1. Haha if I had 20 Bitcoin i would just Hodl! Play it safe…plus I have trust issues. TA on bitcoin is near to impossible, except if you are a whale manipulating the markets.

  2. DAMN, you sure changed your tune quick…. it was only a few hours ago in your last video you were saying it was going to the moon. ???????

  3. If you don't have 20 bitcoin then you don't need to be soliciting anybody to trade their bitcoin. Obviously they know how to accumulate 20 BTC – You didn't.

  4. No chance in hell your gonna turn 10 BTC into 100! Certainly not by the end of the year or possibly ever. This guys got charisma and decent TA but the BS never stops! I do appreciate a dude full of BS though but only when the BS can be proven to turn to gold. I would let him trade 1 BTC for 1 month to see if he can turn it into 10. If that comes true then I'd Schill this channel for the rest of my life!

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