UK 2000 One Pound Wales – WELSH DRAGON Coin

Hello all you coin collectors out there and Welcome to the DCCoin World International Coin Channel Today we have another in our series of one-pound coins from the United Kingdom and we’re going
to focus on this one right here the wealth dragon coin from the year 2000
but first let’s take a look at this other coin that we did earlier and this
is three lions passant representing England and you can see they’re kind of
all lying down here across it says one pound and of course this is a 1997
version of the coin Queen Elizabeth the second the third portrait and then when
we move to this one the wels dragon which is the year 2000 you can kind of
see the scales on there you can see the barbed tail you can see the barbed
tongue see the clawed feet that says one pound with beaded outer rim and then we
get here and we see that we’ve moved from the third portrait to the fourth
portrait and this is the fourth portrait of Queen Elizabeth I believe in and this
portrait she was 77 years old these coins have a inscribed edge or they call
it an in cused edge and it says dicus at – Tommen on this one which is
interesting because this is the Welch coin and it doesn’t have it in Welch on
the outside of the 2000 version and it essentially says the same thing that it
says on his English lions passant dicus at – Tommen I’m not sure why they didn’t
carry the Welsh over from the 1995 version of this coin but they didn’t and
then finally we’ll take a look at the newest 1 pound coin and it’s bimetallic
it has a segmented reeded edge and it’s not a round edge and we can see the
Irish clover the Scottish thistle the Welch leek so they don’t have the dragon
on this one and the English Rose here and once again
we see that it is the fourth portrait of Queen Elizabeth on here now going back
to this portrait you can see how beat-up these are and they almost all got this
way and so what you want to do if you can get one of these is this coin is
just spectacular if you can get the silver proof version you can see the
beautiful scales and the wing has texture
but if you get a used version of this coin it is not going to be of any value
in fact these coins got so worn that the British government actually took them
out of circulation when they came in with the new by metallics and so this
coin is no longer it’s been demonetised in the United Kingdom it is no longer of
any cash value on the street it was demonetised in the year 2017 alright so
that’s all we have today for our United Kingdom one pound coin from the country
of Wales and there it is there you can now you can see a little bit more of
those scales on the dragon the Welsh or Wales one pound dragon pestle and
passant means the dragon is lying down and so that’s what the weird part of
that is this dragon is lying down these lions are lying down this is England
lions lying down this is Wales the Dragons lying down and that’s I’m not
sure why they have a dragon persona but they do and it kind of looks pretty cool
get it in the proof version and one pound coin if you can the silver version
because it’s just a beauty have a great day from the DC coin World International
coin Channel

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  1. Sorry to ruin your day but your Welsh £1 is clearly a fake. They were very common. That's why the round pound was replaced.

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