Unifii Crypto Trading Signals Week In Review (WIR) – 4 Nov to 10th Nov 2018

hello unified people this is Troy chambers for your Week in Review for November 4th to the 10th for the advance of blindness signals let's begin of course with the disclaimer as usual I want you guys to always consider that trading is risky and do not risk capital t cannot afford to lose past results is in no way a guarantee of future performance with that let's move on to our step by step trading with bonus which can be found in the back office and in the telegram chat group this is our week here and and this is what she looks like here a nice short week not that many trades so we'll begin the week here with covering our last trade of last week which was us by at 63 81 our next signal for that new week is on November 5th and of course it is a sell at 10:02 a.m. Pacific Standard Time came in at 64 53 there she is there nice little trade here so we bought down here at the bottom she rose up nicely and she picked up right over here and we could have moved her stops up as she did make this little gained and put her 2% below the highest but the signals did catch it in a nice spot at 64 53 was the best price available for our stops being placed at 2% of 65 82 and 3% of 66 40s this trade resulted in a nice little gain of one point one two percent but from this point forward we're going to assume we're starting the week with 1 BTC just for ease of calculation is to show you what the week has produced or not produced so our next trade still on November 5th at 10:02 p.m. this for a buy at 6459 and there it is there signal number 2 there's our cell though he had their best race available for this signal came in at 64 60 with stops at 2 percent of 63 30 and 60 to 66 unfortunately this one resulted in a bit of a loss of point zero zero one one ptc next signal is gonna be on november 7th at 10:02 p.m. that price we came in at 65 23 signal number three there's our buy at sixty three eighty one and the best price available for this one is 65 25 so again that's nice little trade we bought down below in this little Valley she did a nice little move up and as you can see she peaked out at about 66 10 and then came back down a little bit you could have moved your stops from this high 2% lower which would have been down here but the signal came in at 65 25 for still a really nice gain stop losses aren't replaced at 66 55 and 60 724 3 percent this trade resulted in nice a gain of one percent MEK signal was actually a phantom signal on November 7th so whenever this happens always double check in the back office and just to make sure that there is no change in the signal because we had a signal at 10:02 p.m. and then 1/4 minutes later now if you go into the back office and you see a new signal then you would take it if you do not see a new signal do not take this thing as a change ok this is a telegram error that does happen occasionally but the actual signal did come in at November 9th at 10:02 p.m. 464 54 by and there she is there signal number four all right best price available for this one is 64-52 which stops placed at 63 22 and 62 58 this one produced a nice little gain in BTC of point zero one one three alright next signal and blue route last signal November 10th at 402 p.m. and that came in at 64 33 signal number five there's our buy from previous best price available for this one was the same price because as you can see this is very flat market it stops would be placed at 65 61 and 66 26 the trade result for this one unfortunate was a little bit of a loss of 0.29% so yeah it was a short week only five signals but we did make some profits total number trades is 5-3 winning trades to losing trades our B&B fees are twenty four point three three profit and loss is a profit of $66 dollar-wise and one point zero two percent and BTC gain which is what is the most important over buy and hold we actually gained zero point zero one zero two as usual people I want you to always be disciplined and happy trading thank you very much I look forward to talking to you next week thanks

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