's been around for 10 years it started a no.9 xrp II started in 2012 rent triple I mean it depends on like who's moving into your city if like a big company like Amazon or like Microsoft moves into your city then your rent will pay pretty much instantly go up but that doesn't help you unless you actually have a job at Amazon or Microsoft they bet what happens then is the city actually gains a lot of money but like the poor people are basically driven out I am gonna do more food reviews I might do one today but I actually need to I want to go to a buffet and do like a buffet review but I actually need someone to go with me and I usually do these reviews by myself there's honestly nothing silly about Bitcoin going to 2 trillion I don't know if it'll reach it in the next boron but it's it's definitely possible in the future I'm gonna guess things are actually pushed back to fall not only the summer yeah I think there was another guy like high desert garden that actually it was like just staking that just like that was just basically staking acre and making a ton of Tron well yeah I mean that's why that's why property prices are so expensive in Vancouver because a lot of that rich Chinese people ended up started buying the property and Toronto as well so that's why market market camp is up they ran out of property to buy in China like the rich people already bought all the property that they can buy in China so now they're coming to the US and buying stuff you have to understand China like you actually hey thanks Americans fragile you go um you have to understand China um the economic distribution in China like it's actually a lot more unfair than the US like that that the rich are much richer there and the poor while the rich are just as rich there and the poor in China are much poorer than they are here so all the money's concentrated into very few people over there so they've already bought out the prop bought out all the property in Beijing and Shanghai so now they're moving the states to buy stuff yeah I don't live in Vegas and I wouldn't be able to I wouldn't want to pay like $200 for a buffet or 113 or whatever they don't really have to do much with the economy but here's a here's the thing with the housing market if there's more demand for housing in your town then the housing price is going to go up that's how it matters for you if the Chinese people are buying and renting all the houses in your specific city then the rents going to go up like the rent goes I mean my rent has my rent really doesn't move it goes up like 3% every year the same thing is inflation basically you I you know I would be more bullish on a DA they haven't released her settlement layer and it seemed like their aiming for enterprise applications Tron's doing extremely well in this I think Tron will do very well in the short term with BitTorrent I'm still waiting for BTT to start mooning I'm willing to go to like a $15.00 buffet today and like but it's really uh but it's actually really hard for me to do reviews on that because I it's hard for me to like I actually start started um I actually started to kind of like try to record myself but it's actually pretty hard to record yourself that's what I figured out like like recording yourself eating is actually not that easy but I think I can manage it it's pretty dark in the restaurant though so it's not like the best thing in the world I do need more subscribers to my food channel though because like I'm trying to get like subscribers that are not from my crypto channel but it's hard to attract them because there's so much stuff on YouTube that it's hard to know get those users get the subscriber count off can I actually think is not a bad buy I know a lot of people really really like Ken but I just think the supply is too high for Ken for each coin to be ever to be worth that much like if Ken like even make ever if Ken ever makes it to here's the thing if Ken ever even makes the one penny which would be a great accomplishment for Ken obviously then you would have already got up 200 X so you don't need each Ken to actually be worth that much so I think ken is actually okay they do have that like they are kind of playing chicken with the SEC in that one lawsuit I don't really know what's happening there but Ken it is not bad at all ken isn't bad it's one of those coins though where if I see it go away up in one night I would definitely sell I actually have like a couple hundred subscribers to this photography the photographer tog Rafi channel that I've been working on the thing is like there's so much competition in other areas of YouTube that I was just like alright this is the one where I can actually um make some money and plus like a lot of the other ones but you actually have to do a lot of editing and I'm not very good at video editing you I just do like food comparisons of various restaurants and stuff so it's kind of like that the worth it guys except it's not as good because like they're worth it guys like they just have all the funding to go everywhere around the world and they have a whole production team I don't have that I also do like I also have a photography channel but I'm more turning that until I get an adventure channel of like when I go out and do stuff but I haven't actually gone out and done stuff in a while because it's been like freezing cold Eng I actually haven't heard of the ng before a 50.50 a million dollar mining camp is pretty small so it's probably I wouldn't that's probably why I wouldn't have heard of it Eng fifty two million dollars ten point something percent you know this this kind of movement doesn't really scare me anymore because I see a lot of Kryptos with this kind of movement lately privacy layer for the decentralized application I mean stuff stuff like this Kanna can actually go up a lot in the next bull run because people are just going to be following in on it it just depends like you know a lot of this stuff that a lot of this stuff that may not have too many projects on its blockchain I mean you know it'll depend on if they can get that one big partnership and people really follow in like with engine and Samsung or like if during the massive if during a bull run when it actually happens they can actually just get themselves out on social media and get people to actually buy into them I think this for a lot of the smaller coins their social media presence is gonna be pretty important in the next boron and that's why I sort of like I mean translate a smaller coin but that's why I actually like Faber Tron over a lot of the other coins is because Justin's son despite what you think of him he's pretty good at social media whether it's like getting blowback for trying to not give away a Tesla or like just pumping Tron up he's really good with social media I'm sure half his followers are BOTS but that's okay cuz half half of the followers of anyone on Twitter are BOTS there's always going to be bots on Twitter that's not really something you can that's not really something you can actually avoid yeah in tow is actually an Intel I did see it on the list of partners but does is Intel actually actively using their blockchain that's the main question because a lot of the partnerships that are listed on those partner pages are not actually using the blockchain yeah I think they could have a they could find their niche and they could blow up like anytime if there's like some big project announced so like if there's a bull run and they announce a big project they can blow a way up there are not more Chinese enroll in college than the Americans you can actually check the ademma graphic statistics but there are a lot of international students coming over all the internationals Chinese students coming over there at least like in the mid-upper class of Chinese society I haven't been in Disney since I was a kid like in 20 years like I never go to I when I go to Florida I don't really go to Orlando I just go to Miami for the most part or Jacksonville or somewhere like that I went to say not I do it I actually went to st. Augustine um I actually went to st. Augustine last time I went to Florida that was pretty nice and I visited the Fountain of Youth there is actually there's actually a Fountain of Youth theme park in faint st. Augustine and Ponce de Leon actually went there that is so I went to st. Augustine last January in 2018 and there is a picture of me drinking water from the Fountain of Youth so I am now officially immortal so there is actually a Fountain of Youth theme park you can actually get water from the well there I don't know if it actually makes you Forever Young it doesn't seem to be working so getting a few more gray hairs on my head but I have a picture of me proof of me drinking the waters of the Fountain of Youth you I did not go to the I didn't go to the I didn't go to any nursing school like I basically just stayed in st. Augustine for one night because I wanted to visit the Fountain of Youth and drink its water I actually bought a bottle of water for five dollars from the Fountain of Youth and I drank it all so when I go to Florida I usually visit some I visited I didn't get to visit Big Cypress this time but I visited Everglades the keys and Biscayne again I also had some crocodile alligator meat in Miami I don't know see I don't know about BTC a hundred K in the next boron I'm more of the 30-40 K area if it can reach like 40 K if Bitcoin can reach 40 K I'll be pretty happy like if Bitcoin can reach 30 40 I mean I want the according to go up as much as possible don't get me wrong I won't be coming to go up as much as possible because if Bitcoin goes up as much as possible it drags the rest of the market up with it so it doesn't really even matter what I invest in and the long as Bitcoin goes up I'm cool but I don't know if it'll get to it but I don't know if I get to 100k and also I have to figure out which point I want to sell out at that's the main thing I have to figure out which point I actually want to sell out at because if I miss the sell out point it's gonna dump it's gonna crash down again you know like alligator kind of tastes like fish to me honestly it takes a little bit it tastes a little bit like clam I had fried cat I had fried que I had fried alligator it tastes a little bit like clam it's kind of like a dryer version of fish I do agree with our Stuart age you you yeah I mean I had it this one Florida diner it actually tasted pretty good they have this great seafood buffet in the Florida Keys by the way I really enjoyed it I think was like there was a big whale on the building it was pretty cool you Oh Quayle I did I have had quail before at Big Bend National Park there was a restaurant called like the Lone Star it wasn't like the steakhouse was I called like the star something or else at interlingua and they actually had a meal that included a quail it was quite good yeah quail is the bird Vincent is a convention is very good – lamb is quite good yeah Pakistan did introduce a crypto Reigate well it's it's still hard um it's still hard for us to decide what those cryptocurrency regulations are I actually think they have it's like some kind of counterterrorism cryptocurrency regulations for Pakistan so there is also this uh I'm pretty sure this is like April Fool's as well so this company says that no cryptocurrency is viable for terrorist use they might be serious or not I don't know it might be just bullcrapping to H thanks JM I I don't really think see I don't see a crazy keeper I don't really think that's the reason why I won't run again I think it won't run quite like that again because there's a lot more regulations this time around and plus like no one's going to try to manipulate it with tether like last time I might've guess it's probably April Fool's yeah I agree with Stuart it's probably April Fool's yeah I mean they might be the epicenter of it but the thing is with Pakistan is they have to appease the international community so they'll say they've done something Jamaican food is actually quite good um no but that actually might be the reason why bye Nance is pumping right now Matic because they have another one coming up I don't know when the when the excitement will finally die down for their launch pad things but they actually did something like really they actually did something really smart with a launch pad on by Nance that actually might make B&B a security but I don't think B&B cares about if it's a security or not so with launch pad now you actually have to hold B&B to take part in icos and how much B&B you hold actually determines how much of the ICO you can actually buy and that gives special privileges in by Nance to people that hold B and B so there's really not much of a way you can argue it's not a security anymore but I don't think by Nance really cares I mean I still like Chinese and Korean food the best especially in the barbecue but you know the thing is I actually think I prefer American barbecue over Korean barbecue if both are done at their best because there's something about the meat falling off the bone that is really really delicious actually I gotta figure it out like when that buffet closes cuz I can't go there after it closes well 9:30 I'm good I'm good like Korean BBQ is delicious but you have to understand that I live in Wisconsin so most American barbecue is not very good here like I've been to the South before like I had barbecue in like Nashville and other areas of Tennessee it's so delicious like good American barbecue done right where the meat just falls off the bone and got the rub in it's delicious yeah brisket and ribs tips are my favorite you hey Stuart are you gonna apply for that SEC job if it pays somewhere between 144 and 230 at 43 a year Kabhi is definitely in my top five as well you like like American barbecue does have like different things to it though like um but like the pitmaster has to be really good though like Korean barbecue it can taste good regardless of who is cooking it a lot of times we just cook it yourself but American barbecue you have to know what you're doing yeah hang on um here here they want to hire a crypto securities advisor so they're looking for I actually posted this in my other video they're looking for a lead representative all at the applicants might must possess a juris doctor or JD which I'm pretty sure you have or a Bachelor of Laws LLB degrees I'm guessing that they would prefer the JD and must also have an active membership in the Federal Bar Association and be in good he's standing so they also must have four years of post JD work experience as a practicing attorney with focus on interpreting and applying laws governing the securities industry in particular to the SEC so you have to have some experience the role may be offered initially for a two-year trial period and offers a salary of one hundred and forty four thousand eight hundred and fifty to two hundred thirty eight thousand seven eighty three 787 a years so it's a lot of ducats for that job you have to apply by April 12th I think the four years of experience is probably going to be the hard part for most applicants uh I mean EXO I mean yeah there's a lot of partnerships but there's actually very little usage of XRP itself I have had Wagyu Japanese beef it is delicious it melts in your mouth I haven't had I don't think I've had Kobe but I've had while you before but I I can't Ford I can't afford why you on a regular basis obviously obviously I can't afford value beef on a regular basis because it cost like something like uh $10 it cost like well like 50 bucks an ounce or something like that yeah but you have to admit like for lawyers these days a starting job around 200k is not bad huh like a starting salary around 200k even for someone with a JD isn't bad at all no if I had a job I wouldn't want them to pay an X RP I'd actually want cash because I need to pay bills like my job I like um for like my Google payments and stuff I'd rather just then pay me in cash because I have to actually like Auto pay bills I can't pay most my bills in XRP and there'd be like a transaction fee if I want x RP I would buy the x RP card or by x RP like tipping x RP I tipped x RP all the time on x RP tip bot but like for my actual salary right now I'd still probably prefer cash because like I can go to Target and use my cash cos is kind of a new exchange so it's a little riskier hey thanks JM do you see a future let me answer the cost question first so it causes a little riskier but I'm generally bullish on exchange tokens the small exchanges are more prone to like die though but I think I think there was actually quite a bit of funding behind costs I actually think I do see a future where certain applications have their own currency because if you think if you just think about gaming today right there's a lot of gaming communities that were that each game has its own virtual currency they'll be debuted on like the same ten or twenty main Nets mainly but I think they'll have each have their own currency right now xrp price does not correlate with ripple success I think in the future it might though a lot of regulations does need to come down for that to happen though a lot of regulations do would need to come down for that to actually happen people need a system to avoid faunal hurt that's impossible because people also need a system to not go all in on a poker hand when they have actually been beat but there's very little system that can actually do that the thing is like if you're playing poker and you have a set but there's like but there's like an open-ended straight draw on the table and someone bets and then someone else goes all-in and two other people call that's when you fold but people a lot of people can't lay down the set so that's why they lose money it's kind of the mentality altogether you know you well the us like when it comes to laws like us never really moves fast it takes forever you XRP right now is actually a pretty good entry point like anything around 30 cents I believe is fine ve T and AD a they might be pumped right now a DA actually might have another pump soon ve T I don't really know what's gonna happen at the summit I mean all three are a decent Buy in points right now I mean they're still very cheap compared to what I think they're eventually going to be it's just that like do you want to are you willing to take the risk of waiting and waiting and trying to get that extra 15% or not for ve T and a TA can't wait for April first to be over that would make it much easier for me to actually do my job because I can't it's hard to tell sometimes like which articles are fake and which articles are real unless like the articles at the bottom say themselves and sometimes the articles at the bottom don't really say themselves whether they're fake or real yeah ad he's been like you know the thing with a DA right now it's been dropping and surging a lot so if you've actually been swing trading in that range you would have probably made quite a bit but you know like you know like the Justin Sun winning the Nobel Prize thing you know that's fake but like with the dogecoin thing I actually think some people thought it was real you I mean I'm just accumulating xrp and xlm and other coins right now I do make sure to like split partway between X R P and X a lot more and x RP but I don't know which one of those I can't predict the future so I don't know which one of those two is eventually gonna do better in the market so I have to have like investments in both to get that remittance market in yeah so I actually have to do both to get that remittance market in for both XRP and xlm because those are the two viable ones in the field right now I mean I don't think I don't know if any banks using either one of them right now I don't think so I might be wrong about that but I don't think so I mean if I'm investing on don't like I unless I knew that Doge etherium Bridges coming out sometime soon I probably wouldn't invest in Doge I mean it's not a bad investment it's not like you're gonna lose all your money but at the same time I don't really see that much potential for games yeah but point six eight two point seven is still like around my four or five percent so if you do that four or five times if you do if you do that five times that's still like twenty percent and that's not a bad gain for a couple of days Edie is gonna need a giant ball run to get to $5 I wouldn't mind a DA getting to $5 though because that would make me pretty happy well the thing well I'm only trading like I said I'm only trading ad a with Bitcoin with respect to Bitcoin so I'm not actually trending out into USD so the market goes up I win anyways what do I think about verge like if you want to make some sudden swing profits maybe I would look at it long term wise mm not really my thing I definitely long-term wise is not my thing if you want to make some like immediate swing profits maybe but just not my thing long-term I don't really see a project with dojin xrp honestly I really don't have an open order for BTT at 13 I think you're really lucky if it BTT dips to 13 I'm hoping it for most to around like 30 once the Tron thing comes out I think it's still at 18 19 right now it hasn't moved for like forever yeah it's still at 18 19 right now so BTT honestly hasn't moved in forever I'm not really that worried about it there's like a big there's huge walls at you know 18 and 17 and there's big walls at 19 and 22 it's gonna take a lot of volume to actually break through all this stuff but if Justin Sun comes out with like really big news on it that could go up on the other thing since I bought in at 19 I wouldn't mind selling at 23 either and then re buying in but I actually want I actually want to I want Justin son to actually announce something you yeah well you did a hundred exelon how now I think 100x longs on I think 100 expositions are extremely dangerous on anything well Jackson Palmer actually sold all his dogecoin at a very very low price and he doesn't have any right now Virts well verged has done some pretty shady things in the past so yeah nope nothing there traffic lights vehicles roll nope nothing there right now you roll nope nothing there yet roll nope roll nothing there roll you nothing there roll and win you earng Satoshi you Oh 88 coins for prime number not too bad not too bad the traded for my ex RP for us TT an accident I mean you just trade it back I'm sure you can probably get a slightly lower price for exxon RP and trading back which one are the small Satoshi Kryptos like I have BTT right now as a small Satoshi crypto but there's a lot of them like BET's only like 100-something Tron's like 500 something I believe otherwise um I mean you can look at the price of stuff in the top 20 or 40 I don't buy a lot of stuff outside the top 50 or top 100 I do believe that much more likely to fall like I OST seems ok and that's all we had a penny like I said I bought some BitTorrent I'm just holding on to it for a couple of months hun DX may actually not be that bad either and there's a couple yeah like stuff like that that calm seems to be doing really well but it's 760 a coin electro neum a lot of people has faith in I'm less bullish on electro Neum I think there's a lot of risk with electro neom I mean they could really hit it out of the park but it's also pretty risky you what could honestly cause a moonshot besides the ETF I don't really know what else could cause a moonshot I guess if the IMF just announced that all central banks had to use crypto but since that's not gonna happen I don't really see anything else last dose you know the thing is alas dose has been there for like 18 years and they still haven't really come up with much yet so I'm gonna have to see more from alas dose before I you convinced me to buy into alas dose alas dose has been there before crypto currencies were invented no I don't think it's better to like since I believe that we're out of the bear market I don't believe that trading between us DT is better than BTC because I think we're gonna have a boron and if there is a bull run then if you have BTC at least your investment will go up whereas we have USD T it's gonna be stable you I don't think I was ever really that maybe maybe I'm remembering I don't think I was I mean I don't think I was ever that um blush on my lashes I did do a video on a last dose and I basically said the same thing I mean they have they've had they have it it looks like they have a decent team but they've been working on that forever they've been working out at last us for a long time ever way before cryptocurrency started this is like their 18th year and I just don't have that much patience right now supply-chain coin-like origin show but there's a lot of other supply chain coins like VT and iota or both supply chain coins and I think I'd rather invest in them for now calculating yeah it sucks but it's honestly not that bad I mean I know how much I'm I know how much I lost last year so this year won't be that hard but you have to look at at last doses history they've been around since like the early 2000s and they want to build a new internet but they've been building it for like 20 years almost so my patience is not I mean while I have some patience my patience is not infinite alright guys I'm actually gonna go get some dinner right now it's 7 o'clock and I will do some more videos tonight but I will be back tomorrow definitely maybe tonight if I have nothing else to do but definitely tomorrow alright I will see you guys later

3 thoughts on “US Congress introduces 2 crypto Bills, Pakistan introduces Crypto Regualtions, March's Best Gainers”

  1. Don't hold your breathe waiting for US regulators. they are already bought out by financial behemoths. If its not in their best interest you can keep waiting til it is. I won't be surprised if US forces Americans living in USA out of the crypto market. The only good thing about rise of cryptos is fiat debt of USA losing value with loss of USD value . But that debt has been handed to the public SO the financial juggernauts are in a knife fight with crypto space. It will take a war that they lose . Get a system of investing that gets your investment money out and leaves your gains in the fight (10 yrs.). 2x your investment and take original investment out of arena. SET it and forget it. Forget having FOMO after you extract your original investment. Then just come back to your Ledger nano in 10 years except keeping up with any Ledger updates. Now that's a basic simple plan that will work if we are indeed at the bottom of the market.

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