US Bitcoin trader allegedly strangled girlfriend to death in Philippines, dumped her body in river

hello everyone its Charlton all right so these two Troy woody jr. on the left and Mir Islam on the right were arrested for allegedly dumping the body of Woody's person on the left what he's girlfriend in a local River in in the Philippines in Manila Philippines the look whatever is the pageant river and supposedly they rub they hired a ride-sharing service I think to take them to a prominent shopping mall there and on the way to their destination they asked the the ride-sharing service while actually when the ride-sharing service got there it was like a minivan type vehicle you they loaded a box into the back of it the two of them there's actually some surveillance footage that's been provided to local media by the Manila Police of them doing that and on the way to their destination they stopped asked the driver to stop along the Paget to the best of my knowledge and then they they just they dumped the contents into the river but the driver found it very suspicious and he ended up calling police and then in the end the police found what they dumped in the bomb and in the in the river and it turned out to be the dead body of his girlfriend Tony Michelle masters who's pictured right there and she was wrapped in a trash bag and you know with scratches all over her her the autopsy determined she died from suffocation either strangulation or something of that nature and they both have been arrested for dumping that body and each one is blaming the other for her murder according to according to the Manila police authorities so there is actually video you know over the Daily Mail not Daily Mail but they kept showing like you know gift of them loading it into into the ride sharing service minivan and that is there is that that is right here and I'll show you that in a second and that I believe is a photograph of the deceased girlfriend Tony Michelle masters the three of them as I understand it went to the Philippines earlier this year for a vacation and ended up staying there I am not familiar with this dude Tony Troy woody do but he supposedly he's a famous a well-known Bitcoin trader American pick coin trader who has been arrested for allegedly murdering his girlfriend with a friend that dumping her naked body in a river and the video shows them loading a box said to contain her remains in the back of a taxi that uh and and supposedly also the dude on the right Mir Islam has a long history a long record of credit-card fraud and swatting people I mean that's that's what this report here tells you investigation for helping to start up a credit card fraud forum Islam also served jail time for serial stalking boxing and sending police SWAT teams to people's houses yes and this dude over here I'm trying to do my best to tell you the story you know this dude who posted this on his security news and web site Krebs on security he himself was docks are not docks swatted by this by according to him by this individual on the right and he talks about that I don't know the dude I'm not familiar with him but you know he goes on to tell you about that and that's an incident from previous you know from March thirteenth I think of this year of 2018 the dude's got a pretty large Twitter following of 241 you know thousand followers and he's got a blue checkmark and dependent investigative journalist writes about cybercrime there you go okay so he and he was according to him was swatted by the individual on the right who's been arrested along with you know Troy woody junior the boyfriend of the woman who was killed Tony Michelle masters okay so why don't I show you the video here and you know this is just them loading it into the back of into the back of the minivan there's pictures over and over it's Daily Mail and I believe I believe I believe that's Troy woody jr. and that is Mir Islam I'm I'm pretty sure that I think that's Mir Islam and that's Troy what do you Jr with his backpack he took the backpack off I think that's initially when the minivan shows the taxi service shows up and then they because it's a large box it's huge in fact they had got to close it and it won't fit so they have to push it in even further here's the video but that's to the best of my knowledge that is Tony Michelle masters her body retrieved from the Paget's River you know naked with scratches on it and again the autopsy determined that she had died from suffocation you know it's not absolutely clear to me if that's if that's not the driver or not I'm not sure you know that could be could be the driver of the taxi service but I'm not positive yeah it's it's obviously pretty crazy and let me just kind of quickly cruise through this and in case I missed anything so Troy what he junior 21 had been living with his partner Tony Michelle masters 23 and mutual friend mere aslam 22 in the Philippines but the friend said the couple fell out earlier this month the Masters made desperate plea to return home to Indiana supposedly they posted pictures of themselves on so it's most social media you know buying extravagant things living a pretty high you know and doing like I think even doing cocaine and posting it on woody and Islam later allegedly suffocated the Graduate then wrapped her naked body and duct tape before stuffing it into a brown box the pair who boast online about taking cocaine and spending vast sums on luxury goods ordered a grabbed taxi on a phone app then are believed to have hurled the box into the Paget's Reverend Manila Philippines on December 23rd wow this happened fairly recently in the in the early hours of the morning of at 2:40 a.m. both men returned the tax return to the taxi and continued to their destination a large shopping mall called Robinsons Place cabbie John Kenneth quimbo later reported the suspicious passengers to the police who searched the river and found masters body covered in scratches inside of a garbage bag woody who had been living in California in Islam who was from Brooklyn were were arrested later that afternoon and are being detained by Manila police district force at the headquarters police station had had superintendent Bernal Bernal Dez said both men are blaming each other for killing masters but they admit dumping the body if you ask the boyfriend he will point to his friend as the killer but if you asked the other space suspect he will say it was his and who killed her they are being questioned in the home they were staying at it's being searched for evidence friends of the couple said masters had been become tired of the scene and deleted all pictures of her and Morty together from social media she then expressed online her decide her desire to return home the autopsy results showed that suffocation was the cause of death that is not clear if she was dead before being thrown in the river police said masters and the two alleged killers had arrived together in Manila for a vacation earlier this year and stayed in the city masters was believed to have been killed inside the condominium unit she was sharing with her boyfriend in mandala mandala young city the two men were arrested at the condominium unit in Amita Manila shortly after the body was found master's father Sean masters said that he will bring his daughter daughter's body back to Indiana where they will arrange her funeral his Lomb has a long history of squatting long criminal history of swatting which is false reporting of a serious incident such as a bomb threat murder or hostage situation to bring a large number of emergency responders to a designated area according to Krebs crabs on security which is what I was just showing you before he was sentenced in 2016 to one year jail for reporting phony bomb threats and fake hostage situation at the homes of celebrities and public officials as well as stalking people online and posting their personal data on on the internet Wow Islam has filed a handwritten lawsuit from jail earlier in 2018 that named woody referring to him as TJ and accused him of typos squatting which is a form of cyber squatting where a person will hijack the brand by capitalizing on common typos made by Internet users to obtain URLs that are similar to URLs owned by others I don't know what that's about but alright man well that is there's there's Tony Michelle masters and there's the three of them pictured together this is two buddy jr. mere Islam and Tony Michelle masters I think in the Philippines there and there's Troy woody jr. and the girlfriend and there's the two of them but what apparently that looks like booking photos in the station and that's the video of them loading it into the car the grab taxi alright well that is the story there man that is the story there thanks for watching my videos please subscribe to my channel give me a like down below and I will see you in the next video later man

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  1. Evil. Her father says Islam did it so Woody would not leave him to come back to the states. I have no sympathy for the guys. Hang them both.

  2. That's really sad…
    Very sad…
    Ppl can kill…
    It's just not in my brain…
    How ppl can do such a thing..
    Very sad…

  3. Nice Reporting Cabby..stuff the boys both up each others Butts til they dissapear..would that work? Worth a try. 馃槈

  4. Typosquatting is registering a domain name like The R is next to the E on the keyboard and is easily mistyped. Then the hapless user goes to the website whatever it may be. It might contain a virus, it might try to make the user enter their google username and password, etc.

  5. I don think the Philippines will take this likely. Life in prison or death penalty, which I believe may be by gun shot(s), for them. RIP Toni

  6. They both should spend the rest of theirs life in jail or hang them…………both are a waste of good air…..

  7. any girl could find either of these two gents attractive stumps me even before i hear the reported..they look not disimilar to the contents of vomit..vomitus!!

  8. No offense Charlton you know we love you out here on the Youtube, but that one boy looks kind of like you. And a URL is a domain that people have individually for there websites and if you get it you can get into the code and mess up their info or whatever it is you want. Merry Post Christmas Day.

  9. Dam i swear u do the loud opening on purpose. I don't mind the information you put out but dam you4 opening is horrible

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