Universal Crypto Wallets for Cryptocurrencies – Ethos Mobile wallet & Exodus Paper Wallet

hi guys if you care I know it's been quite a while since I did a video it's largely because I've actually been on holiday and I've been trying to work on my sound and I'm trying to work on the lighting and you more consistent background so let me know whether you liked it if you liked it let me know alright so in this video I'm going to be talking about Universal wallets and talking about wallets to be used on your mobile and well it's to be used on your desktop so stay tuned don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already done that and hit the button Isis video intro alright so moving forward the first wallets we are going to be talking about the first Universal wallet we're going to be talking about is ethos for those of you that know about ethos they were initially called bitcoins when they were at the ICU level they are currently called ethos and they have made it mobile wallets right so you can actually download on your phone it's currently available on Android devices so it should look something like this right so you will have a very fancy looking mobile up you know so it's it's you can get it on Google Play so you can download it right now it's currently not available on iOS well I guess in a matter of time it might be or it will be available on iOS and I'm saying this because initially when this when this wallet launched it launched in places like Canada Japan Korea before it became Universal so I guess it's a work in progress is something they are working on and it's only going to be a matter of time before it's available in all mobile devices and so you can find pretty much coins like Bitcoin Savion meters of course and Oh Missy go finance coin and a whole lot of coin the khyber networks old data coin polymath Network yeah a lot of coins you can find on the ethos Universal what so you can literally have your portfolio in one twist so if you want your portfolio on your phone you can make this happen with the ethos wallet so the next one we're going to be talking about is Exodus now Exodus exists for laptops so you actually have to download it as an execution file right so you'd come to Exodusters dot IO and click on download and you'll be able to download the file and then you install it and it looks something like this I think one of them the major uses for the Exodus that is really nice it's its ability to shape-shift and basically what that means is that you can convert one currency so the other so let me just show you what that looks like so basically the world looks like this right so you have a lot of you literally have a lot of coins you can play around with so this are the lists of coins so there are a lot of a theory on these so protect coins on exodus so you can literally find this coins there's so many coins in existence I think right now they're about 1,600 cryptocurrencies you have to check coin market cap to confirm but I think the last time I checked they're pretty much that number of cryptocurrencies and you have Exodus supports in this number of them so it's a variable for Windows for the Mac and for the Linux so if you can't afford for instance the legend and I undertake for how to make your your coin safe and so on your own private key then I would really recommend exodus I I use Exodus as well and so I know that it is very good it's a very good recommendation and so I was talking about one of the facilities or one of the functions of the coin that makes it really nice and it is its ability to shape-shift so I'm just going to play this I'm going to exchange litecoin Firdos Kong simply type the amount of light point you would like to exchange or if you feel more comfortable working in dollars exodus will translate the amount of light point once you view the confirmation banner click exchange so basically that's the shape-shift ability for Exodus you can literally convert from one coin to the other and so you don't have to go to an exchange to convert one coin to the other and it's so easy you can do this from your laptops so I recommend these two devices if you want to carry your portfolio on your mobile device then you can look at ethos and you can download it on your Android device as of right now and but make sure you keep your seeds very safely because they're going to give you about 24 words to say to to keep safely so ensure that you use save your seeds or your words that are given to you you have to store them in a very safe place same thing with Exodus I think Exodus gives you about twelve words so you have to ensure that you you save them securely alright so this is the these are the two universal wallets that I love and I like and I use and so I would recommend them for your use alright so I hope you found this video useful I'm hopefully going to be having much more views as the days pass and it's good to have you back I hope you got to have me back as well so until I see my next video this is if you're signing out I'll see you bye

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  2. Do you know anything about the Free Airdrops that Ethos promised people who pre-registered for the wallet would get? Also you should leave your BTC or ETH address so people can send you donations in your description box

  3. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  4. Hey! Ifiok, nice to have you back. I am so excited seeing you and hearing that sweet voice again. I love the new setting but would have preferred having like just two paintings on your wall. Your lighting is better now and sound quality is also good.

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