1. THERE WILL BE NO RETRACE – Bitcoinfudmanager – Calling Don Alt out on twitter, guess what there was, why did you delete that tweet….oh right, cause you were wrong, I wonder how many people got killed at 100x or 50x leverage for that, we will never know, cause you delete your wrong calls.

  2. Bitcoin can't be created this prick is using you all to make money.. Time he show you and trend never lined up.. So following this cxnt.. BTC to 12K weeks now with constant dumps.. Lol… Stop being stupid you all

  3. Ha, your talking about DonAlt. He might have just decided to get out of ETH he's probably looking at a different coin and getting right back in…

  4. This dude is front running without letting the price action validate the next move.

    In a bull run, it’s easy to look like you’re calling it but this the type of guy that would’ve said we’d see 25k after hitting 19k in 2017.

    Take your profits and buy the dip, we’ve been in a range every time during our recent run in May, once we take out a resistance point, we pumped and then traded sideways in a nice range, buy support and sell the resistance.

    This is not hodl zone because whether it’s 9,500 or 10k, we will see at least a 40% correction. Which at that point I’m no longer going to trade (as much) but rather invest for the long term.

    This guy will tell you it’s 1 o’clock all day long and end up being right twice…

  5. If they made profits and think that they could lose it . L to them do it . Money in pocket feels better than lost profits.

  6. Good analogy..they're getting nervous ..altitude..lol.. Once again..always a treat to watch your strategy!!! Thank you!!!??

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