1. How’d that work out? Also pictures of lambos, hodl, cash register sounds? Someone’s still stuck in the last bull run

  2. Two years ago when the market started coming back down I had friends that were dumping for less than they paid and I told them just wait it will go back up again don’t sell your shares, but they didn’t listen and they asked me when and I said give it a couple years because it’s in evitable so fasten your seatbelt’s here we go

  3. I got my cuban cigar and whisky watching FOMO IN FULL SWING ! TO THE LONG AWAITED FLIGHT TO THE MOOOON !!!

  4. Bitcoin halving hype getting closer…?..?

    ‘The biggest supply shock in the history of financial markets’

  5. Btc is still 55 percent down from ATH and some alcoins above 80 percent lol we are accumulating but fomo level 100 will hit when btc reaches above 20k

  6. Can you make a video on the coins or tokens that don’t ever have a mainnet swap. So people that want to buy and hold for 5 years won’t get burned???

  7. Iridium (ird) awesome micro cap tons of growth potential! Do your own research!

    10x potential!!!

  8. Why take what he says seriously?

    Tom lee has been wrong in almost every single one of his market predictions.

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