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welcome back to cryptic coin news my name is Megan and today we'll be covering the crypto currency exchange blockchain IO and the coming of Internet value to centralized blockchain operated value networks will become mainstream and compliant enabling billions of Internet users to exchange value as quickly and as easily as they exchange information today multiple cryptocurrencies will coexist each cryptocurrency will serve the needs of a community of users to securely trade any type of assets rights goods or services that is of value to them in a decentralized value network without supervision by a central authority as a crypto currency exchange blockchain il will play a major role in the internet of values ecosystem it will be the marketplace where cryptocurrencies will be traded against each other a gateway to and a bridge across a multiple value networks powered by different block chains / crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or etherium so the first thing we're gonna be taking a look at on their website is their video by watching this video we enable blockchain dot IO to speak on its own platform so you're looking to trade crypto currencies huh perhaps you're looking for a safe reliable and intuitive way to get into crypto trading our new project from Pam iam comm a proven Bitcoin exchange with over 170,000 customers is here to serve you welcome to blockchain IO your gateway to the internet of value our ambition become Europe's largest and most trusted crypto – crypto exchange for individuals institutions and entrepreneurs our offering a crypto exchange built on payme um's proven security and technological record blockchain io is reliable and secure so your assets will always remain safe on our platform we will also provide advisory and technology services to help blue chip companies launch their icy OS along with new token listings and market making services our differentiators compliant transparent and regulation ready we're based in Paris France and are actively collaborating with European and French authorities on upcoming crypto exchange regulations an exclusive feature decentralized settlement and groundbreaking cross-chain atomic swaps inspired by tumble bit optimized for real-time trading purposes this will enable users to access centralized order books for optimal liquidity while settling their trades peer-to-peer for additional security blockchain i/o will only offer the best crypto assets and ICO tokens and will be integrated with Pam iam comm which will act as a Fiat gateway that we firmly believe will change the world around us let's build the internet of value together blockchain IO your gateway to the Internet of value ok awesome so now you guys should have a little bit more of an understanding of what blockchain dot IO is next up we have a little section about the safe and regulated adoption of cryptocurrencies fully compliant in transparent exhaustive accounting records regularly audited aims to comply with all applicable regulations in international laws we also have ultra secure and noncustodial encrypted cold storage in cryptographic proof of reserves fair exchange protocols to eliminate the counterparty risk and then we have a reliable infrastructure minimal downtime restricted to maintenance or migration resilience under high volume or DDoS attacks no technical debt we also have another section that says institutional iceo and token listening and ICU service going from planning and execution of iceo campaign to providing ICO token liquidity via listing on blockchain to i/o at the outset of ICO next we could take a look at the team first I'm gonna read this excerpt from the white paper that states blockchain IO is driven by a highly experienced team of cryptocurrency experts whose seven years ago founded pay Miam a Fiat Bitcoin exchange catering to the underserved euro market blockchain dot io shares payme UM's highest security reliability and accountability standards it strives to overcome shortcomings of rival crypto exchanges that have repeatedly caused severe losses for issuers and token holders to achieve this the team relies on its advanced knowledge of cryptographic technology its operational in-depth understanding of the crypto world and the strong company culture committed to security and compliance together with premium blockchain Daioh aims to become the leading cryptographic exchange in Europe for 2020 so here we have the CEO and Founder Pierre now that meows that I am so sorry if I butchered that Pierre started working on cryptography applied to digital television services long before Bitcoin appeared he is recognized as an expert in the cryptocurrency industry he has he has authored numerous books and articles about Bitcoin and is a much sought after speaker at major conferences on the subject such as the Bitcoin conference via Tec wired and pay forum Pierre holds an MSC from Ecole Polytechnique France's leading engineering school and an MBA degree from Columbia University in New York as for the rest of the team we have 35 plus crypto and trading experts we have Dominique Pierre and Leticia as well as many other team members if you are interested in checking out the team there will be a link below to the website you can click in on their LinkedIn pages here to get more information about each individual member as well as their summarized biographies right here below so it seems like their team has a ton of experience as we can see dominique has 15 years of experience apart of a French Atomic Energy Commission and then we have over the past 10 years Pierre has worked in seven countries on the four continents of Africa America Asia and Europe and latisha CFO with more than ten years of experience in finance management and control so it seems like their team is pretty well rounded and they have a lot of experience going for them Bob train dot IO also has 15 advisors listed on their website the next thing we want to take a look at is their token sale now their token still actually gold is live in six hours and 36 minutes and 24 3 2 seconds which should be about 5 hours after this has been uploaded here we can check out some information on the coin the bc io token will foster liquidity and incentivize users so the bc io I'm assuming is their coin users have the choice to pay any platform fees either in bc io tokens or in other cryptocurrencies all exchange trades are subject to a trading fee except for bc io tokens long trades we also have some information on discounted trading survey participation rights and loyalty and rewards for example bc io tokens will be used to incentivize platform usage and reward bc io token holders existing pay me amuse errs early Bitcoin Daioh adopters and external developers airdrops and new listings early access I SEOs and complimentary services in competition prices now here we have some information our symbol is the BCI oh it is an e rc 20 coin there is a supply of a hundred million and then there are 55 million for sale for reference it's about worth 70 cents euro or 82 cents USD the hard cap is 20 million euro or 23 million USD and they're accepted currencies are BTC Bitcoin and aetherium and here it looks like the unsold tokens will be burnt next we could take a look at their token allocation 55 percent will go to token sale as we see they have 100 million in supply and 55 million will be for sale 16 percent of that goes to the team four percent goes to advisers 10 percent to marketing an ecosystem and 15 percent for inventory as for these of proceeds development most of the funds will be allocated to marketing with incentive and development programs to build an extensive user base we aim to reach 1 million users within the first 6 to 12 months so 40 percent will be going to development 25 percent will be going to technology 25 percent to operations in 10% for other expenses we also have a bonus scheme template here day 1 September 27th 6 a.m. UTC which is in 6 hours token sale opens with a 25% bonus week 1 boasts decreases to 15% and then the bonus decreases to 10% during week 2 starting October 4th and then onwards to decreasing to 5% on October 11th and then there will be no more bonuses after the 18th if you still haven't gotten your tokens by this time the sale ends by the 25th so you still have a little bit of time next up we could take a look at our roadmap in quarter for 2018 which is where we're about to be in like 5 days we have crypto currency exchange built on premiums proven security and technology record a high level of digital assets protection and safe records of transactions high availability and high scalability trade matching engine to sustain deep order book on all pairs next up in quarter one to 2019 we have a token listen and an IC o—- services advisors and technology services to execute institutional I CEOs new listings to foster enhanced token liquidity also in quarter one in 2019 we market making listed proprietary market making algorithms to provide additional liquidity and manage our token inventory around q2 we have a decentralized settlement which is an option to enable traders to execute trade orders via cross chain Adam swaps leveraging a cryptographic protocol designed specifically for trading addressing issues of prior protocols such as front running and grieving and then in courted 3 2019 we have periodic auctions transparent oxigen several times a day to bootstrap new currency markets with an efficient price discovery mechanism lastly in quarter 4 of 2018 we margin trading traders can borrow and open leveraged or not long or short positions guaranteed with security margin and then a quarter 1 of 2020 which is the last bullet point listed on their road map is p2p lending traders borrow money from other platform users or from the blockchain to IO inventory for larger amounts you can also take a look at their white paper right here or right here next up I wanted to take a look at a statement from a news article written about blockchain i/o app box train i/o we tackled the challenge of providing our community with a centralized exchange platform that also offers what is referred to as decentralized settlement this feature allows our users to pin it from a high-performance centralized order book without giving up on the control of their crypto assets it means that the blockchain IO users are protected against counterparty risk and have the best guarantee that their coins will remain under the control thanks to cross chain atomic swap technology this focus on security is inherited from our parent company pay Miam where 90% of our customers crypto assets have been in cold storage since 2013 if you guys are looking for more information on blockchain IO they have a Twitter a medium and Instagram a telegram a YouTube Facebook Bitcoin talk reddit and a LinkedIn or you can click this envelope at the top to sign up with your email address to get notified on news so that is all I have on blockchain dot IO today if you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to hit that like button leave a comment of what you think of this project and I will talk to you guys next time bye

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  2. What more can one ask for conviction? They have a team of technical experts. I have done my research on them and I'm pleased.

  3. Anyone wanna share his referral bonus code with me? Here's mine in case you have none KQi4f4RyxYm8RsZ6LYGv (5% bonus on your total contribution)

  4. Blockchain.io backed by Paymium highest security, reliability and accountability standards. An interesting ICO that is promising and that will be mass adopted because of its future growth.

  5. Blockchain.io the European cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individuals, institutions, and entrepreneurs. allow crypto enthusiast trade their crypto asset. This project is huge and the tokensale is On join https://blockchain.io/token-sale/

  6. The Blockchain.io Team is behind the European hack-free Cryptocurrency Exchange, Paymium which has being in operation since 2013 with a.User-base of over 200,000. I think with such new technologies like a centralized orderbook working in concurrence with a decentralized settlement, a cold storage along with a cryptographic protocol that tends to serve as a proof of reserve, am optimistic about this project.

  7. Hey Zack, talk about The US SEC regulations regarding cryptocurrency/ the SEC wanting to shutdown binance/other exchanges.

  8. Not sure what "ULTRA SECURE EXCHANGE" means ? Because to give it that label the exchange needs to be decentralised. That's the way forward where your crypto's are not on a CENTRAL EXCHANGE but safely in your own wallet until the transaction actual takes place.

    I wish them luck though but if they want to move forward they need to ditch the "CENTRALISED EXCHANGE" in a "DECENTRALISED" industry.

  9. This is the ICO to participate in. The blockchain.io platform from paymium.com is definitely truly set on a path of being the best cryptocurrency exchange in Europe and everywhere around the world

  10. I recommend you the best ICO of 2018, Blockchain.io. Blockchain.io will be next generation of crypto exchange that combine centralized order book with decentralized settlement to obtain better trading performance (price matching), better security, better privacy, and better anonymity, aiming to reach better liquidity.

  11. One of the most promising ICOs today. They have excellent token incentives which will attract major investors to hold #BCIO tokens to get trading discounts of up to 100%. Awesome!

  12. How about a Byteball video? Its like the Ethereum of DAG, rebranding soon because the name is holding it back

  13. PryvateXchange could be another one that's super secure with no fees for PVC token holders. Beta version is out this weekend.

  14. I like everything about Blockchain IO, except for the crypto lending platform. I took a beating for wasting my time and Crypto on Ethlend. Never again will I "loan" my crypto. I got Bitconnected by Ethlend

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