Upcoming Cryptocurrency Bull Run To Surpass $1 Trillion Marketcap

first I email a baby here I hope you’re
all enjoying your dates it’s going to just dive right into our daily
cryptocurrency content and analysis for today there was a slight lag in our last
video I do apologize for that but we’re gonna be talking about our upcoming
cryptocurrency ball run and why a lot of prominent analysts are expecting an
trillion-dollar-plus market cap with this bull run that’s coming as you can
see with bitcoins technical analysis we’re gonna dive right into it we’ve got
several different resistance levels drawn out here as well as this overall
long term pennant that has been forming since December of 2017 if you don’t know
what a pennant is we have a discord resource it’s free it’s in the link
below in the description and a pennant here is created when there’s a
significant movement in the stock followed by a period of consolidation as
you can see we had a very significant movement period of consolidation and
then a breakout movement then occurs in the same direction as the big stock move
if we go to this one-hour chart you can see another pennant forming on the one
our breakout consolidation converging resistance and support levels towards
the end of this symmetrical triangle or pennant which is the apex there is a
upcoming potential breakout right now and even if there isn’t you can easily
set stop losses here and minimize a lot of risk but have all this upside
potential with the next resistance followed by 8200 all the way up at
around nine thousand US dollars over $1,000 gains if you were to trade one
Bitcoin at this point so very bullish sign here another cool thing to notate
here’s if you pulled this RSI in relative strength index we are now
starting to shoot back up I am expecting this to start to head up maybe see
slight resistance at that level but then to gain more and more volume and
traction to then go ahead and shoot past 60 where this area right here to be
extremely bullish because we’ve most likely had passed this level into the
overbought level in which we take profits at that point if you are swing
trading so interesting articles that I found today I’d love to share a lot of
these with y’all if y’all are watching this live welcome to the live stream if
this is after the videos published we’re gonna have timestamps in the description
but this article very interesting respected
Wall Street strategist says Bitcoin will reached $25,000 in 2018
I’m not gonna go through the whole article but if you read it here it says
one very noticeable respected Wall Street strategist who believes that
Bitcoin is on the verge of tripling in price is Thomas Li Li says the price of
Bitcoin could reach $25,000 within eight months and he also says it’s overdue
Bitcoin was incredibly oversold another article here crypto hedge fund Bitcoin
price reached its probable low at 6,500 why is this article special well if
you’re really here you can see crypto hedge fund with more than eight hundred
million dollars in assets advocates that the Bitcoin price has reached it’s
probable low at sixty-five hundred well why right the fund says only they’ve
made three buy and one sell recommendations for the last seven years
and pantora’s particularly careful and far from being reckless in their public
statement so this is a hedge fund that isn’t necessarily going out just saying
this is gonna happen tomorrow this is what’s gonna happen the next day they
have been very careful with their statement and for them to save that
Bitcoin has reached its bottom at 6,500 is an extreme feat for us with optimism
in the market sentiment right now where most people are kind of hesitant to put
money into the market but in reality it’s the perfect time in my opinions
we’ve seen over a seventy percent retracement from our all-time highs
around twenty thousand US dollars so let’s go ahead and take some questions
from the audience who do we have on live right now on YouTube we’ve got Benny
Johnston and house Brian Penn des J M O’Brien somebody said big traders are
going short not necessarily if you go pull up the USD Bitcoin shorts not many
people are shorting it right now actually so it’s actually showing a lot
of hesitation in my opinion you can see we’re seeing a little bit of an uptick
but it’s the same thing with Long’s too so you can’t say here and tell me it’s
just the shorts even the Long’s are seeing a little bit of an increase so
trust me I’m watching the Bitcoin Long’s and shorts and we’re not necessarily
seeing exuberance in either of both of those sterling in the house Jeron in the
house Steven najin good to have you shut up from Seattle
Wow Jackson Lee says B&B coin burn is happening tomorrow take
your profits are sighs way too overbought right now Hasan said hi – I
am nice to be here again good to have you mr. Shahid Glen says what’s going on
with the gold price we’re not talking traditional commodities right now god
Awad says be dumb volume low Jose Sanchez maybe you need to turn up your
volume I don’t know who am I says I am in the house Marva in the house somebody
says didn’t hit 5800 absolutely who did that massive buy order that pump the
price up good question Benny Jay Johnson check this out I don’t think a lot of
people are realizing this but traditionally in historical sense when
Bitcoin has seen a large amount of by volume it’s it’s followed by a mid-term
bull run you can see we saw a very large amount of by volume here which was
followed by a mid-term bull run from February 5th all the way up until March
4th Sall most one month of just straight price movements up now what’s cool is we
saw the largest by volume bar in the history of Bitcoin in one hour recently
therefore indicating in a historical sense that we’re gonna see another bull
run start and it makes sense all of the indicators are lining up if you look at
the MACD the moving average Convergence divergence you can see we’ve got some
negative divergence here as we’re starting to see this MACD go Bam Bam Bam
starting to head back up that’s what I’m expecting here you can see the histogram
more buyers coming into the market so what questions do we have right now from
the audience before we get into more of these cool articles that I’ve found here
that are going to add some value to some of y’all in a fundamental sense because
it’s not all about technical analysis sometimes you need articles to give you
fundamental analysis right edit name says bitcoin is now halal in
Islam so all Muslims bought in absolutely that’s one big positive news
for Bitcoin another one is tax season right it’s ending here in the US April
17th I believe or a state that I need to get my taxes done and people are going
to be receiving tax returns what does that mean an influx of liquid cash
two American citizens where American citizens are known to be investors right
I think the average American has less than $1,000 in their savings account now
that that’s a bad thing but hopefully a lot of them have investments in the
majority don’t but I assume that a lot of them will be wanting to buy Bitcoin
as a potential investment knowing that price is low it was almost at 20,000 at
one point and it’s already retraced back to these lows and has found some
significant support so a lot of positive sentiment and then consensus is coming
up which is another conference in May and traditionally Bitcoin has been
pretty good in q2 q1 is never really the best for a Bitcoin especially because
January is the start to a new year but I think q2 is gonna be solid I think May
is gonna be the month for Bitcoin and then following it to June and July
somebody said we invest in Big Macs that is funny we don’t invest in McDonald’s
here Faizal in the house Jo hand forsen interesting name says MT GOx 200,000
sell off done hopefully I’ll be done soon that’s just baggage that Bitcoin
has been holding remember we’re waiting for all the baggage to just fall off for
Bitcoin it’s had so much baggage and we just need all the baggage to come out
get solved so he can start moving forward in the maturation of this market
so we can see real institutional money come into this market with confidence
and that’s what we’re waiting for right now as most bubbles like the dot-com
bubble over three trillion dollars in today’s valuation over 10 trillion have
seen significant prices so being under a trillion right now I think we are poised
for a great run up over the next couple of months and it name says am i stupid
for having 100% LTC bags not at all I think LTC is a little bit more oversold
right now the Bitcoin I think it didn’t get as much attention when we saw that
rally two days ago so I think LTC is a good coin to hold right now at around
127 US dollars I can see the target right around 150 very soon David says I
hope absolutely ata is bei rodolfo vanilla interesting big ace is still
bullish on LTC absolutely our by Mike vices the markets still young yes it is
let’s see Bertie from Turkey good to have you
you Scotty what’s up man good to have you man who says tether bit finished
cause the price pump another theory by many absolutely there’s huge tether
drama but Scotty’s been a fan of snipers tube for what since December since we
were at like a thousand subs we had like two viewers on our live
stream so I love seeing fans that have stuck through and have seen all of these
new snipers come into sniper tube and we are making sure that we’re sniping every
trade possible here David said Syrian war man how much impact will it have you
know Wars traditionally have impacts with markets but I just don’t think it’s
gonna have that significant of an impact on the market I mean what would be the
most significant thing that would happen from the Syrian war right well Syria is
in a state of crisis I understand that’s unfortunate and I I literally will pray
for all the families there and I hope you are all safe if you’re from Syria
but at the end of the day this is a global market there’s a lot more factors
involved here than just one country who am i says hello from the other side by
the way do you remember when China banned icos in Bitcoin went from 5,000
to 20,000 just saying Sean Morgan says to Wales so this is by Nance Malta yeah
another exchange okay e.x just went to Malta as well they’re gonna be getting
an influx of users check this article out JP Morgan gets sued for fraud omelet
fries fees in crypto currency transactions come on Jamie Dimon you
call cryptocurrency a fraud now you’re the one frauding us are you kidding me
like this article out man this is ridiculous I’m gonna put in the link in
the description below but JP Morgan pretty much treating cryptocurrency
transactions as cash advances charging fees is now in a class-action lawsuit
you deserve it Jamie Dimon with your reckless stinking statements man anyways
check this article out to steam it exclusive one trillion dollar reasons to
Hottel awesome article leave it in the description below as well it’s gonna
talk about exactly what we’re talking about here in terms of market maturation
institutional money coming to the market soon and with that being said our
Instagram is up and running as well we are posting daily memes for all of you
all that love bitcoin means follow us at snipers
too I just want y’all to be aware of that let’s take some questions and we’ll
wrap this livestream up Johan said Yahoo just about 40% of an exchange in Japan
let’s ask Siri of bitcoins going up hey Siri is Bitcoin going up Bitcoin USD is up 176 dollars and nine
cents today or two point two three percent to eight thousand seventy five
dollars and 63 cents there you go series bullish haha so he said Jamie
demon lol that’s a good name bullabbai guy says asada coin sada asked about n
cash haven’t done the research yet Jessica Leon Bank of America charged me
international fees for coin based purchase ridiculous call them art by
mike says Siri knows Colette said hahahaha somebody asked about what’s
about in cash I haven’t looked into it I need a look into n cash I’m getting too
many questions so buddy says show us your G – I’ve shown my G Dax already
owed it multiple times I think we made like what like six thousand dollars with
two live streams three thousand dollars each live stream pretty much one with
aetherium one with Bitcoin that was just the two that I showed because somebody
challenged me I’m not gonna keep showing that I mean I don’t need to prove
anybody anything Shantay says can you talk about Virg
Virg in my opinion saw an article today about intrinsically valuable projects
verge being one of those enabling privacy with the blocked ledger as well
as the public ledger for transactions Virge I think is a great project you
know they made an announcement today why they transferred all those coins to the
buy Nance wallet so it is what it is we can’t sit here and try to speculate all
about it because they announced they said it’s fine it’s going there for a
reason and so we’re just gonna go ahead and see what this partnership has to
offer right let’s wait for this partnership announcement and then from
there we’ll determine what Virg is looking like in a fundamental sense
rather than a technical sense Beni Johnson says guys I used BTC in refugee
camps as the currency is void interesting Popovich says what’s your
thoughts on limpo haven’t looked at that houssam says have you heard of Pun DX no
nano nano being a little bit oversold as well very good point
matter of fact if we pull up coin market cap what I want you to realize is the
majority of the market right now has already seen an influx of buyers come in
it saw a little bit of pull back yesterday but now we’re seeing prices
starting to head back up you can see the majority of the market is up we’re gonna
put up all the crypto current here in a line order you can see a lot
of these cryptocurrencies are up over 20% in the past 7 days but there are a
few that aren’t and these are the ones that I want you all to watch you can see
here litecoin not over 20% in the past 7 days actually only 8% up that’s why I’m
deeming this as more oversold than Bitcoin you look at Manero only 12% up –
only 18% up tron only 8% up tether not like you can trade that for profits the
buy Nance coin as well seven point three seven percent up right coin burn is
happening tomorrow let’s see what movements we see liske sixteen percent
up Bitcoin gold Nano only 14 percent up down one percent today a lot of
opportunity in this market I would stay away from some of these crazier gain
coins like iota for example that have already seen over 40 percent games try
to go for these coins that have less games right now knowing that we’re gonna
see some bull trend in this market we want to make sure that we’re taking
advantage of the coins that hasn’t yet seen the exuberance and liquidity and
cash from the market boron in their assets so like iOS for example over 40
percent up maybe not a coin to go ahead and initiate position and just yet let
it retreat retreat let some liquidity flow out before putting more money into
it cuz understand whenever the whole market is in a bull rush and you see
these billions of dollars coming in and out of the market they’re not evenly
distributed upon all the coins they get distributed upon specific coins
typically the ones that have more intrinsic value than others therefore
because of that uneven distribution you want to be able to take advantage of
that the market is all about the slight edge there’s a really good book called
the slight edge I highly recommend reading it and it talks about taking
advantage of every little opportunity there’s always things that could be
tweaked to enhance your probabilities and your odds and one of those is
realizing the distribution of liquidity in the market so there’s a lot of
different things you can utilize but that’s one and if you all want to have
more quick tips just go on our discord under analysis go to quick tips and you
can see here don’t eat yellow snow I’m just somebody posted this today we’re
gonna be locking these up soon so that only our analysts can post but that’s
once our discord is faves that we want to get it to but yeah
we’re posting constant analysis on there and we’re making sure to update let’s
see if there’s any other questions here before we wrap this baby up
somebody says name why suit on the weekend grab a t-shirt yo Peter Walker
you know I trade better when I wear a suit I don’t know why it’s just I don’t
know I’m putting more on the line maybe gotta watch people says they are good
for many reasons as well as platform coins absolutely I agree 100%
somebody said rodolfo name how do you feel about POA for a long term um
haven’t done as much research on that for the long term if I’m gonna look at
something for the long term I’m looking at intrinsic value I’m not necessarily
looking at a technical analysis because especially in an emerging market like
this the majority of these coins to be honest with you won’t be around ten
twenty years from now but the ones that are gonna be worth a lot more than they
are today someone we’re finding those intrinsically valuable projects you want
to go ahead and initiate some sort of capital in there so you can hold it and
just hope for the best for that project now you have to make sure it has
intrinsic value like a OS for example extremely fast blockchain a lot of
people are gonna be switching from aetherium to eos it’s seen that initial
run up recently with their iOS dawn 3.0 releasing and that was all speculative
it wasn’t necessarily based upon current use case it was all speculation because
the main that hasn’t even launched yet for us
Johan said lol Ronald arses oyster pearl bro man there’s always like different
trends and I notice it in the live streams it’s pretty cool and typically
these coins that trend are the ones that see run ups eventually so so far I’ve
seen oyster pearl trending a lot ethos has been trending a lot and cash has
been trending a lot and nebulized been trending a lot so if you’re into these
coins maybe you should do more analysis I can do every analysis but I might look
into some of those so maybe I’ll do like an altcoin small cap video specifically
for all of these coins and just talk about them that would be pretty cool
right Jackson Lee hi my first live stream good
to have you man but been following you since December 2017 want to take this
moment to say thank you for your awesome trade alerts the market update alone
well worth it on patreon yes as a matter of fact we actually called another trade
yesterday it was storm and that was even during that huge drop
in price I’m telling you if you’re on our patreon trade alerts I am trying my
best to give you guys the best alerts on this and I am constantly watching chart
I have indicators 24/7 this was a trade alert that was posted yesterday if you
guys don’t know our trade alerts are on patreon.com slash snipers but this is
the one we posted yesterday and you could see BAM right into that profit
zone over seven percent profits for the majority of the people that took
advantage of that I think some people got over ten percent so good for you but
thank you for that awesome comment man I really appreciate that that means a lot
somebody said how about amis Co very good intrinsically valuable project
music oh if y’all don’t know is a project that’s been around for quite
some time and has just recently been put on the blockchain which is awesome
David presses well it actually hit one trillion in the near future yes 100%
David the dot-com bubble look if you go to the dot-com bubble back in 2000 it
went way above a trillion and went to three trillion dollars and that was in
2000 you know how much money was worth back then gas was so much cheaper than
it is now right so with inflationary valuation that’s
over ten trillion dollars of a bubble so do you not think that a global
marketplace with speculative valuations are not going to exceed a localized
bubble that occurred in the 2000s of course it is look look how high this
bubble went do you see this this was in 2000 so
knowing that this was the dot-com bubble this is even more significant than the
dot-com bubble right this is gonna revolutionize the Internet this is what
the internet was meant to be thinner net was never meant to be centralized it was
meant to be decentralized it was to give the power to the users right that’s
right uber will eventually get phased out – why because why have uber in the
middle when you’re connecting the driver and the rider why not just connect the
driver in the rider well how do you do that you need a secure ledger called the
blockchain it’s a distributed ledger with immutability that’s the beauty of
this technology Werner Raymond says do you like neo 100%
I love neo I think the CEO is a stud if you look at some of his keynotes very
focused very intellectual individual and I think he’s gonna make
sure that neo succeeds in the long term because as long as you got a winning
quarterback you’re gonna get to that end zone baby
vishal says sir is xvg is on another pump most likely because of the
announcement or by Mike vice said Internet 2.0 100 baby 100 or a honda
silica taking over yes we’ve been talking about silica for quite some time
Brook can I send you a track yes send me a track bro send me a track go on
Twitter send me the track sniper student twitter.com slash snipers – somebody
says why is neo not moving as much as Ont interesting best favorite says shut
up to Syria we must raise awareness the chemical attack was staged
thoughts and prayers hopefully that shoutout helped out blessings to Syria
hope all of you are doing fine there shouldn’t be violence in this world
there should be a one world economy in my opinion cryptocurrency in the
blockchain is gonna allow for that there shouldn’t be regulation SEC sitting here
saying you we’re gonna regulate well guess what we’re leaving the United
States and starting exchanges in Malta right that’s not innovative that’s not
the future Bessy sees most like we’re gonna cooperate in my opinion i we
haven’t seen any strict regulations yet they understand innovation they’re not
like other countries banning icos banning crypto currencies no you have to
embrace innovation embrace innovation Mattu says love your stuff man watching
from Estonia keep it up Matt – from Estonia man fly
me out there man I want to come out to Estonia Werner says thanks a lot you’re
very welcome let’s see unknown now says uber B&B and
also show meteors will be extinct absolutely I think steam it another
bullish project that I believe is the most successful use case of blockchain
technology till this day steam will take over many social media platforms and
they’ve just now also created the D tube which in my opinion is also very good a
lot of content creators moving to D tube as well based upon the ability to create
revenue on the content that previously wasn’t creating revenue for them so
let’s keep Bitcoin up here in this pen it so we can watch this break Nanami said Russia is here nice Jam it
to the livestream I will love to do that and it says check your Twitter D and I
will thank you Cape Town South Africa man when I was a
bellman at a hotel the one person that gave me a $100 tip was a lady from Cape
Town South Africa and it was really my first close encounter with somebody from
South Africa right that might sound crazy but you know living in Florida at
the time it was just not something you’d encounter on a daily basis but man
amazing amazing people very generous very humble very very good people Jesse
said Compton California here Hasan you’re very welcome he said thank you
for the streams good sir very informative I said show me your G Jack
screw you I’m not showing my G tax dude everybody keeps dude watch the past two
live streams where I showed all of my G Dax trades when questioned about it
three thousand dollars two thousand dollar profit okay keep questioning
somebody says are you a de ba Habibi ya Habibi
an E man I can’t speak it so much so this is Amsterdam baby crypto city that
is awesome there’s more than just that to Amsterdam King caffee said where do
you live now I’m currently California staying around the heat I’ll be speaking
at some conferences soon there’s gonna be some really cool conferences coming
up just follow us on Twitter if y’all want to know what conferences I’ll be at
so that you guys can come and meet me I actually met one of our longest-standing
snipers since December when we had under a thousand subs his name is Kevin he
came out and he actually gifted me this right here I’ll show you he actually
brought me this blue Yeti microphone so shout out to a Kevin Thank You Man
that was really really awesome of you to gift this over and pass it down but it’s
so cool meeting some of y’all you know it’s just getting more in tune with the
community and being able to really hear your stories is extremely inspiring you
know he’s a Chinese immigrant that is here studying and he doesn’t even have a
citizenship but he was talking about you know different applications of the
blockchain and how we could create like a duplicate bloomberg
terminal in China to create some sort of significant transition of money into
more investing because he said the majority of Chinese people like to save
their money rather than invest and he thinks that that’s gonna transition soon
and that the cryptocurrency market is gonna be a perfect market for a lot of
Chinese investors to add money to because there’s so much liquid asset and
cash in China it all says your Twitter meme game needs improvement well hey
listen our Instagram meme game is pretty on point though I’ll tell you that right
now so look at that RSI oversold all in my wife’s gonna kill me I’m just kidding I’m not gonna turn into
a meme somebody’s gonna make that into a meme that’s gonna be fun if you do I’ll
retweet it Werner says do you like Colorado it has to be a jiff though Yoel
says haha love you love you too brother Thank You Man Romania is with snipers
tubes Alex Kalu May I love Romania beautiful
beautiful country this has come to London dude absolutely I’ve got family
Yorkshireman I have English in me what sort of price level do you think Bitcoin
will hit in the next few months I think we will surpass ten thousand dollars in
the next few months I think that we will start the rally I think June is when
we’ll see all-time highs that’s just my opinion
and I’ll tell you exactly why I look at this MACD it’s following a negative
divergence here not only that you can see this negative Idris is just leading
towards this MACD and this fast length starting to go up towards this buyers
area the histogram started it rise up it already broke previous resistance with
the histogram here you can see this previous histogram of buyers was right
around that level we’ve already surpassed that showing that there’s
nothing stopping the buyers from coming into the market right now not only that
you can see how oversold and how little sellers we have in this market right now
look how look how these sellers got wiped out isn’t that awesome
it’s good to see sellers get wiped out because these histograms represent these
sellers somebody says would there be another discount drop to buy mo equids
there’s gonna be discounts all the time but you gotta play the long game play
the long game like Gary Vee says it some pieces now you’d be careful what you
wish for rebel state sovereign what are you talkin about what did I wish for
that I need to be careful about unknown says is your conference in Northern
California love to meet you there’s gonna be one in San Jose one in Santa
Monica so far and I possibly might be in one in San Francisco just depending on
where but my goal is to get around Brock Pearson some of these prominent
individuals in the market to really get the inside information that I deserve to
get to bring to y’all guys so that you guys could have the information because
I feel like being in this position that I’m in with influence like yesterday if
you’re on our Twitter we have were million impressions in the last 28 days
I take that responsibility with high regard and I want
sure I can bring all of you the information from the insiders because
all this news that we see in my opinion it’s just not as reliable as getting
information from somebody that is actually manipulating the market
somebody that actually has money in the market something that’s actually
creating the next revolution of this market because understand Bill Gates and
Steve Jobs are just humans like you and I but they revolutionized the world with
the Internet right and they were the ones that paved the way for everyone the
same way we got by telling em uterine Roger vert at the forefront and then
Brock peers even John McAfee very big advocate of cryptocurrency there’s an
awesome podcast by the bad crypto podcast shout out to the Bratz bad
crypto podcast with John McAfee I was listening to that today funny funny
podcast so HR said your stand-up guy awesome
where when is the one in Santa Monica next week in Santa Monica ico summit
well I will actually have a referral link I will post on Twitter so if you’re
gonna go use the referral link so that we can all be under the snipers to
banner and we can have a meet-up there so I will post that today so it will be
actually tomorrow so the exit is there a pennant forming yes pennant is forming
right now on the hourly for Bitcoin which is exciting
resistance support converging heading towards this apex most likely gonna
break out in my opinion all we need to do is test this top look we saw this
huge sell-off yesterday didn’t wasn’t enough it just wasn’t enough to bring
this price down and that to me is confidence that’s how we predicted this
initial breakout by the way the reason I was able to predict this was because I
saw this sell-off when the whales try to sell it off you saw shorts skyrocket it
just wasn’t breaking these support levels in my opinion that shows that the
buyers are stronger than the sellers right now regardless of if they’re
whales or if they’re dolphins right it doesn’t matter the fact of the matter is
the buyers are winning right now somebody says when’s the World Tour ICO
King it will be soon had a hundred thousand subscribers how about that so
he says I hate when people don’t see a maca phase name I screw you dude who
cares it’s an accent man I have an accent
whatever it’s come on people are so critical nowadays man ah
so he said my mom paid for your patreon trade alerts that is awesome well good
for does she make money yesterday on storm because a lot of people profited
on that one somebody says what’s up with BCH training like garbage wondering if
we should switch over to BT see Robert well remember a fort coin is almost like
a forged coin in my opinion if there’s no full consensus right it’s like the
United States of America having a presidential election and then 49
percent voting Hillary Clinton 50 percent voting 51 percent voting Trump
Trump becomes president and the other 49 percent say oh you know what I’m done
I’m leaving America what happened to all those people remember that remember
people like if Trump is elected I’m leaving America where are you now
and you’re definitely not in Syria you’re not in Canada you’re still in
America so don’t say or tell me you’re gonna go and hard fork see hard Forks in
my opinion need to be done the way a theory am did it when aetherium classic
hard fork where there’s community consensus in an agreement even if it
goes against what you’ve voted on right you just have to accept that the
majority was not you and you were in the minority that’s how presidential
elections work right you accept the fact that Donald Trump was elected even if
you voted for Hillary Clinton because it’s consensus that’s the same way I
think four should work it shouldn’t be this battle of okay this is the new
Bitcoin core no it should be a overall consensus and without that consensus
just don’t do the hard work that’s just my opinion he says you’re the best –
Thank You Brad I appreciate that Indian crypto says do you suggest buying
Bitcoin at this point if yes did you already buy yes I did put a position in
today used to just buying Bitcoin at this point yes the reason I bought today
was because listen trading is all about profit or it’s all about risk management
it’s all about profit – and when you set up any long position look if I were to
put in a long position here look at this downside we’ve only got so much downside
right now because I can easily set up a stop loss here and this is my downside
about 2% with all of this upside right here to me this is a great trade I don’t
mind losing 2% for a potential 10% that’s how traders need to think it’s
when there’s more upside than downside is when you in this
your trades so we’re gonna wrap this baby up thank you all for tuning in
remember our Instagram is live sniper’s tube follow us we’re gonna be posting
some other stuff other than just memes here we’ll post announcements and stuff
and exclusive content on our story so stay tuned for that but thank you all
for tuning in I really appreciate you guys
trusting snipers tube over a million impressions in the last 28 days on
Twitter that is such a big feat and I am so appreciative in it I’m gonna take
that influence and make sure that we can use it in the highest regard as possible
and bring as much value to the community and I really appreciate it it’s all
because of you guys that this community has grown and we advocate that you guys
spread the word of cryptocurrency and not only snipers sueb just the general
consensus of the world is changing and I don’t want to sound like the bit connect
guys so with that being said

38 thoughts on “Upcoming Cryptocurrency Bull Run To Surpass $1 Trillion Marketcap”

  1. Good video! But bad soundquality – It clips heavily… new mic doesn't improve 🙁 Perhaps use some some limiter/compressor or at least some EQ 😉

  2. With Bitcoin (BTC) seeing the largest amount of buy volume in a single hour recently, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are betting on a $1 Trillion+ market cap with our upcoming bull run.

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  3. The largest buy volume in an hour was just because someone liquidated shorts to try and take advantage of a situation? Is that really enough to assume we are on the verge of a bull run let alone 1 trillion +

  4. Bro, your voice up and down kills me I have to have volume settings loud as I have you at 2x speed the yelling is really really unappreciated you're super man on steroids can you please please tone doen the vocal animation please as you're one of my fav you tubers otherwise your work is solid 😎

  5. ## An Important suggestion from your age-old viewer ##

    Too much mumbo-jumbo in your video, sorry. You would get more viewers if you make the video precise, concise, short and to-the-point. Not many in the world have 35 minutes of their day to spend seeing the whole video to take away a point or two away which you could explain within 10 minutes with your video with charts (MAX). Hope you take this suggestion with an open mind and try to make your videos shorter the next time. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the analysis and tips. I don't have a lot of money invested yet but you have made/saved me money a few times now so I'm grateful. Keep up the good work!

  7. I need to find how to get in the class action with Chase. I got dinged with $200 in fees before I realized they charged cash advance fees. Complete BS!

  8. hi man I've been watching ya and really like it, very good job brother! would like to know more about the patrons deals. whats the mastermind please? Is the gold patron just about btc or I can get some alerts about ICOs too? cheers bro

  9. Eth is dead just pump and dump take a look at ADA Cardano, it is about to go up 4000% by the end of the month. Get in now.

  10. Will BTC at least retrace to the 7400 range? I'm looking for a good entry point in the 7's since I missed the 6K boat, highly disappointed about that.

  11. Sniper your given one of the best news out here , everybody should tune in to the snippet. Hey snipe I got into Zilliqa this weekend

  12. 1.CCORE 2.NTWK
    Small projects with HUGE POTENTIAL ( 100X even 1000X ). You're welcome !

  13. Do u feel this is a good time to get out of altcoins. N jump straight into bitcoin ? Thx my friend

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