UK banning Crypto? Not in the US!

car right hand we are going live
with a hall report on this
wonderful Wednesday evening, the
evening before 4th of July
someone tow as always as we do with each
individual stream and I am
coming on in a little bit early,
this evening as I did yesterday,
pl and get the setting exactly the
way I wanted it to LAN back here
and in OB S and so we will be
using a B.S. up for this evening awesome check this out and
everybody does buy you know
bounced in it the exact same
time, excerpt the Carolina tight
gaming cryp and of calibrate myself with a known you to tears I can make
sure I know what we’re doing and
we’re doing it and make sure
they were actually getting a
solid , on the and Peter is also working pretty
well so what’s a brick there are you
doing a good to see one of got
all these devices and feel like
a ago my phone over here and got
a b tell, figure what screen to look
at and it might be a little
distracted and supple, one to
make sure we all we go through
all of , in the space on in four and in
terms of, in terms of all price
and movement and it is one of
observing taken take a moment to it’s interesting is that and we had what 9500 up on the
on bit cloying just a couple
days ago a right now it’s sitting just
under 12,000 so there’s a high
probability chance were to hit
the weekend we go through 4th of
Jul and aunt who would want big a
volatility would want big a
price fluctuation onto what’s good for the market
what’s good for the investor , what’s good for growth and
development is when we looking
excerpt he and we see it’s
sitting at a resoundingly a 40¢
right no and I think that’s really
showing a significant stability,
in that, in that digital asset
insignificant stability up for
what we I need in terms of all when we see full utility
taken, and so to remember that
you when we look at digital
assets we want a look for
utility want w and movement in the digital
asset there’s various of that
berry abilities up so to speak
and we want a observe all of
that will , we saw a little tendency of
that recently on what we want is
the utility post we wanna see, a
digital asset we wanna see utili are what you are the are are
really the impetus or that
that’s going to create the
ground swell to begin this
movement again when it comes excerpt you were
still keenly focused on what’s
going on with excerpt he mainly
because we’re watching and seeing what
rebel net, the add to it with a
robotic capabilities are a
through what rebel is doing , adding more and more banks
around the world to user acts
current platform and now see not
just a few weeks ago of the big buying time moneygram
and the trend of what moneygram
is going to create now movement
of funds movement of money we d , the asleep we look back we
look at what the you know what people in it as a paid what is
needed for full liquidity of
Easley from that perspective
many could then say that the expectation or
anticipation off for excerpt he to move up
Israel, and so us a can move up
again wanna see those big , big spikes because every big
spike has a clip of the other
end and typically the cliff is
as far down if not further of in
tha it cloying added but the but
those movements are are pretty,
overall and if if you’re trying
to De tray this of easier to get
yo a good have all you on here so , let’s take a look at where we
are , let’s take a look that dumb
and bounce and 600 club sex RB
and as an engine that imagine a
day , so great were to let people
role in here a little bit more
flour and I glad to see one and 30 and branding yourself or ending
the Richter a rich and each and say a rich to your Richter
Richter and was the other was that the
goalie all Richter bets on every
time I see Matt Richter, and to
think of the Golan thing as the and II thought his name was not
Richter and is a Richter of the Richter scale
Mike Richter that set the
Rangers and are we going to win
was over there made more sense
for it t it was migrate to every time I
see Matt rector, and I think
about Richter and then I go back
to when I was in the tack in
colleg and I just remember eagle plane
and we had to certain you know
certain of the players and
Fleury, and Richter and I know
just th , Mets and that’s the one that
we a thought we played a nose
back and back in the day and I
still love love it, got it was
the b and you still one of the best
the hockey games of a hat on a
console and went over China
plate on the PlayStation a
member and y , and it just wasn’t the same as
wasn’t there tell to a gleeful
play a key it’s awesome to oh R.I. let’s of
quality that we got more more
people bouncing in here and you
know what I was crazy if you
guys to the fed is the best of thing
as maybe 94 and a member of 90
four’s last year, and I and my
brother back afterwards , was thought that was awesome and he could shoot him and I
come in with a stick and around
the net and get in the corner
and is awesome to console whitefly 00 and haven’t seen you on a long
time so the right and we got it on a
stop to talk about as always,
were to start out of the stream
and dish out onto the first
person and seal it scroll back up and
say we got an excerpt the Carolina and that
means arena Schoonover, so does
like nine that grows a nice as awesome up of funny and eyes
as you get a get older and then
you look back in over the years
of what you remember when you’re takes you feel law I know a
little aging thing in the years
are, crazy swing is exactly that
he brought drivers and that that
is because my first watch that
movie that was like that was us
in college and we’ll hang out you Gotta play hockey before we
go out nose like that all the
time that was awesome all that’s
awesome and whitefly appreciated
a legacy bouncing and nine, and,
if that’s a towel was like the
bes and mob was actually was
absolutely awesome as a classic and Esther be
excerpt he wants a man and it’s the biggest news of the
day, then you’re on vacation
that’s what it is at Sybase’s of
the day and know I was on vacation today tomorrow however tomorrow towing
to super con and ever been to a
comic con in my life, bringing
the kids over there and it’s gon to know our it was I doing the
right eye as an inside track
tear and looking in my you to
video my phone and winding that
I’m tr to throw this over there we go
to mix this up a little tear ago, it’s a production on
here , have you on your right , and you’re an and throw the same air and is shot excerpt the Carolina
some pre excerpt the arrest on
purse on the chat toll of pickle Rick good to see
one as well and I am dressing up just like
this and the awesome right to a array that’s awesome let’s see,
where were we to back over here and the devices and all my son
doesn’t call the bison , it’s so let’s let’s start with
start this evening off I wanted dig into something
that, as come up, over and over
again a couple things or to talk
about tonight , talk a little bit about,
banning banning digital assets I
think that something important
talk about all the focus in on what is
happening in the UK, there’s
some some talk about blocking of
digital assets Anderson
conversation c , when they start talking about
it, then that I pulled up an
interesting article, regarding a
big point in digital assets ever
b is Christine loh guard and the
reason wise because it seems to
be a conversation that comes up
over and over and over again,
nin , fisher money you don’t even
know it, yet it to like that big
bear inches like this little
bunny rabbit year with these
babies , and of its ear, so any Esso
Christina guard and it and so it’d do we really know
you know who each individual
person is you know you you you
look at what they’re doing in
the s , when I find is interesting is
where is the allegiance you know
where is her allegiance to, and
you one of the the points here is brought the IMF attention to
the world stage again, slowly
behind when it comes to
corruption and another on
another incidenc to should be looked like the
United Nations and and a lot of
it, really a lot of a lot of the
different the group’s expire
this , I yesterday are this morning,
continue this morning , Danny to religious is the
pride early house, is so solely
shot me over this article which
I thought was interesting so we
star on market insider toaster Rollie
rising adopt a trump was time to
talk to some of the key business
leaders anno is she looking d or the European central bank AG
a zero experience and monetary
policy and is not an economist
is that important and all I know
i you know right from the European
Council Mrs. From this market
insider up article pieces
thinking that she’s the perfect
candida European central bank, read this
article is OK though that’s what
they wanted do in the meantime
you know chips sends me another over a massive another man pay
up to now obviously a lot of
things get to you as swept under
the rug you what’s up tea and
I’m g , and a glad the year you’re up
and logging and so as ensure DB
streaming at 9:00 meant again on earlier was
planning a 30 of 30 minute 45
minute to early stream, glad to
see you want logging in there
the night and to it in kind this struck me
a little bit that anno that articles like
this, get buried but it also
strikes me that anno from my
perspective you know of one to
do a littl you know who this individual has
butted the same time it when you see are being moved
into another position of power
to the European central banks and we also want understand you
know what is behind all of the
movement tell why she truly up
the issue was he was convicted
of , you know that actually that
you a leader in a position, to
where she was then you’ll found
negligent bill ward why she
neglige , and it’s interesting how you
know how important critical
facts that swept under the
carpet and OK brought up again, however
you know when we look at all so,
and in images, digging through
this of her negligent she was guilty
of negligence or failing to
challenge the state arbitration
payout to the friend of former
Frenc Nicholas us are cozy thus we
know what happened with Nicolas
sarkozy , and you know a lot of issues
with him, but what’s interesting
again is that it hurt negligence
to challenge, a payout so anno a noticed a arbitration payout
happening and I wish
irresponsible to 21, it actually
challenge it and then a cheese
and all foun and she denied any negligence
and she’s saying it’s not our
responsibility that the court
still held are guilty of all
this and it, something interesting to
bring up and since the Anaya is
up is around here be interesting
to get some feedback remain as
wel to oh just thought I’d bring
that up and the time thing that ship it the shot
my way so , sold next next thing that I
wanted to talk about on the list here, which is the
UK so and this an interesting
article because a popped up on
the guardian and what really
struck was that the a financial conduct
conduct authority , a CC nine stringer, peace and
are not, but the fine and the
financial conduct authority says
crypto assets are ill suited to
sma and very of volatile to 00 this
is the NCI thank you notes
interest and a interesting to me
because it when you see the
governme it’s our ID and I, it’s that
school to know we’re in a stream
and then, should everybody over
junior a shoreline to oh as good
a it when you when you see a government and the CIA
government organization on
talking about the anno, an investment that is
not ill suited to a small
investor, really whose
responsibility is it and you’re
investing know a no , And they’re talking negatively
about the investor is though the
investors not small a smart
enough to really decipher whether not eight in investment
is appropriate for what they
want put their money and I find
that you ought to be extremely
youn that you know some government
official is smarter than I am on
a can make better decisions were
one to put my money of that I am so it’ll as as you get into this
article though it and it’s very
very insulting it was eerie of
the uk’s markets regulator and
has are retail consumers unlikely to
understand their wrists war
value so their of their focus
here again they then they go on
a sic a difficulty in valuing them it was you who are they to make
these decisions and why did they say the small
investor would a small retail
investor just isn’t intelligent
and now can’t decipher the
financia up to analyze it, you only drop
a link on this one ideas and
interesting article was on in
the guardian and nine and a summer throw right into
the odd check conversation and a
second , were to go and on and I only
get a little a little bit of a
lag but an ego, two to goes in the
lineup find MMM , not letting me of someone
depot, pasted and canapes to
what I’ll do a throat into the
description , for some reason it’s not let
me put it in to the odd and to
the AMA into the chap, put in
the description were Donald
Bogle in of the week picked down you know
this woman thought was great and
also this one you goes down to
talk about you know the the amo , you’re taking arrest if you’re
investing in a volatile
investment it could be and a digital asset that could
be a stock and can be a start of
business it to be whenever it
could be a no again is it
governme extremely insulting, from their
perspective they said estimating
a ban would benefit consumers to
the tune of between 75,000,002 and out again arrayed in a hotter than come up
with these ridiculous numbers
you know obviously there’s
people in the retail space I
know it I on investments tell tall do it the I notes its
individual prerogative now if
you can say the same thing about
casinos in gambling you know and
inlet and on theirs casinos
unfortunately but that’s high
risk of volatile in the end if
you know percentage chance a
year to lose it another there tonight you really
have address something of such
importance with with such an
eyewitness a animosity again its
si excerpt the Carolina anybody,
new to this pays if you have
been on before deftly subscribe
you throw up some thumbs up, if
you’r calm now here’s another one most
consumers cannot rely a bleed
value derivatives taste on unregulated crypto
assets as saying the price are
volatile and they keep books in on
financial crime and in the
marketplace and a financial crime the crypto
acid market, can lead to sudden
and unexpected losses to what is
as with financial crime again want why the using scare
tactics are still trying to belittle and
the Chinese scare tactics anno and then again the whole
focus here was really are riveted sand and on exchange
traded notes ought not met in
almost like an ATF but then it
then you say OK so that’s all
they to come back again and they say
all one of the AFC A’s concerns
is the volatility in the price
of digital currencies with
fluctu they just talk about derivatives
and now they come back and they
belittle us again, you know
talking about their main concern
is is what happen this week a big
point fell $10,000 on Tuesday down 30% from the week speak to
a white Saud Al from 14 to
10,000 and if we want a look at the
full length in term of this
investment and went from
basically zero on to 10,000
that’s a pretty th to this year and have OPS and
downs in the stock market also its look at some of the stocks
that are down let’s look at GE
stock teams to be riding high
around 30 are $40.00 not sitting
aro and what happens if you by GE
stock in $40.00 and now it’s
valued it at $6.00 it was an ad
volatile you know now if the six
goes and others too much volatility
and GE yell for me the one who
invest in an ill because the
movement is too extreme be used
to be article in article so it shows you the naiveté or the
EU of the fact that many of
these writers in these articles
don’t really understand or don’t
wa these articles be part of the
reading and these are the
contact the concerns that people
bring to the one my good friends
is con that you know show that Addis
and the digital asset space is
problematic and also hears and
the bees this isn’t just a no
one yo almost like know this is the
five that they’re trying to that
are trying to spread to really
dampen no our mood on on
investment and at that could be a Stephen
possible, you know so some
analysts alike and that the highlight in late
2017 and nearly reached 20,000
before spectacular collapse in
2018 are eight again narrow
focus w and if it’s probably know it’s
very difficult anno but it’ll and we’re looking at this whole
trend of the market and on and
there’s so much movement let’s
look at it you know from a macro
p that’s pull back and look at the
market as a whole and say OK two
years ago the obit point was
that whatever was I remember the , and where is it a day and
which different tale penny
stocks like Alex you the same,
Et age young 250 on I’d get down
to 13, th and on and that’s just that’s
the reality of it, you know so
we have to wait to take
everything in perspective and
unfortunately into perspective so we don’t
know exactly what’s going on and
oh so Tutsi Becker I know that
Social Security thing of in pain
un toe that I took a step and is OK
but not how are things look at
in the U.S. and so fortunately
there’s an article that does
happ town to balance the what’s
happened over the UK the UK again that article of the
SCA their focus primarily on
derivatives but they’re still
belittling the entire market due to a misunderstanding so
although they might be books
under rivets their real intent
is to try to ban all digital
asset and that’s in their mindset and
you can tell from the language
anno but whether it happens or
not that’s another question, so
th is because they interviewed the
ceo of avram of this guy bill of
bar high to think you pronounce
his name and the reason I thoug that UK water one that you
posted in the chat, hoping I can
post and the description of the
bee up of the video, afterwards
to o to 00 this if this is really
interesting why you and and this
is one of you one reason why why , digital assets to be banned in
the U.S. and I really thought
it’s interesting because again
this is coming from a
perspective and in the key point here that cloying is a free speech
issue tell that exists in the
United States we’re free speech
and United States away he’s
using, a the way it has, if the
government are the real intent
at this point is to try to crush
it regulated and troll it a
wrecked it a , in the U.S. so we really folks
is in on the legality aspect of
it and it’s important when we’re
talking about the government t you’ll really important and oh
so , you only see in China fine to
last a statement that he had,
and yet we ended up here are a
speech needs to be a protected
huma , anno of K to talk about utility and
utility is the driving force
utility was what’s important,
from a black chain perspective
we know that and know that acts rapid is
still somewhat in the works us
somewhat being implemented, but
it hasn’t been rolled out the
way , everyone and Tessa anticipates
it to be rolled out because we
know that’s the big game changer
and rebel net vs. swift as a sw that is the game changer that
they have the trio you know that
they have the ex currency acts
wrap and the Exe via and that’s
wh to all we know that the digital
asset aspect of the black chain
is valuable and important, but
when you see it in practical use , whether it’s excerpt he or you
bit cloying or a theory a more
like: whatever might be and all that utility is bringing
about the driving force courts
mainstream adoption mainstream in every sin every
sense whether its enterprise whether it’s up to the retail
onto the consumer in everyday
life for governments it’s it’s
now been ingrained into our
everyday and thought this is awesome and
because are tracking the
shipment and not only did the
track it every part of that
shipment was and fact that they’re able to
accomplish in was successful than a container ship with goods
that was tracked from one port
to the next and it was done with
transparency so this is this is awesome tell
here’s what happened so on it
was tracked via the black chain
platform that called deliver,
and a lowly track and conducted
papers sleep so finance the
financing part of it is
important and a specially that
has to do with an exchange of payment or
good ship, up, the seller ships
goods Congress to pay for it but
lee there’s tons of people invol it if it’s done by letter of
credit and it’s time by, by a
L,, and global of cross border
payments to whatever it was done
with and get all these things are
going on and hear exactly was like Brock
Robertson instantly finance to
08 ships extract a building the
ships on its way boom by deter
mo toe and here it is real live on
super efficient and what are the
cfo say off from the from the
port of Rotterdam the
traditional and oh so any said here for its
an average 28 parties are
involved in container transport
from China two Rotterdam 28
parties an three the black chain platform
deliver was reportedly, psycho
developed by three pardon
organizations and is in an
Interop role , party’s ended the normal 28 so tiny house so that to me is is
just amazing anno and then
here’s here’s what we had here
on the customs clearance
blocking syste so they that school yelled
different platforms and started
to deliver project to connect
different platforms that’s
exactly what and what they’re doing with
rebel net you you need a bridge
between all these banks
inevitably people like
McDonald’s or the lik , you’re going to have different
organizations that are using on
a different solutions and so
young to me that’s amazing you
kno that’s what I want to talk about
tonight I thought I was really
important, I wanted to get on a
little bit earlier my plan is th or fluctuating here between up
eight and 10, but I wanna stop
on teen eyes on toes any longer
really appreciate everything he
do offer be first on and getting
some of free excerpt either shot
over to one, and you know what
appreciate everybody else that’s
a really awesome up rishi all you
guys have an amazing evening,
have an amazing 1/4 what’s up
injure nation just getting ready
to and I’ll see you guys, robbing
out tomorrow, but a check you
guys outdone, maybe Friday night
if you join the auburn nine
joint tied AM Eastern standard time by
the way, that’s it had a good
night check as a late

6 thoughts on “UK banning Crypto? Not in the US!”

  1. So the UK want to ban crypto? This reared its ugly head a while ago, it probably will keep popping up, theres always someone wanting to ban it, but all the while that btc was for sale during the Silk Road period,they didnt ban it, now its all gaining some credibility and may help a few people get ahead, oh! The flags got to be raised to ban it. 10 years they had the chance to ban btc, 5 years to ban xrp, allow visa to buy earth port, allow businesses to use the ilp/xrp, but lets ban the ordinary guy have a decent opportunity to better his family, yet the stock that i no sooner had bought went and split, then took a nose dive, thats ok. IMO this is knee jerk reaction by people who don’t understand the space but more worrying dont want to understand the space so we’ll just ban it, yet i can turn on the tv in the middle of the night and partake in playing poker or other Casino games that are processed using computers, i could go on a full blown rant, but i will end here.

  2. What makes this an absolute joke, is they are trying to ban it to apparently stop people losing money. However, banning it
    before people have recovered their losses from the bear market, will make every single person in the space go completely broke, as they will lose everything. Furthermore, the FUD from this may prevent a proper recovery. Therefore, not only will the Muppets that don’t know how to invest (their own problem) lose money, but so will every person in the space.  Shall
    we ban every betting shop in the UK, since people may lose money, or lets ban every pub in the UK as people may lose money drinking. This is a joke and the government should be put to trail and sent to jail for even suggesting this. PLEASE RETWEET AND SEND TO AS MANY PEOPLE AND GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS AS POSSIBLE. THE PERSON WHO SUGGESTED THIS IS TRYING TO MAKE US ALL LOSE OUR LIFE SAVINGS…..

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