Two men wanted for coin machine theft

SEARCHING FOR TWO MEN TONIGHT… ACCUSED OF STEALING A COIN OPERATED MACHINE FROM A BUSINESS! SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS AT SPUR OIL…. ON WEST CUMBERLAND GAP IN LAUREL COUNTY… SHOW TWO MEN PRETENDING TO WORK ON THEIR CAR WHILE THEY UNBOLT THE MACHINE. POLICE SAY THE TWO MEN THEN PUT THE MACHINE IN THEIR CAR AND DRIVE OFF. IN THIS CRIMETRACKER REPORT… SAM SMITH TAKES A LOOK AT THE SURVEILLANCE VIDEO. Deputies say after looking at the surveillance video, it appears the thieves had a plan going into the theft.Spur Oil, off US 25 East, in Corbin was targeted last week Cameras caught the thieves in the act. Deputies say two men were involved here. They say one was pretending to have car trouble, looking underneath the hood and underneath the car. “The other individual was over next to the business unbolting a coin operated machine from the store.” You can see the air machine- that’s used to inflate tires– carried to the back of the store. The men drove their car to the back– where the machine was put into the car– and the men drove away. “It’s pretty elaborate for them to go through out that trouble. If a thief would put all that energy into positive things, just think what they could do. That’s pretty elaborate. They had to think about what they were going to do before they got there.” The sheriff’s office posted the surveillance images onto their facebook page, they say have several leads as result. “It really helps us in law enforcement tremendously.” Because that machine is valued at more than 15-hundred dollars, that theft is considered a felony. In Laurel County. Sam Smith. WKYT. THE THIEVES COULD FACE UP TO FIVE YEARS IN PRISON FOR THE THEFT.

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