U S Tracking Down & Doxxing Bitcoin Addresses

I hurt myself today the see if I still feel I focus on the dump the only thing that's real red candle digs a hole the old familiar sting try to cope it all the way but I remember everything Eliza come my Swedish friends every coin just guess fog you too get all my portfolios of God [Applause] me just hey guys welcome to the channel welcome to the bit squad today we're gonna be talking about a situation in Iran that actually has very large repercussions and reverberating effects for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency we're all gonna be talking about John McAfee and something that happened in South Africa that was not good but before we do I want to make a special announcement on the channel as you guys know for many many months I've been making two videos every single day Monday through Friday one video on Saturday and one video on Sunday I've decided that what I'm gonna do after putting a pullout on the community is that from here on out or at least for a while I'm gonna try doing one video every day and I'm gonna try to make the quality of that video much better than the quality of my previous videos so hopefully it'll be like kind of the same amount of information but just in one video instead of spread out don't try to serve don't do it the less you do the more you do so okay guys looking at the markets today the Bitcoin is up just a tiny bit sitting it on three thousand nine hundred and thirteen dollars the total market cap is one hundred and twenty five billion and bitcoin dominance has risen back to the 54th I remember when it was in the low 40s and we were hoping it would drop back down to the 30s man that feels like a long time a lot of people are starting to wonder whether or not that this bear market will actually be worse than the bear market in 2014 there's a thread going around on Twitter that lists all kinds of reasons why and I hope that it's wrong sir so I think probably most people don't want to see that for a long bear market but we'll just have to see [Applause] so okay guys South Africa we have a man who is tortured for bitcoins and he's in intensive care according to local news source so we tow urban Andrew of LAN Surya was invited to give a presentation at a private residence I met a man so he had met on Facebook and later in person I don't know if that sentence really makes sense but I think you get the gist of it when he got there someone came up behind him and knocked him out by way of a chemical soaked cloth to the face all right join the leading industry event yay right in the middle here it's a little weird place for ad placement but basically the long and the short of it is there was $100,000 worth of Bitcoin that was stolen from this man and the moral of the story is don't accept any friend requests on Facebook from people that you don't know because it seems like that's what happened here I'm the meat chef yeah someone asked me do I smoke meat smoking meat smoking these meats smoking meats earlier in the day but this is not the only case of people being tortured for Bitcoin we've seen it in many many different places my suggestion get yourself a hardware wallet take it down to your local bank get a safety deposit box put your your hardware wallet along with your private key inside of that box and there it should be safe and Plus even if someone does try to come and kidnap you and kill you for your crypto and you explain to him where it is they're not gonna feel too good about their chances to be able to get the bitcoins considering you're going to have to go into a bank and if you go into a bank and you look distressed they're gonna ask you about it and you have the opportunity to explain what's going on but of course then they may just kill you so I don't really know which way is better so John McAfee had this tweet where he said me worried about the SEC I've openly publicly and in the media ridicule to corrupt pus-filled bout dripping abscess on the fabric of America come for me SEC I will in every media outlet in this country rip you a new one worthy of parking a tractor trailer and so this is a response to the SEC saying they're gonna come after social media influencers and celebrities and John Beck John McAfee certainly fits the bill I'm not sure what would make them think that he's a sketchy guy John huh yes that's that about right well not completely you know I mean it's always there it's watching it's been watching me for years but in all seriousness personally I really like John McAfee the way he just seems to be unbridled and not being able to be held down by any threat of Authority and he kind of says a lot of the stuff that we can only think and can't actually say out loud or feel like we can't and it's good that we have a mouthpiece like that someone who will push back against the people that are trying to control us in this world and so you know hats off to him for being this ballsy I don't know if they actually will come after him or not I would think he might be a high target on their list but we will just have to see so a very interesting story coming to us from Iran recently the US Treasury Department doxxed to Bitcoin addresses and gave the names of the people behind them if you don't know what the word Docs means it basically means someone who's trying to stay anonymous gets exposed and that's what we saw here but it was exposed by the US government so you may say well why was that well the people did some pretty bad stuff there were two Iranian Nationals and what they did was they were involved in what was called the Sam Sam ransom attack and basically what that was is they sent malware and ransomware to several different places in the country including where I live the actual city of Atlanta hospitals the port and San Diego and they were were demanding crypto currency or specifically Bitcoin in return for letting them unlock their systems so they specifically chose different places that it would be very very difficult for them to keep going operationally one was a hospital they knew if they attacked the servers at the hospital that basically the entire hospital will get shut down and that's what happened so they were in a pinch and really need to fix this situation so they were demanding Bitcoin and return for this and this wasn't just necessarily about receiving the money they're also wanting to cause political turmoil in the United States as well so kind of a cyber terrorism if you will but they were also getting paid for it too so they actually trans processed more than 7000 transactions during this attack now the question is a lot of people want to know how did the United States get the addresses of these individuals and you have to understand the anonymity of Bitcoin it only goes so far as who knows who is sending the money so if I send money to someone and they know it's from me then they know my Bitcoin address now just knowing the address doesn't mean that the US government can seize the funds or can block transactions to that account or anything like that but the warning here is if you think you can stay anonymous with bitcoins the truth is you cannot especially if you're going to be making a lot of transactions if you're only going to do a few transactions you may actually be okay however the more transactions that you do it's like a spider web of information so I found this website here it's called Matt bm8 EBE a dotnet and what you can do here is you can put in any Bitcoin address and you can see all of the transactions flowing to and from that address so based on that information if someone's doing a lot of transactions you can track the the money that is going in and out you can track all the addresses that are sending in money and receiving money from this address and then you can do the same thing for all of those accounts kind of creating a spider web of information and all it takes is finding out who the owner of one of those addresses is and contacting them and basically you know strong-arming them or whatever it may be in order to get them to tell the next address who it was that they sent the money to and they can kind of follow that spider web pattern until they can down who these people are of course they would do that with threats of legal action who knows maybe even physical harm I don't know what the threats are involved but I'm proud I'm sure this is probably how they managed to figure out these Bitcoin addresses what they did is they were able to track down one of the exchanges where transactions from these addresses were being done and then of course through legal action they were able to get chats between the exchange and the actual address owners and that's how they were able to figure out exactly who it was now if you read through all these articles about the situation you actually don't it it though that's me putting pieces together on what happened when you read the articles I think because the people writing these aren't necessarily involved with cryptocurrency they're like who knows how they got these addresses when you really start digging into it it's pretty obvious there's only one way they could find these addresses which is through a paper trail on most of Bitcoin addresses and transactions to ultimately get the two that they were looking for so what does this mean for Bitcoin going forward well this means that less criminals and terrorists will probably be using it in the future now they know it's this easy and the US government is willing to talk to you if you cross them so who knows maybe one day there will be a giant database of Bitcoin addresses and you have to check it and make sure that the people you're sending a Bitcoin – aren't on that list because they're like a black market of crypto or something like that a black market within a black market go figure but that's it guys I want to talk to you guys about that I thought that was a huge story you guys let me know what you think about that do you think bitcoin is still anonymous do you think that terrorists and criminals will be more likely to use u.s. dollars than cryptocurrency or at least privacy coins than Bitcoin you guys let me know what you think below until next time big boy out

35 thoughts on “U S Tracking Down & Doxxing Bitcoin Addresses”

  1. seems funny to me that people dont understand how data works theres always a trail if you know where to look

  2. So many Bitcoin maximalists would have you believe that Bitcoin is simply untouchable.
    "But but but, it's anonymous". No it's pseudoanonymous, just like most of the other coins.
    ā€œBut but but, it's decentralized". No, a few Chinese mining pools control over 51% of the hash rate, and 4.11% of BTC holders hold 96.53% of BTC.
    "But but but the government can never take your bitcoins away". True, but they can make bitcoins illegal, destroying the current value into dust.
    "But but but Lightning Network will make Bitcoin competitive again". LN works with ALL coins, it won't give Bitcoin any special advantage. Regardless though, if an altcoin (say XRP?) already performs at far greater transaction rates than LN, and costs nearly nothing, then why would you choose a bicycle with wings, over a jet? Moreover, LN is having all kinds of problems with scaling.
    "But but but, it's a store of value!". Every coin, every single coin, is a store of value. That's what makes them coins. If they didn't store value, then what would they be good for?
    The point is, Bitcoin is running out of cards. It simply cannot compete with the next generation of tokens. It's basic human nature to stay with what is familiar, and so we witness the predictable manifestation of purists, maximalists, and anarchists, hanging on for dear life to their beloved 'precious'. Here's the kicker though, none of these Bitcoin evangelists have any power to stop what's coming.

  3. i don't believe what the US is telling us about the Iranians, it is all american made FUD to plant hate towards certain countries and it worked for decades .
    just when bitcoin took a high dive in a low well they came up with that story among others. how convenient .

  4. The Hegelian Dialectic. Problem. Reaction. Solution.
    Problem = banksters see crypto as an existential threat, so create psy-ops like "Silk Road" to vilify it.
    Reaction = save us from evil crypto.
    Solution = SEC whores, owned by the bankster pimps, crack down.

  5. Theoretically still anonymous but not without the flaw of following other people's account. I think fiat would still be the default way for illegal activities, as it takes more work to follow the physical trail.
    Great video style. Like it very much.

  6. Here's a little story on Iran, gold, bitcoin, Malaysia, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=176&v=7hNtmk55ehw

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