27 thoughts on “Understanding Bitcoin – Day 1: Private Keys, Nodes & Lightning”

  1. „Unchain the Lightning!“ panel topics:

    7:39:10 Introduction of the panelists
    7:40:15 History of LN
    7:44:56 Bitrefill / Impact of LN on business
    7:48:18 Different implementations of LN
    7:51:10 Usability issues
    7:59:38 Privacy and Monetization
    8:11:27 LN critics
    8:15:50 Potential use cases
    8:24:54 Q & A
    8:25:04 Sub-Satoshi Payments
    8:28:30 LND over TOR
    8:29:37 LN peer selection
    8:33:00 Atomic swaps

  2. Tone, I thought this was about understanding bitcoin. 99% of people watching this didn't even understand your introductory questions. What's sagwit? What's bib? User activated what??? Complicating or understanding bitcoin?

  3. Jikes! Did I read that right. 10 hours long. Will watch in installments!

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  4. Love your content, generally. Would you post your videos on Uptrennd platform too? You would rule there. And posting is paid, so… 🙂

  5. Tone – Given you are basically a bitcoin Maximalist and believe all other coins are garbage (And I largely agree) — I keep hearing that Bitcoin "Is a place to Store Value" meaning that it is NOT for everyday transactions and @ 51:!2 John "seems" to be saying exactly that — WHICH seems to make the case for Alt Coins such as Litecoin or some other coin "as a means of payment". And Given that the FEES of bitcoin will continue to go UP as some on the panel state, then is it not a reasonable assumption that some other coin would be better suited as a payment method? Is this something that the experts can elaborate on???

  6. So I really hope all of these guys watch these videos with there none tech friends. Then ask them what do you think about bitcoin… we really need UIs for all this awesome tech. It's to hard even for someone like me to start a node.

  7. Now I just need to find 10 Hours in my day to watch this video before the next one is published. I'm guessing I won't be doing much in the next few days! A HUGE Thanks Tone for the video! Now if only we can get below that 3k level so I can BUY.

  8. This and Unconfiscatable have been great man, keep them coming! And thank you for releasing them for free to us that couldn't make it!

  9. Tone if you put the subtitles on and have someone edit them (cuz the auto generated ones usually aren't 100% correct), it'll help increase visibility and organic traffic of the video, especially with this informative, substantial content. Google uses the closed captions to find answers to user search queries, etc. Just thought of it as I'm watching the video. There's an option in the like creator studio or whatever to do that for each video.

  10. Thanks tone, didn't have a chance to watch all this yet, but looking forward to it. It's very generous of you to stream this content on YouTube for free. Everyone haggles you about the price of Bitcoin and trading, instead of focusing on the purpose of Bitcoin and trying to understand it.

    The funny thing is, if people truly understood it, the price wouldn't cause them to be so emotional . Not that people don't enjoy earning money on trading, but people buy into Bitcoin without understanding the real true purpose for bitcoins existence, and just to make money, which can be OKAY, but they also don't understand trading or markets.. which can also be okay because many of us start that way. However within all of the hype, whether up or down, people who took the time to understand why Bitcoin is a big deal, will end up being less worried and emotional longer term and less relying on you to tell them where the price is going to go.

    P.S. I didn't know you use to code a little, see you learn something new everyday

  11. Great work Tone this was excellent! I look for lightning nodes that are well connected, highly available, high central point dominance, and low to no fees to connect to. Throw in some .onions and you're good to go.

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