Tutorial: Set Up Poloniex Crypto Exchange For Arbitraging mBOT

all right guys we're logged in to the Polonia ex exchange and we're gonna go through a couple of things here first thing I wanted to show you was on their main dashboard that's kind of a nice exchange it allows you to kind of look at what is happening in the market anything that you want to trade pretty quickly here one thing I do want to mention I've never seen trade pairs right off the bat here where it shows Manero as one of the trade pairs listed you can kind of see that on the side I'd say they've got BTC and then you can trade it any BTC for any of these and then you come up here to eath and then an arrow so that's kind of interesting yeah this is a pretty good exchange I like this down here you can come over here let's see let's just put this on us DT BTC come down here we can change this to today back to 24 15-minute chart 5-minute chart yeah it's pretty nice you need to look at these charts though before you do your trade on em bought because you definitely want to see how whatever crypto is that you're going to trade for if it's actually going up or going down so that's one thing you want to look at okay next we're going to go ahead and look at the two-factor authentication settings and we need to make sure we get that set up alright guys we are on two-factor authentication you are gonna get there by just clicking here and look for two-factor authentication once that screen comes up just follow the directions to get that installed and working on your phone the only caution here is just please make sure that you save the screenshot that comes up it's going to look very similar to this right here okay it's going to be a screen shot that's going to have the barcode right there it's going to have a secret code and you want to make sure that you save that really important because if you don't then you are gonna have no way to get your authentication two-factor back on your phone if you actually lose your phone you won't be able to get it back on your new phone okay so that's really important all right let's move on to setting up an API key ok guys we're back here on the API screen and what you're gonna do to get there is you're just gonna go right here and then choose API so make sure you have two-factor authentication turned on first and then you'll be able to get this set up and just start the setup I set this up two different ways for you guys just to kind of show you the first thing I did is I have it set up for trusted IP addresses only which shows mine and then it shows the IP address for EM bought so in case you don't know what an IP address is if you have a domain abc.com or XYZ com it every every domain out there every website has an IP address and it looks very similar to this okay in this case mbox is six nine one six seven one eight seven one six five okay that's what a trusted that's what an IP address and in this case on this API key we're just saying we're going to trust this IP address to do trading for us okay this key down here I just left as less secure make sure that when you do these though that you have the enable withdrawals you know on each one of these okay but I did it either way I ran the trades here and I ran the trades with both API keys and it worked fine so you can set it up either way probably the trusted one is probably going to be the best setting for you okay and just make sure that you are copying your secret key and you make a copy of your API key all right so you need to meet both those keys in order to trade on mbot all right hopefully that makes sense guys get that all set up and we're gonna see you on the next screen okay guys I'm over here and balance and deposit withdrawal screen here and you're just gonna get there by just going here and then going deposits and withdrawals and so on this screen here what you're going to do is you're going to make sure that you have all of your deposit addresses set up and hopefully in your cheat sheet so just like all the other exchanges you're gonna make sure that like if you're going to be trading on in bought Bitcoin you want to make sure that you click the deposit and make sure that that address is created and then you're going to come over here and your cheat sheet and you're gonna make sure you copy that address out and put it on your cheat sheet so for Apollonia exits right there and i just copy and paste it into my cheat sheet and you want to do that for all the currencies that are traded on Polonia x on em baht so just go down the list and make sure you get them all done all right like the 30m is another one that we trade and so when that one comes up it's going to give me a couple of things they want me to read and then I could just click on deposit address and then I can just copy and paste that in this screen also you can hide zero balances and you can also hide delisted and then if you ever need to do a search for any currency that is on this list that you just want to check out or whatever you can just come up here and just put the symbol in there and it'll bring it right up for you okay so that's pretty much it on balance and deposits again just make sure you get all your deposit addresses created otherwise you will not be able to trade to Polonia x from em bought alright we'll see you on the next screen hey guys I wanted to come back over here in the exchange and add something to this I noticed when I was setting up the deposit address for Ripple that I did not get a tagged address and what I mean by that is when you setup XRP normally you're going to have the wallet address and you're gonna have a tag address and in Polonia x all they're giving us is a wallet address so if this comes up and you're on telegram and you've got other people setting it up and they're like hey where's the tag address on this exchange there isn't one and I was wondering about that I'm like huh I wonder if it's actually going to work on M bought and it worked fine I went over to buy Nantz and I whitelisted the wallet address here and I went ahead and made the trade and it worked just fine so in case that comes up don't worry about it when you create your deposit address for XRP on this exchange just copy that put that in your cheat sheet add that to your white listing on finance or wherever else you need to add it and your trade should work just fine okay we'll see you on the next screen okay guys i'm over here on the my profile screen I just went over here and then chose my profile nothing I was pointing out is you know just make sure that you get verified I think it was pretty simple this exchange is not hard to get set up at all just give them the information they need and you know I've got withdrawal limits of 25,000 so I'm pretty set up here so that's really all you need to do and I'm gonna take you over to the history screen and that'll be the last thing we'll look at on this exchange okay guys this is the last screen I wanted to show you this is the deposit and withdrawal history it's kind of nice because you know you can come in here and you can check out all of your latest withdrawals and really anything that you need to look at that you do on cloning ex exchange and here's a screenshot I took for you of pending so it actually shows you a nice little pending because that's always nice to know sometimes when you're on em bought it feels like it's taking longer than it should so you want to look at the exchange history for both the exchanges so that should help you kind of take a look at that alright that's it you can get to this screen by going Balances history and that'll come right up and you can also export your history out into an Excel spreadsheet it looks like okay that's it and anything else that you really want to do a deep dive into this exchange there's a lot of videos on YouTube that will really you know deep dive into this exchange if you really want to but what I pretty much showed you is really everything you need to know as far as getting it set up so that you can work with them but ok thanks for watching and we'll see you all on the next video you

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  1. oh better never use this terrible poloniex, trust me, I lost 100 dollars there because they've froze me

  2. people who trade on poloniex don't need bots, they need more patience to withstand to this terrible customer service and snail speed

  3. My API key is not working, i deleted it and ran through the process again and it still is not accepting the API key??

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