Type 1 Civilization & Bitcoin Money Transfer

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we wanna talk about type 1 technologies meaning the technologies of a Kardashev
type one civilization absolutely if you don’t know what a Kardashe type one
civilization is you can watch our previous video on that topic right here
in short a type one civilization is a global a planetary civilization and we are
headed exactly into that direction now in this video we’d like to analyze the
most important global trends and understand that we are indeed on the
way to become a type one civilization among those are for example a global
worldwide common language a global communication system a global worldwide economy and new advanced technologies such as fusion energy in particular we want
to take a look at crypto currencies such as dogecoin, hehehehe of course not first and foremost of course bitcoin and try to understand why bitcoin is a natural
step towards a global monetary system insane profit? did i hear insane profit
somewhere no! we are talking about type 1 technologies, not insane gains so why should bitcoin this weird magical
internet drug money be the precursor to the technology of a globalized type-1
economy well for that we should first understand what type one means to find
out where we are now on the Kardashev scale we have to unfortunately take a
look at a formula sorry so K denotes the Kardashev factor which we want to know and P is the power consumption of humanity in 2013 the whole power
consumption of humanity was 5.67 times 10 to the 20 joules or 157481 terawatt-hours so that makes a total power output of 18 terawatt-hours for the whole year insert it into the formula we therefore get a K factor of 0.725 so we are still below type one therefore still a type 0 civilization embarrassing however we can see in the following chart that we are
further climbing upwards on that scale it’s estimated that we will reach the
type 1 status around the year 2100 now what are actually the signs of a Type 1 civilization a type 1 civilization is a global a planetary
civilization such a civilization has colonized moons and planets in its star
system has vast amounts of energy at its disposal they influence the weather in its
home planet travels routinely through space has sent probes to other star systems has altered its biology in order to increase lifespan has maybe even created AI and has partially merged with it and as we
are on the path to become type one the signs are already everywhere take English for
example why are we on this channel actually speaking English despite living
in Germany I mean you would expect us to speak German right especially because we both look pretty German absolutely especially her warum reden wir eigentlich nicht mal Deutsch Gute Frage können wir doch viel besser, dieses Englisch, wen interessiert denn dieses Englisch überhaupt also so eine alberne Sprache oder oder bayerisch ja warum reden wir warum reden wir nicht bayerisch ist eh viel besser Ja zeig mal doch ! Das Englische ist doch ein Schmarrn! Diesen Schmarrn versteht doch keiner! Die einzig wahre Sprache auf der Welt ist das Bayerische! Das ist die einzig wahre Sprache! well probably because you can reach more people with English over 1 billion people around the
whole world in every country speaks English you can understand English
everywhere you go it’s a common language around the whole world a global language
which is easy to learn easy to understand and also quite cool sounding
English is therefore probably the most likely candidate for a global type 1
language then how about the Internet well Elon Musk likes to say that internet is the nervous system of humanity and what about now finally insane profit please ehhh, this guy with insane profit if something major happens the information spreads through the internet reaching billions of people
around the globe within a very short time in the 80s before the internet was
worldwide accessible information spread was much slower we could also call the
internet a worldwide communication system it’s global it’s super-national it functions above states and it knows no borders the Internet is therefore a
global Type 1 technology or take globalization as a whole sure the
transition to a globalized economy also has some downsides but it is inescapable
everything points towards a globalized economy or national States for example
sure there is a recent trend going backwards national states but in general
the reason with which we identify has been constantly growing throughout
history first in the Stone Age it was a tribe I belong to this or that tribe and
this or that village then I belong to this or that Kingdom or Empire
we still basically are on that stage but as soon as humanity will expand to space we will identify with earth oh you come from Mars and where do you come from I come from the moon and I come from Titan and so on and so forth now what does this all have to do with bitcoin now finally insane profit insane profit yes yes yes yes profit profit profit you only know about profit well quite simple bitcoin is the first iteration of a type one monetary system why because it’s global
and decentralized it’s super national above states just like the internet it can be considered as the internet of money if you will the parallels to how the
internet was growing are fascinating contrary to popular belief the internet
was not invented by Tim Berners Lee in 1989 yes Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web which is based on the HTTP
protocol the HTML language with URLs and the web browser but the Internet itself the
first worldwide communication system was already born in 1969 when 4 large supercomputers at four different American universities were first
connected yes that’s right 4 talk about humble beginnings the following
chart shows the incredible speed with which the internet grew characterized
by the number of internet hosts over time note that this is a logarithmic
chart it started in 1969 with the mentioned four computers and then expanded fast to almost 100 a few years later after a plateau of not much growth
it started accelerating again and then slowly started to reach saturation this growth is called a logistics s-curve it’s found that all technologies grow like
that no matter if smartphones bio- technology or electric car First very slow then exponentially for quite a while until it finally reaches saturation
and remains constant so back to Bitcoin we think that bitcoin’s growth is very
similar to the growth of the Internet it was invented 10 years ago by the mysterious figure Satoshi Nakamoto of whom not much is known so bitcoin is still very young and how does bitcoin grow well you might have already guessed it almost
the same as the Internet isn’t that interesting now well for us as brutal
sci-fi and science nerds this is absolutely no surprise let’s just take a
look at the number of blockchain wallet users over time very interesting this seems
like exponential growth with no sign of slowing down like the beginning of the
logistics s-curve let’s just take a look at the internet user growth for comparison well we see that this is a very nice exponential trend line exactly like
Bitcoin it is still growing but it probably will top out at some point
because there are of course only a limited number of people on this planet that can have Internet so the curve will of course start slowing down the moment it
reaches the whole world population if everyone in the world has Internet of
course it cannot grow any more and note that the number of Bitcoin blockchain
wallet users is much much smaller than the number of Internet users Internet users
are in the billions currently at almost 5 billion but
Bitcoin users are only in the tens of millions so the number of Bitcoin users
is now where the internet basically was in the 1990s so there’s quite a lot more room to grow and it will keep on rising exponentially until it has reached saturation and will only start slowing down when it also has reached
billions of people And what about now? now finally insane profit insane profit insane profit guy please okay the parallels between the internet and bitcoin are not only so astounding because of
their similar growth dynamics but also what they represent a new type of disruptive technology that is super national and goes above states they both
connect the entire humanity on this globe the internet for data transfer Bitcoin for monetary transfer both are threatened to be suppressed in some
states even censored in some others I’m not looking at any particular country..China! but are the governments of authoritarian countries successful in censoring it yes
no VPN for example can be used to circumvent censorship and the same goes for Bitcoin no matter how desperate the governments or central banks or some
other institution wants to control or abolish Bitcoin bitcoin is decentralized
supernational you cannot control it you cannot abolish it and it’s gotten too
big and it’s still growing exponentially as we saw and as we continue to grow
towards the type one civilization more and more such technologies will arise
and now what about now insane profit ok I will show you insane gains but then you leave me alone ok here we see the bitcoin price chart bitcoin currently trades at 72420 times the price as when it was first introduced at the first online crypto currency exchange in 2010 72240 times Ohhhhh! Buaaaa! how is that for insane profit nice finally insane profit haaaa! joking aside yes we are financially involved with bitcoin who wants, can follow us on tradingview, and see there what our trading strategy regarding bitcoin is we will put the link to tradingview into the description box down below so we hope you enjoyed this episode of sci-fi instinct so what do
you think is Bitcoin a type one technology or are we just talking
gibberish and if no why not and did we miss any other type one
technologies that you can think of let us know in the comment section what you think we’ll be happy to discuss that with you yes and if you liked this video
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