Ubiatar and Cryptocurrency

where will you go in the coming days?
We are going to the CES in Las Vegas the Consumer Electronic Show, the biggest show about the consumer electronics in the world, and there we will present the ubiatar ICO.
What is an ICO? ICO stands for Initial Coin Offer,
because we are creating a specific
cryptocurrency for ubiatar, it will be called ‘ubiatar coins’ and the initial coin offer will be around March everybody will be capable of buying this currency,
so they can be the first to have the option to use other people like avatars.
Why ubiatar coins are so important for ubiatar? We thought about a standard
token because you can hire an avatar in Timbuktu and you can be in Paris, and you do not have the same currency so you need a standard mean of payment; we thought about a standard token then we knew about Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies…
it seems a technology that was invented for us so we created the ubiatar coins and we also are accessing very relevant fundings with these kind of currencies it’s a new kind of crowdfunding process.
And the next step after Las Vegas? We are going to Singapore because there
is a specific blockchain cruise in Asia they go from Singapore to Phuket and back;
the idea is that we just put investors over a cruise ship:
they cannot go anywhere, so we can ‘sell’ them the money. What you can do in the cruise? We will present the ubiatar ICO to the asian investors and then we will go to other places.
Which kind of places? After that we will go to Manila… Cayman Islands, Dubai, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Tallinn and lots of other places cryptocurrency is something that is a worldwide technology so everybody must know about that so we’ll go in all these different
places of the planet to let people know that we are doing this thing and to let them,
if they want to, buy in advance this new cryptocurrency cryptocurrency is a technology distributed over the internet,
so everybody can access it. You don’t need a bank account, so you can be a poor guy in Bangalore, a rich guy in Manhattan, it doesn’t matter, it is for everybody,
so we have to go around the world because we want to talk about it, about the cryptocurrency, to all the people of the world.
So it’s a long, long journey, but we have to do it. You can find everything on our site:
it’s ubiatarplay.io

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