Uphold Calls XRP the Most Traded Crypto Asset In the US and Latin America. Ripple Reveals

I like to welcome everybody to ckj crypto news good afternoon I hope all is well I got three really good articles guys one about fidelity which tokens they are interested in listing you might be surprised to hear this article banks not Bitcoin embroiled in banks candles we'll talk about this one right here and also ripple reveals tipping point partnership as uphold calls XRP the most traded crypto asset in the US and Latin America very good article here this one right here it's kind of little bit surprising fidelity crypto chief says hard fork may delay firm support for etherium fidelity asset will take a time will take his time about adding support for addy areum the executive charge of the new platform said the digital asset trading and custody branch of fidelity investments which went live this quarter has developed a internal framework for evaluating any crypto currencies that may be added at this time or in the future he basically says we are currently supporting Bitcoin we have designed to support other coins over the balance of the year but basically we will look at them as client demand and other things now he goes on to say that basically we will probably go in market cap order that's where the demand is but it doesn't mean that we will list every coin so it seems to be a situation going on with a theory may be hard fork in I'll look more into that but really it's the point of the article in itself was there saying hey you know bitcoin is the one that you know they're gonna list first so I always say Bitcoin mainly name recognition is one is gonna be you know probably you know one that's gonna do very well but also one thing I've been saying lately on the show is they're pretty much gonna list the most popular ones that you can come you know that comes to mind first from anything between the first and the top 15 I'll say so you know XRP Bitcoin and a couple other ones we'll keep a close eye on this that's for sure this is a really interesting one here guys banks not Bitcoin embroiled and multi-billion dollar laundry money schemes spreading across Europe well basically guys this is why I truly do believe shot else's daily huddle this is why I believe that banks and you know institutions fought against blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies because with the ledger itself you know every quartz transactions these banks it's there are no strangers to laundering money the troika long-term on scandal is spreading across Europe as the u.s. is implemented and a long list of banks and financial institutions that were allegedly involved in the illicit flow of billions from Russia according to organized crime and corrupt reporting project OCC RP laundromats are complex systems for moving money that allows corrupt politicians organized crime and wealthy business people to secretly invest in their ill-gotten Millions launder money evade taxes and fulfill other goals well this is really huge guys and I think it's more it's even more ironic that we're starting to get a lot of articles like this I believe that we're hearing a lot of news like this because it's powering to move towards crypto currencies I believe this is a move to tours they'll help create a new financial system now basically it all started actually with the IMF pretty much turning up the heat on Malta and some of the banks in Malta like I said guys I'm digging more on that Avenue also but implement implicated banks is ing largest bank in Netherlands nor the bank Dutch bank duskie Bank youko Bank so guys there's a lot of banks here and I mean about a lot of other banks also so like I said guys I believe I've been fighting against cryptocurrencies in the ledger because days of laundering money consumed be coming to an end especially if it's paper money and ripple reveals tipping point partnership as uphold calls XRP the most traded crypto as set in the u.s. guys ripple XRP is pretty much outperformed this competition as far as partnerships real utility we know Malta was a leading trader of XRP now we're hearing uphold its xrp is the most traded ripples announced a new partnership with tipping point a San Francisco based nonprofit fighting poverty and income equality ripple will donate 1 million to support struggling families in the surrounding Bay Area which has struggled with increasing wealth equality in recent years but basically guys ripples tipping point 1.3 million the Bay Area well guys this is really interesting because ripple also is in the Bay Area as part of our partnership ripple work where we're collaborating with the tipping point to explore ways to make the Bay Area more financially equitable and inclusive basically ripple labs is pretty much you know giving back to the community and this is something that Chris Larson has always been involved in as far as giving back or you know going against the SCC or like I said basically after the Occupy Wall Street movement after the last financial collapse Chris Larson was responsible for the 99 sandwiches program and I fed the protesters so he's you know he's always been involved in something helping the community and you know this is in California meanwhile this is huge guys meanwhile the Fiat and crypto trading platform uphold says XRP is a digital asset of choice among its users across the north and south america from January 1st to February 14th 59 percent of its users in America bought XRP I really like a for myself me personally the fees are a little bit expensive for sending XRP Bitcoin was the next in line at 27 percent followed by aetherium litecoin – Bitcoin cash Bitcoin gold and cred hmm that's an interesting that's interesting guys you know it's interesting that we hear about Bitcoin litecoin of course in the news a lot lately I haven't really followed – Bitcoin cash is pretty popular in Japan I'm starting to hear about Bitcoin gold a lot you know I thought Bitcoin gold may have been a scam I'm not sure at all I haven't done no research and of course cred is upholds lending token LBA which I have done some research on that one pretty much so if you hold I'll be a credit or something you get a a reduced loan or something like that threw up hold we analyzed up whole purchases this is them right there up XRP is definitely the majority here that's for sure alrighty guys this is part of my ex rapid series 5 minute quick significant crypto news that I find throughout today please smash that thumbs up the ckj logo will come down right now hit that logo to subscribe hit that notification valued be notified when we release videos like this much love Mahalo

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  1. CKJ you are on it, without fail! Thank you for always making it convenient for me to stay updated with the latest/greatest news.

  2. Hopefully the value is reflected in the price within a year or 2. Doubt creeped in a bit on me today. I'm HODLing for now

  3. I don’t care about any good news anymore I want action on the price. I don’t expect to be rich over night but come on man! LETS GO

  4. A new article under https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomassilkjaer/2019/03/07/14-common-misunderstandings-about-ripple-and-xrp/#a749d1d71d0b

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