Unit one- An Introduction to Money,Virtual Currency and Blockchain Technology

unit one beautiful and subject matter really interesting charts the evolution of money cash and where we are today with virtual currencies there is a really important concept that we're going to evolve throughout the syllabus of learning is that virtual currency is a form of value that the movement of values our virtual currency actually is quite normal it's it's when you chart the history of value and cash and shackles and coins and tokens historically what we soon learn is that virtual currency is just a natural evolution of that process virtual currency sits within the block trade and the internet in terms of accessibility so we will touch upon that technology and how its evolved in the history of its development so fasten insights into the internet itself and we'll bring you right up to date we blockchain and the concepts of smart contracts for instant the course is also much more than just because although we will look at naturally that Genesis from the early beginnings of wider acceptance virtual currencies but we'll bring it right up to date and we'll look at old coins some of the very latest developments in ico spritzer so really helpful and positioning units and one that I hope you'll find is really quite interesting we can learn a lot from history and so taking the opportunity to go right back to the very early days when value transfer between ordinary citizens occurred in the form of cows and commodities stones precious metals latterly gold for example it's fascinating we can learn a lot about that it's important to understand actually but at the moment a transition into each of those different types of value transfer that there was a risk taken and that's really what we're learning about history is that at every part of that evolution of value transfer leading right through to today and virtual currency there was a leap of faith it required people to understand those rules to embrace the opportunity and the risk see therein and to manage those risks in this course we'll look at the risks of virtual currency and then we'll look more importantly how we manage those to our comfort satisfaction in this course we'll learn much more than Bitcoin there are now more than 2,000 alternative coins available in the markets globally around the world including interestingly the Teresa main coin which in here in the UK quite interesting it's important part of the syllabus to grow the awareness of all the type of assets are available including I cos for example and utility as a risk of compliance professional our understanding has to be much more than just Bitcoin because each of the coins that are being developed are taking advantage of the technology that underpins the whole of this industry so no will go well beyond Bitcoin and yes it will be absolutely fascinating at the end of unit 1 I'm rather hoping that you've enjoyed the learning and we've provided you with the foundations to inspire you and to give you the comfort and confidence to go on to complete the other units where we'll go on to develop from growing webs of the wrists and how they can be managed unit 1 provides you with the glossary the definitions the orientation that's required to give you the comfort to exchange and talk and converse on the subject of virtual currency ultimately we hope that unit 1 will prove to be interesting the history of money the backdrop to how virtual currency was formed and why it was formed and actually what the future offers in terms of opportunity commercially and for risk and compliance professional the opportunity to support our businesses to grow in a safe environment and manage away those financial crime

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