TRX Coin Burn & Bankroll Daily Tips [VLOG #84]

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what’s going on guys happy hump day a K Wednesday so I’ve been thinking about
things the last few days ever since Justin Sun made that a big announcement
or as we on internet said an announcement of the announcement that
there was some big news coming to the TRX and B GT space now thinking about
that you know anytime they usually release new like features or options to
you know the the ecosystem they usually just announced it I mean I’m not sure
why you would have an announcement of the announcement so if it’s an
announcement an announcement that means whatever is gonna happen
most likely is not gonna happen immediately but he’ll make the
announcement of it happening I know that sounds
a bit silly but yeah that’s what an announcement announcement is but what I
think makes probable and logical sense is the possibility of a coin burn and
people are like a clean burn you know the the reason I think that
this is possible is TRX has been on fire right there add options privacy it’s
fast its programmable you know it’s got a really big network it’s got a strong
network this could pump it now is this more related to the price yes I mean my
whole view on coin count is probably a little different than other people’s you
know remember coins you know a lot of tokens and coins are all fractional
meaning they go out six or eight decimal places so even though there’s only one
of something there’s actually you know several hundred thousand or a million of
those because you could have a point zero zero zero zero zero whatever one
so really the top Chloe count is immaterial now yeah the top you know like I said that’s
why you know there people are like there’s only 21 million big point yeah
but remember it goes out eight decimal places to one Satoshi and you know so
anyways a coolie burn would add fuel to the fire I think do I think they’ll burn
BTT I don’t think so because BTT is more transactional and they need a bunch of
PT team must be TT by itself is already a small fractional unit now that’s just
my opinion like I said I don’t think it’s it’s possible but I don’t think
it’s probable I think if there’s a burn it would be more related to TRX just
because it would pump it would pump the price into overdrive if all the sudden
Justin said he was going to burn you know
a couple billion coins there’d be a frenzy for Tron I mean it would be yeah
it would be pretty amazing but I do believe the the main driver behind it is
to basically get Tron to a higher level because I mean that’s the thing about
coins under $0.10 is they struggle getting their footing in their position
but you know once a coin gets over $1 you know it’s got a pretty solid footing
so we’ll have to wait and see we’ll have to wait and see so yeah that’s that’s
the my stinking month what this announcement of the announcement was me
it’s possible and probable I think that it’s going to be some kind of burn but
yeah so on to the daily oh boy ok so there’s a lot of people asking a lot of
questions about the daily I am gonna do a detailed walkthrough on
it but the most important thing you should know about the daily is that if
you hit that claim button to pull the divs that are in that I’m currently
showing it burns 5% of your entire div power that’s 5% of your entire div power
so if you’ve been stacking up divs make sure it’s worth it when you hit that
clean but otherwise just keep rolling and think of it kind of as FOMO because
as people hit that claim button and burn 5% of their stack those that sense divs
directly to you know your credits so those cash outs with no penalty you just
get the credits so that is very cool so some instances there’s a FOMO aspect to
this game and remember folks it is a game you know try you know by now another important thing
is is Maryland’s asking about the auto by function and why the time increments
are so low well that’s because think of the jackpot
as a series of tickets that are sequential like a raffle
so they unroll the raffle roll the tickets go one two three four five six
seven eight nine so if you just buy a strip if you’re unrolling the raffle
tickets and use buy a strip of let’s say a hundred you’re in one spot of the roll
okay there one spot of the roll where if you got tickets ten times and ten
different spots in the roll you span your chances across the roll more evenly
because those tickets aren’t random numbers are sequential so the the number
hits the winner picked is random for the minnow but the the tickets are sequential so the
concept of the auto buy function is to span your buys across as much as
possible so that you increase your odds your frequency of winning so yeah and
then and also keep in mind that auto v function has nothing to do with Auto
roll it is not an auto roll function it’s an auto buy function that’s fresh
TRX it’s not rolling your divs that you have in the pot so yeah so those are the
important points roll claiming burns 5% of all your dev power and the jackpot
tickets are sequential they’re sequential one two three four five six
seven eight the winner is random so you want to span your buys out as much as
possible instead of doing big lump sum buys but that’s just my personal
strategy remember this is a game and you’re trying to optimize your strategy
to win the game want to play to win as bankroll always says but that’s today’s
news this is crypto slo if your not talking gains then were not talking. Have a great week!

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  1. So when you buy tickets in a raffle and a random winner is picked every 4 hours, is the random winner a ticket from the last 4 hours, or is it a random winner from all of the tickets sold over the last 4, 8, 12 or however many hours the thing has been running?

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