U.S. investigating Chinese banks for allegedly financing N. Korea’s nuclear program: Bloomberg

the United States is investigating
Chinese banks that may be helping North Korea or may have helped the regime
develop its nuclear weapons program Konami reports three major Chinese banks
are being probed by the US for allegedly helping finance Pyongyang’s nuclear
weapons program which would be a violation of the international sanctions
on North Korea according to Bloomberg Washington is investigating hundreds of
millions of dollars in suspected financial transactions citing an appeals
court opinion bloomberg reported that American prosecutors do not currently
suspect the unnamed Chinese banks of intentionally violating sanctions but
the appeals court said the US government believes the banks hold records that
might clarify how North Korea finances its nuclear weapons program Washington
has been trying to acquire banking records from 2012 to 2017 the five-year
span was the period leading up to North Korea successful tests of nuclear arms
and missile systems including an ICBM launch in 2017 quoting a former CIA and
Treasury Department official Bloomberg added that if the government finds
evidence that banks knowingly aided the transactions the US could find them
billions of dollars meanwhile a new UN report says North Korea amassed some two
billion u.s. dollars for its WMD programs using cyberattacks to steal
money from financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges and launder the
money in cyberspace according to Reuters the confidential report to the UN
Security Council says Pyongyang is also continuing to enhance its nuclear and
missile programs despite not testing a nuclear bomb or ICBM in many months the
North Korean mission to the UN did not respond to a request for comment a US
State Department official was quoted as saying Washington calls upon all
responsible states to take action to counter North Korea’s ability to engage
in malicious cyber activities panama arirang news

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